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October 2010
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World now is seriously trying to rediscover decency.
And there is sympathy shortage.
We also learn.
Compassion is losing sharply.

Government programs suppose to serve the public.
That comes with job opportunity as civil servant.
Logically those having jobs ought to appreciate who make it possible.
But in reality, they don’t act so.

It is true.
They are facing intent to cheat.
That does harden their mentality.
“To catch a thief” becomes norm in practice.

Bad people can be in large number.
But there are good ones even in smaller number.
Then, do they deserve to be treated the same?
Is there a standard in practice?

There seems none.
That “I got you” mentality with suspicion is real.
It is an insult to the good people.
Dignity and human right are stamped all over.

This is my experience.
That is from a BC government desk staff.
Maybe it is the same with whole Canadian civil service.
The system, as he put it, is no room for human touch.

The mind set is scary.
All I asked was.
Could I talk to anyone with authority in person?
He said no and “kindly” informed me not to expect that in the system.

“Big brother” is real.
Young generation seems fitting into robot like.
They are there to push paper not to “serve”.
My anger is not a concern.

BC Rail case came to mind.
Van Sun comment said it right.
Immigration officer has near absolute power.
Our civil servants can be dictator like and get away with it. 

But how is their paper pushing?
Not the one I met.
His mistake was telling me the truth.
Nothing is up to him and no one for me to see.

Yes, I had the same with Revenue Canada last year.
That was false information offered in authority with good intention.
And strangely they truly have no worry of responsibility or consequence.
Maybe there is none.

My situation is simple.
Age 66 allow me old man’s benefit.
Renting since 1998 qualifies me with BC Housing.
I had both benefits in 2009.

This year February, BC Housing sent me a letter.
It reminded me my wife is 60.
Her status is changing.
We need to supply new information.

My wife likes things simple.
65 is the law.
And 60 is a maybe.
She is smart enough not to want any undignified process.

July came another letter of the same.
It was asking for my wife’s citizenship copy.
I went to office with original in September.
By then they asked for landing paper too.

Not saying so in the letter was a big nothing to them.
There goes my back and forth game.
That was a piece of paper in 1998.
We looked through the whole house to find it.

When I brought in, I asked.
Will that be all?
I was assured.
And I believed the lady on duty.

That was a mistake.
Oct. 21, I got a letter dated Oct.15.
Copy of my wife’s tax return 2009 and notice of assessment were needed.
We did that in 2009 for 2008.

The letter addressed to me suggested calling Revenue Canada for copy.
And I did.
That didn’t work.
It has to be my wife in person.

My wife is oversea.
The long distant “call collect” was suggested.
But I know that will make things worse.
Her English ability is poor.

I took last year’s copy in to see if ok.
But office computer situation made the trip a waste.
I have to say lady this time made her office proud.
She ought to be the PR for the office.

I was touched by her statement.
“All the efforts” are for my maximum interest.
That is the best from any Canadian civil service.
That put my faith in the office sky high.

What a day the difference can be.
Next day, the young man ruined the whole image.
He said there are 30 or 40 of them.
And SAFER has only 3 to process.

“Face to face” or “human touch” is out.
They are untouchable.
Take it or leave it.
Now I can see how BC Rail happened.


Politics can be high art of con game.
People get fooled most of time.
But it is never all the time.

NATO official says.
Bin Laden is in Pakistan living in comfort.
That makes all things after 9/11 a joke.

What is wrong with all the USA effort?
Canadian soldiers died too.
What interest have they served?

France is in domestic violence.
Cars burned and police injured.
It is all in the name of protest.

Canada military is looking really bad.
A ranking officer has secret life.
He is a sex predator and killer.
BC Rail case finally concluded.
It is a blow to taxpayers and RCMP credibility.
That is the statement of editorial of Van Sun.

Columnists have their say too.
Even it is way after face.
It is called tainted from the start.

That is 7 years.
That is the system competency.
Is there any shame?

Gang execution was in Burnaby.
And Mexican cartel is active in BC.
Is there connection?

Delta girl is news no more.
Where is the accountability?
How easy we forget.

“Slow boat to China” was old joke.
But it did get there.
Can we say that for Canada’s justice?

