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July 2011
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Current world events are teaching us valuable lessons.
It is up to us to recognize them and make adjustment.
Like the movie “Day after Tomorrow”, there is no time to lose.

The realization is.
Even the best prepared is not enough today.
And we the people can be our own worst enemy.

Japan disaster showed us the best prepared case.
You can’t ask for better planning as humanly possible before hand.
But they were just simply not enough.

Even now, there is no other country can be that detailed.
The fail-safe planning they had in crisis management were so total at the time.
Yet it was not enough.

People are joking now.
Obama started the CHANGE.
He is not kidding.

Even he could realize how far it is reaching.
The whole world we live in is changing.
Yet, in practice, many of us hold on tight with everything the old way.

China’s 14 major cities faced the rain flood including Beijing.
Press all over the world ridiculed the situation in many different ways.
All ignore those cities the product the best money can buy.

And there is Seoul.
Korean by nature is in no way wanting to be the second best.
Yet the truth is the best simply not enough.

And there is this US debt ceiling.
US Today called it party politics in game of chicken.
It is nothing but self-interest and greed to make us our own worst enemy.

There is Norway.
Civilization and humanity take the beating.
It is the worst of time for us to hope for the best of time to change.

Political dog fight is never pretty.
Both sides are always bare the teeth.
It looks vicious and ugly.

But again, we somehow glimpse something.
There are some bright moments.
For the instance, we seem to glance at something reflecting hope.

Maybe we are civilized after all.
There are still something we can work on.
But it is now or never.

It is up to us to face the truth.
We need to start to feel how others feel.
And to be human we must.

We need to realize.
For potential crisis, preparation is never enough.
We don’t need to be a nerve wreck but just simply alert.

Over-confidence kills.
Public offices need more humble humanity.
Public will be safe with that more than arrogance.

Global warming changes the world.
Past crisis readiness can be outdated.
Let’s not hide behind the rigid rules and regulations.

Taipei learned hard lessons from past crisis.
Blind passion and rushed action created only negative results.
Incidences revealed many extremes examples.

Officials were often rigid in flexibilities.
Press then flooded too much information.
Warm hearted public rushed into action and did more damage.

Individuals rushed over to help.
They clogged up the roads and traffic.
The real professionals were cut off.

Press competed to be first in reporting.
They were not in coordination.
Good hearted people rushed in more than necessary goods.

People brought over press reported shortage.
But real shortages were at loss.
Goods piled up for years to digest and distribute.

By listening on how Japanese prepared for disaster, Van is in serious danger.
In comparison, Van is like doing nothing.
We are very much on our own since there is no total detailed coordination.

And no individual is taking the whole thing seriously.
Many simply think.
I can’t be that unlucky.

Let’s look at that booming real estate in Richmond.
What more can I say.
The place is on shifting sand.

And academics constantly warn us.
The big one is surely coming.
Where is the government responsibility?

Sadly all are hiding behind the rule of law.
And there are the 3 levels of government too.
Each is passing the buck smartly in turn.

The arrogant ignorance says it all.
And where is our detailed public drill?
Does school kid have full practice for scientists declared coming disaster?

US debt ceiling standoff shows us.
It is all the smart guys seeking loopholes.
And people in position are all in frozen grave concern.

That contrast is ironic and sad.
There are only 4 days left.
We are seeing enough.

And there is another matter of concern.
The killing mentality of Norway is in Canada too.
Many saw it only in Islamic side.

But that outsider and new comer issue is there.
We can fake it as not in existence.
But what if it is deep rooted in mainstream too?

Decision is ours.
Do we sweep it under the rug?
Or do we put out the fire now?


China visitors rock the business world Taipei.
They had enriched HK with 22.7 millions tourists in 2010.
That is a great wealth anywhere.

Taipei finally is opening up to China visitors.
And now all people are thinking HK example.
It is money coming in everyone’s mind.

All are now busy getting ready.
But the urgent and current focus is.
Off-shore duty free is the target.

Kin-men Island is the place.
It was the utmost front line military post of past.
Now it has new life.

It is in full benefit.
And the place is the closest to China.
The duty free status means big business.

Duty free attracts mainlanders.
And it is cheaper comparing to others too.
Here is a perfect example.

One very small place there is hot.
It is duty free.
And it is doing NT $2 billions a year.

The small size is 20 pins.
One pin is 3.2 square meters.
64 square meters area is producing big number.

10 times that size in the best location in Taipei can’t do that.
That is why all investment rushing in now.
And there will be casino possibility too.

Macau and Singapore set the best example.
They are out doing Vegas.
It is Taiwan’s turn.


Death sentence has been a curse.
That is for the current government
Minister had quit to make a stand.

She was trying to emphasize her belief.
Humanity was her issue.
She was holding all the executions then.

There was one family father.
His son was kidnapped and killed in cold blood.
The guy is still in jail.

That was a brutal past.
The sentiment was on father side.
Yet carry out the death sentence is in stalemate.

Now this Norway thing can change the whole thing.
It was Europe countries putting on the pressure on Taiwan.
Visa free was the bargain point.

Many in Taiwan were angry at the blackmail.
Now it is time for all to re-study the issue.
That is if death sentence right or wrong.


Yes, B ball made presence too.
But it was not in Taipei.
Philippines got the best of it.

Just look at the line up.
Kobe, Chris Paul, Durant and Ross are in.
Then there are Harden, Evans, Derrick Williams, Fisher and McGee.

Two games ended 131: 105 and 98:89.
That is a US market price line up is at US $80 millions.
The lock-out extends their international opportunity.


