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February 2010
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Yes, Canada is shinning with 14 Winter Olympic gold.
And Lunar Chinese New Year celebration is done.
It is time to go back to daily routine.

However, we can’t overlook the 8.8 earth quake in Chile.
That is a warning call for a year of “change” in everything.
Taipei is looking at 21C to 30C today for winter.

Vancouver needs to see how best to cover the cost.
Montreal experience is cutting deep and clear.
Make the most of what we have is a must.

It is time to test our transparency and accountability.
“Let go” is easy but will be a big encouragement to bad guys.
“To make an example” will help the future generation.

The quake could be in Van.
That would wipe out all achievements and investment.
This Olympic event would be a worst sport event disaster ever.

Let’s not make Canada’s Olympic “pride” a reason for cover-up.
And a positive use of this energy will truly make Canada great.
The real promoting of Canada is just starting.

Taipei is facing election year.
Ruling party won only one seat and lost 3 in by-election.
And this is only a warm-up before major event at end of year.

That is why celebration is overboard all over the island.
The environmental pollution by all kind of firecrackers is the worst and all over.
This is ironic when a major cutting carbon push was in the media few days ago.

One county loves the crowd created.
The magistrate is announcing “7 more days”.
That means media exposing and voter pleasing for him.

The sad part is.
No educated and academic address the issue.
Social conscience is temporarily and conveniently taking a break.


We all know.
Shanghai traditionally carries 50% of China’s economy.
But not many realize.
China has one city having 50% of nation’s cash floating through daily.
No, it is not Beijing.
It is Shenzhen.


It is the hottest February day ever.
The temperature was at 31.18 C.
And it was 10 C few days ago,
This makes this Lunar New Year a strange one.


Big by all mean is the word to cover all the situations.
It is the final display of celebration for Lunar New Year 2010.
But it also is a real big political show down for the island nation.

It is a 4 seats election on MP this Saturday.
That is why all top political personals are on the road shaking hands.
That includes the President himself having no time for lunar celebration.

Ruling party lost all 3 positions in last one.
The continuing sliding will mean losing control.
The consequence will affect the Presidential race in 2012.

And Taipei is spending big money to promote tourism.
$500 billion from 5 million tourists is the target.
That is why you can see big ad on London taxi.

The income is $400 billion this year.
And tourists are at 4.4 millions.
Taipei’s Lunar New Year is full of foreigners from all over.

At breakfast I heard enough English, Japanese, Korean and German.
All are here for activities plenty this weekend.
No wonder all were talking about where to go by what order tonight.

There are 6 major Lantern Festivals this weekend.
It estimates 20 million people will participate.
All specialize with unique firework display.

That is not counting on 150,000 visiting tourists.
There will be $3.6 billions spending income.
No other place can offer so much in such short distant traveling.

You can check on line.
They are,,,,, and
Hope the pictures will reflect the BIG of the occasion.
100 billion international “hot money” had rushed into local stock market.
It aids at fast profit from exchange.
The island’s new China relation is showing the fast opportunity.

Half million China farmers are going international.
They are farming 30 million acres of land outside the country.
That is why their income has been on top in China for last 25 years.

Medicare in China is drawing full attention.
All international power houses are rushing in.
This will be number one market in the world over US $100 billions.


All rational indicating US and China need each other.
But conventional wisdom reminds us.
It is the crazy ones creating “new” time and era.
Misfire is one great danger and a real possibility.

Time February 15 article titled “shifting ground”.
It refers China to early days USA.
No existing powers like competition.
The sentiment is to give ‘room” for China to “grow” in humanity.

Economists also identify the US-China relation as top risk in 2010.
The current tough appearance of China worries many.
It is in Communist China’s nature.
When tough outside, it means internal tension and high pressure.

Obama has to up-hold American values in “human right”.
But China needs to face her own people in “pride”.
And military at both sides can’t wait to profit from the “moment”.
Dark side of human nature can be the worst cause in this case.

It is “war against time” again.
How fast “domestic” market of China ready to the world will be vital.
Black Rock bets on Chinese middle class and others on new social safety reform.
China herself believes in consumers of 300 millions youth.

“ASEAN plus one” is another incentive.
Indonesian alone will be an US $11 billion dollars economic corridor.
The Economist calls it BANYAN, Asia’s never closer union.
That is really thinking global and acting local.

