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June 2010
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Great Wall is my focus
Everyone knows about the place.
But not many realize how it is changing.

They are not good at promoting.
But great change and awesome turn around is there.
Sand and rock of past is all green now.

To be more precise, the green is all eye can see.
And there is this wetland development.
One has to wonder if World realizing this is happening.

This reminds me how a western business man commented after landing.
He mocked the smog and Olympic period effort.
And he is making his living here.

That is the irony in contrast to the green at Great Wall.
And the new wetland will put them all to shame.
There is still honorable people quietly working magic.

This guy invested 8 years of his life.
He fenced off big developers and political power.
His team managed to preserve this human treasury.

Now we have one more beautifully eco-preserved huge land on earth.
Imaging how most are finger-pointing China.
How wrong the bias is.

Yes, no one is perfect.
China is moving fast and developing in many areas.
But the shortcoming is there.

They are failing miserably in management and maintaining what are newly built.
And it is seems to be in their nature to let see and hear no evil be.
This can be spotted in all public places and daily.

The subway is the best to demonstrate this public mentality.
People are throwing things at will.
And no one re-act to pick them up either.

Strangely China is reputable at propaganda.
But they really need help with this new Great Wall situation.
They are failing at the basic in promotion.

The eco-environmental presentation was simply beautiful.
But they never thought to put it on line.
And it is 10 minutes long.

For new generation, patience is not their strong point.
To cut it inside 2 minutes will be a challenge.
And a good music will be better then a man monologue.

To attract others’ attention, prizes will be incentive.
Oh, yes, they do need the world best on their side.
Bill Gates and his foundation can be the best alliance.

Frankly, the surprise started at Taipei airport.
It was busted with people.
All were buying like crazy.

It is the HK airport scene all over again.
That made HK recovery possible.
On the same token, Taiwan will be economically secured for years to come.

China tourists do have a loud voice and seemed uncivilized.
But they will learn in due time.
It is the wisdom and the know-how in dealing with that.

Beijing airport is grand since Olympic.
But the smile is gone but service smoother.
Again seasoned traveler can spot the decline in management and maintaining.

Still, I didn’t get to use the speed train.
But highway traffic seemed reasonable.
Driver said it was Friday and crowd leaving city.

Hotel is friendly with lot smiling faces.
But nice room had one wall side all plugs not working.
Phone, TV and computer had to wait.

Bed side phone was not working but bathroom one did.
That was how I got help.
They were courteous but took a long time to get things in order.

Ok, hotel public area is roomy but too quiet in business sense.
Clearly, “turn over” mentality on both floor space and restaurant table is not in.
They agree 100% when told so but no action followed.

No strong will to change or care is clear.
But Saturday streets are busy with people.
Eating places are full of customers.

I witnessed some new established very rude in manner to servers.
Decency is badly needed.
But who is there to care.

I hear power people voiced disapproval.
But no real action follows.
All are waiting for others to be the first.

Yes, they are the seasoned and educated.
This is why those Great Wall few really impressive.
They are the difference.

Their pride is winning my respect.
And their work deserves the world attention.
Yet not many are taking notice.

Power people are talking loud in conferences.
But they are doing it quietly and continuing to do so.
The world needs to know and they have to learn how to promote.  


That was a 9 hours < 10 by Taipei press> tennis match.
And the winner has to wait for more playing time.
It is a record in history indeed.

Lakers and Celtics went to 7th games.
Old rivals are making new chapters.
And both are facing break up next season.

And World Cup is white hot.
South Korean is making their country proud.
All eyes are on Japan now.

Taiwan scores in tennis too.
Both man and woman are in record new round.
And my mom, as the first Chinese international place taker, would be proud.

All sport activities are helping Taiwan economy.
World Cup alone is making local bars business up 500%.
And more events are coming.


The half baked political mind is doing the full damage.
Opposition is doing it again.
They demand government to state bottom line to public.
That is before major negotiation with China.

Yes, we demand transparency in democratic process.
But government is voted in to make decisions.
And we expect accountability at end.
That is the check and balance.

