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June 2009
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It is a choice between HUMANITY and LAW.
It is shocking.
That is to see ex-President begging.
He is on behalf of his daughter.
She wants to go to US to study with her 3 sons.

But her legal statue is the trouble.
She recently admitted lying in court for her parents’ corruption cases.
That is not helping.
Now the ex-President is hinting her suicide possibility.
And that includes her 3 sons.

The ex-President’s record is not good either.
To fight his cases, he did claim suicide 3 times too.
People were shocked and very concerned.
But, at end, it was all a plot.
That really turned people off.

This record is not helping her.
Some think him coaching her to his own legal strategy.
She was a tragic figure in public’s eyes for a long time.
Only recently, people start to wonder if that was all part of play.
The shadow really cast doubt all over her.

Public is struggling.
People like to be kind.
But many are having doubt.
All refuse to be fooled
This makes public decision in her favor very hard.

The highest legal head is not helping either.
Rumor has him giving advice and assistance to corruption charge.
If true, that will put the country’s legal dignity and pride to the dust.
The whole society is watching.
Are those people still capable of self respect?

International study shows.
Taiwan is politically very stable now.
But it does give government service a low mark.
I, for one, had spotted that last summer.
Only now the international opinion proves how right I was.

This is testing the head and heart of leader and people.
It is to test our civility and civilization.
Choice is ours.
It is not simply a right or wrong.
But it will be the direction of future.

To “let go” with big heart is the value in human spirit.
And “to give” is what present really need.
Do we want to stick to the law?
Or do we value in giving a second chance?
We need to think hard and make a decision.

I hate the idea of the ex-First Family cunning and smart and getting away with it.
And the thought of it kills me.
That is a lot of lies to swallow.
But we have to decide the world we want with a standard for the future.
A higher order may be necessary with the spirit of law preserved.

Those Green MPs are not helping.
How can they quote the “right to school” of the third generation?
And the right to go to US is not just a local decision.
The political motivation is the worst at display.
It has to be devil’s work.   


The whole world is looking at China’s domestic market.
All are guessing.
What will be the best win-win item?

That is what is in everyone’s mind.
Now, someone highly recommends drinks.
And he is right.

Statistic clearly showed.
Better income encourages more leisure drinks.
In China, they see it up 22% to 44%.

That is why Coca Cola fighting so hard to keep market share.
And local drinks fight back even harder.
Taiwan is getting there with more creative variations.

That is where real investment ought to be.
At same time, many talk about China’s money to Taiwan.
We have to look at political side.

It will be all policy.
That is to buy banking and IT.
Reason is simple too.

By investing in banking, they will know the total economic structures here.
And IT is Taiwan’s strength to compete in world.
This clearly indicates where we small investors will put our money to.

And there is life style.
Taipei has the best life style for any Chinese.
Free is the magic word.

The feeling itself is addictive.
All in China will have to be here to feel the difference.
That is assuring of Taipei tourism.

And it may extend to real estate market.
E-book is hot due to the Amazon’s Kindle.
The convenience and saving are tremendous.

But we don’t see that in Chinese language yet.
But that will come eventually.
China will beat Taiwan to it due to the strategic state policy than technical know-how.


This is the name of a book.
It was a best seller a while back in Taiwan.
But now it is blazing.
You have to register to reserve one at the moment.

I know.
And I just come back from bookstore.
I was not buying this book.
But I saw the line.

All is due to a guy winning big lottery.
That is NT $700 million dollars.
The guy donates $200 millions to charity.
His wife tells how they won.

She firmly believed.
That was after she read the book.
She did precisely what the book asked her to do.
Result is she won.

Simply put, she believes.
The commitment was strong and real.
And the family’s sharing spirit catches on.
All want to do the same, to win.


The celebration is set for today, the Saturday.
It is in the form of a beach party.
This is from noon to midnight.
But the weather is not helping.
Pouring rain kills all plans.
I am sure there are people still going.
But the 3,000 people like the past will be there.
This combines with the fact.
So many banks are not exchanging Canadian dollars.
The relation between the two is not going well.


What a crashing news it is.
Two had been major in my life time.
And Shaq will give LeBron a ring.
Together, I feel like to sing the song “the way we were”.

Michael is making the news world wide.
Not only Taiwan is reporting it all day long.
India does it too.
Personally I vividly remember his first look on TV at age of 5.

That was pure and refreshing.
I saw his Thrill at LA Disney.
What a shocking image it was.
The rest is history.

We never liked his personal life.
The stories with kids were sickening.
But we have to thank him.
He was all energy and sparks for the joys and moments in our lives.

Farrah was a dream in Berkeley days.
That golden long hair was a symbol for the generation.
Personally I was a Kate fan.
But as time goes by, she does stand for our time.

Shaq is going to Cleveland.
That is just what LeBron needs.
This play-off said it loud and clear.
That reminds me Chambler went to Lakers.

All those came in a day with Beijing hit 42 C.
An economic forum is taking place there.
I tried but can’t even get on the airline waiting list.
That shows the busy traffic between two cities.
And US are hitting one million in Swine Flu.
Canada is reaching 5,000 marks.
How ironic it is.
It was US looking down Asia in SARS days.

Taipei Food Fair has 2,532 booths by 1,147 companies.
They make a first this year.
That is a new focus.
They look into the 1.8 billions’ Muslim food market.

