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September 2011
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It is only 4 direct flights from Taipei each week.
And ticket price varies from NT $14,900 to $25,000.
But there are flights daily if stop over HK and other city.

Plane is comfortable and clean.
Mainly they are tourist groups and business individuals.
Crews were pleasant.

But the desk in Taipei airport is not.
You can learn so little on spot.
That part needs great improvement.

Airport Kunming is simple and old now.
But the new one is almost ready.
That will be sight as a 60 or 70 gates modern big one.

There is military consideration here.
India situation is sensitive.
US backed “fence-in” China is obvious.

Border then on both sides is well in preparation.
6 trillion in budget on China side was reported.
India side is all about new railway and military concentration.

China seems is doing more.
But the cover is to protect the pipeline interest.
That will be through Burma.

The best feature of the city is people.
Harmony is definitely the best description.
And no one seems in a hurry in traffic.

I made foolish comment at first.
I saw so many motor bike riders.
Very few are wearing protective hat.

At end of trip I realized why.
They are cutting and filling space in traffic like all busy cities.
But no one is rushing in speed.

It is slow and under control.
Head protection seems distraction.
Why bother to waste money.

There is something I have not seeing anywhere else.
That is street light.
They look impressive.

New street lights are featured in solar and wind power.
That will cut down electric bills.
What a saving it is in long run.

That is a rare sight in most cities.
And new communities have buildings coming up fast.
It truly will be up-date modern.

But still out side help is needed.
We can make city livelier with activities.
Passion wild and burning will be our goal.

There is no doubt.
Culture is local rich but worldly under covered.
Some we saw can be claimed as world heritages.

The temple we visited is one.
The statues and old styled writing are amazing.
They are one and only unique.

Green environmental development is another.
Water is immediate and urgent.
Our help is a must.

World current financial worry is not felt here.
There is no down side visible.
Prosperity is real and can be better with time.

And there is worker’s spirit and manner.
They are down to earth good.
And they work hard.

The food is super.
Cooking is again unique.
But they need to learn better process in presentation.

It is 6.36 million people city.
And they are going to be a 8 million city.
1 billion US in foreign investment is already there.

Local saving is at 234.154 billion in local currencies.
City budget is at 34.643 billion.
The room to grow is unlimited.

What impressed me is the immigration when leaving.
The girl official was helping me to fill the form happily.
That friendliness is a first in any Asian countries.


It will be a “mall” hospital.
And concern for grey population will be center.
Life style will be happy resort of health.

Medical education will be our identity.
And “general” service training will be a must.
Both together will help the city to reach world level best.

Intern international will be our global ambition.
And nurse assistant training can link with Canada.
Many graduates will have better chance to move or work in Canada.

Service professional know-how is badly needed in this city.
Taipei can provide exchange ground in multiple levels.
We will have endless local service man power in long run.

Patient family and visitors are our concern.
Convenient and no pain will be our emphasis.
Leaving our place happy and satisfied is the goal.

Mall mentality is services to all in total package.
Taipei bookstore and supermarket will be practical and pleasant.
Food and bakery can be our health special in partners.

Huge parking area is needed.
It is convenience in design.
This will be our China calling card.

Car is reality in China.
That will bring in crowd.
Everyone will want to be part of us.

The biggest and best Chinese medicine department store will be catchy.
They will beg to be here.
A piece of action will make them grateful.

We need general auto service.
Car wash is one.
And fast changing service will match our convenient topic.

Entertainment will be appreciated.
Parents can use that for younger family members.
And patients will not be bored.

Solar and wind energy will be emphasized.
It will match with already establish city street.
This can reflect our group’s resourcefulness.

Facility will be environmental.
Green will be local worldly.
And stylish casual will put all at ease.

This will please potential partners and investors.
Package membership can be registered.
With the best demo set-up, cash will be in.

Clean hands will create trust.
That will be our long term safety.
Reputation will be golden.

Demo set-up means corporate image.
The group design needs total make-over.
Leader special will be front and center.

Site design can start now with legal team ready.
PR person or team has to start with press.
Our top doctor’s story will be household popular.


This is a city with great future.
It is “mapped” as key center for China.
That is to connect southward and westward internationally.

It will be mainly by land with rivers at side.
We see the special emphasis on highway.
And high speed rail will follow.

Many now are sizing up the area potential.
45 million people in province is one
And city also has more than 6 million in population.

What caught the eye is.
It is the economic power.
1% is in full control that makes getting in easier.

