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September 2009
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It is their turn now.
The market has long being under priced.
Real estate now is reaching new high.
Taipei has housing property at NT $3 million per pin.
And that is $700 million for a top house.


He let go Bush’s super power USA altitude.
Working with UN is his new game.
But UN has being a loser in public mind for a long time.
They are bad as Wall Street fat cats.
Republic reacts accordingly.
Negative responses are plenty.


Japan government is having new line-up.
The oldest cabinet member is 77 in Finance.
Foreign is 57.
Youngest are 47, 49 and 50.
3 are over 70 with a lady at 72.
4 are in the 50 and 9 in the 60.


It is about time.
The lady in house arrest finally will work with military.
I had suggested that long ago.
Politics needs to be practical.
Hilary is helping too.
Military will not shut the door this time.
That is why we see new power faces rising.
They are daughters of the first and second Prime Ministers.
Both will be in up coming election with new parties.


WHO is warning to brace for long winter H1N1.
And Canada will reach 10% unemployment next year.
Depending on natural resources alone will not do.
Creative thinking will be needed from our younger generation.
Let’s free them of past bondage to start anew.

Trade between US and China is $69.7 billion to $337.8 billion.
China has US bond at US $800.5 billion.
China seems making plan to change US dollars to gold.
We better target our future in China domestic market.
Actually we are late already comparing to UK.

The truth is.
Asia is where the action is.
Canada better makes major presence there fast.
It is catching up job.
But we have no choice.


Gang “soldier”got free.
This reflects badly on Canada justice.
We talk so much in principle.
But all we get is sorry result.

Langley schools is a good example.
They run $8.3 million in debt.
They call it a budget accounting error.
What a joke it is in accountability and transparency.


Government agency reported.
Small business was the unsung heroes in recession.
They cushioned jobs disaster.
And they will lead revival too.


This office lady drinks Macdonald coffee with free paper at Tim Horton.
And she takes a four persons seat.
She is not the only one.

There are nurse assistant students.
They seat not buying anything and read papers not paying.
That much is common decency at display.

Staffs saw those daily.
Believe it or not.
They are seeing no evil and hear no evil.

Tolerance is in full display.
That is encouragement.
All bad things starting from small.

No wonder religious people declare.
The end is near.
There is no decency left.

And in 24, columnist wrote“talking Tasers, HST and one hapless Mayor.
I wonder.
Why not Swine Flu?

And people took shot last year.
They are inclining to be sick more this year.
Again, politics get better of true public concern.   


What kind of country breeds them?
And what kind of community tolerates them?
Burnaby is a good place to observe.

It is 7:30 am at Station Square’s Save on Food store.
First was this white, white collar and white-haired guy at Tim Horton.
And there was a well off Chinese senior.

They both are there often for coffee.
And they read newspaper at will not paying.
They both look respectable but stealing.

The small Macdonald section is perfect for homeless each morning.
As years go by, the age in group gets younger and meaner.
They get their hands on anything near by with sharp eyes and fast hands.

The use of wash room is a must.
And mind you, there is only one toilet for each sex.
Homeless makes the outside of library their living quarter.

One can not help but to think.
It is a time bomb of violence in waiting.
Let’s wait and see who will be the unlucky one.

There is no preventative mentality.
Everyone is playing the smart.
Let’s be human and tolerating.

But this N1H1 will make the best use of the homeless.
By October we will see.
Their living habit is perfect for the disease.

And there are big high rise apartment buildings around too.
Government agencies are too busy seating in the office.
All will be the afterward investigation.   


China and India funds are the best choice world wide the rest of year.
And China chain store groups are making major entry in Taiwan.
10 groups and near 50 people came yesterday for lot actions in next 9 days.

Acer is the “next” Star by New York Times.
It will be first or second in market this year.
And smart phone is going to be big too.

US banks are re-hiring.
It mainly is in Asia-Pacific.
That means confidence back and bad time over Asia only.

Hello Kitty decides its China location
It expects completion in June, 2013.
That tells the leisure market potential in China.

And Taiwan Economic Minister will visit China.
That is to invite investment to Taiwan.
MP in group are heading to China for MOU study.
Market computer was down 20 minutes in Taiwan.
DELL blew it big time.
It marked so low on web for computer at NT $500 each.

Macdonald damages own reputation in Taiwan.
It failed to change fry oil.
They reached unsafe level.

And 60 youngsters fought with bats due to a basketball game result.
Earthquake shook us 22 times yesterday.
Next lottery will hit NT $850 million dollars.

To promote the World Games, hosting city comes up with top bargain.
That is one dollar food.
They will be at 21 business districts and 5 night markets.

And Taipei starts new Metro extension with free ride.
For next 3 days, 50,000 people each day will be expected.
And there will be fruits at one dollar each.

Motels in the area are targeting business groups with top offers.
Restaurants jump in too.
They also offer good dish at one dollar.