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May 2011
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Never thought I got to see this.
But that was “service”.
And indeed he was friendly and made me proud.

My passport will end in August.
6 months extra time is needed if going any where.
Apply now is a must.

I tried Burnaby Canada Service first.
And they moved.
That cost me Parking fee for nothing.

The new office looks nice.
And the lady was friendly.
But it will take 4 to 6 weeks to process.

Downtown Vancouver then became the best choice.
And it has been years since I last went downtown.
That made it refreshing and interesting.

Thought it would take a long time.
And 5 years ago I had bad memory.
But third time is a charm.

But an Asian lady was removed by security.
And I think she asked for it.
She was doing heck a nagging job.

Human right got to many heads.
Law and order then ignored.
Sadly many new comers insist it their right.

I was ready to pay extra $10 for faster return.
But the guy told me to save the buck.
It will be done by registered mail by 20th either way.

That thoughtfulness was rare.
I had to appreciate it.
At ground main desk, I made sure to tell them so.

I was pretty angry with passport photo the day before.
Sign says $7.99 but I was charged $10.01.
When asked, then it was same day service charge.

The whole set up was computer instant process.
And no one said otherwise.
That was a crooked operation.

I am reading a reputable Taiwan business magazine.
The editor pointed out.
Taiwan local government service is the best.

They do come to pick-up if you don’t have the time.
And they will return it when done the same day.
That is unheard of in government service.

And they can work like fast food drive-in.
There is no parking needed.
Complicated marriage documentation is only 20 minutes.

They also can help you to locate long lost relatives.
That I saw last year in person.
Computer and hard work can do wonder.

BC will see provincial and municipal election this year.
Some services can use big improvement.
Let’s wait and see.


It is done deal and one to remember.
Major changes are here with 76 women and youngest MP at 19.
Two parties are out and two rising.

Harper gets his majority at 166 seats from 144.
“Check and balance” is a concern to many now.
After all, that is “technical knock-out” by 40% votes.

NDP gets 104 seats from 37.
That is a strong Opposition for Layton in “look”.
He can do nothing when facing Harper’s will but objection.

That is political reality.
Majority is the next best to absolute power.
Harper’s fast response says “winning trust” interesting.

Press is wishing.
Let’s work for the good of all Canadians.
Stability and consistency are pointed out.

Liberal is done with only 34 from past 77.
Ignatieff is graceful but reality cruel.
Examples are plenty in history.

Bloc gets the worst with only 3 from 48.
Many are glad to see a more united Canada.
May be we are.

The brightest spot is the “one and only” Green.
She worked hard to drive out 72% of votes.
And nationally it is only 61% from past 59%.

Total control comes from 40% of total votes is legal but never truly fair.
And 39% of people didn’t vote.
Harper has 60% voted not for him.

So, the system is not ideal.
40% in control is wrong.
That is “cunning” taking over “honor” and “trust”.

$13-billion surplus turned to $56-billion deficit is not good management.
Contempt of Parliament is never democratic.
That is definitely not law and order.

May 1, 2011

Bin Laden is dead.
And we must watch out the consequences.
Will his followers use the “rumored” A bomb?

Royal Wedding lifts the spirit of UK.
Now USA also can brag and be proud.
CIA is in top form again.

Harper had his birthday yesterday.
And election will be tomorrow.
Van papers are wishing him a majority.

Layton still can be the difference.
He had big rally in Burnaby yesterday.
But health seems a concern since he did look a bit shaky on TV.

Ignatieff is getting better and more.
Welcoming of Harper’s youth supporters was a classy act.
My vote is his but never the riding candidate.

That is the sad part for Liberal.
Why can’t they field a person we can trust and respect?
That is 3 votes lost in my family.

Pop John Paul 11 is in beautification process.
That means Sainthood a step closer.
But the “miracle” part is puzzling for this century and now.

Labor Day in China is all business now.
Spending and making money is the focus.
Capital market is there to stay.

Not many realize.
Today also is Laughter Day.
The world does need a lot of that.

And Obama gave us plenty.
That was all on Trump’s expense.
The White House press dinner couldn’t be at a better time last night.

Korea bank is giving breaks.
They give better rate if customers willing to lose weight.
How is that for incentive!

This India movie is hot.
Global Mail introduced the “3 idiots” DVD yesterday.
And Taiwan theaters show it since last December.