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December 2009
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Slow boat to China was a common used phrase in my younger days.
Now I am learning the slowness of justice in Canada.
And there is no time limit.
This is how I feel of 2009.

A man died.
He committed no crime.
But law enforcement is the cause of his death.
In many other part of world, this is called murder.

But here in Canada, we are still in the “process”.
Provincial legal system from Braidwood Inquiry to BC Court of Appeal takes a stand.
Now it is considered as a possible misconduct case.
Immediately, federal law enforcement declares no judicial ground.

That arrogance of power is making any decent rational thinking person angry.
How can we look at ourselves and think us a human right society?
The blind eye at life lost indicates nothing but a major cover-up.
System is corrupted beyond repair.

And columnist can only write.
Mounties should just take their punishment.
That kind of “light footed velvet touch” reflects the mainstream cowardice.
Justice is a word only and a lip service now.

It carries no power to smooth the fury in people.
That is bureaucratic incompetence.
Smart ones knowing all the loop holes can get away with anything.
If that is what civilized is all about, our future is limited and doomed.


Obama now is saying.
The system failed.
But we still remember.
His staffs said all were ok.

This is the team emphasized of change to win election.
How fast they are turning into the body facing change themselves.
This clearly demonstrates the evil of being in power.
That is why civil servants disappointing the public always.

That CIA agent really is not the only one needing head examined.
5 weeks is too much.
And this “culture clash” is real and deepening.
It is all hate and asking for more blood.

Van is having Olympics coming.
With US security system failing, ours can be worse.
All kind of troubles will be at airport and border.
Public know too little to be any help.

All security will be anti business.
Olympic today is all business and the biggest.
And it is outdated in business arrangement with power monoply.
We in BC are sucked-in for good.

All expenses on us are paid in full.
I can’t see how we will have investment returned.
Normal people will not risk traveling in tight security coming to see the game.
Stay put at distance to watch TV will be the choice.

And let’s look at that residence explosive case.
That indicates there are plenty holes in our security.
It reflects terrorist’s great maneuver room.
No wonder UK is in the news on may not attend Common Wealth Games next year.

Hosting country India is busy with 400,000 people in anti-terrorist center.
But that is not helping.
And London will host next Summer Olympics.
Fear is real.


Trust and respect is the base for authority to function properly.
And empty threat will scar no one only the innocent public.
Beijing Olympics told us the reality.
It convinces bad guys only with the punishment real and heavy.

The price is high then they will obey.
Authority then carries the power.
And people will learn to show respect.
In time with good track records, trust will be established. 


A good friend e-mailed me recently.
He pointed out my writing is much less now.
“Yes”, I replied.
I am losing interest to keep repeating myself.

Recent Taiwan news is perfect to help to explain my mood.
A county magistrate election winner is appointing his wife to be the deputy.
Central government immediately responded and calls it violating the law.
But then next day the statement becomes legal.

The man is the best in the game.
He divorced his wife just 3 days ago.
That gives the appointment legit statue.
But he has to make sure no future evidence of living together.

The guy couldn’t get nomination from Ruling Party.
He has 2 major stock manipulating cases at court.
Party had to up hold the integrity value to let him go.
But he won the election.

He is looking ahead.
The court decision very likely will put him behind bar.
To make his wife the deputy is his best insurance policy.
Power will stay in the family for her then be the acting one.

Divorce in this case is just a technical formality.
Politics is all about power.
Marriage is holy no more.
Traditional value is a joke.

This is how the value of West Democratic system to be viewed in action there.
Political smart plays the law to the extreme.
This makes people think.
Moral and decent is a joke. 


No one is perfect.
And all will make mistake.
But there is a limit.
Stupid one is not tolerable.
When there is debt.
One must spend beyond the limit.

Recession creates fear in all.
Government needs to establish calm in trust.
Public insecurity needs to be deal with quickly.
Usually cut costs come to mind.
Live within the mean was how Provincial Liberal had succeeded.
But that is not here at the moment.

