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April 2011
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British still got it.
They can really throw a party.
And this is a major production for ages.

One can think of D-Day.
But this is a happy one.
And it can’t be in any better time.

Japan is still deep in sorrow.
US have major tornado death.
And Trump is mocking the American institution.

Canadian TV crew said it best.
Yes, he felt the hairs at back of his neck stood up in joy.
That is after he covered so many disasters lately.

Hollywood can’t outshine this one.
It is like the past of 007.
England is new again.

The rich in details and script perfect will make UK hot for sometime to come.
Let’s say Jubilee and Olympics both will be next year.
The stock of the nation will be way up from now on.

No wonder old China liked to use wedding to change bad luck.
Beijing Olympics and Shanghai Expo are things of past.
How is a Chinese Royal Wedding as production next?


The movie was thrill of my younger day.
Now we are having a live one in display.
And this one carries serious consequences.

Not only “war season” is on for the region.
But this group just finished the best team training there is.
With brain, we have to think of 911 hard again.

US military is losing credibility.
And all costs in that region were a waste.
It is sucker punch of the day.

And CIA changes head along with Secretary of Defense.
The players rotating are making us curious.
US international play will be a shadow from now on.

And now we are about to step into May.
This is the month many astrologers had predicted at beginning of year.
The stars call it as disaster month.


Chretien still is good.
The experience and accumulated wisdom shows.
But too bad he is not running.
And he did end in disgrace for party corruption.

But he reminds us of Canadian values.
And Liberal was good with our economy.
Harper can’t take credit on that.
And NDP is still weak.

Ignatieff finally showed passion and common sense.
But it is late.
And the guy they put in my riding is a negative.
Liberal with him is no future.


There is no one to trust in politics.
Each is having his or her agenda.
The best we can do is the less of two evils.

Transparency and accountability is a dream.
And it is wake up time.
Right to know can be twisted to no answers what so ever.

Not to vote is option.
But do we really will give up?
Or we have to test our smart with the crooks.

USA is flatly broke.
But election ready Obama is having $3500 a plate dinner.
That kind of election spending expectation is sick.

Harper is having the edge by the pool for majority.
Canada finally will have its own Bush.
You vote him in then take the consequence as well.

Taipei is serious of a lady Presidential candidate.
She is pretty much shoe in now for Opposition.
Rumor has it that sexual preference a hidden agenda.

Trump is making his presence as a potential Republican candidate.
He perfectly demonstrates the old Indian saying.
That is white man talks with fork tongue.

All these change the course of China.
Democratic open society is in doubt.
The window for China is closed.

The world is still wild on democratic freedom.
Middle East is front and center.
Libya will be the total focus.

Times front page photo is saying “why Civil War still”.
US major parties indeed are at each other like war.
Tea Party is the perfect spark.

Politics after all is to win at all costs.
US government was at brink of shut down.
Play chicken made perfect example.

Decency needs new definition.
Civil courtesy is lost art.
Trust at best is a damaged good.

Yet, politics goes on.
And civilized world is brutal than ever.
Libya situation will show the worst.

All public cries ignored.
Lawyers turn politicians make the best usage of language.
They are the best at confusing the public.

Canada Conservative is “law and order”.
Yet, in power for 5 years, they use the same line.
That is only if they get re-elected.

Liberal is human right.
“Due process” and “respect of the law” are best quoted.
We see only the bad guys with all the benefits.

Conservative explores the situation.
They take the full advantage with immigrant voters.
But Canada is under their watch, and they didn’t do much.

NDP is riding high with the young.
Layton of late appears to them.
It may help to make them the biggest Opposition.

Taipei will be a killing field.
Both Presidency and MP election will be on.
That will be January 2012.

Candidates are all running hard.
It is all fire on all fronts.
Finger pointing is a daily exercise by all.

“Right to know” is beaten by personal privacy.
Suddenly it is the one and only big issue.
“Right to know” got creamed.

One has to wonder.
Since when, we lose the right to know with public figure?
It truly is a mad world.

And we have to ask.
How far human right and personal privacy can go?
There must be room for discussion.

Imaging this is Taipei.
Democracy is relatively new.
Isn’t right to know a part of democratic process?

Ok, it is a simple issue.
The sexual preference of the female candidate is the question.
It is a fair one anywhere.

But public opinion is strong on her side with sympathy.
She easily dodged the issue.
And public went wild on the whistle blower.

