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March 2010
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Concern is simple.
Will they be in confrontation or cooperation?
That is the worry by many.
In Taiwan, lot people think US intending to control.
And China refuses to be intimidated.

Result is clear.
Trade war is in everyone’s mind.
Currency will be a show down in April.
But reality is.
Obama needs China’s cash to carry his health insurance.

But un-nerving signs are plenty.
Newsweek cover printed.
“The new emperors” is China.
Beijing is redrawing the global rules-in its favor.
Many wonder if this a reality statement or tricky political move?

China leader is ready.
There are subtle moves to off-set any “dirty” play.
In the name of freedom, US are pushing the issue.
But China, seasoned and wiser, will not fall for it.
Japan’s past made the perfect example.

The truth is.
US self interest can be deadly.
No wonder all experts think US will not get his way.
This will be bloody in political sense.
The real issue is control of earth resources.

Excuses are weak.
Freedom is not real issue here.
And dominance is.
Any self interest “only” move will come with big price.
China will play low but not down.

Russian factor is major here.
New nuke agreement with US draws full attention.
Can that be an indication for alliance in China Rising?
But China and Russian economic pact off set that.
May be the North Pole situation show reveal all true color.
There is huge labor shortage in China now.
That really put average wages up.
It is a turning point.
Next will be good education and talent hunt.
Automation and India youth will be part of solution.

There is something new too.
Asian is talking about Coffee Party in US.
But curiously the name is not visible in US.
All we can tell.
It is all point to Tea Party.

Fortune pointed out.
The new military is the new face in business leadership.
The discipline of military makes big difference.
No wonder China is chuckling at side.
They have done that all along to educate and train.

But one thing China is not getting.
And they can learn from US.
That is the best communication is to listen.
Clinton was the best as example.
Chinese leaders appear to use the form but not in full spirit yet.


There is no denying.
They are so much better than I was at their age.
The World MUN 2010 Taipei proves it and said it all.

I managed to mention it before.
43 counties and 18,000 students from all over made the occasion.
4 continents, 200 plus universities and colleges concluded it in 5 days.

Mind you, it was done by some 15 to 28 years old.
They were in touch with 460 agencies and corporations.
The coordination blended into 370 workable rules.

They did what government couldn’t.
16 university level societies put the application together in 3 months.
Again that was after their schooling and classes hours.

It was future generation playing UN game with their vision.
This global village broadens their vision and imagination.
The creative power will be amazing.


All are paying attention now.
But it is years after the movie “Day after tomorrow”.
Taipei is mixed with few days in the 30 C and then down to 11 C.

The best farming land in China is all dry up.
Water shortage is critical.
That goes with Southeast Asia too.

Taiwan’s rain is going in two extremes.
Heavy rain or no rain is the case.
This will be a tough year.

Earthquake is another.
From 2006 to 2009, average 6 points earthquake is 25 to 38 a year.
But, now in March, earth is having 48 6 points or more quakes already.

First typhoon is on its way.
It is heading the same direction if I take the flight tonight back home.
With President and Premier both had faced flight situation, I pass.

China, the worst polluted nation, now ranks first in Green Investment.
Extreme changes seem on the way.
Sincere efforts will fruit with positive result.

Taiwan is ranking Asia’s third best in competition in IT information.
That reflects knowledge to public covering 80% is there.
But action is truly lacking.


Jake Perkowski makes a statement inspiring.
He was in China market early and is showing great success.
One has to be the best in China or only the second class in business.

Silver Tsunami is a major concern now.
That reflects clearly in human resource.
All countries have to path smoothly to get over rough transition.

Middle East is digging hard.
Oil is in all minds.
But they are digging hard on water as well as oil.

Trend is in with restaurant business.
Bar and grill is going like stock market.
Menu is pricing flexibly with instant supply and demand as customers ordering.

Travel Fair is on.
NT $1 can get you to Shanghai EXPO.
176,000 paid customers are expected.

It is time for me to check out local Pro-basketball.
With past connection gone, I will pay to get in.
And luckily they play in Taipei this weekend.

3 hundred billion US dollars risk free fund is heading China.
China is focusing on domestic market now to balance weaker US.
Shanghai EXPO will cultivate 70 million visitors to test the direction.

China politically is making major effort.
That is to up grade the local government.
Village officials are having a chance of life time to learn.

