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December 2010
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Archive for December, 2010


Business is good in Burnaby.
People are buying.
The line-up at Bay cashers said it all.

US have the tax break in right timing.
Lame duck session produces the best for the special occasion.
Consumer desire is high.

Canada is blessed in nature resources.
And water is gold.
BC lumber in China is just a start.

Older and wiser used to say.
Life is a circle like a period.
Good and bad rotate constantly.

How right that is.
Asian Age is arriving.
China takes the lead and India will follow.

China is powered by 200 million consumers born after 1980.
They are the market.
It is up to the world coming up with the best products to sell.

This is the Burnaby Station Square’s Save on Food.
Big Mac here always has homeless hanging around.
Side by side you see new Chinese arrivers playing i Pad.

What a contrast it looks.
People my age remember.
Old Shanghai had signs saying dog and Chinese not allowed.


It never was easy to let go.
But it is a must at time.
A step back, you may gain space or even a whole new world.

Carol James’ stepping down is making her a great person.
Her Party is a fighting one.
Her peace of mind never fits in.

Columnist of 24 made use of Sun Tzu statement.
There is no instance of a nation benefiting from prolonged warfare.
Now NDP can unite and start again as a party.


Xmas gift comes early.
Now we have measures on who has principle.
Cover-up has no place to hide.

Big government has big power.
It is modern day Big Brother.
They are cold hearted with no grace yet in name as civilized.

As Canadian, I am mad.
Inferiority complex we are called.
Ugly American lives.

The Border was a good show.
We as Canadian pride to have distinction of our own.
That is the right as an independent nation.

That difference from US is not anti-American.
It is called national identity.
Only sick mind will see it other wise.
But there you are.
It is in black and white.
The true color is all power.

America Dream is romantic no more.
If there is still decency and civilization, apology is necessary.
But we can be sure that will never come.

Indeed, we are in cultures crush days in more way than one.
The truth of the “new” Afghan government makes us sick.
All the dying of US and Canadian soldiers was wrong.

What bothers us the most is the moral high ground all government are taking.
They all are in the name of national interest.
We dare say the worst not in the open yet.
Transparency is a must.
But let’s not forget the accountability.
Or, we still face the world of big brother.

Yes, the recent developments are fun.
It allows us to see the real world and real persons.
In old days, we have to wait until memoir time.