Due process is not working.
If there is any shame in us, change we must.
But do we?


Maybe some prefer it China bashing.
It is all over and every where.
That clearly indicates where China is today.

Exchange rate is red hot in the news.
US make the strongest case of self interest.
No one really wants to address the real world economical impact.

Military exercise by US is on all fronts.
That is a telling tale.
But can US afford it with Iran, N. Korea and Afghanistan situations running?

And Japan is fighting hard to save face.
It started with claim of a resources rich island.
Now it is to have access of China “rare dust”.

Nobel is another presence in peace prize.
All remember Obama last year.
Did it ever working out?

The Chinese Premier is in the hot seat.
He is the center of all pressures with his determination in reform.
The world is watching.

Focus is all on Beijing.
That is the making of 12th 5 years Plan.
It is a war situation room in reality.

Trade, exchange, reform and peace Nobel all crash in.
The conventional stand used to be.
Stability tops all.

But that may not work this time.
And domestic is calling for “of the people” and “for the people”.
They are boiling.

Next generation leaders are also facing test.
Vision, balance and skill are all in demand.
Can they or he handle the current sharp focus?

Stable as usual will cost too much.
Delay of reform is a short cut.
And that will damage the economical development.

Suddenly some come to realize.
Change is a must.
And it is at the most critical point.

There is other element to watch too.
The end of India Common Wealth Games indicates hurdle passed.
Time table of India challenging is moving ahead.

It truly indicates the state of current world.
It is the best of time.
It also is the worst of time. 


This is the part we have to glorify.
That marks the good part in human nature.
But the bad part is coming soon.

That is the Chile miners survived after 63 days.
They never give up.
And the unity was the key.

It was a perfect play of law and order.
The leadership was amazing.
They crashed the golden 78 hours rule.

And the world didn’t stop.
It was inside and outside all totally involved.
The miracle did happen.

33 people jammed in such small space for that long.
Group mental toughness was unique.
Discipline was top.

The world in full attention was touched.
All are cheering for the outcome.
Humanity and hope shined again.

But dark side is ready and waiting.
Human greed also will be at all time high.
Unity will face challenge.

Still, let’s enjoy this human triumph.
Temptation can wait at least for now.
The loyalty can be another chapter, maybe.


Province article pointed it out.
Look to Asia for future.
That is of BC growth.

And editorial in Van Sun stated.
Entrepreneurship is a vital.
It is the driver of innovation.

The UN bit stinks.
But it allows us to see who we are in world eyes.
Still, government started with party line to mark the failure.

It is the policy.
Government points out.
Principle was the base.

Now another voice is up.
It is the support from US.
Harper is not getting it.

Asia is the next century.
China and India are taking the lead.
Singapore and HK show small can be beautiful.

And there come the Indonesia and Vietnam.
Even Cambodia is making headlines with cell usage.
Burma will not wait long.

Also in the news is.
BC based motorcycle company doesn’t sell product in North America.
The big market is China and namely Africa and Brazil next.

Reality doesn’t lie.
Asia is definitely immediate future.
Canada West is today.

And BC is front and center.
But how ready are we?
We can see people of yesterday are not.

Bad news is.
Time is not on our side.
And Canada is not in Asia interest yet.

BC also has the 5 of 10 the worst city in crime.
That is a big minus for BC to continue a sustainable prosperity.
Green power and new policies can help but not covering that.

Ok, there is Pacific Gateway phase two.
Provincial debt will be looking at $60 billion.
And how is our Olympic balance sheet in viewing state of Olympic Village?

The latest is spy conspiracy.
That is indirectly pointing finger at China.
That is interesting for not mentioning of US, Russia and other world powers.

Both federal and provincial officials involved.
But all statements seem passing the buck.
It is like the old Chinese argument of white horse is not horse.

Campbell is a damaged good but fighting hard.
But this is not the same as Chile miner.
He has trust issue.

We are not ungrateful.
We do remember how he turned around the big NDP debts.
But power does corrupt him and making his arrogance worse.

The current state is.
He totally lost public trust.
That was when by pass to tell the truth.

But NDP is as helpless.
The unity is the issue.
And it is ironic in comparing to Chile miners.

