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April 2010
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I don’t think so, if on first instinct by recent news.
The stadium roof was not fire tested.
We were really lucky for nothing went wrong.

And logic says.
If one had happened, then there could be more.
And by far no one dare seriously talking about any.

This is too late for judgment.
In fact, we need a total “look over” for future references.
That will be a true “legacy” to benefit us for long time to come.

But we know.
All the experiences will be “elite” personal property.
Even we taxpayers did foot all the bills.

The sad reality is.
We, the BC citizens, did pay them good to study, learn and get the unique experience.
But they are the ones benefiting as the final and complete package.

Ok, negative thinking it is but BC getting nothing here.
And that is not tolerable in my book.
Taxpayers got sucked and still being asked to applaud, sad.

But we can be sure.
Even all bills are not accounted for yet.
We indeed were lucky to get through.

And it seems our luck hot still.
The greater Vancouver was dead for a brief moment.
But now passion is high again.
Vancouver Canuck is going into second round.
So is Montreal National billing miracle by US press.
Both cities are Olympics seasoned in behalf of Canada.

Public’s spirit, no doubt, will go wilder if to keep winning.
And there are other areas too.
Politics by Speaker of Common is making us proud.

He is on the “historically” right side.
The elected is entitled to know on behalf voted them in.
That is the spirit of being democratic.

And there is G8 and following with G20.
Like they said, luck is with the lady.
It seems luck with Canada now.
Oh, yes, provincially there is HST.
Campbell is dragging the party down.
Again that led to Carol Taylor’s truth statement.

Party line is ramming the HST through.
That is when consumer interest down 26%.
It will be worse after such vote.

But again, Canada has been on the “wasting naturally side” too long.
Hold on tight now with cash may be the best.
How can you deny such luck?


Well, Shanghai EXPO is on.
And our press calls our attention on the VANOC Legacy there.
Not much was said on how rest of world using the window to best display themselves.
All are focus of the “future to be” there.

This is the event expected to be visited by 70 millions.
And big money was spent to transform the city with “new age” facilities. 
The expected “education of the citizens” will be greater than Beijing.
And we need to understand it the opportunity for our young to see the future.

It is said.
Canada is already bought 50,000 tickets.
That is from Chinese community and retired.
Where is help to our young?

Luckily the event lasts into October.
Some summer planning is in order.
If HST is for such purpose, we would all vote yes any time.
Sadly it is not. 

Other countries are making plans.
They are into the youth vision.
We can’t wait to see them shinning alone.
Our duty is to follow up to make our own wave.

We have no room for small mind.
To speak up on behalf of Apple Daily is a joke.
That kind of picking in such major event is a shame.
It is time of change for new blood.


Take your time, YOU ARE in Canada.
We are proud of our clean air and vast space.
Slow and at ease is our way of life.

Ok, out there is a competitive world.
They are rushing really.
And do we care?

So many things are deep rooted.
Cell phone driving was my beef 10 years ago.
Even now still people are business as usual.

An older gentleman was driving on fast line.
He was totally unaware of the traffic.
Other people’s valuable time was not his concern.

Line-up at any front desk, you wait for staff to finish personal conversation.
That is his or her right.
Professional and civil courtesy can wait.

So many things can be done at first line of business.
But we have to go through so many channels to get same result.
Yes, that is job created for so many for nothing.
Work efficiency is a major fault in BC.
We are resources plenty.
It is not in our system “to save” in the first place.

This is simply my observation.
There is no criticism intended.
A public observation as my record it is.

We have so many none related agencies.
All are in the democratic spirit.
But are they?

Government agencies do not talk to each other.
We the citizen has to do all the leg work.
Privacy is tall and mighty to block any improvement.

Over 65 and low income can apply many things.
But you have to go around so many “independent” agencies.
A “closer” look tells all election winner affiliation.

That is how party rewarding faithful.
Power corrupts.
We are no different from accused dictators in many places.

System is there to make sure nothing can be done.
Or at least it is to slow you down.
Slowness of Canada is a waste in today’s world.


Taipei has to utilize all hotels.
Each one can be unique presentation of flowers for the duration.
And there are department stores too.
They easily will be another focus.

They, each, need to display flowers creatively.
And all will have special emphasis.
Time is tight and late already.
And we can’t overlook our special historical story.

First come to mind is our famous first female king.
Her royal order to all flowers is perfect for the world.
This cultural rich’s famous flower story may help.
It deserves major consideration.

