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February 2012
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It is on today.
And that degrades the city’s humanity.
But it is also the reality.

Refuse to “rent” to old is shocking.
The reason is simple.
No one wants the headache.

I am 69.
The feeling is particularly strong.
I saw it coming but never this hard.

But there is justification.
Many finally realize why I had done so.
I really reacted to hard reality.

People often make fun of me.
That is for coloring hair black or not.
To do or not, I often can’t make up my mind.

Now I have to explain no more.
People finally can see why.
It really is for good self-respect and protection.


A retired singer passed away.
We now see many cry out loud in public.
That can be un-real in western eyes.

West prefers quiet in private dignity.
But Asian expresses in big tear and loud cry.
Western press love to ridicule it phony.

But this one is real and touching.
It is a classic on its own now.
The simplicity of it singled out her place and time.

A full and good life to her satisfaction she had claimed.
With no regret she displayed great considerate at death.
She asked to withhold her passing to all, family included.

Son and lawyer kept it private over 40 days.
Not ruin anyone’s Chinese New Year was in her mind.
Her son and lawyer did it.

Many in the west would think.
What cares?
But public cry now speaks for itself.

There are few.
They didn’t think much of her time and place.
Only now they feel the closeness and loss.

Suddenly all remember.
It is what she had meant to them.
Many now realize she was their heart and soul.

The cynic like me is also objectively touched.
I also was too much of what US was to me then.
Her time and her place to public finally clear to me at last.

West had made fun of Asian strong men death too.
Taiwan had it share.
That was of the past so called dictator President.

There was a huge public cry too.
West loved to ask.
Was that real?

Now, older and wiser, I have to say yes.
Public had depended on them.
Once gone, the loss is real.

All tears were real.
Western world often can’t see that.
Political figures all are in fabricated effect.

I was one especially to China.
But now I can be sure at least one is real.
We do owe them an apology.


Sex on train VIP section is big story.
The girl is only 17.
And she was doing it with 19 guys.

Guys as partners are in big trouble now.
Under age is the key.
Moral and legal implications are plenty.

Her parents shocked.
And there is more.
This is not the first time for her to have fun.


Taiwan is the 21st richest in the world.
And it is ahead of Japan, Britain, France and S. Korea.
But public can’t feel it.


Night out ought to be fun.
But life does have surprises.
And this one is shocking.

This is a well located restaurant.
Two people billed at NT $2233 about US $74.
Good service in top manner was expected.

Never in my life to think this would happen.
I was asked to change table before coffee and desert served. .
They made it like something normal.

My answer was no.
It was a first in my 69 years.
And I have being places.

I asked for manager.
And no one came.
That was until I stopped one passing by.

What luck it was.
She was the manager.
And she had no idea what was going on.

She said sorry.
But sincerity was completely missing.
And my coffee and desert never came.

That was until I reminded her so.
And it took some time too.
The whole thing seemed normal to them.

No one saw it as a rude situation.
It was an insult any time any place.
That got me angry.

I told them.
They did something insulting.
And that will be a cause to a law suit.

The restaurant locates in a landmark establishment.
People go there for the big name.
That means culture and taste in Taipei.

I paid the bill and went to landmark management.
The staffs there were nice.
3 ladies heard me and called the officer right away.

A young man showed up.
We started well but then.
He made a big mistake.

He blindly took side.
The restaurant talked to him already.
A position was pre-made.

He told me.
What happened to me was a common practice.
Few other restaurants are doing the same in the building.

I was just being asked to re-locate.
That is to a “better and suitable” table.
He made it sounded as if I ought to appreciate it.

I turned cold and icily replied.
My right was violated.
And insult was done.

By him explanation, the table was turned.
I was the one not appreciating the favor.
This made me a bad sport.

He then realized.
The mistake is his now.
And luckily his manager showed up.

They both realized.
I was aiming at them.
And it can be legal to them too.

The manager was sharp.
He handled it accordingly.
I then cleared them but not restaurant.

Still I hold them responsible.
After all it is their big name as top in management.
After holiday, I will present the case to city hall and tourism officer.

Yes, it is long weekend here.
No office will be open on Monday and Tuesday.
This dinner would be conversation before Oscar and NBA All star Game.


Economic zone inside and outside factories are under attack.
Opposition controlled labor union planned and executed.
Seasoned hand knows election coming.

Arab Spring made the world headlines.
China labor unrest followed.
Is Cambodia the next hot spot?

This was a riot delivered in violence.
Balance is broken.
And it is a threat coated as demand.

Investors want to understand.
Is this an all-out one targeting to all foreign investment?
Or it is just to “singled-out” few.

Damages are done.
Good faith and fair practiced management is shaking.
People fear to go back to work.

Production is totally undermined.
Confrontation will make things worse.
Government must steps in and stand firm being fair to win back good faith.

Burma is rising.
Investors have choice.
Decision will be done over weekend.


They are lost and wondering.
The immediate after-election power struggle is depressing.
Obsession for next election is in everyone’s mind.

That is the reason they are missing the big picture.
They see only the island power.
Worldly ambition is not in them.

China is one of G-2.
World have no choice but in full attention.
For or against is the role all are wondering over.

This is what making Taipei opposition unique.
All fail to see this God giving role.
They can be both.

They do have a chance in history.
That is to play opposition in both Taipei and China.
The world will take notice in full attention.

The just finished election did them a big favor.
All oversea Chinese were paying full attention.
And they were impressed.

Oversea Chinese had strong response.
Mainlanders had the highest regard and positive opinion.
It reflects what China not having.