This leadership challenged is at the wrong time.
It creates doubt.
Is that a start of power struggle even before victory?

That is casting negatively.
That is both on leadership and principle.
Or simply political mob mentality is at play.

This makes Pacific Gateway Forum 2010 on Oct. 29 interesting.
It is vital.
We like to see a worldly BC vision.

The Chile miners 33 can’t come at a better time.
The spirit of never give up in unity is vital.
Discipline and team work are the reality.   


This no longer is the city I was in love with.
So many things are going down hill.
Yet people are not seeing what is coming.

I can give up and go “west”.
Yes, that is Asia and where “action” is.
But I also can stay put to fight and make changes for the better.

Plan is simple.
That is to run for city council to learn the city operation in 3 years.
Then in next term, Mayor will be the goal.

Why such decision?
Simple, something did happen.
And it was serious to turn me this way.

At pool, a white lady told me.
“Go away”.
“You are bothering me”.
I was fisting my feet to get better circulation.
She was forcefully indicating.
I was annoying her.

Well, that Korean lady was a first.
She was telling me.
Read paper while running in water was not allowed.

Then there was another white lady.
She was telling life guard.
My Chinese exercise was a distraction.

Two white ladies supposed to be in Canadian value.
And the Korean one as new comer ought to honor it.
That freedom is our right in Constitution.

But in reality now, ego is bigger than ever.
Canadian value is invisible and blind to them.
And no one in our surrounding was standing up for it.

Life guard was in my favor.
She told the white lady.
Nothing was wrong for what I was doing.

But the life guard before was not.
He is a “nice guy”.
But he failed to see I was the “good guy”.

I managed to ask.
Why he came to me on the lady’s complain.
My thought was him trying to be nice.

But he surprised me.
He said it was his job.
That logically was saying I was at wrong.

That reflected his thinking.
Yet he insisted I did nothing wrong.
That feels like someone taking off the pants to fart.

Suddenly I realize.
Real and practical changes are necessary now.
Responsible citizens ought to stand up to be counted.

But again I ask myself.
Why me?
Yes indeed, why me.

Suddenly I realize.
No one did come to my rescue.
I saw all were being more selfish than ever.

Public interests and Canadian values are jokes to all.
Only this old fool is still thinking as good guy.
The rest are doing their best to be nice guys.

Yes, it is that dividing time again.
We new Canadians must stand up to make a difference.
And new Canadian values must be in place.

For me, the only place to start is Burnaby.
And that will be 6 years in the pressure pot.
Do I still want that today and now?


The world has witnessed what North Korea is capable of.
But many fail to see how similar South also capable.
In the name of national interest, all things go.

This I learned shockingly.
It is through a magazine’s editor note.
The story went back to 2002 World Cup.

A showbiz guy recently chatted about his contribution on TV.
It was his version how S. Korean team got into top 4.
He got the 4 guys critical to the opposing team partying all night before the big game.

He credited his female companions.
That seemingly went well to all.
No one on the show voiced any moral consideration.

It was so right.
The thing was even heroic to them all.
That is national interest as top priority.
The editor called it stacking the cards in full package.
That is from government to everyone.
The priority is to eliminate anything threatening to Korea interest.

The editor warned us.
It is time to fight fire with fire.
We need all the national unity when dealing with anything Korea.

The story hits hard with recent Canada UN bit.
There was no national calling to seek out all citizens’ help.
The Chile is the miners united the country to win the world.

And watch out for a united India too.
They are in the Security Council now.
The success of Common Wealth Games will help even more.


It is a perception.
And the best reflects on if you can be in other’s shoes.
But that is where many are failing.

I am making a perfect example here.
My son would think me small minded.
Yet, that is precisely how I feel.

It is a card board sign.
I had it since in Taipei before coming here.
Now it is in a relative’s hand with no one ever asked me.

There were only two ways how it could have happened.
First was my wife was asked.
Second was the young one just took it without asking.

The point is.
My ownership vanished and respect of that totally ignored.
Any beef I have will be all the “small” of me.

Wife will say.
If she has no right on goods in the house, why bother marriage?
Her “equal” right is at stake.

Son will say.
What is the big deal with such small insignificant item?
Get another one if it is so important.