All landmark spots need special treatment too.
Presidential building is one.
And let’s not forget the one and only Palace Museum.
Taipei has to be the flower city inside out.  


BC this year sold 227 houses priced at Can $2 millions or up.
That is a 184% increase between January and March.
It is the best in Canada.

Kelowna is up 700% in top.
Vancouver sold one in $10.06 millions.
And another at $29.9 millions is in waiting.

It is obvious China luxury house buyers driving up the price.
Middle East buyers come in second.
They are real.

Chinese press covered with front page headlines.
None was mentioned in Van Sun or Province.
Community interest differs clear.

ADS meeting were attended by 120 people yesterday.
Carol James was the center of attention.
It was all about Chinese tourist.

The main concern is.
Is BC ready?
Are we looking for quality or quantity?

The tourist side seems cold.
Only 40 to 50 travel agencies will be authorized.
Minority few in control can’t cheer up the mass.

HST is in the way to cost.
Travel agents pointed out Europe relatively cheaper.
Why bother to come if no incentive.


Get elected is so political correct.
It is the same everywhere.
And I am still not going for it.
Politics is top agenda from Taipei to US.
Canada is relatively calm at the moment.
But municipal will heat it up next year.

Dignity and principle have no place in the process.
Position is everything.
Lose is silence forever.

Immigration or climate as issue heats US Congress.
Taiwan displayed it in China relation as Presidential debate for 2012.
China, in the mean time, is clearly improving winning heart.

They are in the play for the mass support now.
And that is why their visiting leader is outshining leaders in Taiwan.
The new generation will do well with the West too if giving opportunity.

The look of confidence reflects good home work.
They are candidacy-ready in West term.
Yes, that is Mayor of Shanghai.

Canada needs serious fresh blood if wanting to be competitive.
The current gangs will not do.
It is catching up time.

That means.
Getting elected will not be enough.
Get elected with what will be the issue.


The old US slogan is fresh again.
But it means Asia bound for North Americans.
World EXPO will be a start in Shanghai.

We have to realize.
The EXPO impact will be way beyond Beijing Olympics.
It is the long duration and the whole world participating.

It will be the best window to future.
All countries are making the best presentation as well as ambition.
China as hosting country has all outstanding provinces participating.

By now many already think it sounds like science fiction.
That reflects purely of the advance of the EXPO in thinking and form.
And in Canada we see only Chinese community excited here.

It is our young we need to get them interested and excited.
Our government is not helping with any motivation.
And it seems, in the time of cutting budget, they can care less.

But it is our kids’ future, and they have to pay attention.
In their life time, China and India will be major.
Frankly even Taiwan is important with the “new” China link.

It will be a good stop over in Asia bound.
We can make a difference for our youth if governments are not.
From individual effort to group networking, let’s just do it.


It is a “clean” look.
There is no trace of Olympics left.
People reflect the moments still.
But life goes on.

My flight landed at 7 pm.
But the whole airport was empty.
Escalator was off.
We have to walk up with carry on.

There was fast line for citizens.
But people there were no help.
I had no choice but to go the traditional way.
And I asked and confirmed the line was for the kind like me.

This shows the form in real practice.
People stood there were in presence only.
Courtesy to the visitors were just a good thought.
Or they just didn’t feel right for the day.

Immigration was ok.
That is if comparing to recent fuss.
It was over a female traveler from Taiwan.
Sadly real story was not told.

I was real happy to see family.
Traffic was light for a Sunday night.
It was so peaceful.
My Taipei “crowded” experience felt dream like.

Airport to Metro town was clean and quiet.
Only at Red Robin, we felt the mass of crowd again.
The friendly service was the Canadian kind.
The lady deserved a good tip. 

Age is catching up.
The need of sleep was real.
But bodily I had hard time to do just that.
I truly was sleepless in Burnaby.

Next morning I went for breakfast at Save on Food.
There again was no sign of any Olympic related economic boom.
I couldn’t help but to think.
Canadian economy is still mainly the natural resources.

And that was why so many China new generation were on my flight.
They are here to take over business they couldn’t buy before.
Like US, Harper is ready to sell.
That makes us better off economically if comparing to US.

In bright day light, I came to a conclusion.
Our immigration personals were not bad at all.
But they badly need international mentality.
Government has to send them aboard more often to catch up.

