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September 2010
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Ok, Canada is a country with possibility.
Here we learn the art of compromise.
We try to master desire to get along.
And we believe in a sense of humor.
But we definitely are not American.

Now let’s see.
Do we perceive any such good thing in our new comers?
And do they seriously wanting any of them?
The reality is not pleasant.
None in presence but, rather, there are more on the negative daily.
Yes, they can be worse.
And sadly they didn’t seem to care.
I got my share recently.
It was from a middle aged Korean woman.
That truly ruined my day.

I was at the pool doing stationary water running.
She came in late and just “threw” water belt in front of my face.
It was so normal to her as if I didn’t exist.
That was uncivilized and short in decency in my book.
But I let it go.

I just looked at her but there was no reaction.
I let it go again.
Next, she got into the water and came close behind me.
She was slashing water wildly in water running form.
That was clearly intentional.

Angry but I kept my cool.
I moved myself few spaces down the lane.
I did manage to slam my stack of papers hard on the pool edge.
Yes, I needed that to get steam out.
This reading with water running has been my way for years.

That noise got her attention.
She looked at me and said.
I have no right to read paper in the water.
That was incredible.
Who she thinks she is?

I told her.
That is not her call.
My permission came from life guard way back.
And no one ever had objected.
Few did show appreciation.

It is my understanding.
Korean women respect their men.
And I have noticed.
The courtesy went extra gentle to many white guys.
Yet, she was looking down on me.

We are in Canada.
We talk about tolerance.
Sadly I could not tolerate her no more.
Vaguely I felt my being Chinese the reason.
But I failed to understand why.


Who is in charge now?
Credit card companies are taking over.
The retail store lost the say.
Zeller made the perfect example.
The bargain got me buying.
But casher said my Bay card not good anymore.

The casher was nice.
With my permission, she called the card company.
And here came the shocker.

This 13 years reliable card holder was humiliated.
I was told I no longer exist.
And I didn’t use my card for 2 years.

Hey, I am nothing but alive and kicking.
And I bought a Sony 46 inches TV last Xmas.
I snapped back saying no way.

Customer service I demanded.
A young lady as supervisor came.
But she was no decision maker.

Much higher up took his time to show up.
Without clearing ground with his staffs, he came directly at me.
The feeling was like being a criminal.

I responded accordingly.
He didn’t like that and was offended.
That was his service mentality.

Clearly he wouldn’t stand up for this Zeller loyal customer.
My 13 years means nothing.
It was the power of credit card all over his face.

He stated company had sent me a master card.
That automatically cancelled my Bay card.
And the new card was activated in June.

Well, I was out of the country on June 6.
And I got back last night, 9/12.
What wrong could I do with the card?

And I never like any high interest rated card.
At 29%, who will use it?
And is this “power” legal?

Back to home, my son told me.
Bay had charged something not right.
He called to find out.

It was the credit card company.
They took over the card operation.
And they ignored the original ad agreement.

The ad said.
I didn’t have to pay anything until later date.
But they sneaked in interest charge.

My son said.
The guy at other end of phone grumpily agreed.
The charge was dropped.

The point here is.
We shopped at Zeller.
But they are not in control since power outsourced.


It was the best long flight for me in a very long time.
The only thing hurting was my butt.
And it was bearable comparing with all recent past.
There was no leg cramping too.

The baggage waiting was long.
And some female new comers were short on consideration.
I helped the heavy baggage.
But they didn’t have the decency to say they identified the wrong one.

That was not nice since the real owner anxious waiting.
Many watched but silent.
I had to be the bad guy to tell them so.
I would put them back right away.

Quiet Burnaby stays the same.
It was such contrast comparing to crowded Taipei streets.
Hot shopping was the scene.
And the bags on hand were the proof.

Next morning at Station Square Save on Food, I was shocked.
Stocks on shelves were about 1/3 of the best past.
Supply and demand best measure the economy.
Clearly buying power or desire is way down.

I was told later that SuperStore still hot.
And new China comers are buying houses.
Even T&T can speak for good business.
But the “cold” sight was sharply registered in my mind.

Staff was another indicator.
Canada never was the best to impress people with service mentality.
But “totally giving up with no effort” was a first to me.
Desertion was all I could think of.

No bargain to attract me led me to T&T.
But I didn’t buy there either.
It was the staff altitude turned me off.
Taking customers for granted was at its worst.


It was great from Van to Taipei.
And Beijing trip was comfortable.
Cambodia in business class was a treat.
But back home to Van was a downer.

The other airline lost me after 13 years.
The feeling is not being wanted.
They turn priority to Asia.
We in Van are “considered” second class.
Checked in Taipei on 9/12 was good.
The service was customer “first”.
Supervisor coordinated line friendly.
I got served at better class desk.

But good feeling stopped there.
Rule says 2 bags with 23 kg each.
Mine was 25.9 and 15.
I was forced to re-pack on spot.

If safety issue, my total was way under.
And the line stopped due to my unwilling re-pack.
Later, I was told a union consideration.
Overweight baggage can be liable.

As a counter measure, I asked the weight marked on ticket in the future.
After all, losing of contend was a fact too.
But to prove it was hard.
Mark the weight will be a sure protection for customer.

Then I had to pay an extra charge for weekend flight.
I had to go to another area to pay it.
And the girl was “holding” my passport.
I jokingly told her that was “confiscating”.