Frankly that is democracy going negative.
In open society, she may get more votes due to that.
Then why is she playing “no comment”?


Van is where the action is.
Both major party leaders like Harper and Igi were here.
That shows BC seats matter.

Still, sport is top.
US political TV had to take a back seat.
City mobility started early.

Hockey is hot due to local team #1 seeding.
3-0 is the one and only goal on Sunday.
Olympic madness is back.

Then Sun Run is on.
55,000 people hit the street Sunday morning.
My son was one of them.

NBA play-off started Saturday.
Union strike next year is a possibility.
And first round match-ups are too great to miss.

Provincial NDP is electing a new leader.
Election will follow in the year.
NDP may go back in power.

MP Chinese candidates debated in Burnaby.
Not much votes will be generated.
But it was a meet the public opportunity.

Franchise Show is at Canada Place.
China investors have another option.
They are driving up local real estate market so far.

Royal Wedding will be on April 29.
And they will visit Vancouver.
That heats up local interest.

Easter Week is coming up.
People are planning vacations.
Interestingly Japan tour comes up with bargain.


Crisis creates opportunity.
Burnaby is lucky to be at right place at right time.
Even that is over other’s misfortune.

And year end election will be vital.
It is a chance of life time.
We must focus and be ready to change.

Disaster in Japan is real.
It served as a super wake up call.
We can take nothing for granted anymore.

Japan was right to claim.
They were the best pre-prepared country.
Yet they failed miserably.

The raw power of nature was cruel and real.
Evidence made the best statement.
And we simply have to try harder to prepare.

Greater Vancouver is in the same danger zone.
Asian Pacific Ring of Fires is the root.
And we are not prepared like Japan.

Our politicians and government are taking their time.
That has to be changed now and fast.
Election will serve that purpose.

We can appreciate this.
Burnaby has solid rock as base.
It makes major difference in earthquake time.

Burnaby has a new role.
The city can be a game changer.
And new leadership is a must.

Richmond’s base is sand.
That worries many now.
And some regret their past decision.

Burnaby is the new awareness in safety.
Hundred houses were sold in days.
More will be the same.

Clearly present regulations will face new challenges.
They need new look over.
It will be totally new ball game.

Such prosperity needs new kind of management.
Old thinking will not be valid.
Burnaby officially is in new age.

We have good city staffs.
They served us well.
And we still can count on their skill and experience.

But councils are different story.
The same will not work in the future.
Thinking out side the box is something they are not.

New vision and direction are needed.
And the past group has to adjust.
They need evolving.

Councils can come and go.
But the seasoned staffs matter.
New brain and leadership in councils will help.

Game changer is new Burnaby.
We have to look into future.
And going international will be a key mentality.

Candidates have to be creative and daring.
We have to do better than Surrey.
How we had wasted in the past.

We need to re-define comfortable living space.
We have to be the best in using the space.
Zoning and safety need total new thinking.

People have right to know all potential dangers.
They need to be briefed and exercised of all preparations.
Constant reminder is the only solution.


It is election time in Canada.
We saw leaders’ debate on TV.
Near 4 millions watched.
Sadly no vision or spark was visible.

Yes, they are more seasoned and skill obvious.
But there was no inspiration only jabbing.
Grace and sincerity were missing totally.
Is that the best our politics can be?

We live in a very special time.
The world we knew is changing drastically.
Direction or purpose is at loss today.
All are waiting in leadership even sarcastically.

It is time leader or leaders standing up to the challenge.
Vision and direction are a must.
People have high expectation.
Canada has to make a difference at this special time.

People want to know who we are.
And what we can do to be meaningful.
We need to position ourselves properly.
It is time to re-define Canada identity.

USA is no longer the super power of past.
Cash crunch and financial broken define the state.
And China is cash rich.
They are having US by the throat.

Yes, G-2 is real.
But China is too green in managing world responsibility.
Yet new world order can’t wait.
This void must be filled now.

When in crisis, there is opportunity.
It is up to the wiser to take up the opportunity.
Canada can be the vital link.
Our leaders have to recognize that.

By nature, Canada never was aggressive.
Peace is some thing we are good at.
And fighting is not in our blood.
Opportunity will be ours for such a role.

Canada never was or will be a super power material.
We don’t have the “fight” in our gene.
That makes us the best to make a difference at world peace and balance.
But our leaders showed us none.

