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November 2009
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US are in the dog house.
Security is a total failure.
They let people into the White House State Dinner Party.
President and intruders had picture taken.

That is an insult to visiting India PM.
Crashers are crazy.
They are playing the law and humiliated the country.
Jail time will not be enough.

This is good for Canada.
Harper will host Olympics and G20.
It is a good wake up call.
All professionals will be on their toes.

Obama spending is at US $3.5 trillions.
Fingers were pointed at Wall Street fat cats.
Lavish White House expenses need re-considering too.
It will be the best example by leading.

In fact, the world debt will reach $49 trillions next year.
Dubai is perfect as a reminder.
The banking system definitely is losing our trust.
It is sad China the only one left standing.

The 45% emission cut promise by China caught all by surprise.
Obama will attend the Copenhagen.
Harper is fast at fallowing the lead.
Earth can be different by it.

More jobs lost in Canada.
Roger’s 900 and Bombardier’s 715 made the news.
Van Olympics will have 14,800 polices with 750 in waiting.
Is there room for those un-employed?.
BC banks lumber sales to China.
Sizing is in the way.
We are too used to others suiting our way.
It is about time for Canada to re-learning customer is always right.


Critics were not kind to movie 2012.
But, in real life we had 3 disasters in one day.
They made the full front page in one local Chinese newspaper.
They were storm, a 6.6 earth quake and more H1N1 death.
Government is not good at telling the truth.
Now we know Canada economy was down in 2007.
Government admitted in October, 2008.
Now we rank the world 4th in business frauds.

India PM had strong statement at White House dinner.
It pointed at China’s human right.
India is the largest democratic country.
But business sector also ranks India as one of the worst in corruption.
Service for addict is top in Van.
The delivery takes only minutes.
The efficiency is not in government services.
Maybe we have the wrong people on public payroll. .

Government stopped using 170,000 GSK dosages.
Allergy was the reason.
Officials still insist.
We better go to take our shot.

China claims 10% growth in 4th quarter.
That is better than the 8% promised.
Harper tried to sell nuclear in India.
He needs something better for China next month.


39 million people are on the road for Thanksgiving USA 2009.
All families try their best to be together.
The concept is so universal.
We Chinese practice the same in Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

It was hard for me in my Berkeley days.
Campus was dead.
It was lonesome time with only TV and me.
That was until finally got invited to go to a fellow student’s home in Modesto.

He was a Vietnam vet.
On government fund he chose to come back to school.
Older than most students, this white guy chose me to be his friend.
And my Asian back ground helped many unique conversations.

Modesto family displayed many basic American values.
I was touched and impressed.
That made this special day a part of me from then on.
This traditional Chinese totally absorbed the gentle American hominess.

The friendship did end sadly.
My traditional Chinese anti-gay mentality angered him one day.
This always polite guy did turn verbal.
I still didn’t realize his gayness until years later.

Earlier in 1066 my dorm roommate also was a vet back from Vietnam.
Their friendship made my Berkeley life unique.
Together we displayed great culture exchanges.
And people around us learned the time we were in.

This past is making me sad to see American again losing lives in wars.
And Canada in Afghanistan makes me speechless.
Young lives lost at righteous of government.
And there is nothing patriotic about it at all.

A friend is having a baby girl.
He considers it ok in professional military death.
I strongly disagree.
Youth and life ought to be cherished not wasted.

And Obama will send 34,000 more to Afghanistan.
US failed due to supporting a corrupted government.
That was the Vietnam lesson.
American still are not learning.    


Again, Obama had a define moment in history.
His practical approach is correct.
It mixed well with China’s traditional “humble” virtue.

American lost no status in seasoned Chinese eyes.
By offering American’s pride in best not demanding is smart.
He displayed the American greatness without being ugly American.

Time is changing.
Asia Age is “coming”.
Obama confirmed China’s place at world stage was his best gift to China.

It is far more important for both sides not to jump ahead in time or place.
Humble at heart and level headed is the best at the moment.
Both sides need to see the troubles ahead rather than who is top at the moment.

American know-how can be used to build rural China.
China cash can be responsible as the engine for world economy.
And that will be the match to the Obama performance.

Many were troubled by what had happened last week.
A humbled US approach got some excited and others depressed.
But it did honestly play out the time we are in.

