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March 2011
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The world is watching.
Japan blew it.
They are not telling the whole truth.

USA Today reported.
America states are “touched” by radiation on both coasts.
Experts pointed out Iceland and China coast cities too.

Suddenly world realizes.
Japan presents present and immediate danger.
The things they are hiding can change the world we recognize.

Contamination can affect the environment 10,000 years or more.
Japan’s nuclear capability is a major concern now.
Can it be a reason for bomb like disaster?

The world is truly different from our normal past.
Can you believe March snow in Taiwan?
The joke is can it be radiation free?

Liz and Ferraro passed away.
They both would address the care of Japanese people and fear of radiation.
It ends an era of old styled power women.

Bob Dylan will perform in Taipei this Sunday.
Many wonder will he address the radiation fear.
After all it was his style in his younger days.

Many of his fans were poor students in US way back.
They are power or rich in Taipei now.
Expectation is in the air.

Bullying is top in news due to school and police covering up.
A public demonstration is in the making.
Radiation issue may trump the occasion.

MARCH 29, 2011

It has been 100 years.
Founding Fathers died on this day.
They made the first Republic in Asia possible.

They were God like in my youth.
That “impulsiveness” can be childish to some practical minds.
But what a breakthrough they made in history.

Ironically youth today know nothing of them.
The spot interview on TV revealed that brutally reality.
You can’t deny the success of “independent mentality” by past 2 Presidents.

But that deliberation is showing signs of cracking.
There are people re-thinking now.
That is people did die for the idea of democratic freedom to make ROC possible.

I went to Shrine to pay respect.
Yes, recent articles in news paper did get to me.
Many re-thinking ones said they would do just that.

I have my personal reason too.
Mom’s dad was one of the Founding Fathers.
I am glad they have their “deserved” respect back.

Will this be a long lasting thing?
No one knows.
But it is nice to see sun light after such long over cast.

Many with my kind of background had honored spot yesterday.
They were in President’s presence.
That is not for me.

I went “in” long after all the big shots gone.
Respect was my private family affair.
Mom would want me to.

I left my e-mail address.
Officially I am re-connecting.
It is the least I can do for my dear and departed Mom.


Obama’s “change” is playing its magic again.
This time no #1 or #2 seed team is in the Final Four.
And 2 teams are from outside of power leagues.

Yes, this is why NCAA basketball has been so magic for so many years.
The old saying is right again in every way.
The ball indeed is “round”.

The unpredictable “out come” is best for the tournament.
It is ever more exciting.
And we are forever looking for impossible.

But one virtue does stand out.
That is the surprise team VCU.
They are in the running with senior players visible.

NBA has long taking talents out of NCAA after a year or two.
We were rubbed the games with seasoned players in maturity.
Now we are getting it back even if it is for this one time only.


Japanese cartoon predicts.
Taiwan will have a female President.
And we have one in the running now.

She is well packaged.
Cutting from the past, she claims a new generation born.
But all are watching if truly youth elite in her group.

Opposition Party is better in attracting younger generation.
They offer much better opportunity comparing to the ruling party.
But the rebel nature worries older ones.

British have leader in the 40.
Obama is at 50.
She is 56.

Founding fathers of Republic of China were 30 some to 40 some.
Rebel of young is nothing new even in old Chinese history.
It is what she brings to the table count.

I do like her.
She was my best bet for Premier when current ruling party took office.
Together, Taiwan would have the best combination.

Many thought me ignorant in party line.
But she was the best in term of national interest.
Her present standing proves me right.

But she is not getting my vote on her own.
In fact she offends me.
Her bone deep Taiwan independency worries me.

Her party has long using full island representation as a cover up.
Actually they “rape” the independent voice and free spirit in me.
And they call themselves democratic and free but really dictatorship in practice.

Personally I do have high regard for her ability.
That is why I stayed in front of TV to see her special interview.
She didn’t pass the grade so my vote not for her.

She is making claim on international structure in system as her base.
But she deliberately ignores the international reality in power factor.
China reality is down played to near non-existent.

She is using the understanding as fact.
The “under the table” Taiwan standing is not a national identity.
But she prefers it to cover her logic.

She accuses President not open to public opinion.
And she insists and stresses her claim on democratic system.
In her statement, leader can’t make decision alone.

That again is a lie.
Her party’s President did plenty of that.
She didn’t object to them then.

Free country leader is voted in to make tough decision at critical time.
That is a split second decision.
Public voted him into the office to handle that authorization.

What a waste was my thought for her.
That is below her for such intelligence.
It convinces no one knows the game.

Taiwan is not real a full right member in international community.
It is not fair, but logic and reality must be faced.
How can anyone think us on equal ground with today’s China?

Put it simply.
There is G-20.
And people do talk about G-2.

What put me off is.
She silences my kind yet demands to be my full representation.
No free spirit will take that in the true nature of democratic process.


Talk show is hot in this city.
It relatively cost less to produce.
Yet it gets great commercial sponsors.