My reason was simple.
All experts are advising us.
That is not to let ID or credit card out of your sight.
She was doing just that.

She smiled and ignored me.
I saw the super near by and thought him customer friendly 
I went over to ask if this correct procedure.
He agreed with me.

But he kept telling me how he will talk to her.
There was no clear desire for action taking.
I told him so.
He was embarrassed and went for it right away.

Then at another counter, I paid the fee of Can $40.
But they used the rate in NT currency.
I remind them I was asked for Canadian dollars.
The girl smiled and said it was the rule.

I did just that and then asked for people in charge.
She asked my intent.
I said only to the decision maker.
Then I got to see the big one.

The man simply was not used to be questioned.
But he tried.
I suggested why not one-stop service.
Why keeping customer running around in headquarter city.

Thought that was the last of it.
But duty free on flight was next.
I bought 3 items with 2 having extra gift but visible only one.
Steward said it ought to be inside the box.

I refused to open it of afraid of losing anything.
That got super coming.
She actually was trying to sell me the 4th item I had wanted.
But I didn’t go for mailing process.
Sadly I reminded her service first before sale.
But I have to say.
The seating is the best on upper deck.
Leg room is more then needed even for my 110 kg.


World economy is tightly counting on China.
Taiwan is more than others.
20 millions China tourists a year will be a dream.
No other place can wish the same.
This will be immediate, direct and definitely huge for the island 23 million.
But this is in danger of happening.

Past 12 years Taiwan tried hard to educate anti-China.
And it is working among many creative and smart 25 to 30 years old.
People, even local but born in China, are brain-washed to brand as traitors.
The feeling goes deep with by blind passion.
In time with any incident, that will make China tourist a target in public.
Guess who will want to come then?

Out-sourcing of government is at its worst.
Nearly all the front page scandals are government power out-sourced.
All fingers are pointing some where else when coming to responsibility.
Nothing is transparent and accountable.
Government, in the state of impotent, is power less.
And the result is crisis everything.

Today’s paper reflects the situation the best.
Former President’s current office is one.
They refuse to return the official Presidential files in 200 boxes.
“Sue me if you wish” is the last words.
You have to wonder.
Where is the power of government?  

Super germ was in the news for some time.
But Taipei is just waking up to it.
It is due to the “Japan falling” to finally wise up to the danger.
And Taipei has a lot daily flights to other countries too.
The lesson from SARS seems forgetting.
And it is only warning with no prevention.

A reputable magazine is pooling the best-run city or county mayor.
Guess what?
Oppositions are all on top.
But on another page of another topic, it says.
The bottom county is the best in cleaning up river.
Fishes are back.

Labor group puts out major half page ad.
It fingers the top guy appointed by past administration.
He was out-sourcing the better part of government fund company.
All ended into his own private companies.
One has to wonder.
Is current government incompetent or worse?    

Oh, here is a guy winning the big lottery at NT $1 billion plus.
Of course all are wondering.
Who is the lucky guy?
By rule, his name ought to be secret unless he or she wants to.
But today’s paper says it can be a government personal.
Here in Taipei, press can get away with it.
All are looking at election in November.
If Taipei turns Green < opposition>, result can be the same in 2012.
That will be Presidential election.
The opposition’s game is to tie any 2 candidate’s 4 legs into 3.
They will trip each other one by one since there are 5 of them.
Ruling party NOW seems doing nothing.

Power does change people.
I am seeing it first hand.
Arrogance is so obvious.
It truly turns people off.
And this happens to be a good friend.
Yet, ugly it is.

It is popular here loudly saying on behalf of people’s will.
But in reality, it is just stat from poll.
That is not of the people, by the people or for the people.
Higher education is cross board statue for those famous public spoke person.
But blind by power is real issue to every single one of them.
And the worst is not here yet.


I come to realize.
My time is gone.
It is new generation’s turn.

It was unforgettable.
I enjoyed the best of time.
And I suffered the worst of time.

As much as I like, reality is.
I am not necessarily wanted.
Even my value still stands.

Sport side had my contributions.
But new generation is better and stronger.
They are doing all the things I had wanted.

And this fashion show in front of President Office is top.
Taipei is there with the best of world.
And international conferences are on this island near daily.

No, I am not out.
But I don’t need to be the first in line anymore.
That makes me a comfortable step back watcher.

Tai-chi really helps here.
Calm and at peace allow me to see all clearly in slow motion.
It allows me to develop the view in broader vision.

Friend point out.
There are enough micro vision personals around.
But in broader vision, that makes me unique.

Flora Expo will have my place.
I will create that space when back to Van.
And India possibility also will make all things fun.

Yes, India community had function yesterday.
Old faces there were glad to see me.
But new faces saw me as a threat.

Yes, they did well in my absence.
But they are not like me.
Selfless is my winning altitude.

Election will be fun this time.
I see many possibilities.
But back to Van is my choice.

Expo will have a long way.
I see my opening at later date.
All will still be here in January.

Flower of India will be a late lead-in.
“Sex in the city”, “gay Taipei” and “prince of flower” will follow.
Finally the Taipei-China-India link will take place.







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THE BUCK STOP在首長桌上,以傳統知識份子風骨來說,可以下來了,周可以,你當然也可以,不然以後不要再提黨國二字.