Chain Store Fair opens up today. 
Target is to bridge the Strait exchange and cooperation.
And in early July, the world top thinking tanks will meet in Beijing.
Many here are making plans now.


Taiwan is seriously looking into tourism.
Responsible government agencies are working hard.
But they are missing few things.
That makes it incomplete in many ways.

Sport never got the respect and attention it deserves.
You never saw the baseball and basketball news on flight magazines.
And both are top draw in Taiwan.
It is sickly disconnected.

There will be two major international events here.
July will be the World Games.
But we are not seeing any international promotion.
And there will be Deaf Olympics in September too.

My personal favor is the long time Jones Cup every summer.
There were so many glorious moments in the past.
This summer, 10 Asia power house national teams will be here.
They all want to warm up for the Asian Championship in August.

This makes basketball super hot in Taipei.
And there are going to be many 3 on 3 tournaments.
That decides what will be the best Taipei trip in July.  

Timing is everything.
Transportation is perfect.
Direct flight allows people saving time China-Taipei.
JETSTAR, Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia offer super summer deals.

Once you get here.
Hotel can pick you up at airport free of charge if you stay at least 7 days.
Once in the hotel, free breakfast is waiting for you until 10:30 am.
Oh, yes, with Deaf Olympic coming, hotels are out there way to please you.

Many offer concept topic adventures.
They are conveniently located right on top of MRT.
That makes Taipei a pleasure with the best convenience.
You are in the best mood of being free.

Metro allows you to reach all interesting destinations.
There are so many water spots for summer Taipei.
City Water Commission is running a Water Park.
You can get cool really fast in the city.

Many come for a physical check up.
Service mentality makes Taipei the best.
And facilities are top of lines.
China is taking full advantage of it right now.

Bicycle is big in town.
Street side rental is in experimental stage.
And a 7 people riding together one just comes to market.
You can bet they will be here soon.

Movie houses are ready for the latest hits.
They are with such comfortable advance surrounding.
The VIP booth is such a treat.
You are watching what top US are showing.

Food here is the best in Chinese world.
You will have hard time in deciding what to eat first.
The best 5,000 years culture is breeding are all here.
And price is another attraction.

Finally there is basket ball tournament.
Asian Championship will be in August in China.
All top teams will be in Taipei for the 10 days tournament.
China is not coming but the rest of the best will all be in town.

You have to check out Palace Museum.
That is a one and only in the world.
You will want to go back again later.
There are people going there daily for 2 weeks.

For some, Red Chamber Square is perfect.
Gay night life there sparks.
With few beers, you can step to the movie house 2 blocks down.
Yes, there are late shows.

It is time to check out game schedule.
They are 10 days.
You can stay in there all day.
The last one is always the better game.


It is less than a month and only days left.
But we are not seeing a clear power in charge.
And things are getting worse.

City Mayor accused central government.
She is not getting certain NT $200 million dollars as requested.
Central government, in response, pointed out the amount not justified.

And the worst is.
City port also made the paper with corruption of NT $300 million by forgery in reward.
There is no trust at this critical moment.

It is the first time Taiwan hosts an international event this size. 
The risk is high.
And rumors now say terrorists are moving in.

There are two obvious targets.
US have long being the focus.
And there is no clear information about Jewish consideration.

But China factor definitely will draw Tibet action.
What we can foresee will be hosting city assuming and counting on central government.
But at same time it clear wants no outside city interference what so ever.

This is a perfect way asking for trouble.
Newspaper editorial calls for compromise.
United will make world see better Taiwan.

But it seems unlikely.
Show goes on.
The security must be the first priority. 

International security networking is in order.
A perfect chance and opportunity Taiwan never dreams of before.
Right people and connection are Taiwan’s to take.

But the news President visiting South America depresses the situation.
Priority will be in reverse.
This is the real danger in hand.


When all complain on the Swine Flu kills the China tourists.
The first group for cross-strait medical tour is on.
Paper calls it a NT $3 billion dollars a year business.
Quality and service are highly appreciated.
It is a perfect example of Chaiwan effect.


            國際休閒產業協會輪值主席<網站 >


A friend told me yesterday.
He is going to stop writing for the second half of the year.
To watch and think is all he wants for the rest of 2009.

As a busy writer and a weekly columnist, that is a big change.
He explained he needs to re-read few books and update the thinking.
This is a turning point in history with major changes he said.

How can he not to drop everything?
Time allows concentration in focus only
I can’t agree more.

He said.
I am doing the same right now too.
Never before did he see me staying in Taipei this long after I went to Canada.

Conclusion is.
We both strongly feel the up coming changes taking place.
No one can afford not to be where the action is for the moment.

World financial crisis allow China becoming major super player.
Cash strong and virgin like domestic market draw all focus to courting.
India is only a step behind.

The one and only 40 under manpower confirms the prosperity.
Combination of both adds partial Russia Asia territory.
China is taking the full advantages.

That is including the long being criticized central government system.
It was tyrant like.
Now all become the positive.

It is better than inside trading.
Leader’s public statement is top.
Even Taiwan’s “independent” element is sourly admitting that.

All want to get rich.
And China will do it at all cost.
That is economically winning over people’s heart in Taiwan.

Westerners see to it.
They are ready and coming too.
Who can afford not to be?

All world eyes are on China’s domestic market and cash.
Taiwan businessmen had 20 years’ experience.
And regulation here is reliable.

No one is sure what next will be.
But it will happen here.
Welcome, Asia Age.