Have gun will travel.
Put money where month is.
Beggar can’t afford to be choosy.

US still are strong in skill and know-how.
Management innovation is another asset.
How best to help Chinese to use the cash and huge domestic market is now.

Harper is all nuclear in India.
He will go to China in December.
Obama’s friendship approach can be indicative.

Harper needs to establish trust.
Obama lives up to his election promise.
He really can sit down talking to anyone to make a difference.

Harper has to think hard for his role in new world order in place.
2010 will be big for him.
He will be host for both Winter Olympics and G-20.

China did go out its way for Obama.
The full TV coverage and 2 State dinners said it all.
Obama will enjoy the favor returning when China leader visiting US next year.

100,000 exchange students to China simply are brilliant.
That will be as powerful as Peace Corp in due time.
A new bond is on its way.

That smile on Chinese leader’s face was evident and real.
A trusting friendship is made.
That is golden in dealing with China.

Harper can follow the lead Canadian way.
Patience and skilled interplay are important.
The world needs more partnership not confrontation.

Harper’s presence at Jewish terrorist attacking site was confusing.
His “tripping” on India’s “You think you can dance” reminds people Ford and Carter.
He needs a much better China trip.

US were good in preparation.
Obama’s meeting with Chinese students was a master piece. .
The impact was silent but long lasting and will change China forever.


To old school Chinese, tradition is everything.
Respect is serious and total.
It has priority too.
It was in the order of heaven, earth, king, parents and teacher.
In today’s term, it is morality, country, leader, family and school.

With such mentality, Remembrance Day is good.
It honors those sacrificed for the country.
It is a tradition worthy carrying on.
But faith can be blind only so far.
Many are wondering now because of Afghanistan.

Military death climbing is frequent in the news.
People are looking into each other’s eyes.
All like to ask.
What is our Afghanistan interest?
Is this worth our young dying for?
NATO obligation is not selling.
That is for age under 35.
Poppy plantation protection makes sense.
That seems real.
If true, then that is hypocrisy


Service government is an F in Canada.
The heart is not in their.
Passion would be illegal.

Government agency sent me a letter.
It notified my qualification for Old Age Security.
The letter dated 2008/07/29.

There was application form.
And I did what I was asked.
In November, a letter dated November 25. 2009 returned.

It stated my not qualifying for retirement pension.
That ought to be a confirmation.
They received my Old Age Security application too.

I was wrong.
The Burnaby office told me to my face on August 18, 2009.
They never receive any.

I submitted a new one next day on August 19, 2009.
I was told.
It will take 6 to 8 weeks to process.

Being in BC has its benefit.
I was told of SAFER program.
Resident citizen has to be 65 and rent in the province over 10 years to apply.

That fits me perfectly.
I went to apply right away.
And the front desk service was nice.

September 10, a letter came.
My wife’s tax return is needed too.
I was puzzled because we joined tax report in last 11 years.

Still we got her return.
Then I brought it to office in person.
This time I had 2 nice ladies helping out.

One was processing.
And the other called Canada Service on my behalf.
Here came the trouble.

She told me I missed my Guaranteed Income application.
I stormed over the Burnaby office in person right away.
There I learned from another desk lady.

Her new fact is.
It takes 14 weeks to process.
And then the Guaranteed Income application will come with mail.

But that was not right either.
A higher rank officer made a call.
It will take 16 weeks to review and another month to process.

I went back to Provincial SAFER office to clear the whole mess.
Oh, yes, the SAFER office had a deadline for me too.
It was due to the “helpful” phone conversation they had.

I needed to get OAS and the Guaranteed Income done at end of October.
One office’s wrong information to other made me suspicious.
I was angry but understood.

Now we all know that was impossible.
Waiting is all we can do.   
That desk lady thought me wrong still looked me strangely.

Long story needs short conclusion.
Government office sent me the letter.
That pretty much indicates my qualification.

This makes the whole application wasting time and man power.
Government is the one having all the information.
Why I have to prove myself all over again and again?

Yes, I am processing my Guaranteed Income now.
I had to send in my Taiwan passport of 1998 and marriage license.
They better send them back. 


Taiwan calls him Master of trend.
He suggested Taiwan.
It will be wise to be a “Political Free Zone”.

