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November 2011
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Yes, as party candidate, I had to let go my personal opinion.
Now the election is over.
I can speak freely now.

First, why can’t Burnaby be one Asia Pacific city?
I made connection in 2005 to attend the Asia Pacific Cities Summit as candidate.
Why no effort to make it real now?

Van magazine had cover stating failure to keep our young talents.
But it didn’t make the issue in election.
No wonder we had an even lower turn out.

And economy and jobs couldn’t make municipal issues.
But they ought to.
That is if we can connect Asia Pacific economically to local jobs.

Province had cover story on “stealing to stay alive”.
My son’s friend got mugged from Sky Train to home few days ago.
So, safety still is an issue which I had warned since 2002.

Money section in paper clearly told us all to cut debt.
And here came the Black Friday.
Who is kidding whom?

EP warns of double-dip recession.
And Harper is turning to China to sell oil sand.
Isn’t city ought to wise up with own Asia Pacific policies?

OECD warns no one will escape the slow down.
So, to hold on tight to your cash is not enough.
Creative and outside the box economic tie to Asia is a must.

Geological Survey of Canada warns us on big earth quake any time soon.
If Richmond and Vancouver all falling victims, survivors will rush to Burnaby.
Where is the city hall coordination for public law and order?

Taiwan develops quake warning system to allow 10 minutes time.
It was in local Chinese press for month.
Are we in touch to see if we can get that valuable 10 minutes too?

Van Sun pointed out “gun violence” met with “silence” in this election.
Ok, all can say Federal and Province must step up.
But isn’t there any municipal responsibility at all?

We saw stocks down 223 points.
Crisis in Europe and Egypt are getting worse.
How soon our city will feel or suffer full impact?

And our dollar is down hard.
So what goods can we take advantage for export market?
Where will be our city links to help to Asia Pacific market?

Vaughn Palmer is saying.
Transparency is lacking in how legal bills of civil servants are paid.
Wonder how “home run” election result will help?

Province had editorial on how municipal auditor desperately needed.
Clark is fast to follow up.
But nothing will move fast in Canada.

And here we are.
Xmas spending is urgent and present.
How will that justify on debt to reflect true economical well being.

Believe it or not, China is about to face serious labor unrest.
I do pray to God.
Hope our new city hall can handle all are coming.


Politics is never fair.
Winner has the last word.
Corrigan did it.

They had organization, strategy and execution.
Union machine was at its best with money and man power.
And they have recruited past critics well.

That ad on bike romps and city hall garbage bins is good.
First impression works even in grey area.
And construction work timely gave the base early Xmas.

Corrigan got smart too.
He did make mistake by getting back at a teenager.
But he later learned fast by leaving the debates early to control his temper.

Even Chinese voters got played beautifully.
Press was first to dictate the winner from day one.
That was a great handling job.

Opposition is divided as ever.
By number, TEAM, Parents Voices and Green combining is larger.
But each as one lost poorly.

As TEAM candidate for Mayor, I take the full responsibility.
The buck stops with me.
I couldn’t create issues with leadership or get financial backing hurt.

But this can be the beautiful start for 3 years later.
Corrigan is already getting the message by promising transparency.
Let’s check on his accountability from now on.