Harper is steady at best.
But heart and passion were missing.
Trust is the key for him to lead.
He simply and constantly reminds us hidden agenda.

Ogi could use more sincerity.
Attacking is not him.
Failed to show managing skill of Liberal financial past was a mistake.
He has to show Liberal still capable to run a country.

Layton is seasoned and more likable.
But he is too deep in his root.
He won many Asians’ hearts but fail to show worldly quality.
That is not enough for Canada today.

Generation young or old is looking for leadership quality.
All like to see someone to show us who we are and what we can be.
He must display vision and ambition here.
They failed even in compassion.

Canada can never be militarily ready.
And we have two strongest military powers as neighbors.
Russian and American both have their own national interest.
Keeping peace is our best interest protection.

Swiss model can be a good case study.
Confrontation will never serve Canada.
That old Liberal skill in worldly affairs is badly needed today.
Harper’s Bush hardhead is the worst for Canada survival.

It is sad handlers were running the show.
Leaders filled in as actors.
Canada can do without that.
We deserve better.


Who does the justice system serve?
Rich and powerful come to mind.
And no doubt it is the best for smart lawyers.

Why victim’s right seems less than criminal’s?
Simple, the one alive can cry the sympathy the best.
Cold dead evidence can’t deliver real flesh and blood.

Free speech is out there.
But many abuse it in the worst way.
That is “in your face” approach.

Military Al-Quida is laughing.
US troops are pulling out in east Afghanistan.
It is like “changing guard” to innocent and helpless locals.

Canadian illegally cross border to take battle picture in Myanmar.
What mind set allowed him to “break” the law in a foreign country?
Can he still be considered an up standing citizen in Canada?

China has 567 out of 796 investment immigrants in BC.
Taiwan came second best at 74.
And the rest are 0, 15, 19, 32 and 35.

Philippines are 140 for provincial approval.
China is 94 and Korea 84.
Taiwan is the only one in single digit at 3.

India tops 715 in family category.
China, Philippines and USA are 396, 247 and 227.
UK is 101 to round up all 3 digit ones.

Numbers reflect fact.
China is top with money.
And India and Philippines know the law.

Here is how experts are seeing “debt solution” USA.
That is to raise the credit line limit.
Then they are “legally” free and able to “spend” again.

But former Secretary of State Baker was right.
Broke is the reality.
Paper tiger has to learn to balance fast.

Comparison is like black and white.
Taipei is the constant sense of urgency.
But that is non-existent in Vancouver.

And it is federal election time.
Debate has to fit the hockey play off.
Politics is indeed not a top priority here.

Youth vote is a topic this year.
Taipei candidates are going after them hard.
But here is just talk on TV and feel none in real life.


You can’t beat the price.
Round trip Van and Taipei is only $636 Canada.
Stopover Beijing both way hard but is worth is.

It comes a long way since my first trip in 2003.
Crew younger and good looking but experience is weak.
Food is disappointing in the name of Chinese.

Delay and puncture management is not in blood yet.
“About right” is the general mentality in everything.
Customer service in both mental and physical must improve to compete.

Ground inter-department coordination is the weakest.
“Not my department” seems the norm to all.
That will cost the company dearly later.

Flight delayed in Taipei from 6:10 pm to 7:05 pm.
Air crews were all helpful in my 3 hours flight.
But “promised help” didn’t happen once on the ground.

I ended up ran like hell.
And government transit desk had no one in sight.
The search at next stage really took time.

Still, I made it at 11 pm.
The flight was 11:30 pm.
And believe it or not, we took off early.

The promised 11 hours flight ended up in 10.
I couldn’t be happier.
My ass hurt in sharp pain.

Long flight really is not good.
We all need exercise apace bad.
Yet there was none.


I finally get it.
The story is a telling tale and shocking.
He kicked out a girl in his rally.
Her “crime” was.
She posted picture with other party leader.

Yes, there are lot opportunists around.
They love playing both sides.
But is there law against it?
Canada is a free country.
She has right to play out her vanity.

But national leader must have bigger heart.
The action itself is too small minded.
Little thing is a perfect reflection of mind and heart.
There is a sense of absolute power here.
And it has no room for tolerance.

Not that he is Hitler.
But one can’t help but to think of Jew bias.
Majority can make absolute power an easy next step.
Keep him at minority can be wise.
Or even “change” may be desirable to some.