Simply too many energy is in this town.
People can’t live without it.
I for one addict to it all the way.

Oh, I am not the one in the program.
I just watch faithfully.
And that keeps me busy switching channels like crazy.

It is the best in brain storming.
You have to know what is going on.
Your life prepare for the moment.

Politically there are 2 for the “green” side and 3 for the “blue” side.
2 others play middle but fooling no one.
CNN, BBC and NHK make up the rest.

Show biz is super hot every night.
Gossips are life blood for gays and house wives.
Young crowd demands the fashion and trend.

Fortune telling has its market too.
2 are taking care of the following faithful every night.
Japan quake made them hotter than ever.

Reaction must be sharp and clear.
That goes with the host or guests on the show.
It is the best test of what you are and what you can be.


For sight close under the nose, Taipei is the best.
Nothing will be missed under the scrutiny.
But far sight seems the weak point.

NBA game betting is legal here.
And news paper fully details every possible point.
But there is no chart of league record printed.

Hoop is big here but NBA only.
Nike Hoop Summit will be great in Portland in April with international best.
But there is no reporting here.

Sex offender killed in deadly cold blood.
But the victim family is going after killer’s family.
Rationally, isn’t the killer family also possible victim?

Politician is degenerated badly.
It is not just hiding the truth but changing the fact.
They are so good at it to make public totally confused.

The leader of opposition had famously said.
She called Republic of China an exiled entity.
Now running for Presidency, statement quickly changes to “was exiled”.

Indian community here had a festival Sunday.
People throw colored water to celebrate spring with flowers and full moon.
But Chinese press ignored it totally.

A show biz star is marrying into a China new rich family.
Hundreds of press crashed the island for the “wedding of the century”.
They were totally played and rudely blocked out.

People here have no idea for the hot show from US.
Yes, American Idol, Glee, CSI are all here.
But “The Good Wife” and “Brothers and Sisters” are not even known.

Obama Agenda is messed up bad by global crisis.
So is the local government.
But sadly there is no awareness for bigger picture here at all.

Political “durable” is a high art.
But many took it as shameless here.
How ironic it is if comparing with Japanese’s suicide over shame.


He is writing an article the people of Taipei.
Flora Taipei is the pride of Taipei in his statement.
We can’t help but sense him glad it is about over.

Why there is no sustainable continuity mentioned?
He did quote people asking him that.
Reply was international organization in charge.

Yes, we can see the official reason.
But we certainly can negotiate to keep the best in every corner of Taipei.
The goal is forever the flower city of the world by action.

Yes, it is the best in past 50 years by organizer opinion.
But we must think of making it ours forever by continuity.
That can’t be hard if really wanted to.

Taipei is bigger than you, Mr. Mayor.
You are eyeing your next move.
Then make Taipei Flower forever on your watch.

It is more than a chance of life time.
And Taipei and people deserve that.
You can make it a reality.

The closing date is official.
But your office can turn all good things to each of your administrative district.
Private sector with your office’s blessing and assistance can do the rest.


Saw only 4 this trip so far.
Unknown was a surprise.
Interestingly I was fooled until the end.
The change in leading man was amazing.
Truly he is a good actor even near 60.

Then there is I am number 4.
It is refreshing in many ways.
But I have to think it is more a TV movie.
There will be next.
Actor does draw young crowd.

World Invasion LA is cool.
The path was tight.
And one can relate to marine spirit.
Obama can use some encouragement.
May his troop is just as powerful.

There is Adjustment Bureau.
The tempo is too slow for Taiwan audience.
People here live a fast pace life.
Story developing slowly put them to sleep.
Even I dozed off for few minutes.


Over 65, you ride bus free.
For MRT, you pay half.
And medically you get free check up once a year.
The better part is doc has nurse at side.

The computer gives you the report right away.
You don’t need to write down anything.
And you can pick up your medicine right away.
You pay only a registration fee.

And over 65, you pay nothing else.
As diabetic, I learn better by doc’s patience.
He delivered more care with practice.
There is no arrogance.

Feel good about it.
Oh, there is always room for improvement.
My number was 34 and starting time 2 pm.
I was told to be there safely at 3:30 pm.

On the safe side, I was there at 3.
I had waited until 5 to get to see the doctor.
He still looked even tempered.
The waiting period was long.

They may need more reading materials around.
Some entertainment to light up the sick’s spirit would be the best.
Well, it is too much to ask.
But why not is my say.


USA Today editorial had it right.
Is Libya “punishment” really justified?
Many do wonder now.

Yes, he is a dictator.
He has enemy too.
But he took care of his people.

Media pointed it out.
It was the three women made Obama do it.
But that does not include the seasoned male side including Secretary Gates.

Is Obama making the same mistake like Bush?
Is the human right really the cause and not the excuse covering the real interest?
Can Europe be the one fooling US into this energy interest game?

Judgment by common sense is not in favor of Obama’s decision.
Now we can see real culture clash between West and Mideast.
Sadly Canada as loyal neighbor has to be involved with possibility on wrong side.