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May 2010
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Power sharing never comes easy.
But it is happening now.
US realize they can’t have it alone anymore.
Leadership international to share is a reality.

Obama redefines “national security”.
And it cites the importance of stronger institution and ties with allies.
To shoulder more of the burden of international problems mentioned.
Now it is by all nations especially by new power nations emphasized.

The “first strike” policy is dropped.
Now it is security partnership.
Between the lines, it is clear.
China is clearly welcomed to play a part in responsible leadership.

Ironically China’s military development threatening to US is reported.
And Hilary Clinton is as hot as it can be in Beijing.
She is making the most of what China wants.
That is the role in market economy.

The trophy will be China’s domestic market.
US aim at big share.
That is the bottom line.
Both sides will get what they want.

And Europe reports on banks short on cash.
They badly need fund big and fast.
And governments will look at cash rich China.
Change is real in 2010.


Chevron Burnaby is reported leaking oil into sea.
This is bad timing when US having the worst with BP.
But what surprised all is provincial official statement.
It insisted the leak only a 50 lit. situation.
They see no need for a public statement.
But Van Sun front page says.
Oil, gas from Chevron refinery in Burnaby has been flowing for weeks.
Who is really on taxpayer payroll now?

Well, there is that $560,000 for Olympic “volunteers”.
And BC had more than $7 millions on ads on CTV.
NBC got US $17.255 millions.
That includes a mention of BC in hot TV show Office.
BC also is “left” $860,000 in San Francisco.
Federal spending on G8 and G20 is top 1 billion.
And the original estimate was $197 millions.
Now the next big one has to be the true cost of this Olympics.


Let’s forget about the regular ads in Province daily.
Straight has even more.
But here is one in Chinese press.
That is 55 ads in one day.
Business has to be good.
No wonder the “movie” is hitting the local market hard.
They are creating so many events for the opening.
Economy has to be good.


It was the most important life guiding path to my generation.
Many of us lived to the fullest to the spirit.
It was “the” one and only in my generation.

Everything seems possible because of it.
Simply to focus and move ahead will do it.
Even today, many still believe.

But life is changing.
Reality is the final measure of life.
The economical crisis hurts.

US no longer dominate.
And rest of world is making choices.
Many think it the end of American Dream.

China prosperity comes to mind.
India’s large relatively younger generation counts.
But is it so?  

After all, it is only human nature.
We all want the best or at least a better life.
And America dream lives.

Yes, world is changing,
US are not on top of the world as it used to be.
But there are still signs with great potential.
And a recent event confirms.
It is how American still having the heart to give.
And it is not “US only”.

A pool regular told me.
Her son is heading US as the lucky one in 50.
It is the UBC exchange program with Micro Soft.

The package is the envy to all.
US $5.000 plus a month is a start.
Package includes round trip with all expenses.

There are living quarter and other benefits.
The kid is not even graduated.
But he gets to meet and compare to the best as a Chinese Canadian.

We are in a “buy local era”.
Gravy for the outsider simply will not do.

Asian thinking tanks think hard on this.
A recent study indicates.
Systems are falling apart.

Today’s 30 years old will not be able to make a difference.
They are trapped in the “box”.
The un-tangle part will take all their strength.

The study says.
Future will be in the hand of 15 years old today.
They are the ones having the chance to break free.

US, in comparison, still have the heart.
They are making such effort with none US citizens.
You have to say American Dream lives.

Let’s use our finger.
How many countries still believe in big heart?
To be honest, there is none.

It is the opportunity.
But the pay is better than good.
That stands on top of everyone else.

Taipei is trying hard on student job market.
It comes up with government paying the salary for any company hiring.
It is hot on job security to college graduates.

They are guaranteed by government with pay at NT $22,000/month.
It works like minimum wage.
And business is taking full advantage of it.

Exchange rate with Can $ is 30 to 1.
That is less than $1,000.
And BC college graduate is about $3,000 per month.

Now all are complaining.
Smart ones think wage cutting down.
Company pockets the difference.

The situation is not inspiring.
The policy ends as cheap labor.
No one is willing to make a difference.

But the big difference is the environment USA.
That is a chance to compare, compete and look into future.
Vision building is the ultimate goal.

China is where the actions are.
Talents are heading that way due to much greater pay.
Taiwan U’s best professors are heading where money is.

Wall Street elites are doing the same.
But one thing is clear.
US still the only one provide the best for the next generation.

American dream lives.
And there will be more to come.
It is the heart making it great.
By the way, TV show, Good Wife, was a shocker.
It got too close to reality.
And it is hard.

We come to realize.
Doing the best simply is not enough any more.
Principle and honor are no match to make a living.

Locally, VANOC is dishing out assets.
News reports are interesting.
There are a lot of “free” hand outs.

