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March 2012
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The true spirit of democracy is missing in Taipei.
That is to respect the right of few over bigger majority.
Taipei just showed the reverse and in the worst way/.

City Hall called it the right of 95%.
They used the executive right to tear down house of generations.
It, at end, benefits the developer.

Action was taken totally and violently yesterday.
But only today media starts to speak up loudly.
Where were they before yesterday, many think loudly?

Oh, yes, they must think hard about developers’ ad money.
To cover up the cowardice, today is after thought in action.
That makes them as bad as city hall.

The ruling party Mayor stood firm.
He hides behind the 95% as majority interest.
And team tearing the building claimed themselves in due process.

That is a generation degenerating.
Loop hole in law is in way as principle and never spirit.
That is shame Taipei.


This is your office.
And this is your staffs.
They are doing you no honor.

My mother’s dad died for the birth of Republic of China.
His name is honored in government shrine.
You made it a big deal last year for the 100 years.

I always came back to pay respect in 3/29.
Last year I was not on your list.
But office there asked me to register in the afternoon.

3/27 this year I am here again as always.
I was told.
It is your office handle the event.

To call your office was on 3/28.
The hotel clerk was kind enough to do that for me.
And we all were surprised.

Your office replied “no way”.
Last year was special occasion.
This year is into the minimum.

That is ok.
I have no vanity either.
But the office said something else.

They said.
There is no time for my clearance.
Hey, I did registered last year.

It is honorable for President to pay respect to our ancestors.
But we are the family.
Your office makes us the outsider is morally wrong.


Grand is like the Palace Museum.
It is another one and only place in the world.
The collection and location are unique and stand out.

Management screws up big time.
But all can be fixed.
Grand still can be the one and only in the world.

Let’s think of Metropolitan Museum and Palace.
Front door can’t be a night market.
Nor the lobby, dignity is missing badly.

All historical artifacts had own historical value and place.
Each deserves to have own unique display.
And surrounding area can play out the effect accordingly.

That will be a mood in history.
Visitors can re-live the preserved dignity of the time.
It can be priceless.

And it is good business too.
The point is pride.
People come to eat or stay overnight for that.

They want that piece of history.
Mainland visitors can be at least 20 million a year.
The best spots ought to be used in full.

Currently they are not.
That means wasting all the best location with unique views.
And each art item needs to be designed into special area.

Some can be 24 hours in operation if properly thought out.
It will be nice to get academic involving.
Universities and the like can take the challenge to get creative.

That is to preserve history yet totally modern.
No more junk stuffs will be allowed to display there.
Only the best of today can be exhibited.

Management ought to shape up.
That is to step out the way.
It will be nice to connect the best and make them part of Grand.


It is a moral issue now.
That is according to a recent article.
Your overweight will up the cost for others.

Airlines make perfect example.
People pay for overweight bags.
But no one ever had to pay for overweight body.

That weight is real.
It is to the flying plane.
Oil costs.

Yes, there is human right concern.
But, again, many being fat are due to self being irresponsible.
Why, then, others are punished to pay on his or her behalf.

Some suggest a step further.
May be this will be a good incentive for them to lose weight.
That is a thought.

And with more people get fat.
We need to spend more to build stronger things to hold up the weight.
That includes hospital beds and operation tables.

Society of Actuaries figured last year.
North America health care paid extra US $127 billion in cost for fat people.
The tab was taken up by all tax payers.

And productivity was lost too, due to fatness.
That came at $115 billion.
We need to think hard on those numbers now.


First, they have an UN Secretary General.
That was a surprise to me then.
And I was wondering who was he and why him.

Now Obama is making another one as head of World Bank.
That is major.
And this guy is a US university president with back ground in health.
SAMSUNG is storming the world.
The NOTE commercial in New York Times is ambitious.
And Korean cars rock too.

Personally I never liked Koreans.
They are pushy.
They anger me the most by “stealing” famous Chinese figures.

My admiration is always Singapore.
They rank in top in so many things as city nation.
But Korean impresses me very much now.

In reflection, Taipei is a downer as one of Asian dragons.
Internal fighting consumed all energies.
And it is still on going.

Time is running out.
And catch-up can’t wait.
It is now or never for Taipei.

Korean teams up with US on FTA.
That is carte blanche in US trade.
Taipei relies on ECFA but making no progress.

Korean is a team when dealing with outside.
Taipei still is in blaming games between government departments
One just openly criticized another for shortage of internal understanding.

And foreign affairs only think US have giving us so much.
Press printed it.
Public is in heat for own officials having no idea how public thinks.

US beef was a done issue for Korea and Japan.
But it is an on-going in Taipei.
Big rally may ask Ma to step down at his inauguration on 5/20.


Aging population is growing.
This is especially true in Taipei.
Business is aware of it.

