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July 2010
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One has to wonder.
And it is getting hilarious.
Can it be a bad political joke?

It is the Mayor race at the end of year.
Opposition eagerly participated.
He is aiming at losing.

Taipei is mainly the Blue town.
The edge is real.
Record does not lie.

Show up and lose.
That is party loyalty.
Legitimately he then can claim the Presidential race in 2012.

That is the logic with great accuracy.
But it is not working that way.
He actually looks like going to win now.

That makes to win is really losing.
His face is a telling tale.
And it is getting all insiders laughing in Taipei.

The irony is he prefers the Presidency.
He was skillfully jumping into the race first and fast.
It was his perception as seasoned politician.

But the reality is.
His chance is looking better by the day.
Smile is totally off his face now.


I got so much done today.
It seems all dreams came true.
I almost feel like crying.

I seemed hitting all right buttons.
All are getting positive response.
They are all of what I am wishing for.

First was my dream of Taipei Flora Expo.
The Mayor is wasting this life time opportunity.
And this can be better than the Presidency he wants the most.

He simply is not doing it right.
Public is cold to the event even he spends tons of money.
There is no grass root support and response.

He is not using the MOMMENT to make city the flower capital.
Even if that is not eternal, he still can make it for the year or years to come.
Whole city can be flower oriented.

Citizen participation can create passion for the world to see.
The city can be identified as.

But that is not happening.
There are buildings like monument.
No one will care once the event is over.

And it costs money.
There is no sustainability.
Legacy definitely is out the picture.

Now there is day light.
My thought is having support.
And I am making the best use of “We are the world”.

Now it is “we are the flower”.
Taipei ought to be the new flower capital.
That will help to generate solid local support.

And election at end of year will help.
All political candidates can use the subject.
That is to solidify the grass root support.

It will pay off in election.
All see that clearly.
Action will follow.

Also the 20 millions China tourists idea is getting across.
This will be a major economic development.
Right people finally hear me.

And each will lead the cause in their own way.
Idea is taking off.
My good deed is done.

”You think you can dance” is also catching up locally.
A good local presentation is about to materialize.
It is a hell of a day in accomplishment.


Beer Festival comes first.
It is a large musical stage.
And it ringed by food stalls and summer activities.
Yes, it is in south city Kaohsiung.
But speed rail makes traveling easy.
You might be the lucky one to be the 100 million’s passenger.
That will allow you free ride for the whole year.

TEDx Taipei is another.
This one will cost you.
NT $3,000 is the price.
22 speakers and 2 performing groups are scheduled.
Event had 50 million international viewers in the past.
This year, it aims to “Unlearn, Play, Inspire”.
It is too rich for my pocket.

Jazz is in the card too.
It will be in the city park.
The billing says.
You walk in with open heart and empty mind.
At end, they will fill to the brim with melodies.
But the summer afternoon storm was a downer.
Wet will drive away city crowd.

Inception was well received last weekend.
This weekend will be Salt and Despicable Me.
And Taipei has more to offer.
Lot Chinese films to be seen here.
And Europe ones are interesting.
Japanese animated gets big following.
And a Brazil one is catching my eye.

There is Chocolate World.
It attracted at least 400,000 visitors in Beijing.
Twinkle Festival made alternative choice.
Cloud Gate repeated the old favorite White Serpent.
Local rocker Mayday performs too.
And there is no typhoon hitting the island so far.
All wait for The Expendable now. 


It is booming in everyway.
And Wild, Wild West makes the best description.
No opportunist can afford to miss the place.

The city site is good enough for city boys.
But country side is where the action is.
Management is the missing link.

The one can set up things with transparency and accountability.
He will win big time.
And China link is on top of all things.

Cell phones are all over.
And TV covers all necessary of West and all China related.
But to “finalize” is the missing piece.
Politically older generation is in full control.
But the younger and energetic ones cover the business.
They are pushing but not daring.

Management must come up with transparency and accountability.
That will be the thing of next 5 years.
The first to establish the team will win.

A friend invited me to visit Cambodia.
I accepted with pleasure.
Sunday morning 6 am, I left for airport.

It was shocking to see so many people so early.
And the Taipei airport was busting with life.
People ready to spend was precisely the right description.
Business class came handy.
That allowed me the good things in VIP lounge.
Good reading and eating were pleasure.

EVA Air was showing good courtesy.
I truly enjoyed it.
And it got better once on board.
Flight was smooth with good weather in both cities.
But I got panic after landing.
Some negative images in the West did worry me.

It turned out ok.
Landing visa was easy.
US $25 was the cost.

But there was down side.
Not much information was in offered.
Visitor is pretty much on his own.

I was shocked to learn.
US dollar is the most used currency.
The exchange rate is one to 4,300.

Some white youth made pleasant presence.
They all were back packers.
Happy to be there were all over their faces.

Fear was the least in their mind.
It makes one wonder.
Some public descriptions seem not valid.

We had people to pick us up.
And a big banquet lunch feast was next.
Taiwan’s business groups make strong presence.
Again food was great and drinks plenty.
Tough living and tough playing were obvious for those man and woman.
They adapt well and move on.

My friend has a free zone.
Huge land were developed and on going.
His team is good but not hard nailed enough.

The obvious shortage is communication.
And they need “follow up” too.
The missing links hurt the first line crew and headquarter people.