Two sides of China displayed in DAVOS reveal plenty.
The professionalism in China business can be tough-nailed today.
“China interest” has to be a “consideration” in today’s policy and strategy.
China’s political “party line” can’t be helped but boring and extreme.

“The Great Implosion” and “The Great Reckoning” are saying a lot.
China gets more teeth from them.
It is your “mess” for me to “clean up”.
Be nice.

When world allows American interest to be top priority.
China’s concern over Tibet then is legit.
It is like Harper’s claim of Canada’s north territory.
Survival interest trumps all.

The Economist is right in “making room” not “giving way”.
China really is coming to power too fast.
All are off balance.
“Too Big To Fail” is what we are facing.

The mobility of China’s New Year is a perfect example.
Citizens on the road are at 2.5 billions.
Subtle changes are visible.
Public interest finally is the top priority.

7/11 Taiwan is making great breakthrough in China too.
Its service in Taiwan is remarkable.
Many government functions are through them 24 hours.
They will impact China even Google real leaving.

More than half million mainlanders visited HK in last few days.
One spent $1 million HK dollars in one day.
They average spend $50,000 to 100,000.
That is a hefty income in short time.

Japan is working on them too.
They plan to lure 6 millions China visitors a year in near future.
That is really crazy shopping.
Trust in quality makes the price a lesser concern.

Taiwan had 5,000 China visitors in Palace Museum yesterday.
90 million have declared as life time goal.
This will be big for hotels and restaurants.
Taiwan can be more creative than that.

Yes, it is a replacement of Google in China.
What I am doing here is not political.
It is how fast they put it together.

The leader is a 20 years old young lady.
The whole group is low profile.
The youngest is only 13.

And he started his computer when only 4.
This 20 people’s group got job done in 36 hours.
The search speed is 0.017 second.


Many wondered.
There was no anger from China youth about Google leaving.
But they did speak up.

Yes, they are angry.
But it was not about Google leaving.
The silence was a build-up.

It is all about their pleasure and freedom.
That reflects precisely on the hottest game on line.
The power is the AVATAR like popularity.

The story line of the game reveals the deprivation.
It is the 40 cents’ on line time in freedom.
The pleasure and freedom matter to the millions.

This is the inner voice of 300 millions young web users.
Government can’t take it lightly.
China is changing.


Government official removed.
It was due to an insignificant over-charge of NT $8.
But top guy openly announced.
Public servant better steps down if can’t feel the public urgency.

With weather is an issue the night before Lunar New Year.
Fog stopped air traffic.
Military stepped up with both planes and ships.
1405 people got home.

The bigger shock is the head of National Security Council stepping down.
There is talk of health concern.
But public was really angry with him for ignoring public’s mood.
And the news printed in Vancouver Province could be the key.

It was on page A32 at Friday, December 11, 2009.
The title said.
UN is probing new Iranian nuke smuggling from Taiwan.
That if true can be the worst the government.

Now the administration is all in motion.
The Lunar New Year is no holiday to them at all.
And 9 days holiday will be tough for President Ma.
He needs to use the time to decide Cabinet re-shuffles.

There is a mood changing in spending too.
NT $1.5 trillion cash is withdrawn from banks ready for the holiday.
That is spending great to start this Tiger New Year.
Government finally is on the toe to serve the general public, cool.




Pro sport Taiwan is in hot water.
Gambling “group” controlled baseball players.
Games were fixed with huge bets.

Many are national team heroes.
Those top ranked stars fell to the dust.
They went for $1 to 1.5 million under the table payment each game.

Public is crying morality and decency.
Fans are hurting bad.
Player sex life is a disaster.

Faith crashed and believing no more.
The sad part is.
There is no real solution.

Basketball is not doing any better.
Half page expensive ads were in all major papers.
It is from team owner, big financial group.

The powerful is boycotting up-coming association tournament.
They cry unfair in recent player transfer.
It was in the name of “to pay back to society”.

The issue is the regulation on retired player.
Simply put.
They don’t want retired player to make other team strong.

It gives the impression.
It is the private ownership of players.
After all, this team has been dominating for decades.

Many see it the reason why women basketball declining.
Power of almighty money is there to threat and demand.
And timing is perfect.

The basketball association is in the process of re-organization.
A racial line seems at play.
All are making the team sport in basketball a joke.