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November 2010
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I am not putting anyone down.
It is just a rational observation.
I offer it as opinion for reference.

Both are my Man of the Year 2010.
It is not for what they have done.
But it is for what they didn’t.

Winner turned loser is the case.
Both still can’t figure out how and why.
Future is still up to them.

Obama stated.
Pat-down is a necessary price.
He is telling the public but not including his family.

LeBron in later game had ball at closing moment.
He stayed the same like Cleveland days.
It made no difference.

Obama convinced us.
He was with us.
And we believed he was one of us.

We noticed his hesitation during financial crisis.
But we chose to trust him.
It was in blind faith.

Then we somehow realize.
He was pretty quiet.
That indicated he didn’t know what to do.

He indeed had a dream.
But he didn’t have a plan.
And his team was incomplete.

We saw him led by old guard.
He insisted.
He is cleaning up Bush’s mess.

But it is his responsibility now.
By logic he ought to know what he got into.
And we expected plan and team.

That is how to make a difference.
Experience and capability are in.
Government is in order and ready.

But sadly all there were only excuses.
We in our eyes saw him vanished.
It was Pelosi and Bush’s left over at work.

Disappointed but we move on.
Mid-term election was a reality check.
But it apparently taught him nothing.

He no longer is on our side.
Government position takes him in full.
That is why people turn cold.

Oh, he had opportunity alright.
But his “side” blinded him.
We expected old Obama would have used it.

This pat-down is golden.
He could use it to make a big difference.
But his comment turned us cold.

We finally, at least for now, realize.
He is one of us no more.
The Presidency gets in the way.

He could make us believer again.
But no one around him can see that.
He missed.

Let me put it this way.
First Lady could be the first in pat-down.
That would touch all heart.

Then no one in the land will ever complain again.
First Family is one of us.
America Dream lives.

We remember the Bush moment in 9/11.
Obama had his with Hilary.
Then panic fully surfaced during financial crisis.

After all, he was a great speaker.
He was top of the class as salesman until recent press conference.
There is no ability or confidence showing.

Now LeBron is in Miami.
It is no difference from Cleveland.
Not able to finish to win is still the case.

We come to realize.
It is him not the team.
That makes his changing questionable.

Bill Russell made Boston and later Larry Bird.
Magic made LA.
And Jordan made Chicago never the other way around.

Not finishing college comes to mind.
Good education helps.
Time is on his side.      


It is the coldest locally in 15 years.
Under 12 degrees, with clear sky in Van, it is a new experience to many new comers.
And snow is in early but at less cold temperature.
Van Sun put out a good “48 hours tour” of Taipei.
It is doing a good job.
Article is making me proud.

Taiwan tourists will be visa free to Canada.
With US “pad down”, Canada will be more dignified to many.
More travel incomes will be on its way.

But Korean is top news cross board.
Stock market reflects the tension fully.
A bluff or real thing, all wondered.

Conspiracy theories are plenty.
But cold and food shortage are real.
That is where deals will be made.

Death in war or hunger is the choice.
That can be distance for local here.
But that is the solution to them.

Snow cleaning in the streets was great.
I could hear the work at 4 am.
All thought it the best ever.

But this looks like one time deal.
I had to drive slowly this morning before 7 am.
And now at 10 am, no one out clearing the side walk or street yet.

On business front, we seem having the need to worry.
Yes, service industries see strong growth in profits.
But that was Olympics.

Foods, retails and accommodation sectors post significant gains.
But the spenders need new reason to come back.
And we are really providing none.

This Xmas can be a good one.
It looks promising.
Cut down price will sell is the mentality.

The new focus is the reverse of holding on to the cash.
All we see is prices up in near everything.
Cash is the no-no for value keeping now.


No need for me to itemize each.
They all are there from last week to this weekend.
We indeed prefer a simple life.
But profiling people around us is a must now.

It is that kind day and age again.
History constantly repeats itself.
German did declare not knowing the horror during Second War.
And today we are pretending not to see again.

TSA pat-down is a good example.
How that is contradicting the free spirit of America.
It is a 2 extremes situation.
US are reaching the top of country’s capability.

Obama and airport agents do not go through it.
It never did cross their minds.
But I am sure.
I don’t think they like to see their wives to go through it.

That is why ordinary people are in rage.
Power blinds the common sense.
And national security “line” simply indicates their inability.
They are at end of rope.
Tijuana terror is another.
Two are hung from bridge.
And one was beheaded.
Is this normal for our century?

And there is Dancing with Stars.
I am no love for the political lady’s daughter.
But people sent “white powder” to the show.
That free will is scaring.

And look at the Fed’s $600 billions money printing.
Just simply say.
We have no other choice.
The world can swallow that better.

But super power has “face” situation.
Stand tough is a must.
There goes the respect.
And downfall is in everyone’s mind.


It is sad to see Obama losing confidence.
The pressure is getting to him.
Hang-in tough can’t change reality.
The short of experience really show.

The worst is talent exhausted.
Both central bank and defense department is Bush left over.
Yes, changes he insisted.
But he has no horse left.

Currency exchange with China was an issue.
But not after US started that US $600 billions’ situation.
That is like a thief calling to catch a thief.
The result is nothing but stupid.

40% of retirees are deep in debt in credit card.
And the silent determination says not to pay back.
There goes responsibility and decency.
Wall Street and banks made the perfect example.


As always, it is a domestic self serving event.
And it does not seem to help the election either.
What a wasted opportunity it is.
Well, there is no mention world wide.
I checked.
BBC, CNN and USA Today are all silent.

Sure, Shanghai Expo was not so hot world wide.
And the 70 millions plus visitors were mainly Chinese.
But each participating countries did the best to promote self presence.

Now the Flora Expo has to get more Asia visitors.
Yes, Japan is fast in packaging the tour.
But the main focus has to be Chinese.

Let’s see.
There are over 40 million oversea Chinese too.
Vancouver alone can be a sizable market.

Again, where is the mover or shaker?
How to get them to motivate public must be now.
And who is the one to get it started now?

Yes, China is closer.
And that needs motivation too.
Government policy will be the key.
What China will say officially will matter.
And their officially stated visitor numbers will not lie.
But Taipei needs to move.

Asia Games is on.
The Opening gets good world coverage.
Taipei can ride since Flora ends in April, 2011.


Shanghai high rise fire and death make headlines.
It certainly will finish people’s political future.
And ironically World Expo had just finished so gloriously.


With US declining, China matters more than ever.
Then this fire reminds us.
It is not a good time to look at China potentials.
But we have to really study its short coming.
New bar of judgment is in order.


Great Van is having lot Chinese new comers.
Many keep the old mentality.
What happened in Shanghai high rise can be a warning.

Life style can be negative in safety consideration.
Many new comers are living in high rises here.
Old habits die hard.

And we do see them daily.
What really needs attention now is cooking.
And local high rise fire fighting is not giving us any confidence.

We have to be on our toes for now.
Talking to them will get negative response.
When feeling offended, they can get worse.


This is the cost of Pickton case by government.
And RCMP alone is total almost $70 million.
The wonder is.
All involved were or are on government payroll.
The cost reflects them moon lighting?
The system sucks.
That is for tax payers.


We hear this for a long time.
Sure, seniority with experience has its value.
But once it became absolute necessity.
There comes the absolute power.
Corruption is inevitable.
We do have a perfect example on hand.
Campbell’s long term makes him arrogantly stupid.