None realize.
That is what the anger is precisely about.
My say was totally disregarded.

Fair or not, I naturally will develop a new “self-protecting” instinct.
And in the process, others will create their own new systems too.
The “silent war” will have no end.

And this is happening around us in all relation.
The “minor” civil courtesy is lost along with decency.
And it is the worst with the aged group.


Province just printed a piece.
The tenants finally get money at East Van.
And it has been years.
Some got nothing left after legal expenses.

Chinese store owner arrested the stealer is in court.
And the charge is on him.
The thief is the victim.
Whose human right is the system protecting?

Again Van airport will face name change.
This time is Terry Fox.
Many Americans still have no idea of Vancouver.
Terry Fox will be another hurdle in future name recognition.

HST is a must for government to get fresh money.
Cut spending and create income would be the right way.
But pride is in the way for old fashion honesty of competency.
Consumers really hate the new bottom line on bills.

Olympic Village is another ha-ha.
We learn it from the news that the developer behind in payment.
And then in days, they are making statement of no “problem” in payment.
Did they pay and who is lying here?

BC marijuana industry is worth $1 billion by government official.
The idea of taxing is getting worm.
Private sectors think it can be 10 times more.
But government firmly says no.
Van Sun editorial calls it time to legalize.
And BC Hydro complains growers stealing the electricity just as much.
Both actually were old story in my 2003 city council campaign.
Slow boat to China was all I can think of.


First comes to mind has to be Americans safety in Europe.
The news is current top even with the Opening of Commonwealth Games.
And on that end, the US uniforms and Canadian ones make interesting contrast.
Somehow we will see some facts on the terrorist issue soon.

UN is in session.
Chinese leader is making the best use of CNN.
His view is well displayed.
And Muslim in US also got good open discussion.

Both U.S. and Taiwan will face serious election in November.
One has Tea Party to make it interesting.
The other will reflect China influence.
The outcome will have major political and economical impact world wide.

September was explosive in many ways.
911 stood out any time any where.
And there were 918 for Chinese.
That is a big divide between China and Japan.

Both will carry over into October.
Japanese leader is chasing Chinese leader from UN to Europe.
New power play was in line.
But there is still no clear just in sight.

National interests are in the way.
Each presents only one’s case.
Going extreme is hidden worry to all.
But still, each is pushing self cause the hardest.

Accountability and transparency are irrelevant to all.
Power games make interesting alliances.
Civil decency is a skill here.
The true spirit is a joke.

My generation is losing some memorable names.
Tony Curtis was more than Tom Cruise.
Sean Pen taught us cinematic violence.
George Blanda was all sport durability.

SF still is the best in October.
That foggy hill is eternal.
Life style is no New York but unique.
The food and wine are unforgettable.

Canadian has law but not order.
There is no one in charge.
In the name of Privacy, government let people to do all the leg work.
It is totally impotent in service.

But there is bright side.
Yes, September TV had its spark.
Under cover Boss touched many hearts.
Go figure, all elected officials.

Canadian old is losing all old values.
And the new ones free- lance their own ego.
Yes, it is free for all.
But can that kind of society works?

October is a good time to dig in to think hard.
Awareness is the first in order.
We need faith and trust hard again.
Right people must stand up to be counted.

Yes, new GG is in place for Canada.
Now it is a man at work.
Moral leadership can be a top priority.
Human depth is important for both HST and gun registry.

Taipei has only a month left.
That is for the historical opportunity in Flora Expo.
There are changes since.
But will that produce the result for Taipei the city of flowers?

To be honest, young one with ambition ought to look west.
Asia is clear the future for many.
Canadian way is not helping to be competitive.
Clutch driving is the only way to get ahead.

India has to pass the Commonwealth Games challenge.
The key is unity.
And that is directed at Indian nature.
We will see in 11 days.

Hawaii Five O is juice up the TV.
The Good Wife reflects the sophisticated US legal political world.
Brothers and Sisters as always displayed the tender side of ideal American family.
NBA is Heat in heat ready to follow power NFL.

Ok, I have to start thinking my legacy.
What was I for the duration of my life?
Did I make a difference?
And where can I assert more?