All are zero in.
Effort and focus are everywhere.
It is all on this grey buying power.

But I have been totally being ignoring.
That is in buying a cell and I Pad.
No one bothered to teach me how to use one.

And I am talking about I Pad and the like.
Not one had tried.
A gold mine is overlooked by all.

Old people are lonely.
Dogs or cats are traditionally the company.
Younger generation simply is short on patience.

I Pad can be the new best friend.
I can see that clearly.
Yet no sales are paying any attention.

We the old have money to buy.
But we like to know how to use it before buying.
Yet help is never there.

Yes, stores are many.
And displays are plenty to let people try.
But kids are ones occupying all the time.

They handle it fast and good.
I feel like a fool around them.
No old wants to look bad or foolish in front of them.

Looking clumsy is the last for any old.
To show how slow or even stupid is a big never.
Pride is our last stand.

And kids never intended to let us try any way.
Pride stood between us and the machine.
Struggle was hard and true.

But finally it is over.
I just bought I Pad 2.
And it took me 2 years.

Taipei has so many like me.
Fear of looking stupid is the case.
That is a million sales lost at least.

I am glad.
Finally my mind was made up and followed with action.
But still no store was any help along the way.

Younger generation simply think we know better.
But they fail to realize.
That is sales lost for them.

I can’t help but to think.
Why can’t they have a senior’s corner?
And make sure no kids cut in.

A patient sales person with full knowledge to teach will open the door.
Slow down to let the old picking up is the key.
I hope I Pad will move fast or market will belong to other brand.


Yes, it is easy to watch and comment.
Actual running a government is never easy.
But not to say what I see is not right either.

US beef is the top issue to reflect the island foreign relation hardship.
But why government never tried to learn how Israel did it?
That Jewish lobbying interest really is something to think about.

Korean had failed example but learned.
That was Rice Gate.
The failure allowed rooms for better planning.

68 US Congressmen are putting pressure on Obama and Administration.
Tolerance is the accusation pointing to Taipei.
Bad example to treat US products unreasonably with unnecessary restriction named.

That is Montana and Wisconsin beef interest talking.
It is “ugly American” at work.
And that is not the real and full American interest.

Taipei needs a strong voice to reach the good side of American.
That needs to call on American public awareness.
But there is none at least for now.

It is sad to say.
All the passion and ideas in election vanished.
The fantastic energy in internal fights politically or socially disappeared totally.

Oh yes, it is being wise.
No one wants to be the dumb guy.
That is to fight the American interest and to have them remembered on record.

And no one remembers.
That is how Jewish became stateless with all the smart guys.
Selfishness in whole had killed the state.

Korean saw that.
They depend on US too.
But they use the private sector well.

US TV on military base taught them good cop and bad cop play.
Korea had the most visible and powerful anti-US demonstration on record.
And they worked to give room for mutual interest.

Taipei had only one way back.
Strong government then crushed the thought totally.
Taipei interest never got room to grow.

Ugly American truly is distasteful and internationally acknowledged.
But that is not true American public in general.
The goodness of American as of “American dream” indeed exists.

It is time people of Taipei standing up and preparing.
Government must stay out.
That is to reach real American in whole people to people.

But business sector has to chip in.
Nothing works without financial base.
This has to come from heart never greed.

Direction, man power and organization are keys.
23 million people with NT $100 each will be $2.3 billion.
Who will be the “local” elite as “Clooney of Sudan” for Taipei?

And there is China situation.
Pride or “face” is in the way.
No one wants to speak of true reality.

But the fact is.
China is the second largest importing country in the world now.
And they will be the first sooner than anyone thinks.

Let’s talk about prosperity.
Nothing can reflect the fact better than bank.
Here is something shocking yet inspiring for our thoughts.

Friend just visited Nanning.
He told me.
Bank there opens “Monday to Sunday” and “9 am to 9 pm”.

That speaks for one thing and one thing only.
Deposit money at all hours is the necessity and reality.
That is the only reason for such never heard before situation.

What kind of economy can that be!
Who dare to miss the boat?
And there are more cities and planning in line.

Taipei TV shows the China night market last night.
“People mountain” or “people sea” is all we can think of.
And the table “turn over” is only 3.

Taipei has the best in 19.
That tells of management and marketing ability on hand.
China market can stretch the imagination and possibility with no limit.

Taiwan needs talents.
Someone loudly pointed today.
He stated “Taipei present” living on past “left over” talent.

True, Taipei needs international “thinking” and people.
The “best of time” is on hand.
But nothing is ready.

Here is a perfect example.
So many oversea Chinese are traveling to Taipei now.
And this is only the beginning.

Just look at them in the lobby.
Pack and boxes are plenty.
“Travel light” came to mind.

