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June 2011
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China individual traveler will not feel alone in Taipei.
Hotel is ready with a cell phone.
That will be a 24 hours companion for everything and anything.

282 of them got here on June 28.
China already beats Japan as big sender here.
That is $3997 per day over $2222.

One bakery was a $10,000 a day operation.
Now they are a 12 stores with a million a day sales.
They deliver to hotel now and planning to make it to “home” next.

Beef noodle restaurant gets 2,000 China customers a day.
That is $150 per order.
You can re-fill noodle, soup and even side dishes free of charge.

This is what they did in HK in 2010.
That was $323.34 billion dollars in total.
Shopping was $237.865 billions and hotel 34.155 billions.

Job market here suddenly feels the 50% shortage.
Hotel and restaurant have jobs plenty but no staffs.
Shops up the wages try to keep the current personals.

This is only the try-out period.
Only 3 cities can make the trip.
They are Beijing, Shanghai and Shamen.

That is a drop in the sea for China population.
Suddenly all eyes are wide open here.
There is no more resistance at least for now.

Medical check-up and real estate as the reason for trip stand out.
Both have large help-wanted ads out now.
What had happened in HK will be many times over here.

Young and energetic have other plan in mind.
They will hit all night spots.
Ages 21-30 are 61 and 31-40 69 with 41-50 56.

Real estate side has 38 people.
Many are developers in China.
They call the trip “The first year, Taipei”.


It is way out of my reach.
And it shocked me at first.
But then old wisdom enlightened me.

Life is a circle.
A good lesson repeated it here.
Friend or enemy is depending on the time and place.

War relation turns to peace.
Business then picks up and breaks the ice.
Vietnam was a perfect example.

We used to joke about it
The Viet-con tunnel became top tourist spots.
And American tourists couldn’t wait to pay high price to re-visit.

Now it is happening here.
Frontline of past is hot.
Marine is making a perfect tour guide.

Chinese writes officials symbolically with 2 shapes like mouth.
No wonder all dealings are with heavy eating.
The price can easily be Can $500 each for meal alone.

And there is wine.
All top houses of the world are here setting up shops.
Dinner wine bill starts at Can $10,000 pre table.

Gifts are creative and innovative as the best ever.
And up-grade reaches new high in price.
But not to buy for courtesy exchange seems impossible.

By policy, China regional government shoppers are flooding in.
Billions buying is a minimum.
Feast then has to be the very best and expensive.

Frankly it is beyond public’s imagination.
No wonder Van Sun columnist reported.
Chinese corrupted officials are at 18,000 and swindled $120 billions in last few years.

That can be a perfect reflection of this big spender situation.
No wonder that many new rich in China are seeking immigration.
Van property’s high price has its answer.

Taipei seems going to get the full benefit.
The big political advantage is obvious.
Unification is a burden to China in actual practice.

This moral historical responsibility is deep.
Taiwan Opposition is chancing to push to the limit.
They do get a point here.

But risk is extremely high too.
That is.
China hawk faction gets the upper hand will be the disaster for Taipei.

Yes, China is the best big spender today.
They are seriously passing on goodies to Taipei.
Numbers are not lying.

The good will in return is a must too.
Host is spending without much public awareness.
They get the best spending treatment physically possible there.


China individual visitors start coming on June 28.
That will be 400,000 local jobs opportunities.
And tourism income will be 550 billions.

They have 15 days staying limitation with 500 a day.
Local medical group is crying for longer staying.
A month will be perfect for business in complete physical check-up.

China credit card is hooking up fast.
3,000 ATM are operational.
Cash on hand will be good for local small business.

And this will be “year one” for property buying.
China new riches worry how to keep the wealth long term.
Majority got theirs by not so legal situations.

That leaves dark cloud in their minds.
Many naturally seek oversea investment or even immigration.
Frankly speaking, money laundry is in high demand.

Canada and USA are the top destination at the moment.
Press coverage said plenty.
It is a circle in many countries before including Taipei.

From a political view, Taipei can play a better role here.
The legal system here is just as safe as any developed countries.
And it keeps wealth in Chinese territory.

And it is the best to serve as erasing some moral considerations.
It is up to the government on both sides to see that.
Process can be interesting.

Canada fund makes perfect example here.
Manual Life is having two set-ups ready.
One is to raise US $350 millions and other NT$ 10 billion.

Taipei has to face the water and food crisis the world will face soon.
And 3 days weekend can be another challenge.
Innovative breakthrough will benefit the economy greatly.

