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January 2011
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Archive for January, 2011


It is only January.
But plenty are happening.
It will not be an easy year.

First was US and China.
Finger pointing was daily.
The one in debt cried the loudest.

Cash rich one silently moved ahead.
They know it is not their time at top of the world yet.
Responsibilities are more than they can handle.

State of Union restores the American Dream.
But it is only the hope.
Carrying it out is totally another matter.

Davos Forum 2011 reflects the reality.
All 2,500 participating are all looking at cash rich China.
All wish China is fast learning the art in managing the cash and flow.

Megacity is announced by China.
That is the combination of current 9 cities.
Together that will be 42 million people and 16,000 square miles.

China rich with billion in US dollars is numbered at 150 by US.
No wonder salary goes up quickly.
Express delivery guy can make 60,000 a month now.

China market is where the action is.
200 million strong consumers will do nothing but to buy.
The whole Asia is or will be a one billion consumers market.

Canada is voicing concern to change old way thinking.
Current 75 to 85 % relying on US can’t be in the best of national interest.
Asia market is the future to be.

Yes, Mexico is taking over many China productions.
But China domestic market is now and a must.
Production in Asia like Cambodia can be a choice.

Extreme weather creates food situation.
Shortage will be present and immediate danger to many.
China will be the first to face the reality.

Yes, leader had proudly announced.
China is full in food supply.
But a fire at one of the larger warehouse changes all that.

The real corruption and lie made all shaky.
If all was a paper statement only, trouble will be world wide.
Cash rich China buying will leave others all in shortage.

Egypt is in riot.
Democratic and freedom cry is top and center.
American Dream is facing serious challenge.

Mexico is not making things any easier.
Gangs are shaking not only US but Vancouver too.
Violence is almost in military operation mode.

I am going to Taipei on Feb. 6, 2011.
And Chinese New Year will be on Feb. 3.
My trip will be business.

First is to assist my son to find market for his company product.
Second is to have a close look on China tourist to Taiwan.
Then it is Cambodia as a production base to many Canadians.

Hong Kong had 36 millions tourists last year.
25 millions were from Mainland China.
And Taiwan had only 1.4 million.

I will be looking at 20 millions in eating and bedding.
Canadian flavors can be a difference.
And Canadian style wooden house can be another.


South Korea government study group announced yesterday.
US dollar has limited future in Asia.
And it will be up to South Korea, China and Japan for world economy.

They will be the biggest global economic group by 2020.
There is no doubt that China market is present and urgent.
Sadly the info is not good in Canada.

Yes, according to latest study, we are in the last place.
That is to compare to Australia, New Zealand, Irish and England.
We are short in efficiency and political support with outdated regulations.

Cambodia stock market is starting on 11 this month.
And China has consumers in 200 millions born after 1980.
There is no report here.

The newest number is 150 million.
That is youth labor born after 1980 and 1990.
They will decide where China is going.

HK had over 30 millions visitors last year.
Near 25 millions were from China.
Taiwan will be next to enjoy that fortune.


Wise man suggested.
To play safe, one has to cover the worst possibilities.
That is my start for 2011.

War, natural disasters, terrorist and energy come to mind.
Extreme weather and food situation will be the focus.
Water will be high on the list.

Paper Straight astrologist warns us.
Last 7 months, planetary influences were building.
Next 26 months, complex world events will usher as consequences.

Beware from Jan. 26 to July 9.
Financial cloud will be declining.
That is for UK, US, France, Spain and Greece.

Then it will be US dollars failing in mid April.
Europe will be only Germany standing.
And China will be eerily silent.

Civil unrest will escalate in US cities in late July.
Curfews will be due to the sporadic violence in school, public event and mall.
Authoritarian police tactic will be.

Canada is too close to US.
We will need serious preparation.
Are we?

There is more.
US Christian group declares.
Final Day will be in May 21, 2011.

All are pointing to one thing.
We have works on hand.
And they need to get started now.

From market point of view, our goods need Asian entry fast.
And our border security must be strong.
We have to help US out too.