Now 100,000 people are organized by opposition.
They will hit street to demand transparency this weekend.
Nice way to play poker with cards face up.
This is a shame in the name of national interest.

After all, Taiwan has prided its high level of education.
But it is not reflecting here.
Clearly now, it is the people failing.
They need to learn more in good judgment with common sense.

China leader is heading Canada staffing 300.
G20 aside, they are aiming Canada breakthrough.
That tells pretty much what the rest world is heading.
Taiwan badly need serious breakthrough before all others going direct.

And this China deal is already 539 items worth of US $13.6 billion dollars.
Taiwan is already getting the best of the situation.
The greed may back fire.
And the loss will be the whole general public.


To a degree, China is off hook from tie-in with US currency.
The new flexibility will be a step to greatness.
And it is a plus to Taiwan currency too.
CHAIWAN can be a thing of past soon.
Taiwan will be an extension of China’s better domestic market.
China has fate on her side.
This rare-earth will be such key element in world to be.
Taiwan production with team effort with China will be a major factor.
Yuan will rock.


Taiwan is making a push.
A major investment breakthrough is expected.
Team of 27 manufactures will go from June 27 to July 02, 2010.
My friend’s Cambodia economic zone will be a major benefactor.


45 millions left China last year.
1/5 is from one coastal province.
Burnaby’s Chinese student is up 15%.
And Ontario is giving permanent residency to ones getting Master degree.

Now China is worrying of losing the creams of this generation.
US are the first choice.
Canada and Australia come second and third.
Singapore is showing more attracting.

Taiwan can be next for a major draw.
Finally Canada government is apologizing for Air India case.
To be nice to India will be next reality after China.
China is with 700 billion RMB ready to invest with 400 billions Taiwan bound. 


It is a conspiracy.
Taipei experts think strange how come US dollars so high.
They point out.
It is high cost in deep sea drilling.
And the insurance hits the top.
With such tight control, how can this happen?

They also point out the benefit factor.
US dollar is high and helping the government.
Government keeps printing bills to take the full advantage of current situation.
Some even point out.
Oil is on its way out as top energy source.
Keeps the price high is to the best interest to make the last run.

And BP is having the largest control in deep sea drilling.
Now the stock is down.
BP is facing possible take over.
China is cash rich and ready.
Can there be trade off behind closed door?
Russian’s rush to sanction Iran is weird too.

But the real shocker is Obama.
Kennedy death was rumored with steel industry.
Here again is another Democratic President taking on big business.
And the Republic is heading ultra conservative.
Election is warming up.
Can this be a start of another tragedy?


It was a big day.
Direct flight between Taipei and Shanghai was the occasion.
But the front page picture gloried Mayor only.
That left bad taste in my mouth.

He led the way in first flight.
That is logical and acceptable.
But the picture was a bit “Presidential”.
The image is disturbing.

It also gave the impression of taking full credit.
He never was the one making this all to happen.
This is a PR over-stretch.
That will lose vote at year end.

Many supporters will end up not voting.
I will not vote for the Opposition.
But to vote for him will be hard.
He better will have real actions to back up later.

Economical impact is overplayed.
People will notice and shift concern to the balance of society.
Many are lost by far.
The awakening will come in shock.

Mob killing is no big deal to many.
It stays in bad wipe out bad ones.
But this one has serious police presence.
Yet, killer was so confident as if worry free.

He is only 17 and heavily equipped.
There are 3 kills on his record.
He is still at large.
And rumor hinted police tip-off.

3 local law enforcement directors already step down.
Interior Minister is busy putting out fires.
But critics think it all hot airs.
Action with result is none.
Public is angry with situation no clarity.
Dirt is flying all over.
There is no real authority in control.
That is why the public outrage.
Ruling party is disappointing.
Top people indeed are decent and clean.
There is no corruption at that level.
But, public is frustrated with a feeling of official brain death.

And this will cost the elections at end of year.
Public trust is lost.
Police after all is the last guardian in public protection.
It is there no more with more dirt coming.

Ex-university president, now the President’s supreme advisor, is in the news.
He is criticizing again.
He truly is well respected.
But his is testing public’s limit.