China is creative in his opinion.
That political from up down policy making proves efficient.
No wonder global balance is tipping toward East.

He thinks world economy heading unification in system.
Traditional boundary is a way of past.
He pointed out the world auto industry as a perfect example.

He credits China Rising from “thought freedom”.
And the China democratic practice from up down is vital.
West fails due to the democracy strong on party-line bickering.

China has to look out in corruption and environment.
It has to be careful and processing a step at time.
No wonder he is at top in his 80 for past 30 years.

14 million copies of his books were sold.
UK Financial Times recorded him perfect in all his past predictions.
Imaging, he was a marine.


Yes, it is a never ending struggle.
But we have to keep trying.
My life is a perfect example.

Born in China in war time 1944 is not helping.
1949 was a big divide.
My parents took me to Taiwan was a blessing.

I was away from Culture Revolution and Red Guard.
It was hard time but traditional culture rooted.
At least I am fully aware of where I came from.

But political correct is too powerful.
Another up side down was with us.
Independent mentality went to extreme.

1949 to end of 1962 plus 1978 to 1998 couldn’t balance the next 8 years.
China root became an original sin.
Even today the island is still under the spell.

My 1963 to 1978 made me a Berkeley free spirit.
I made me a lone wolf in Taiwan for next 15 years.
But still I did it my way, thanks to Paul and Frank.

1998 January to now has been another journey.
I tried hard to make my mark.
But mainstream preferred stern and stubborn.

I take no pride of China’s prosperity.
My free sprit is in the way.
Berkeley USA’s experience in me demands China to be creative and free.

Taiwan after 8 year is a ruin.
Hard working and drive to be the best are no longer there.
To be easy on all things is the mentality

Burnaby is no longer the city of 1998.
I saw the flaw with personal experience in 2002.
My effort in city council run spoke for itself.

2005, I was ready to clean up the crime with my running for Mayor.
Now we see how time lost from 2002.
And no one is accountable.

Sadly all those can turn someone to self pity some time.
No wonder old friend called me “mission impossible”.
They refer to my never compromising altitude.

Constantly I find myself not belonging.
Born China but I believe in free and creative.
Growing up Taiwan but Berkeley spirit and Burnaby space air are in the way.


Dear Sir,

China is where the action is.
And leisure industry there is making a serious presence.
We already see action in railroad building.
That took care of “land” development.
There will be 4 major rails connecting to Europe.
And we see private jets moving in.
It is time for waterway to make its splash.

My name is Tom Tao.
I am the “on duty” Chairman of International Leisure Industry Association.
This is a China rooted organization.
I help out on international connection.
Organization Chinese website is

A meeting will be in Beijing.
It will be on January 22, 2010.
Your company’s presence will be welcomed.

You will learn first hand who is who.
It will be great saving in money and time.
You will learn about our May event.
That will be at a coastal sea and island city.
We intend to introduce the waterway leisure life style.
That will be our first Leisure Boat Life Presentation.

World EXPO will be in Shanghai.
And a boat show will be in April.
But it is high price marketing there.
We can do so much yet cost much less but just as effective.
You will learn it all in January meeting.

Yes, our next presentation will be in Hainan.
You can think it as China’s Hawaii.
And our organization has strong local base there.
Please let me know if you are interested.
Truly yours,

Tom Tao


Yes, I did lose my interest in Burnaby politics.
One party’s domination usually means disasters at end.
I have no desire to clean up the mess.

But reading news daily is my life blood.
I see how Mayor flashing his inside maneuvering best in party politics.
There is no long range future for the city or region.

I remember why I decided to live in Burnaby.
People resided here before me told me.
It is the center of Greater Vancouver.

And now Surrey is taking over.
24 had a piece few days ago.
It wants to take over Vancouver including a new Surrey International Airport.

I can’t help but to ask myself.
Is that all for Burnaby?
And Richmond is growing with Olympics.
What kind of standing can we expect of Burnaby in 2011?
Are we happy to be the front warrior for provincial party politics?
Or we want to be the path finder for next generation.

China is one billion internet users’ market.
BCIT and FSU ought to join force to tackle this territory.
City government can pave the way.

Burnaby has to think big.
Future clearly is India and China.
Are we ready and ambitious for vital roles?