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February 2011
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Computer game show is one.
Lot show girls are eye popping.
Teams of 5 get all young ones rushing to buy tickets to get in.

“4 continents free style” championship is in town.
Japan alone has near 100 reporters here plus near thousand die-hard fans.
5 hundred fans early in line for tickets to see the 93 skaters of 16 countries.

International franchise show is making annual presence.
The big push is “eying” future China visitors.
All think hard of expectation on that magic number in 20 millions China visitors.

The final stage of Chinese New Year is Lantern Festival.
That will pack all houses on island.
No wonder hotels are all full.

Janet Jackson is in town.
She stays the same hotel and room his brother had used.
Locals are ready for the non-stop dancing and all out screaming.

Gauguin and Monet are here.
Students with ID can see the display free.
Oh, there is Marc Chagall here too.

Oscar fever is on.
127 Hours and Fighter are for this weekend.
True Grit and Black Swan will be next.

Cirque of Canada is hot in Taipei.
Only 17 days is left.
Responses positive warm my heart.


One major Chinese Mayor said it the best.
He is currently visiting Taipei.
“Taiwan Experience” is why they are here.

But insiders all realize.
It is all politics.
And the special “window” has limited time.

The best indicator is what we call the 12th 5 year plan.
That tells us where China is heading.
They have been proving true all those years.

Taiwan “advantage” is clearly in the wording.
And that is a total 3.1 trillion China dollars investment advantage.
Taiwan “medical care” experience is high on the list.

By far, all major China provinces and cities are rushing over to connect.
Liaoning is a current one hot in the press.
They just bought NT $25.3 billions goods and Acer gains in US $0.5 billions.

Taiwan is adjusting local regulation to suit the situation.
Europe countries, especially UK, are making serious effort to take part.
They all look into that 49% partnership in Taiwan.

Taiwan is strong in IF design.
Recent world “top 100” has Taiwan with 31.
Re-pack and design to fit China market will be top in next few years.

Creative thinking is Taipei’s specialty.
Recent “hot pants” public stunt is one of the best.
It made them top news yesterday.

China is changing.
“Factory of the world” was yesterday.
It is all domestic consumers now.

All foreign goods notice the reality.
That is high growth, big profit and large marketing share.
It is “now or never” to many, at least Japan and US GM think so.

Taiwan internet sees the opportunity.
They are forming the alliance to seek the maximum impact.
Even underwear is betting on the push.

We can look at this in another way.
China is too big.
Money and time to get things done will be costly.

Now China is making Taiwan special by visiting constantly with top group.
They look into everything.
You can get their first “notice” if your good making big in Taipei.

Ant frequent daily flights between Taipei and many China cities help.
News travel fast in Taipei too.
Getting notice is much easier.

All China cities and provinces are trying to have office in Taipei too.
And Taipei has the best transit service to get around in the city.
Things get done faster and easier.

Taipei is fast with info on TV and magazines.
You can see how China visitors buying books here.
And their conversation on local political TV talk show is another.

They all indicate like to live here.
That is if they are who is who.
You can meet here easy when connected right.


Egypt seems free.
But the consequence is region facing great instability.
Vietnam, Iran and Iraq of past taught us that.
China is all quiet for the moment.

Yes, US were successful with Japan and Germany after Second World War.
But nothing cheerful can be recalled ever since.
Conventional wisdom indicates power struggle in Egypt soon.
The West friendly Arab world is at risk.

Europe countries are silent with involvement.
US are the one and only in role of power player.
No one can afford to be close with US with total trust.
Many learned it the hard way long ago.

China can sense now.
Friendly with US is a high risk venture.
Trust and dependability are no longer the quality of US.
In the name of democracy, they can pull the rug under off any time.

US are facing greater worry too.
Terrorist is no longer a foreign import.
Domestic ones are getting more attention.
And this is only the beginning in a new year.

Pirate again is another headache.
They just take over a super tanker on high sea.
World can do nothing at the moment.
With Egypt in a mess, more of the like will be on the way.

Volcano is making headline too.
Iceland is back with worse threat.
This time can be more deadly.
Not only Europe but world will be victim.


I lease car since 1998 when I first in Canada.
But starting now, I will lease no more.
That is due to financial sector changing here.