Canada is still in its own comfort zone.
Asia is booming with power activities.
But it is not felt at all here.
Isolation is the worst for our next generation.

Clean air and open space are our advantage.
We do have a comfortable life style.
And money is not everything.
But we still need to be competitive.

The priority of new world interest is in.
China is the focus.
India will carry 3 to 5 years later.
And Brazil and Russia burn hard too.

US are not out.
They need time.
Now they need Chinese hard cash to get the health care going.
And party politics is the big waste for nation’s passion.   
Canada must go east for own well being.
I am older and may not be wiser.
But personal point of view reflects reality.
Good things are to be shared.


It is a worldly event.
Then it must be the best Taipei can be.
But as for now, I don’t see so.

It is the structure thing to get it right at start.
But there seems no transparency and accountability in sight.
And ambition is definitely not visible.

Taipei has the unique opportunity to be the “flower city of future”.
That will be some thing people to talk about and place to visit for time to come.
And it ought to be ready now to call on all attention from WORLD EXPO visitors.

There is the “citizens’ expectation” aspect side.
How can they take part and be proud for rest of his or her life?
And it is never a small screw in big machine.

Then there is visitors’ expectation.
What will be the offer we make they can’t refuse?
And they definitely will make plan to be here for sure.

Finally there is foreigners’ expectation.
We need to generate the urge for them to come.
With WORLD EXPO, we have to make full use to make that a reality.

In all, we ought to be able to tell the world a story with a universal dream.
Taipei is the city of flowers blending with East and West cultures.
That is perfect for now and good for future.

Airport and transportation places ought to have display of this vision now.
They are not just signs like what we have in MRT.
Taipei can be more innovative than that.

And there is no inter-connection between city districts and surrounding towns.
The whole area ought to be separately representing all world flowers.
Each small area can be the presentation of one flower or a group of flowers.

It is a positive competition within the all greater Taipei.
Each neighborhood can be proud for the selected uniqueness.
It will conclude as the total city effort.

Taipei will be truly the official flower city of the generation.
There is no need of UN participation.
And we don’t need proof of independency to show case our independence.

Taipei is and will be the “city of flower” for ages to come.
That is the ambition for us.
And we have only very limited time left if WORLD EXPO is our gate opener.

Our first step is how best to leave creditable impression of our event.
We must claim the title of the one and only flower city, not Paris, period.
Flower city Taipei ought to be controversial as EXPO Shanghai of future.

Who will be able to deny that when Taipei truly display all flowers of the word.
Each section is uniquely displaying assigned type or group.
Neighborhood, business and government can all be part of creative unit.

Some street artist can be our show piece at airport starting now.
I saw one artist drawing picture of a young man on MRT was cool.
And a music guitarist was amazing at one underground street.

Product can be designed in world flowers with season in each neighborhood.
People ought to feel the urges to buy once in our land.
It will be a national effort in display here in peace and pleasure not politics.

This is my expectation for the city.
Our generation has long hoped for a chance to show case the city.
It has to be a total national effort and the mix of whole society. 


Economist reported.
Taiwan qualifies as a country.
And it is important.
Belgium’s Les Echos also reported.
Chinese culture is in Taiwan.

Charter flight is about to be a reality with Shanghai.
That is perfectly timed with WORLD EXPO and Taipei Flora.
The combination is a total dynamic economical bang.
And there is that bank convenience on the way.
Yes, it is the direct currency exchange.

One can not help but to see dollar signs all over. can tell you all.
And there is India extension too.
It is venture by both Taiwan and Singapore.
Main event will be in September this year.

250 companies will participate to high-light the 5 industrial zones.
Cambodia and Vietnam are well rooted.
China is openly voicing the special treatment for Taiwan.
All international businesses see the opportunity.
The best and the worst are all coming to Taipei.

Best opportunity comes with risk too, and “mother nature” is one of them.
Extreme weather and earthquake need major consideration.
But that is an international concern anyway.
Quakes bounce back and forth between American and Asia continents.
Higher alert is necessary.

All government cars will go eco soon.
Public will go for e-bike too.
Movie “A page of Taipei” reflects the gentle side of city.
But a restaurant tells more.
It is a hill side and river connected place.

You don’t pay in cash.
All foods are self grow.
You just need to put in your contribution in field work.
Yes, it is the best to enjoy food and then work for the next guy.
Isn’t that grand?