10% are controlling spenders.
Those riches are and will be major business interest.
The power is beyond believe.

Good life and good health are then major concern.
That brings in focus.
The best hospital has the best possibility.

By far, we can see.
Stiff competition is coming.
All foreign interests will be there.

A French property manager makes perfect example.
Each must be unique and trendy as the best and ahead of time.
Or you better not waste time going.

Suggestion to any visiting group is.
Use your team well.
Like ours, the best operating doctor made a major statement.

That is established and proved in this trip.
And it got top people attention.
That will be good for our next step.

We need image like “resort” hospital.
The air will be happiness and health.
Death will be the worst.

We also can use Chinese “fortune” mentality.
The design hospital rooms imply better luck.
You will “believe” being blessed.

There is another local point.
Wisely use the local power “neighbor”.
That is the only way for better social support.

Land development is all over.
The 2 sites in first day are not prime interest.
But street light is already powered by solar and wind.

The second day 2 sites represent new community.
They mean future in 1 million residences.
The in charge official knows the best.

Small size one is better at less trouble in process.
And the large one will be the best for development.
But that will take lot effort and time to slowly pave the way.

But we have the best card.
The newest resort style hospital will edge out best in long run.
That will be the focus of nation with future branching out.

Local interest is our surprising reward.
The over 1,000 store chain has great production site.
They are # 7 in sales and # 4 in store numbers in China.

They need modern day display make-over.
And they have a primitive mode as Chinese medicine department store.
HK had one long time ago operated by China government then.

With our help, this can be key display one in China.
And sales can sky rocketing by our up to date web site marketing.
They are willing by current observation.

Negative has to be check listed.
All statement is monitored there..
Damage control consideration is vital.

Local mentality is.
Outsider top guy uses only outsiders in high places.
Consideration for such sentiment is a must.

Next step is clear.
First is to establish our own local 10% riches connection.
That will take money and time with right person.

We also need to have better airline direct relation.
Whatever the investment will be better.
We can compare that with current cost.

Local team is needed.
Beijing protection is a must.
All have to be in place soon.

We need our own local security team.
And our social networking will be in safe environment.
Both represent cost.


Small thing reflects big problem.
Current events really prove that.
The impossible is happening.

The medical disaster is getting everyone.
How could that have happened?
And there is Taiwan Plastic with 7 fires in one year.

Fail Safe, the movie, came to mind.
It was serious issue on nuclear safety in my younger days.
We then learned to put human mistake under control.

The pride of Taiwan is in question.
Fail Safe is critical.
Screw of security seriously needs tightening.

A good heart and charitable mother donated dead son’s organs.
She didn’t know he was HIV positive.
5 people received organs in island’s two top hospitals.

Through out the process, no one sounded any alarm.
5 patients now are 100% contaminated.
And all operating hospital personals are in danger.

The sad part is.
Official report still needs 2 weeks.
The slow response reflects how loose things are.

Same irony is with Taiwan Plastics.
The newest statement by current controlling interest is.
Family will stay out the management from now on.

Public surprised and remember.
Old man built the empire had declared that long ago.
The group then was not on professional management hand.

All the current situations prove one old saying.
Everything is in circle.
“Fail Safe” is due again.


This is a 2 parts situation.
First is a new “lively” reality Taipei.
The other is 24 hours management for any top manager.

Taipei is now officially a sleepless city.
Live actions will be 24 hours.
3 locations planned with one on “try-out”.

They are “youth oriented” and all inclusive department store complex.
Action starts at 7 am.
And activity goes on until 4 am.

They are designed for age 19 to 35.
Youth finally have their place to fully burn off their energy.
And the locations are in 3 different locations.

Each will have own unique style and following.
And it is serious business.
They each target at $3.5 billions in sale.

Top citizen has own life style management.
He or she starts at 3 am.
And he concludes the day in bed by 9 pm.

3- 7 am is reserved to be private and personal.
That includes physical exercise and mental power input.
It gets him best prepared for the day.

Then there is 7-10 am.
It is office and the world.
It is up dates for study and decision.

10-1 pm will be conference with duty delegated.
Organization in “check and balance” is total and complete.
It is house cleaning with nothing to hide.

1-3 pm will be “feed back” with meal time.
New ideas will surface.
Summary must be on desk by 5.

3-6 pm desk clears.
Checklist finalizes.
And there is personal follow up and research.

6-9 pm is family hours.
Family value is final and like a castle.
Culture events complete a professional day.