Many question me why all those year.
And I had stayed with same brand.
The key is long term in trust and credibility going both ways.

The sales person knows how I feel.
And she seeks out what is good for me.
I save time by not waiting for younger one going back forth for authority.

That is by gone time.
This is old Canada no more.
Change is here to stay.

Now I step in to new venture in no leasing.
And extra insurance brings in new imagination.
That ends my leasing phase for good.

The change clearly signals the state of Canada financial reality.
New way of thinking and doing things will be a must.
And I am ready.


Yes, it is still in Chinese New Year phase.
Just the lantern festivals all over are hand full for anyone.
And the Flora Expo will be into April.
It is the best and happiest of time here.

There is Valentine’s Day.
Top treat can cost up to NT $ 19,999 per person.
That shows the spending power and level of taste.
Yes, it is out of my range.

Coffee shops offer lower price choices.
The range of deserts is making anyone mouth watering.
Cost goes way down to NT $888 for coffee and cake.
With a US made honey whisky, it is heaven.

The job market is 21 years all time best.
Hotels will be in one by one.
Convenience stores are up all over.
Wages are up too.

The trend is clear.
HK had 36 million visitors last year.
China contributed 25 million.
Taiwan can expect at least 20 million in near future a year.

That is why each here is having up to 3 jobs choice.
Many are waiting to get Chinese year end bonus before jumping ship.
By March all will be clear.
Yes, it is not an easy working environment too.

So many shows are in town.
Local, international and Mainland China all have the best in presentation.
Now it is up to our own management power of pocket and time.
That will keep everyone busy and happy.

International book fair is here too.
It is the largest Asia book exhibition.
China is making strong presence.
Celebrities are all over.

Lunar activities will focus “in” this weekend.
Light shows will be all over island.
Taipei alone will have 4 along with fire work show.
One will give you a taste like running through bullets.

All indicates to one thing.
Food and hotel business have all the action.
To be in now for coming 20 million from China is the key.
It is one of a life time opportunity.


There is no doubt in my mind.
It was racial.
The old lady, maybe not older than me, was looking down on me and my son.

We were at Tim Horton in Save on Food.
It was early before place was in full operation.
So my son kept all soda cans under his feet.

With young man’s feet, some did get to part of walk way.
The lady made big fuss about it.
I immediately said sorry before I even looked at where things were.

But she really kept it going and with full body language.
That offended me.
We didn’t violate any law.

And I said sorry right away.
She was totally racial.
We yellow skins are sole in her eye.

I re-acted accordingly and immediately.
Many looked on immediately showed me with V fingers.
One Middle East looking guy even came up to me to give his grief on her likes.

Yes, that means too many like her are in our society.
What a shame it is.
When will they wake up to new reality?


The flight was Feb. 6, 2011 1:50 a.m.
The late flight is a major burden to me.
The wait was long and walk to boarding gate tough.
And no hot water to drink was the hardest.

Asia market will be future to new generation of Canada.
But currently airlines are not taking us passengers seriously.
And we are the ones to go after Asia market for Canada.
There are no incentives for us from airlines side for now at all.

Once on plane, the seating is tough on big bodies.
I at 107 kg and 180 cm was naturally uncomfortable.
And my son at 190 cm was worse.
Airlines can care less.

First 6 hours was murderous.
No where to place the head was the worst.
But we adjusted by seating up straight to sleep.
I can see how legs would clog up blood to cause death sometimes.

Staffs cleaned up restroom frequently.
But it was the users’ abuses made the equipments old.
Indeed many passengers need good re-education.
But Canada is too “nice” to do that before and now.

Once landed in Beijing, all rushed to ground restrooms.
The newly biggest airport of the world did fine for us.
For 3 hours transit time, I couldn’t find magazine and book stand.
And the duty free shops lost the low priced charm of past.

The good thing was our next flight.
Plane was bigger and full.
Yet we had really decent seating space.
And staffs and passengers all seemed up graded in form.

Vancouver to Beijing flight is 12 hours.
But Beijing to Taipei is only 3 hours.
Treatment was near heaven and earth.
This clearly stated the lesser importance of Vancouver.

Yes, even food was better prepared too.
When we reached Taipei airport after 21 hours, I know.
Asia Age is here to stay.
I am glad my son came too.