The lady’s presence is fully felt.
Sarah Jessica Parker is here on behalf of Amway.
The show is Sex in City on Ice.

“Asian face” ice stars are near in full force.
That includes Canada’s Patrick Chen.
The soul is the pair of World and Olympic China champion.

The “direct sale” giant packed the house.
The show was in Beijing, then Shanghai and now Taipei.
That is the future sale route will be in Asia.

But Taipei gets the best of it at end.
The lady checked out the city at her free time.
She went out like average people without security.

She is the first one.
That is her seriously wanting to be with people.
Indirectly she gave the city the best presentation.

In near 38 degrees high noon, she visited temples.
She went through the ritual.
And for blessing she bought NT $100 lucky charm.

Her breakfast was only coffee.
During break, she tried local almond cold drink.
That was another first.

Next, she went to traditional market.
Picture was with public at old style meat counter.
She then bought umbrella at youth hip district at $11,400.

At jade market, she bought a jade piece at $2,000.
5 pm she ate at light food Chinese restaurant.
8 pm it was big show on ice.

No luxury shop was in her mind.
She saw the city as it is.
And she enjoyed the local tempo and life style.


It is near 38 degrees here.
But I embrace the heat under the sun.
I am here for the heat.

On line I can see Van is 14 degrees.
Shockingly Toronto is 37 but feel like 47.
And in US, people died from heat.

But the worst is the terror death in Norway.
It is unthinkable from that part of world.
But it is happening.

Anyone with clear head will say.
It is out of control.
And there is no one around capable to keep order.

Obama is fighting for his life on second term.
Republican can care less in world affair.
And USA is no longer the manager in charge.

Global warming is ignored.
Vancouver’s 14 and Toronto’s 37 feeling like 47 prove it.
And the powerful US lose lives over heat just unthinkable.

Hate is front and center in Norway.
Where is the civilization heading?
And Middle East and North Korea are in waiting.

There is no one around capable to make a difference.
USA, Europe and Japan are all absorbed with their own issues.
Power fight and politics are pulling everyone’s leg.

It is the worst of time.
But it can be the best.
It is time for united effort by all now.

Let us wise up.
We need trust and compassion more than ever.
Let “people first” be our vital first step.


Corn is NT $9 for 2.
TNT was Can $1 for 2.
Save on Food had it $ 1 for 4.
Exchange rate is 1 for 30.

10 eggs in a pack is NT $25.
TNT in dozen has nothing under Can $2 for a while.
Save on Food is much more.
And there is tax in Canada.

Movie is NT $310 tax included.
That is of top theater.
There is discount morning show.
And promotional tickets are free.

Culture display from Shanghai Expo is a must.
Price is NT $220.
There are senior and student price.
That is $200.

Mac dinner is average NT $115 to 125.
Breakfast is 75.
That goes with KFC and Burger King.
And they have plenty local flavors.

T shirt used to be 150 but now is NT $69.
Tie was 100 also now 69.
Swim trunk is 99.
Fortune telling is $100 for one question.

8 courses dinner yesterday was NT $499.
It is reservation only.
And it has to be done a day ahead.
It is young and fashionable.

Transit is starting at NT $16.
For the longest distance, it is 24.
And senior is half.
And bus is 15.

To attract shopping crowd, female fashion is making waves.
The local lady wear best buy is eye catcher.
They are making all kind of combination sets.
But the price is unified for NT $439.


All are happy for Japan.
Their women won World Soccer.
And they beat USA.

Both countries need some boosting now.
But Japan’s victory inspires more.
They never got any domestic support to start with.

This is the best for their country.
After recent nuclear tragedy, they need and deserve it.
Now we like to see how the country will receive those ladies’ return.

Taipei won Little League title yesterday.
And 17 years old girl won in badminton in US.
Like Japan women, both didn’t have good social resource or backing.

Yes, baseball is big here.
But past glory can be a curse.
It made the whole thing harder for the kids.

Oh, War Military Games opens in Brazil.
For sure there is no participation from Taipei.
And wonder if Canada is in or not.

Traditional Jones Cup basketball will be in August.
And Le Bron will show up.
That will excite many.


Power never means to share.
When it happens, battle cry is not far off.
This is the view observed by many of China today.

The succession of power next generation seems set.
But there is variable now.
Two stand out to be noticed.

That is a challenge.
It is not openly acknowledged.
But it is seriously being examined today.

The two power guys each show strong personal “color”.
That is rare in China unless all are at stake.
Chongqing and Canton power chiefs are in the focus.

Chongqing one is past liberal turning extreme conservative in display.
The Canton one is all liberal and business and media friendly now.
Contrast is obvious without any doubt

Reform needs direction.
This is a fight of indication.
Many see the current Chongqing advantage and Canton long term.


“Go-West” is alive again.
This time is the new cry in China.
We can’t help but feel like re-run of old US “Wild-Wild West”.

But a new direction is certain.
That is this new “tri-relation”.
It is a new continuity.

A Greater China strategy is at play.
That is combining the resources.
The result will be bigger and stronger China.

China is proud of the present.
That was done with the development of the coastal region.
Now it is time to reach inland.

USA developed railroad coast to coast on “go west”.
Now China needs the same to balance the regions and rich.
But it is not coast to coast in ocean.

Now it is continent to continent.
Europe and Africa will be.
Westward is the start.

Land, resources and people are China.
Taipei is the experienced best in manufacture.
HK is the best in cash flow support by banking and investment.

This 3-ways format was predicted long ago.
I saw that back in the 90th.
Now it is full scale action.