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August 2011
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The weather is not helping.
Storm is coming.
And it is bigger than the one in US.

Strangely people are not affected.
All storm the streets.
And families are plenty.

Many seem to be from neighboring countries.
They crash the tourist sights.
Energy level is high.

The near hundred China college kids in the same hotel are gone.
Local kids are ready back to school.
This really is the last weekend for summer.

Everyone is making the most out this.
Line ups are at every restaurant and theater.
But September chill is quietly and slowly approaching.

Newspaper no longer has the thickness.
That means commercials have fast dropping.
The economy is showing sign of weakening.

DC earth quake at 6 is a never in hundred years.
Locally ice ball falling is in 4th time.
All are questioning what it means.

Still, we are not seeing the united human effort.
Politics brings out the worst.
And it is in the name of principle and freedom.

One can not help but to think.
This will be a chilling fall.
Yet how many will be on guard?


People just never learn.
Here is a serious lesson in warning.
But there is no one taking it seriously.

Truth can be hard to take.
Especially when it is life threatening.
Japan situation as wake up call is not working.

The nuclear plant presents urgent notice.
But what public is not aware is.
How are they treating the used “rod”?

No government is telling us all.
Japanese learn the hard way.
Now the PM is going down.

But no one is following the worst danger.
That comes from the used nuclear rod.
And you simply can’t just throw them away.

Safe keeping is the worst and immediate.
Now we know.
Taipei nuclear plants have so many used rods.

The danger is.
Any contraction between any two will lead to explosion.
That will be nuclear and deadly.

80 miles range makes any house unsafe.
Taipei is a small and limited area yet with so many plants.
That put the whole island in danger.

No one pays any attention before.
Lady columnist blows the whistle.
She just went through Japan crisis.

She lives there over 20 years.
Her husband and son studied the situation.
They find out the “rod” reality.

Came to Taipei became the choice.
Friends comforted them for safety in Taipei.
She said only for the moment.

Our used “rods” are not public knowledge.
Clearly government is not telling.
And public is relatively silent at the moment.











He became a kinder and gentle person.
That was likable and made him a winner in last election.
And he brought his party to a new height.

To country like Canada, it was like a miracle.
That was to fight party image to win the young.
They came out to vote and started new acceptance.

That I know.
I learned the hard way as new immigrant.
And to make impression in politics is the hardest.

He is not known in Taipei.
But the words he left are timely here.
Politics can be universal after all.

Love is better than anger.
Hope is better than fear.
Optimism is better then despairs.

Taipei need love but hate plenty.
Anger is killing hope and increase fear of each others.
Absence of optimism is making despairs into desperation.


Opposition leader is taking chance.
She is using tension to drive out votes.
Her China policy is borderline knife sharp sensitive.

It gambles on sentiment and cold self claimed reality.
It is the people’s anti authority nature.
The rebel side always had upper hand.

No one likes to be under the gun.
But even US have to bend under the trillion debts.
To use this raw emotion for vote is immoral.

Wisdom and vision open more doors.
Taipei can be the balance piece.
That is China new structure in financial new world order.

Yes, Bidden visit signals many possibilities.
Testing new leadership is one.
But turning competition into corporation is more in focus.

Taipei is the best situated.
To understand both sides in both systems and minds helps.
It will make things to go smooth or even creating China unique.

The First Lady with a new fresh thinking team can do that.
Taipei can be in lead instead of following in new world order.
That in reflection is making Opposition small and dangerous.

It is the “world vision” Taipei.
Seeking and creating a role fitting is a must.
That is where the pride and ingenuity ought to be.

Party line and power struggle are not island interest.
Each is only a part for future consideration.
United is the only way to be strong.

Taipei can be mainstream Chinese culture in modern world.
The decades never stopped continuity assured that.
Why waste it for smaller and narrow island mentality.

That is to limit self only Taiwan culture.
And the irony is only aboriginal can claim that.
Losing the richness in mainstream is unthinkable.

That is where the citizens ought to be more adventurous.
Taipei does have this Chinese culture height.
Why throw it away for something much less just for political goal?

Expansion is definitely in new world economical order.
It is a choice.
You can use the world material to make new dish or stay the same.

The current path to use hate of China to get vote is wrong.
We can see the damage of that in last 12 years.
Golden opportunities lost and wasted.

China economical standing is a life time opportunity.
Choice is obvious for any rational thinking person.
But to use democratic process to fool voters for the moment is a sin.

All political parties need a wake up call.
The thinking of “all or nothing” does not apply here.
A united front is the best for the island and people.

It is wise to use current island foreigners.
A weekly forum will give them voice to contribute.
A fresh look by them to look back at ourselves is what the island needs.

One major newspaper already accumulates those people and their opinions.
A better organized weekly forum will get more mileage.
Objective will be the key.

