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October 2009
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They sent me a letter dated 2008/07/29.
It was to inform me my eligibility of Old Age Security.
I put in my application in January, 2009.
My 65 is this year 2009 in July.

On August 18, I walked in the Burnaby office.
I thought all would be done.
Wrong, they never got my application.
Canada Post didn’t deliver.

So I submitted my second one next day.
I was told to wait for 6-8 weeks.
Then there is this provincial SAFER application.
And it has to wait for the conclusion from federal office.

The kind counter staff was nice to call Service on my behalf.
She was told my approval would be around October 15.
That is why they allowed me to conclude SAFER at end of month.
Waited I did.

Today October 29, I went to Service office again.
The desk lady shocked me.
She was telling me 3 months the right time to process.
I couldn’t believe it.

It was the same office told me 6-8 weeks.
And provincial people called too.
The lady confirmed the same.
But there is more.

After 30 minutes waiting from 09:03 am, I got to talk to an officer.
Gentleman had to call head office to tell me another version.
Officially it takes 16 weeks to review.
And then there will be one month for process.

I could say nothing but to thank him for his work.
And I strongly suggested.
The whole office needs to know same correct “date”.
I had to go to provincial office to repeat the same all over again.

They looked in disbelief.
I did ask them what to think.
They looked at each other and then concluded.
No commend.


He will host and co-host next year’s G-8 and G-20.
Winter Olympics will be in Vancouver.
APEC will be in Singapore next month.
Harper will be there and then visit India and China.
Stage is set for Harper internationally.
We just like to know.
How ready is he?

California is coming up with the marijuana “munchies”.
It is such a changing world.
Harper can make a difference.
That is for him self and as well for the country he represents.
Remember HK has 200,000 Canadians residing there.
China has 40,000 and Taiwan 52,500.
Yes Singapore has 5,140 too.

All can be first line foot soldier for him.
That is if he is smart enough to use them.
Ignatieff has Peter Donolo now.
That ought to show the way.
And he ought to know PONOKO.
This is a magazine cover story.
New Zealand youth are shining with this 21 century factory.

The magazine title says.
Move over, China.
That is good enough for his attention.
While he is there for the duration, he ought to pave way for Canada interest.
ASEAN just met in Thailand.
Lot deals were made.
And make sure he can cut into ASEAN US $6 trillion market.

OCTOBER 27, 2009

Flight Centre advertised.
It costs $289+$104 to go to Vegas for air and 3 nights.
Whistler is $599 for 3 nights and lift.
What is your choice?

And this HK man 75 and woman 34 lost their children to government.
They are charged with kidnapping their own two children.
Kids were about to hand over to new family.
The tragedy is the adjustment to Canadian style of living.

China, Russia and India have foreign affairs ministers in meeting.
Afghanistan is the topic.
There is high expectation.
Many strongly feel solution will come out this one.

It is good to hear IOC giving $22 million to VANOC.
VANOC also announces $180 million in profits.
And deputy CEO says the worst is over.
Does that means BC tax payer will not be like Montreal?

Timing is bad.
It is the long line in flu shots.
And they are cutting nurses and hospital beds.
One has to wonder the judgment in priority and flexibility.

Will you “stay” or “go” during Olympics?
My car dealer pointed out the “road blocks” to Whistler.
My son is wondering our citizen’s role.
I miss the constant e-mails from VANOC when we were applying for the game.

BCAA is closing offices.
Job loss is at 157.
And Olympic is coming.
Many first time international travelers will miss their service.

Oh, women are the power to keep economy going.
World Bank estimates.
Women income in 2014 will be at US $18 trillions.
That will be higher than Chinese and India combining.
CNN concluded women the power moving the economy.

Jim Roger is buying USD.
He never supported USD.
The change makes one wonder.
Is that a sign of his “thinking” on gold?

Don’t trust your banker.
That seems the message from Central Bank top man.
Mark Carny talks tough on recent bank fat cats maneuver.
But is he in control?       


Up to now, 1559 women are missing.
This is the report in Province.
We lost our right to brag about human right from now on.

And we still have no closure on Air India.
Our system and political leaders all failed.
They better wake up to be counted.

Stabbing spree sends 5 to hospital
Here we will have Olympic in 109 days.
Visitors’ human right in safety is a major concern.

Flu and vaccine become a choice.
Vaccine wasn’t tested on Canadians yet.
That is why half of citizens will decline immunization.