The impression over the election will be a strong base.
The opposition politically will be welcomed.
World power can’t wait for this moment.

China has no opposition.
And all saw what happened in Taipei.
The total practice in extension will be God giving.

DPP is seriously facing where to go.
And leadership power struggle is current concern.
China relation to them is urgent and immediate but no clear direction.

This is the best strategy being simple and clear.
Elected representatives can focus on island administration.
And party elite can play opposition to China.

The new chairlady is timely stating.
China policy and dialog both are a must.
And ex-chairlady is the best as China office chief.

But none clearly see the historical opportunity.
They can do better.
That is one opposition to 2 ruling administrations.

They can do what Ma can’t.
Direct language in democratic freedom is one.
The world will be watching.


Canada is pretty good in public health.
But Taipei is simply amazing.
And it is good to the 65 and older.

True, Canada is the same in principle.
And 65 and up in British Columbia are coolly treated.
To me at 69, all are free.

But the waiting is bad.
The real service is great in name.
But, in reality, there is more to be desired.

In Taipei, I had free check-up right away.
Never before, I got care in older person interest.
And it was good.

It started in BC last year.
And I had learned being a diabetic.
Medicines and doctor’s visit were all free.

In BC, I didn’t feel any immediate and positive result.
But I did follow doctor’s order faithfully.
That is until I came to Taipei.

I was impressed by free computer print-out.
Old age makes one not so great at hearing and remembering.
Print-out is making a big difference.

Free check-up is once a year.
I am due for a new one this trip.
And Taipei medication were better in result last year

I was out of supply for 2 months.
So, I couldn’t wait once landed here on 2/3.
From then on, I have visited doctors 10 times.

New print-out indicated the 2 months vacancy of medication.
But catch-up is working.
My heart is strong and blood clean.

No waiting is the best of all.
And I do pay a process fee at NT$100 each visit.
Doctor did waive few since he thought nothing needing to be treated.

Blood tests were 4 times.
That cleared any sex diseases and better blood pressure.
2 scans did take care of any worries over heart and shit process.

Human nature plays big part in few things.
Call it smart or tricky is up to personal view.
But the dark side here in some process is acceptable.

One thing is sure.
Hospital is a depressing place.
That makes me curious about the Taipei 5-stars places.

Mainland China riches are here in group for that.
That is new but very big business.
BC has no way to compete due to the union mentality in charge.

The service mentality here in public sector is so much better in comparison.
The high end ones, we can imagine, will pamper the users even more.
Taipei won that hands down.


No one can deny the LIN madness.
And it is way over board in Taiwan.
There is such totality.

This is what unbearable in Taipei.
So many make fool of self for nothing.
That included the President and a visiting US Congressman.

News had it this way.
President excitedly mentioned Lin-sanity.
Taiwan link naturally was focused.

But the visiting guest strongly pointed out.
Lin is a US born and educated.
He is totally and 100% USA.

President office publicly denies any such exchange.
But we also find out.
That so called Congressman is only a Samoa one.

No wonder many thought funny to see his picture in paper.
That was a skirt like cloth on him.
That makes his claim of Lin’s “totality of US ownership” interesting.

President could tell him.
Many US players turned other nationality in Asia countries.
That is just to play ball for living.

It is sad to see.
Many talk on with no idea of history.
That can be both US and NBA.

Too many forgot Bradley’s Knick days.
His brain and education were appreciated so much later.
Lin is golden due to so many high school graduated only in NBA.

Wade and James are making Lin looks bad in latest encounter.
But that is experience from paying time.
This brain and natural talent contest will continue.

We often feel uncomfortable when politics mixing religion.
This goes with sport too.
Not Lin but many pretend on behalf of him are out of line.

Lin is making basketball a team sport again.
That is John Wooden basketball.
Boston great Bill responded with Wooden in one talk show.

Yes, power is the game in play-off time.
But it is good to see team play as basic again.
And Baron Davis will help Lin to be a play-off player in due time.

Lin’s “level head” is making Harvard education proud.
Especially this is in time after what Wall Street did in economy.
“Occupy” ought to appreciate Lin’s “stand-out” in contrast to vanity.

He will be good in Olympic team.
Dream Team did have one college graduate player before.
US can be greater with his presence if Knick in the play-off.

My hat is off for his parents.
They want their kid have dreams.
Money is not everything.


There are so many interesting things going on.
But it is sure thing.
Asia Age is here to stay.

And China-US team is calling the shot.
Events lately told us so.
Some already showed consequences.

The China next leader just visited US.
He paves the way peacefully silent.
Coverage is telling tale.

His following visit to Europe is another.
That coincided with Greece bail-out approval.
Private arrangement clearly is in many minds.

And US didn’t take in political refuge in China.
That is another telling story.
US in the past couldn’t wait to take in political figures into protection.

Putin will win too.
China press said it right.
There is no better competition to choose.

That concludes the world power lineup.
We can near say.
Obama will get his second term too.

Republic can’t win.
The race is losing with a rich candidate.
I for one will not vote to one rich paying only 13% tax.

Political stability will put focus on economic planning.
My friend’s Cambodia expansion is timely.
And his reach in Burma is perfect in line with US and China interest.

Small cruise ship’s “island hopping” will be good in Taiwan.
This will compete with Singapore’s up-end China customers.
But Taiwan has the upper hand in few natural sights.

And there is big political encounter too.
This annual South Sea Forum will power new interest.
Coordination will be vital in planning next move.

This is what is at right time and right place.
I see them coming.
And my view and voice are focused.