Car-share service “Zipcar” poised for IPO.
Vancouver is presenting its own “move smartly”.
That is “CAR2GO” by using smart car by Benz.

Taipei can look into India’s Tata NANO.
The unit is only US $2,900 each.
With local driver, it is perfect for China individual travelers.

India will love this presentation.
That is playing great into future China market.
Competition will bring out the best in both.

ZARA is taking residence in Taipei 101.
Aiming is China tourists.
Next will be “made in China” labors go chic.

NBA may face lock-out.
But LeBron will be in Taipei August 11 and 12.
That is money talking.


Believe or not.
Lady Gaga will be here for July 3 show.
That is the promotion of her latest album.

And tickets are free.
No wonder there are monstrous lines.
And the die-hard fans are just as colorful.

Local diva A-mei attracted 30,000 fans last night.
It was part of Coke 125 years’ celebration.
Transit packed with plenty gay groups.

Typhoon has rained heavily since night before.
But it was clear with dry ground before the concert.
It was perfect for the Saturday night fever.

I was on my way to dinner.
This added more weekend pleasure.
Rain came down again when I stepped back into hotel.

I talked to event organizer.
To my disappointment they failed the PR basic.
The garbage and workers’ belongings in the open looked unprofessional.

London Olympics is in Taipei.
The accommodation advertising is here.
They are Park Lane Apartment.


This I enjoy greatly every time here.
Taipei has 12 administrative districts.
Each has its own sport recreational center.

The one I go to is an 8 floors building.
They are basketball court, fitness gym, archery and Olympic size pool.
The pool, to my regret, is only 1.4 meter deep.

Pool has lot water recreational features for old and young.
Sauna and steam both are in top form.
They are under ground at basement 2.

Burnaby has something to offer.
That is the “arm’s reach” mentality for parent-child safety.
And the belt and vest will be handy for kids and new learners.

The lifeguards work long hours only NT $120 per hour.
The shift is one hour before relief.
And instructors carry the class in Japanese style like dictator.


“Individual China visitor” is top.
Locals can’t wait for business to start.
All deals are on the table now.
Many are eye popping.

China hotel and real estate people want a piece of action now.
Alliance or independence operation is on the move.
Representatives in all form will be here to start the trend.
Local travel agencies chip in for action with zero profit.

Taxi is set up in coordination on both sides.
Even government agencies are fast providing official “passport” as guideline.
Mobil industry is ready with usage and application in colorful display.
Academic articles are plenty to show mindful consideration.

Food by hotels and travel agencies are in tough competition.
Fruits, tea and ice items reflect the season.
All now aim at the first 300 some.
They are most white collars and back pack young.

Palace Museum will be hot.
Even Premier expresses concern on space.
Luckily creative solution is ready.
Display space was a problem but not anymore.

Beach will be appreciated.
Many are never close to one before.
And President’s office is a must.
Here comes a new chapter in Strait relation.


Yoga is hot and popular.
You can look at any bookstore shelf.
Plenty of Yoga magazines are on display.
But never Tai Chi and that is not right.

Both are acknowledged as the best to help people’s health.
One today is well organized and promoted professionally.
But the other stays in its primitive state of black and white.
May be catch-up time is now.

“Rainbow Tai Chi” can be a break through.
New outfit will be provocative.
Colors and styles will be up-date and more.
It will be big business.

Timing is everything.
Somehow things are indicative.
Movie is coming as TAICHI.
Traveler magazine has article as TAI CHI ME.

Canada Global and Mail is in too.
In complementary therapies article, it gives a boost to “chemo brain”.
Practice twice a week help improving physical and psychological well-being.
That is for those after chemotherapy and radiation.

It is branding process time.
Register the copy right is a start.
Modern materials and designs are perfect.
It can be very innovative and creative.

Last night I pass it on to a friend.
He has manufacturing line in many countries.
Duty advantage was realized in our last meeting in March.
He was very interested.

And my Tai Chi study group also had approached me.
They are looking for break through and going international.
I had given them a rough idea in March.
They can be instrumental on practicing side.

Tai Chi is really all about recovering bodily rotation ability.
Practice is to allow you to regain close to original flexibility.
And there is the gravity concept.
That is for you and the earth totally “in touch” together.

This is exciting for all concerned.
To make it as good and big like yoga is the goal.
And so much we can learn from yoga establishment.
It is challenging to make it better.


I am blessed.
Both Canada and Taipei provide good medical coverage.
Being 68, I am sitting pretty with both.

Never went to doctor much all my life.
Canada’s 65 years or older free check-up warned me.
I am a diabetic.