Detailed report daily is temporary suggestion.
And that need to happen very soon.
But there is not strong will there.

Dinner was with government related friends.
Yes, it is direct to the PM office.
And the immigration top guy is a very cool guy.

It occurs to me.
My friend is the best to pave the way to the top.
But few people work for him is not performing their best.

They all fail miserably in that old game.
That is second guessing boss’ thinking.
It holds back their performances.

My friend’ connection is impressive.
That allowed me to make a comment.
Government can do more for better image with self interest.

Next day was the major for the trip.
The PM was attending the graduation of a university.
All government key people were there along with press.

Donations were plenty.
S. Korea business group made big presence.
So were the neighboring political powers.

My friend is close to the PM.
But many didn’t know that.
Especially Taiwan government is the biggest ignorant.
We lunched with Deputy PM in private.
I can tell how close my friend is with him.
The bond is way back and deep.

All were done with great food.
It is so fresh and rich.
That caused me to miss my medicine for days there.

Next was 3 hours long drive to Mekong River.
And my friend invests huge there.
He has 8,000 people under pay roll.

This one is factory.
Staffs work hard with long hours.
And today with him in town went even longer.

Some change with staffs will be necessary.
But my friend is too soft hearted.
He is trying at best.

We bed the night at river side.
My friend’s dream is king of Mekong.
And he deserves to be too.

The love is so real he had to swim in it.
It was 3 of us to keep him company to get that done.
That can be viewing as some kind of madness.

The whole day became housing cleaning.
The stealing is unbelievable.
Serious transparency and accountability need to be exercised.

The night was another 3.5 hours drive back to capital city.
Dinner companion was the top guy of chamber of commerce.
Young and powerful describe the best.

Future relation will be better and stronger.
China’s real presence will make both sides more eager to perform.
That much is clear.

Energy will be vital to my friend’s developing strategy.
That is why he needs a key person to see into wood industry.
Work will be hard but definitely worthy it.

The night ended up at casino hotel.
That is after a singing session after dinner.
The grand location and hotel spread reflects the attractiveness of local city life.  


This place displays the best of Chinese culture.
It is the one and only.
The Strait political situation is changing.
Naturally the place has mass visitors from China.

It is said.
90 million Chinese stated.
They want to see the place once in his or her life time.
It is a national pride.

And the place is surprisingly changing.
We used to mock its service.
But now it is doing better than what it used to be
They no longer display that “official” face.

That is so obvious.
Now we see only the pleasant and friendly faces ready to serve.
It is fitting for today’s world.
They are learning finally.

There are huge crowd in China visitors.
They are buying up a storm fitting for the reputation.
The place is so multi-purposed now.
There is a superb Tibet Exhibition in action too.

It is simply the best by all experts.
Again the political force makes the difference.
There is no way so many can be collected in one place.
No wonder it is packing with educated.

The only down side is the eating place.
And it is a branch of one reputable 5 stars hotel.
But the service and altitude both were unbelievably bad.
From 1 to 10, they were barely 4 to me.

Ok, they explained.
The computer was down again.
But clearly there was no back up plan.
And the staffs’ basic training was incomplete.

The altitude was the worst.
That is if comparing to pricing.
The packaged lunch is from NT$ 800 to $2,500 plus service charge for one person.
Yet, the steaming food was left at service station longer than few minutes.

And they hardly ever glanced at customers.
Our tea needed more hot water was totally ignored.
The point is.
They are the one and only for such special location.

The place is not a normal financial investment.
It has multi purposes representation.
It is reserved for the best.
Concerned government agencies ought to look into it.

























結果只有Air France聽進去了,倍長的業績証明了一切.



Yes, summer is the best time for movies here.
All big ones are rushing in for the occasion.
With heat burning out door, movie is the best next to pool.

And Taiwan is a good market.
You can tell by how many opening each week.
Many are showing as fast as rest of world.

A Team is hot and on going.
Knight and Day is pretty much the same.
Sex and city is not for me.

But to stay away from heat, may be I will.
Eclipse was taking over all the best theaters.
But this week, it has to give room for The Last of Airbender.
Yes, 3 D is making this movie special.
The quality in picture is real.
But it fails badly in story.
There are some other good ones.
I personally like few Chinese ones.
The blend is charming and delightful.

Now with Inception coming, the expectation is high.
So will be the Expendable.
That helps the Despicable too.

Believe it.
The biggest draw yesterday still was beach party.
With 10 bands playing, 300,000 people went wild.

That was from 213 bands.
Today is the last day for the music festival.
Wonder how many more people will be there.


This must be why Phil Jackson not retiring.
Who can resist such challenge?
James, Wade and Bosh are the new trio.
They had Olympic to prove their connection.
Now the biggest challenge will be how to beat them.
They may be the best of the best of all time.
To beat them will be the biggest dream of all.


The group means money.
And they are in Taipei to seek investment opportunity.
That means US $500 billion dollars.
And this trip can be a US $100 million venture.
What caught my eye was the mention of Canadian pension fund.
They are part of team too.
Again it proves.
Money goes where opportunity is.
Google after all is staying put in China.
And wise ones are sensing.
Taiwan will be a better extension of China domestic market.
The beach party here last night was 150,000 people big.
Wonder what it will be after China visitors coming.