Game ticket is turning into a charade.
Government and VANOC seem having $3 millions inside deal.
Tax payers are not included.

And Sri Lanka Tamil plays refugees game.
Advocates can’t wait calling for release.
Wasn’t Tamil Tigers a terrorist group?


Canadians are not impressed by the recovery news.
Government paid ad is not working.
That is a trust issue.

Gold price is delicious.
Can it be the one and only reliable?
Or diamond is a better choice.
China is the one holding the diamond market.
Canada has mine.
But our effort for market share is not there.

Oh, yes, China is on the roll.
They just find a possible 120 billion square meter gas field.
That will give them financial freedom in major way.

They are on top for sun energy battery too.
No wonder Volkswagen is the first to provide top tech to China.
They see no reason to delay in inevitable.

And 15th ASEAN Summit and 4th East Asia Summit caught all eyes.
China again has major role in both.
On the light side, Transformer will have theme park in Singapore.


Yes, APEC will be in Singapore on November 14.
But we must keep close eyes on this one in Thailand from October 23.
China and India leaders used the occasion well.
And China is provising near US $7 billion in various ways.
Canada as a resources rich nation ought to be a player in those type of meeting.
Harper could use Emerson in those occasion to cover better Canadian interest.


It is all about money.
The presence of OBAMA made it worse.
That was the full US government backing.

That is where the problem is.
Chicago is the second largest US financial center
But why it still can’t finance the event money wise in Olympic eyes.

They need money badly from federal government.
Obama’s presence confirmed that.
Weak Chicago means weaker USA.

OBAMA card had to be played.
And he had no choice.
But Olympic knows better.

ROTHCHILD legend is big in US.
Books and TV couldn’t have enough of their stories on power and money.
They certainly had me in my Berkeley years.

The ROTHCHILD is from Europe.
And Olympic family is pretty much in the same tradition.
Loser has no seat in the power circle.

American power and rich lose glow and influence with Olympics.
They prefer the cash and resources plenty of Brazil.
And US simply are a risk financially in the long run.

Current Vancouver situation reveals to us some of that mentality.
Olympic never loses money.
BC tax payer will be the loser with all the bills at end.
China is full of US educated returning scholars.
Many are mindful of the “ROTHCHILD” factor.
They did forecast the economic disaster in 2007.

And that book was a success on record.
Now they are pointing the finger again for next year.
Bad time it will be again.

They remind us.
US consumer power is weak.
And commercial credit reflects reality.

Private sector debt is larger than government.
Even the latest TV program THIS WEEK agreed.
The unemployment is killing the government.

That is why we know.
There is no way Olympic will bank on Chicago.
That is with OBAMA or not.


Can $30 million bonus is in waiting for them.
On behalf of Canada, they are allowed to take part in Olympic experience.
For such valuable lesson, no tuition is charged on them.

Canada is proud of being a nation strong with spirit of volunteering.
Yet we let them to be like Wall Street fat cats.
None of them had Olympic experience before the job.

The on job training is an opportunity.
To be highly paid already angered few.
Now the bonus is going to blow all minds.

In the name of honor and country, they get a fat pay check.
Public will pick up the tabs long after they take off with bonus.
How can we make them accountable now?


Don’t we hear that all the time?
And we do brag out loud of our volunteer spirit too.
Contradiction is so clear.

Here is a live one this morning.
I took my car to Chrysler for regular service.
It was 7:45 am.

I needed to use the bathroom.
It was near total darkness in there.
The light was too weak.

While waiting for my car, I asked around.
With over 10 mechanical experts there, no one cared to fix the light.
They all uniformly said “that is not my job”.

Bonsor pool side men’s room is another.
Pissing bowl has a dirt mark at inside corner.
Again in last 6 years, all said “that is not my job”.

This is the state of Canada today.
All are full of big words.
There is no immewdiate action from anyone. 


We Canadians have to make a decision.
Is human right our number one issue?
And it is above all other considerations.

Tolerance is a valuable virtue.
But when applying without limit, serious consequences follow.
And many have reached the point of no return.

Irresponsible behaviors are all around us.
Many fail to manage their dark side human nature. 
May be human nature management ought to be the first priority.

We are failing miserably.
The dark side is powerful around our daily life.
And we are just helpless.

Tolerance is becoming a negative encouragement.
Discipline to respect the law is lost.
Need of balance is our clear calling.

Human right has no place for ones having no regard to other people’s right.
They wish no discipline onto themselves.
Tolerance has no place for them then.