Medicine was necessary.
And I took them faithfully.
But no immediate difference felt.

Visiting Taipei allowed me another free check-up.
A computer print out was immediately on hand.
That was typed up by doctor from computer right on table and free of charge.

Now I know and understand my condition totally.
And the new set of medicine seems more effective.
My all time best blood pressure at 116 and 69 said it all.

The medicines ran out in 2 months.
Without pills, the blood pressure is up to 171/90.
But now in Taipei, new supply is in hand.

My eye check-up in May had doctor surprised at my condition.
She was curious of my Taipei medicine.
As Asian, she asked the names of pills.

In Taipei, I can walk into any hospital.
Pick any doctor on the big board is own choice.
I find out mine a really good one.

He is there only Tuesday afternoon.
I have to be there at 12:30 pm to be in line.
He took care all between 2-5 pm.

Now another 30 days’ supply is on hand.
Next appointment will be in 4 weeks.
And I will have my blood tested in 3 weeks.


Ruling party is done with VP guessing game.
The President announced his running mate yesterday.
The game is on.

The VP to be is very capable verbally.
That happens to be the short coming of the President.
Too nice is his public observation.

VP to be also displays strong executive ability with his current post.
He is the top executive government official now.
And he does have citizens’ well being in mind first.

That allows his a reputation as loner.
Guts, fighter, fast in debate are him.
And he is willing to take on last minute responsibility.

Public is ready to see a good fight.
Past ruling party candidate never was good at verbal fighting.
This time is different with plenty sparks flying.

Domestically he is the best there is.
But internationally ruling party really needs help.
That includes the President with Harvard background.

The square President has good month piece help now.
And that is coming with action following capability.
No one ever had thought both would be where they are now.

I have fortune tellers’ statement way back to prove it.
And politically none thought to be heavy weight then.
But look where they are now.

Many see them loser in coming election, me including.
Being defensive is the fatal weakness.
Pin point sharp offensive will make a big difference.

China tourists will create 400,000 possible jobs.
That can be NT $550 billion dollars spending.
This free staying is only 14 days.

Medical field likes that to be a month in due time.
That allows local physical check-up and facial surgery hot.
Real estate is a sure thing with action plenty under the table already now.

But there are hidden worries too.
South Sea strategy is one.
And retired military generals visiting China in October is another.

Defensive measure will create “mistake” no matter how and what.
But do they have the smart going offensive will be the key.
In fact this is the turning point if doing it right.


Kind of expected Canucks would lose.
The power and control are not in the final full package yet.
The learning and building experience is golden.
But the riot was something shouldn’t happen.

First thought was “how come?”.
Police did warn the possibility.
That means by professional standard.
Law was prepared.

That is all talk with no action.
It is not acceptable.
Union now says.
It was under-staffed.

Playing politics in this kind major event is not acceptable.
Waiting or wishing in this case means failure by all.
And my latest observation on homeless in Burnaby did worry me.
Many rioters on TV news looked so familiar.
They are indeed looking and acting much younger.
And they are hungrier comparing to the past.
Cheap items in Save on Food do not interest them.
And they acted out in group with cell phones and car.

The riot now is an international headline and public joke.
Even in 35 C Taipei got full coverage.
Maybe the lover couple got more space and attention here.
Vancouver got ruined.

Police’s mention on few familiar faces made many asking me how come.
Why there was no alerting system when they were spotted?
Or as always, simply police just waited to check the films afterward.
That is what I call the sickness of glass half empty mentality.

Where was our police defensive strategy?
Didn’t we hear defensive and preventative driving?
Why it didn’t apply here for this world watching event?
Van lost the best self promoting opportunity.

We the greater Vancouver citizens deserve better.
And it shame us for not able to control a small element group.
This reflects something more serious.
That is our “not my department” mentality.

That is what we need to face and improve fast.
Riot is a done deal.
Police simply failed as professional.
It is what they will do counts the most now.

And we citizens all have to face the consequences as whole.
It is our town.
We all are a part of it.
Even I am a Burnaby residence.

We can’t play “cope out” game any more.
That will not do.
This “not my department” mentality must go.
And doing “told you so” game now is cheap.

And we have to think why many stood there “watching”.
That was the worst for world to see.
Where was the pride in our own hometown?
It was a disgrace.

We did have the best in Olympic experience.
City claimed many under our credit.
We are capable as the best.
That had justified many tax money invested. .

Did Vancouver “played” the money and didn’t learn?
Or was that another “out-sourcing” operation for us to pay up?
We have reason to be angry.
Police has no excuse what so ever.