To spend more is shocking to many.
Government debt becomes answer.
We do have Olympics coming.
That turns out to be a perfect excuse.
That gives them reason to go into debt.
They are spending the future of next generation.
They are not telling us how debt will be paid.
Passing the buck is the game.
But what anger us is.
They didn’t see what was coming.
There is no punished.
And future generation has no say what so ever.
Nobel 2009 will be remembered as a special one.
There is change in vision.
It banks on new US Presidency.
Obama makes perfect target
Now the Presidency must carry out the peace mission.
That turns out to be another kind of government debt.

Canada love to brag about the soundness of the economy.
Past success is a curse this time.
They didn’t see the crisis coming.
It took them long enough.
That was to admit the recession.
But they still claim how better off we are.

That mentality is a liability today.
It reflects the people in charge are off balance.
Government debt becomes first option.
We have no idea how far will they go with the debt.
Montreal Olympics is a lively example.
They were tied down for decades.

Unfortunately it is Vancouver’s turn now.
Spending is out of control.
Younger generation will be pinned down for years.
Fat cats pocket the profit and move to next one.
There is no way we can get to them later.
The thought sick me to the stomach.


Front page news said.
20 vicious youth stormed a house hold.
It was 8 minutes of terror.
60 feet fence came down.
“Kill” was shouted.
Property owner was shaking and hiding in the bathroom.

5 youth were round up by police.
But this is not the first time in Richmond.
Residences are mad but have to swallow the anger.
That is the society’s tolerance mixing with failing education.
And Burnaby has a house with powerful arms.
This is right before the Olympics.
Pot growing seems minor in comparison.
Citizen’s arrest can be a measure if in the US.
But this Canadian “civilian arrest” has strict limit.
Bad guys can get away easy.
A Chinese store owner learned the hard way.
He was the one police arrested with unnecessary force.


The honor in DUE SOUTH is wearing off.
Many make the comparison.
There is “honor among thief”.

Complain of press bias was printed.
It quoted the HURT on pride of the majority.
But public demands the courage in pride.
Clean house in self respect is a priority.

You act like a lady before people calling you one.
Past glory is no longer valid.
It was blood and tears made the past honorable.
You just have to have the guts to do it all over again. 


It made international news.
Unfortunately many don’t seem to understand the implication.
With the size of India population, the move will change the world supply chain.

My past India experience included Taiwan’s agriculture aid.
That was a success and allowed India to be regional sufficient.
They even named the rice after one of Taiwan’s city.

Press did ask me why there still was hunger reported.
I explained it was due to the poor transportation system.
And India government later reported situation improved.

That is why this news is drawing major attention.
Why is the shortage?
And where will that supply come from?


Nobel Prize was like a down payment.
And the gamble on Obama’s Presidency seems is paying off.
That displayed all around in the Nobel accepting speech.

“Just War” is the name.
It declared vision and moral code.
He quoted near all the greats in Western world of recent history.

No wonder critics claim it great speech.
But Obama missed the China factor in his universal values.
Human Right is truly emphasized pointedly.

But that will not do the job for Chinese population.
He failed to bring on the moral from traditional Chinese like Confucius.
That would hit the mass Chinese population big time.

US have to realize.
Universal value can’t be one sided with west side only.
American “the greatest” can turn people off.


This is the danger Canada facing.
We are not leaving much to younger generation.
It was so clear in today’s news paper.

Top general admits the Afghanistan situation.
Expert speaks of substantial evidence of torture.
Is this the kind of government people can trust?

Editorial pointed out cop’s bad news day.
But other societies would call it murder with cold-blooded moral indifference.
And it is double standard in national value called Human Right.

People wrote in calling airport TASER victim “conduct criminal”.
And the death is only a “mistake” .
Canadian humanity is done.

And there is government stand on climate change.
We are big in land and space with small population.
Yet we are the one dragging our feet.

Columnist writes about BC government.
Liberal spends more on PR than people.
And it stinks worse than toilet.

Bible group protested.
Now they are withdrawing the complaint.
And it isn’t “turning the other cheek”.

And some suggested booze price going up.
Related death is sounding the alarm.
But booze also relaxes people to cut down stress or confrontation.