Singapore is the best for racial integration.
Green and education make them the best.
Clean and efficient government stands out.


First is relation with China.
Government is all for it.
But Opposition is dragging the feet.

People accept legit concern.
But it is confusing to the public.
One fails to see any positive value in confrontation.

It then is clearly and unfortunately to oppose for opposing sake.
Public do have high expectation to Opposition leader.
And China is a living reality whole world has to face and deal too.

Health care is an issue here too.
It is temporarily taking care off.
But the long term final solution is not there yet.

Civil servant’s job security has long considered as permanent.
The comfort zone is a total envy by all.
And work efficiency is seriously doubted.

3% at bottom to get low grade suggested.
That turns to storm at the moment.
Major clash is possible.

One side sees this as holy war.
The other side thinks it a terrorist act.
Dark side of human self interest is in full play.

And there is the death sentence.
Minister stepped down for it.
Timing is all wrong in this.

Finally there is court system.
It shows all the signs of special interest.
This will be the toughest fight of them all.




We are watching in distance.
That is Obama’s fate this weekend.
The medical care bill will be historical.
Taipei skyline is a mess.
The fog like sandstorm from China covered the whole city.
And it is in a day of local marathon.

Runners had hard time breathing.
Few near had fatal breakdown.
Some couldn’t go home healthy.

One city had it worse.
It was the rain.
People were bathing in mud rain.

Confucius Forum is in town.
International scholars attend and present papers.
They aim to define and giving new meaning of the man in today’s world.

There are 16 reports.
Papers will be studied and discussed.
They are done by scholars from China, US, Singapore, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.
President Ma is on his diplomatic trip.
His visiting oversea gets negative comments too.
It will be a fast path 6 days.

First Lady is absent due to bad back.
That was the result of caring in charity.
Many wonder the trip necessary with plane close to the recalled 737.
Money is the first thing come to mind.
It takes money to get this many events going.
And people spend more to take part in events.

The beach concerts are as huge as ever.
7 large ones are in competition to see who draws the most crowds.
There is March Madness, and here is Spring Screaming.

That is for students and youth in the natural open space.
But there are concerts of divas and legends indoor packing people too.
They collect high end consumers.

Yes, dazzling is all I can think of.
High school basketball championship packed the 10,000 plus seats arena.
And Pro-baseball starts season after game fixing investigation.

Bakery Show is dazzling with new world best in our own.
Circle Show as always is the world best in exhibition and race.
Electronic Show displays the world largest LED screen.

Confucius Day is a serious tradition here.
Now with China Rising, old way draws more new interests.
Taipei is having Korean coming to perform old traditional ritual dance.

There is serious disaster alert.
China sandstorm is hitting Taipei in perfect example.
And it impacts 0.27 billion people in north China.

Shanghai is building disaster house for situation like 2012.
Taipei is planning for new 100,000 people capability.
There are places for old war preparation days good for 23,000 people already.

Water shortage is another international issue.
China is having both flooding and extreme dry situation on hand.
Taipei along with world finally realizes the water resource more important than oil.


Government Taiwan responded.
Precise wording in official statement went like this.
They plan to lodge a strong protest to Canadian authority.
That is for the reported case of mistreatment of a traveling Taiwan lady by Canadian Immigration Officials.
But Van Chinese newspaper had a different version.
Also the view reflected on Taipei parent paper is not quite the same either.
That is the reason Taipei’s TV still full of the lady’s view point.


London is advertising “visiting Taiwan” ad on taxi.
But London will have all China made taxi soon.
And Beijing airport is the third busiest in the world.
That is due to the 2009’s 65.3 million passengers.
It is up 17%.
Atlanta and London took first and second.
That is 88 millions and 66 millions.


There is shocking news today.
Somebody called “killing President’s daughters in US” today on line.
Surprise is.
Many openly go for the blood.
Agency is sure.
The person is in US.
That is not in Taiwan’s control.
Some said two daughters are US citizens.
Then it is American government has to protect its citizen.
Somehow President’s daughters are citizens of other country.
It just is not going down right.
Still human life can’t be treated this way.
Society is certainly sick in this case.
But the worst came from opposition MP.
They said to let go of “innocent daughter” but focusing on President.
Elected officials can get away with such statement.
It indicates how sick the place is.