160 million old in China is another island opportunity.
Just think of the welfare developments.
Lot can be done with Taipei experiences.


The first question is.
Where is Obama team?
Public think it crumbling.

Clinton was the first.
Rumor had it that UN job interesting.
Change of heart is alarming.

Picture of her covering mouth was not helping.
Midnight phone call and female toughness are in question.
Her not being President might be right choice.

Defense line up change was quiet.
All are familiar names.
But structure is interesting.

Finally all watch the economic line up.
Major players stay on.
But moral and spirit are weak.

World still have faith in US only in innovation.
But political strength is done.
And military bankrupted the country.

That is why Bidden China visit interesting.
And goodwill basketball team fight is intriguing.
How could that have happened?

Trade and human right are issues reported by US Today.
But Asians interested only debt and default.
Credibility and trust both lost.

He visited China boom town.
And eating in public is the focus.
Both are super telling tales.

Yes, China is still buying more US bonds.
I-Owe-You will be called on eventually some day.
A weaker one in G-2 will be new paper tiger then.

Okay, that makes the unthinkable a possible now.
A more China initiated economic world order is possible.
Are we ready?

Crisis in Chinese translation is “danger and opportunity”.
US default will demand new world order in economical system.
The unthinkable can be new challenge for ones planning ahead.

Riot of London is called LACK OF HOPE.
But how is that for just finished Royal Marriage.
Can that be a new tales of two cities?

The worry is London Olympics.
This is a job not even 007 can help.
And combining with new German situation, Europe is cooked.

Taipei traditionally was all USA.
Change as necessity is not in official thinking process yet.
But that day is here to stay.


They are feared by all politicians and yet respected by viewers.
That is a rare combination and nothing can stop them.
That makes them influential and powerful.

You see them daily on TV.
They are political commentators.
And they are the new terrorists Taipei and can exists no where else.

There is nothing they don’t know.
No doubt they have to be great at research on all subjects.
The reporter background really helps and making them shine now.

But they are only human.
The power to influence the public finally gets the better of them.
Some start thinking they are God.

The worst is their influence.
There are followers and believers.
Like any cult, followers go to extreme.

15 years old thinks himself the god of death.
He faithfully follows 2 extreme side TV talk shows.
Hundred threat letters had sent out base on topics.

To commentators it is rating.
Everything and anything go if rating high.
To get viewers excited is the only way.

Norway got one following Hitler mentality.
Muslim extremes turn home born youth in West.
The acts are plenty in England even in Canada.

Now that mentality is the power in Taipei.
It is TV on 7 stations.
Each has at least one program daily with re-runs.

But that still is not the worst for the day.
The shocker is 16 years old, ice cold, planned to kill parents.
And he was in action but didn’t finish with bad timing.

Sister called police.
They came in a hurry.
Parents badly hurt but alive.

He was a good student.
But competition eliminated that.
Parents’ good will turned pressure got the best of him totally.

It is a 40 pages plan.
2 am is the best time to kill.
Sleeping pill is part of tool.

It is “to do” or “not to do”.
Life can be better with economical benefit if do.
Otherwise life is simply miserable.

Water proofed bag and backpack prepared.
Finger print, hairs and blood were all considered.
Bodies would be in parts to dump in different areas.

Excuse will stop one to improve, he wrote.
Running away will not work.
To face it is not hard and turning the back not soft.

If kill, then let it be total and complete.
If killing good looking girl, don’t forget to rape first.
What a horror mind is in front of us.

His dad saw the plan before hand.
And visit to doctor followed.
Obsession of current best novel Assassin Killer named.

There was movie.
It was the wild, wild world.
Now it is crazy and sick world in result.

In general, people are losing faith and hope.
It is the work of inability of all politicians.
And commentators make the worst example in human natures.

Here are few examples to show why.
Speed ticket is for 1623 km?
Police covered up for illegal business for 5 years in $120 millions.

City hall figured in cover up for 10 years.
They can’t find rules to execute.
The crime is to “erase” no parking red zone paint for own truck parking.

The silent majority in society let it happened.
Younger generations learn to see no right or wrong morally.
Extreme example infiltrated all minds.

And money is all power.
That buys anything and everything.
And a picture with President yesterday proofed it the best.

All papers including English ones had it.
The other guy is currently restricted to leave the country.
He has to put up $200 million or 2 billions as bond.

The presentation organization is Foreign Affair Ministry.
It is award for donors for Japan crisis.
All are good.

But it is wrong for President to present to this person and in picture.
How can anyone around President not aware of that.
It is the worst example in missing link today.

None are seeing how serious it is.
It is this “no feel” state.
And it is the reason why all things are breaking loose.