Dignity of education is the focus this time.
It is about a university graduation.
U president pleased students by dancing Swan Lake.
He is pointed out as acting like a clown.

Presidential advisor may mean well.
He wants to uphold the tradition with dignity.
But students think otherwise and hit back.
After all, students consider this their right in memory of life.

And a teacher is sentenced in court with jail time.
His gilt was publicly criticizing a student.
And the young man was often being late and was mocked in world record.
Parents went to court and won.

Press then reports.
The kid’s parent is working in DA office.
This makes thing complicated.
All teachers are wondering what to do after summer.

Public is outraged and confused.
Trust in honorable profession like police and teacher doomed.
Who is there to trust from now on?
That is in everyone’s mind.

Mob killing with police presence is turning everyone off.
How this is happening?
And sadly it was with such ease.
No wonder cover up was fingered.

But the worst is yet to come.
First, police is not helping themselves.
They are constantly changing their stories.
And government is all motion but no solution.

Public can’t help but sense.
No one wants truth.
They are busy trying to bury this major scandal.
One can not help but to think law enforcement involving too deep.

Public also is shocked to learn.
The crime scene has been a constant police “tea” place.
Meeting there were frequent.
And they are by ranking officials.

Public is getting restless.
The investigation IS going no where.
But they are sure of one thing.
The system needs a major make-over.


The mob and police “team” work is the root.
People at top can be good and decent.
But they are totally out of touch with grass root.

Police work in present system is hard on police at bottom.
There is no “power” back up for them in the system.
Their frustration is understandable.

There was this police killing two snitches.
It was in cold blood.
Now, all dirt is in the public.

No wonder they are saying.
The system is set up to invite corruption.
Again we have to ask “where were those commentators before?”.

But it is the central government angering the public the most.
The best they are doing is “chopping” heads.
All experts call it “paper exercise”.

Man at top needs head change.
It was their “result only” mentality to lead to today’s practice.
“Result only” without over all consideration is bottom of the matter.


Rain is all I get since arriving Taipei.
And learn online of Van is a week of all sunshine.
That is not a fair trade.
But comparing with India Ocean 7.5 earth quake, I am ok.

Local press is all World Cup.
Korean is making the first Asia win.
They are the best at physical readiness.
All can use their physical fitness program.

Another local front page is killer at 17.
He never let gun off his body.
Three kills is his bloody record.
He is already a professional.

Van press reported a teen in Washington State.
He gets prize money over his head already.
US $50,000 indicates his evil.
Where is the law anyway?

Education is failing.
We are not seeing much in moral building in Van.
Teachers appear to be union first in mentality.
Students see them in example more on demonstration side.

Taiwan is as bad in different way.
The headline reports a top respected educator’s opinion on graduation ceremony.
He criticized the ceremony a joke lack of seriousness and dignity.
But students responded with personal view as a independent happy moment in life.

This is a good exchange in “deciding right”.
You can’t deny students had a point.
After all it is their party.
It is what they like to remember by.

China is “pampering” Taiwan economically.
The new trade agreement shows it all.
That is a “100 from China to 500 of Taiwan” in cross demands.
US $13.6 billions prize tells it all.
And Taiwan’s weak points are all covered.

No wonder ManuLife is making strong presence in Taiwan.
All foreign companies are making Taiwan foothold to go into China.
With China new riches rushing out in immigration, can Taiwan be a spot soon?
The 6/19 Strait Forum in China will be a good place to observe.

“Red bean” cake is hot in Taiwan.
Many are talking about its potential.
Yes, “bubble tea” did it before going international.
Can this be the next biggie?

“Shoes cleaning” is big as new hot franchise.
They are special novelty in Taiwan.
And some even have better business than laundry shop with such location.
Can it be same in China or even Van?

CULV is the best buy in town.
Price is down NT $10,000. < dividing by 30 will be Can $>.
Exchange of old to new will get even better deal.
Buyers are plenty.

Big Mac is a life style now.
In China, it is a night “sleeping place” at cost of a drink.
In HK, it is all inclusive fun and game for young people.
This morning 6 am in Taipei, I saw many there after all night party.