Food in snakes is considered as the best in Taipei.
They buy plenty to home for gift to friends and self.
Low cost mailing will be good business.

Taipei can be where the action is.
US relation is vital.
But there must be new thinking in handling.

China is urgent and immediate.
And Korean has head start with US looking for total domination.
“Act now” is the only option for Taipei today.

Taipei needs “right minded” people in current government posts.
They need to be thinking right and acting fast.
Creative and dynamic in incentives making they must.

Private sector can’t wait for government.
They must have mind of their own.
Together, like day and night, it will complete Taipei.

But it is sad to say.
At the moment, we have none.
It is cold feet Taipei.


This is the problem in Taipei.
No one seems to be in charge.
And no one speak up to defend policies.

Taipei is in the best of time.
And it can turns to the worst if not careful.
This is reaching to a critical moment.

China military threat is no longer a priority.
There are more productive considerations on hand.
Smart country like Japan is wisely advancing China market through here.

Yet, why citizens are mad like hell?
With inauguration in May, government seems screws loose.
President smiling on TV totally reflects him “still” in elected comfort zone.

He is busy running around.
That is to thank his voters.
There is no alert or crisis management visible.

US beef burns up the public.
Bird flu case reflects no government agencies working.
The smile on his face makes the whole thing ironic.

President’s smiling face on TV is reminding the public.
He has no idea how public is feeling.
The administrative inability is still with him.

And disease agency’s official made it the worst.
The stand or statement is simply ignorant.
That is like pouring oil over fire.

President had good “friend” commenting few days ago.
The “comfort zone” window at best is only 1 year.
An economist also wants him to make the best use on good 4 years.

Now it looks like.
President may just have days left.
And, still, is he aware of it?

President never was good at “saving” himself.
Luck was his too often and too long.
In the past, it always was the ex-President, now in jail, to “rescue” him.

Now will it be him again?
Or who is there capable for the role?
And worse, there will be no one.

Government not to be “trusted” is his immediate crisis.
And his foreign affairs, especially in US relation, need total make-over.
He needs someone capable reading public “fast” and reacting quickly and correctly.

There are so many major blind sides.
All are rooted from past power “private interests”.
How to clean up is the key.

Government personals need shaping up or shipping out.
That “not my department” mentality is the root of all evils.
And those no ideas why public fear and feel must go.

Job too “secure” is a reason.
And it is too comfortable.
All things can wait until tomorrow.

This has to be deal with now.
Or the worst is yet to come.
People deserve better.

Taipei must stand up to unfair US demands.
Past wimpy posture has to be eliminated.
We have to learn to demand a US “fair” and “just” side.


Investors need safety and confidence of law.
And businessmen are sharp at changing winds.
That is why Cambodia situation confusing.

Destructive violent was major.
That was on many factories inside and outside of economic zone.
Investment confidence is definitely in question.

And it is curious.
Korean interest was not touched.
The impression is Taiwan group targeted.

It is important to point out.
Many Taiwan investors are US citizens too.
US government will step in to safe guard citizen’s investment.

US are currently taking strong position in Asia Pacific.
That has been fairly demonstrated.
Burma visit and N. Korea nuclear position turn many heads.

Cambodia situation definitely will be a concern.
Investors when see no solution will turn to them for protection
An official statement may be in the way.

There are numbers of Chinese workers in the attacked area.
The situation will call on both US and China’s concern.
Union ought to see that not in the interest of Cambodia.

Investors still have faith in Cambodia.
But information is making them thinking Burma.
It can be a competitive and comparing situation.

Cambodia government can’t afford to discourage foreign investment.
Rest world is fast catching up.
Wise decision and clear signal both are must now.


Rude and insulting, restaurant was bad.
But the “Big Name” management did great.
And the government agencies suck.

“Big Name” management is a bookstore.
They managed to find me next day and called to say sorry again.
They truly are the pride of Taiwan.

As a good citizen, I like to make it known both good and bad to government.
I think tourism one needs to know.
And city hall is a must too.

But bureaucratic mentality really turned me off.
It certainly killed my passion and love to city.
They are the disgrace in government responsibility.

I simply wanted them to see the good of the bookstore.
They are a brand deserving to be proud.
And they truly care how public feel.

Government supposed to appreciate good citizen.
But they displayed otherwise.
To them I was a trouble maker.

They started “this not my department”.
Good staffs did indicate my presence appreciated and important.
But “brush away” was the mind-set of supervisor.

Tourism bureau made the worst.
I had to think the whole agency deserving to be erased.
They can’t see self as a part of government only “me”.

The city hall luckily has good ground staffs with fair mind.
But higher up were a shame.
They “tried” to change posture when I hinted “possible” connection.

I hold the Mayor responsible.
The buck stops with him.
Wrong person in charge is his sin.