India government office never was in existence in Taipei.
Parliamentary visits were conducted quietly and invisible in public’s eye.
But work had to be done.

It came a long way even still not in official diplomatic way.
Now it is real office conducting government affairs.
And high government officials visit each other openly.

After all, India feared China.
And they had official diplomatic tie.
Taipei was cut off and hurt badly.

But no one can live alone and isolated.
Taipei had to find way to keep relation going.
Even that was in a way not the best for ego.

Way back, it was my Dad to keep the relation going.
He was instructed by old President Chiang.
That is to keep the relation going on citizen’s level.

Official relation was cut off.
Principle was involved.
But total cut off was unwise, the old man said.

Dad was a senior PM then.
Old President was his military school principle.
He was instructed to preserve the tie.
I came back from US in 1978.
It became my duty to help my dad to keep fire burning.
I then was the only one had personal audience with 2 India PM.

My encounter with Mrs. Gandhi was before Asia Games.
It took 6 months to get India visa then.
My trip then was to make a statement on that.

India, to my advantage, was badly short of hard cash then.
Taipei was full of it and more then ready to use.
Fast visa in fact was good incentive for cash ready fans.

I was tough and strong in my arrogant US trained mode.
Strong standing was presented and got full notice.
And in return I also started to see India’s way.

Later my Dad passed away.
I had to take on the full responsibility.
Luckily time was changing.

I had the honor to receive the other PM in Taipei.
He was only a MP and an ex- Foreign Affair Minister.
I made great impression for some skillful arrangements.

He went back became PM.
Many came to Taipei naming to see me a must.
And my visit there made another breakthrough.

The world then saw things differently.
India official representative finally got stationed here.
I gave him a real warm welcome accordingly.

He was grateful.
We helped more than 500 Indian businesses here.
And big events for their national day celebration were hosted by me.

That was a good new beginning.
I paid the full cost to get India national treasure dancer and group here.
The under the table Ambassador was her best friend.

No one today remembers or feels grateful to my Dad’s days.
But that is life.
History progresses quietly in cold blood.

Real government exchanges in activities are plenty in press now.
But there still is no big respectable official gathering.
It reflects business activities on both sides need more steam.


One thing stood out.
And that is a shame really.
Strangely no one is making a fuss.

National Teams with self respect and pride wear clean uniforms.
They didn’t allow commercial logo or logos on it.
That can not be said for the hosting team.


This coming week will be the hot in weather.
Each day will be 36 degrees at least.
Fun activities will have to be in-door with air condition.

Jones Cup is in Final today.
Iran and Korea will fight for 1.
Philippines and Taipei will go for third.

Japan is the most surprising team with only second national unit.
They play free and excited.
If first team the same, they will make the Asian games challenging.

Taipei lost to Korea in over time last night.
But fans were excited for it really a good game.
Team had it but couldn’t hold on to it.

Again, so many games indicated the referee situation.
Jordan had one with technical the most unbelievable.
Coach got it for telling ref the floor dangerously slippery.

HK has no team here making ref no place in the tournament.
The best can be said of his presence is “good relationship”.
That drags down the quality of the tournament.

Iran with NBA center is in full package.
They build up the team tempo slowly in confidence.
That will give them edge over Korea.

Jordan could take Iran to move into final four.
They were good.
But the technical may cause them not coming anymore.

Philippines is losing steam fast.
That NBA encounter did pump them up.
But they need serious steadiness in team effort.

Korea is gifted with the US import.
The outside shot is so reliable.
And million dollars per month pro can make them winner tonight.

Taipei can take Philippines too.
Players are in roles.
It is coach’s to lose.

Like chief, coach has to mix great combinations with what he has.
But he is not bringing out the best in players yet.
Fun and excitement to both players and fans will be his to make.

We witness maturity in players playing China pro and US in college.
But coach gains no growth with only local semi-pro games.
The US NCAA division 2 adviser is not helping.

It is the organization and mentality.
Not losing money is the thought.
BIG would be too hard to handle.

Few are in firm control.
They value the self interest more than the sport.
Ego trumps passion and love for the sport.

Two owners are capable to afford NBA coach.
That will change the sport industry here.
It is a loss to them and fans.

LeBron came and gone.
His presence in Miami is a textbook study in team chemistry.
Magazine “Fast Company” had an article about it.

Coach needs seasoning, ages and records to control super player ego.
Our coach is relatively too young in all.
Local mentality stops progress.

Comic Fairs is still going strong.
So are Picasso and Egypt’s mommy exhibitions.
China cultural exhibition attracts great attendance.

International Press Annual meeting will be here.
So will be Design annual conferences.
Both will be in September.

To make the summer memorable, there is Jazz Festival.
And Diplomatic Archives is another.
Movies are plenty of Hollywood and local.