It gives the impression as “favor” transaction games.
There is no denying on facts and items.
Now we “hear” it loud and clear but can do nothing.  








中國現在是國際旅遊消費的第四大國,現有US $43 Billion的支出說明了

上”現在”在地化”西方流行的”HOME STAY”作為,這功德可就大了.


To set goal is to avoid waiting to die.
And it adds purpose in life.
There are so many things one likes to do.
But only so few can be in the plan.
Shanghai EXPO is one.
To be there is to see the future to be.
There is no role to play for me.
It will be a quiet personal observation to peek ahead.

And there is Jones Cup Taipei.
My history went way back.
And new management is in.
But I doubt they have the ambition to make a difference.

Taipei FLORA EXPO 2010 needs help.
But people in power think not.
Recommendations are plenty.
All will be on deft ear but worth to keep trying.

Beijing leisure group will have a June meeting.
My name is on the list but not seriously asked.
They insist on the one in July.
International Leisure Industry Association can be more ambitious.

International Basketball Championship will be in Turkey this August.
Jones Cup can serve as warm up tournament.
Then I will love to be there.
But reality says no.

November will have Asia Games in China and FLORA in Taipei.
To be at both events is not all that impossible.
I need to keep my hope high.
Tenacity will tell.


New York Times reported in April.
China will bring system and know-how to California for rails construction.
And if necessary, fund will be too.
Local labor is assured.

And another report said last Sunday.
Indonesia head visited China 2 years ago.
He was shocked at the rapid changes.
Once back, he ordered high school Chinese language classes.

West domination was real in last 100 years.
No wonder they are feeling challenged and threatened.
Many recent books reflect that.
But all agree on economic advantage on China side.

Greek tragedy is up dating.
But this time is all financial.
And the whole world is in consequences.
British is shocking all with biggest debt.

But, still, any China domination now is way off base.
Seasoned observers pointed out.
It is the West, first banks and now governments, let the greed got the best of them.
Accountability and transparency are more important than ever.

China is not prepared or even ready for leadership role.
But they do demand a bigger and equal voice.
All are competing for a better and workable system.
Changing world is waiting for necessary leadership.


Today’s paper stated.
Canada is missing out on trade with China.
But BC can’t.
And there is still room to maneuver.
We just have to be more creative.

I stated in last year.
British and Australia were busy using Taiwan link.
Now they are enjoying the reward.
And Taiwan link is better than ever.
How best to use it is up to our creative wisdom.
US are sending 17 high ranking officers to China.
They are there to study the “color” of China.
And there are plenty Wall Street elites heading there.
Lots are studying Chinese in Taipei now.
And financial institutions are buying offices there too.

China is going to build highway from Beijing to Taipei.
That is showing the closeness of future.
There will be plenty obstacles, of course.
But ambition is clear.
Taipei is steam ahead too.

Taipei is going for “special economic zone”.
That is a calling card to all multi-internationals.
China bound multi-nationals can’t afford to miss the opportunity.
Trade is in everyone’s mind.
Taiwan is the best short cut.

And China is forth as the consuming tourist in the world.
That is US $43.7 billions in spending.
German, U.S. and British are 1/2/3.
BC is making presence in EXPO Shanghai.
That is extra along with Canada.

The world is changing.
Past mentality can’t deal with the latest challenge.
“Adopt” and “move along” are all there we can do.
24 reported.
Better trade ties eyed in Shanghai.

CanWest reporter loves to put down Shanghai.
Some writing seem like soul grape
PJ as outwear and hanging laundry are soles to the eyes.
But they will not be there long.
“Civilized” will be a reality before we know it.

Jonathan Manthope is still mocking Taiwan’s China inclination.
But he is so much gentle in tone on China now.
His Navy article shows where Canada is at.
EXPO Shanghai will transform China totally.
The best and most creative forces are all there now.

Chinese citizens will pick up fast.
And they are hungrier than ever.
At end of the year, they will take all in.
We need to maintain the edge.
People in BC better learn the EXPO first hand before they do.

“Asia Age” is here to stay.
Today is China.
And next will be India.
That at most will take place in 3 to 5 years.
Asia Pacific is our direction.

We don’t need East Coast to lead the way.
BC will be the focus of major action for Canada.
We can learn lot from Singapore.
They are having their best in the government.
Hope BC can be the same soon.


A bomb car is waking everyone up.
If there is one, more will follow.
And US top officials are playing down.
That is as telling as the event.
They have no idea how and what.

Many didn’t realize.
India had made a warning.
It called for US, Canada and Australia’s attention.
Pakistan terrorist will strike.
Now we see the follow up.

And Pak is making claim.
One thing is clear.
We in Canada must be on alert.
And there is G8 and G20 coming up.
Focus is pin-point clear.