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April 2009
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It is Labor Day in China.
And it always is remarkable social mobility day.
The human traffic is huge only second to Chinese New Year period.

HK alone will handle 4.24 million travelers.
That is from April 30 to May 5.
Pretty or not, it will be done.

That takes tremendous amount of planning and executing.
Taiwan has lot catching up.
The current crisis proves it.

After all, visiting China visitors to Taiwan is relatively small.
And this can be a perfect example for Canada.
Van can get good portion of them to Winter Olympic if trying.

But how to handle the amount is the key.
It needs serious preparation.
And how to attract them with right touch will be another.


It is being kind to Taiwan.
Swine Flu is headlining the world.
And Taiwan timely is getting to go to WHA as observer.

It is the first time after 38 years to be in any world organization.
I still remember how proud my father was when he was a delegate to UN.
This indicates the up coming of Taiwan of 2009 will be strong.

China investment is allowed in Taiwan now.
News alone is boosting market over 300.
And cross strait business ventures are all over news.

Luck seems to challenge Obama.
Flu is his current big test.
What a reverse of fortune it is comparing to past SARS days.

Taiwan’s Far EasTone secures strategic cooperation with China Mobile.
Can Canada’s TELUS be so lucky?
And Taiwan financial markets allow China investors.

One thing is sure.
China will buy up any China named business in Taiwan.
Political determination creates financial opportunity.

Tomorrow will be count down day for Shanghai EXPO 2010.
It will be the largest ever.
Over one million jobs are secured with benefit estimated at US $40 billions.










All things are coming to us, good or bad, equally and globally.
Swine Flu is making a perfect example.
So far, the information and communication links appear weak.

I waited foe symptom information for days.
And I see mass public were slow to get the warning for urgency.
None was aware of it ability to spread the misfortune.

All governments waited for WHO and failed to contact each other first.
Like in Taiwan, government had to wait for private sector for information.
That is to learn how many citizens are currently in Mexico.

Now we know it is 281.
And that was done by tour alliance group.
Why can’t have daily report of such information in the first place?

Well, like the old saying says.
In crisis, there is opportunity.
Let’s make up the lost time for better efficiency management.


Running a government is to assure citizens ease of mind.
That is why voting low turn out can be good.
People feel they have nothing to worry vote or not.
Parties will perform to people’s general interest.
With high turn out, change needed.

Politically the Parliament is the worst negative here.
Opposition is not the only one doing all the damages.
Ruling party’s Parliament members made the worst example.
Its leader is the root of many current evil.
That is no principle still after his long term.

It is more like gangs settling things daily.
The longer the term, it indicates the stronger self interest.
Getting physical is the easiest way to communicate to his or her voters.
Factions get the most out the mess.
Re-election is secured.

Press is another.
Provoking anyone with camera on the face is the best way for story.
Higher in place and more the power are the best targets.
Recent First Daughter’s marriage scoop is telling.
And no one was stopping them.

The whole world cheers the improved relation at Strait.
But none realizes Taiwan side is losing trust.
Ma’s consideration of island independent faction is making other side uneasy.
They now learn to keep silent from past mistake.
They now play it along and throw less “meat” in.

Ma’s insistence of “economy before politics” has its down side.
That does get the “buy Taiwan with” no ceiling limit.
That will help only sectors in Taiwan.
But where will be the enlarged over all benefits?
That is unfortunately at political side.


Strait Talk is concluding its third round.
Some call it “Success in Nanjing”.
And others call it a new restriction.

No matter what, Taiwan is getting a new life.
Economic opportunity is fast catching up by foreign investment.
Stock market does not lie with money.

Cross-strait flights are up from 108 to 270.
It is less than 340 as reality is calling for.
But it is a start and a good one.

I know because I was on one of them.
Cargo flight will be up to 1122 from 30 per month.
And 6 more cities are added.

China investment will begin in 6 months.
And buy Taiwan follows.
Supermarkets are here for procurement already.

Down side is.
Ticket price may not come down.
Even public demand it for 10-20% decreases.

Bankers are the happiest.
They have more to play with now.
That again reflects in the market.

Regret is.
Taiwan is not in unified force to push for full advantage.
Contradicting voices make it hard to totally get ready.

University of Las Vegas is in town to open up casino courses.
They see the opportunity of springboard.
China will take loner time to get ready but not Taiwan.

Strategic speaking, Taiwan has to handle US as the east side power.
Japan is on north.
China is right in the middle.
And Southeast Asia is down south.

That puts Taipei strategic Japan as north Asia.
Taichung will be China focus city.
And Kaohsiung will take care of Southeast Asia in Asia-Pacific.

Like one columnist puts it.
Whatever China is able to dish out.
Taiwan has to be ready to take them all.

There is no free lunch.
Price to pay is a must.
Taiwan can’t get itself out the economic hard on its own.


There are plenty “honesty shop” here.
A gentleman bought up less expensive area in Taipei.
He tries to provide heaper public parking space.

People pay by honor system.
He has 10 spots now after 10 years hard work.
5 years ago, people even took the cash box away.

That nearly bankrupted him.
But he kept his faith.
Many followed the example.

But some had miserable result.
One was a restaurant.
People could eat first and pay at will.

Unfortunately some did eat up a $5,000 bill only paid $5.
That caused $700,000 loss in 3 days.
It is decision time to continue or not.


It is sad and serious.
People do live longer and fit physically.
But head may not be.

Too many ex-ministers miss spotlight.
They are die-hard in needing present day glory.
Seniority mentality often is the spoil at occasions.

Our sympathy goes to event organizer.
The “face” is a major headache.
You can never balance the ego.

Conversation is always colorful.
The “time zone” difference can be a nightmare.
Out-dated head is a serious liability.

But they are a necessary evil in China at least now.
NGO post is the last place.
Invitation then is necessary.

They can’t hack the big job anymore.
But they never consider them outdated.
Fate or luck is their best excuse for inability.

But it is sadder to see younger generation in the game.
Translator saying not a word is the best cover.
That allowed the related to be in the spotlight.

Temporary vanity thrills.
And that makes the situation ugly.
None cared.

Power does make people blind and blood thirsting.
15 second glory lives.
You have to pity the current power ones.

They need to know their places too.
Those oldies may not be able to have a future anymore.
But they certainly are still great in back stabbing.

This human drama never fails.
And this trip had eye full of them.
The carry-on is making young ones corrupted.

But there are bright spots too.
Namely the airline people and airport staffs I faced there.
Not only smiles were real and the calm ease “shocked” me.

How the change fast already took place.
The rude and inexperience were yesterday.
Change is there no matter who and where.

For better or worse, it is one’s own choice.
Yes, Shanghai airport is weak on some human consideration.
Toilet located in down stair is bad.

And with only two seats in one place, it caused long line.
Pissing or shitting in pants is not a consideration.
People in suffered.

Little things count.
“Detail” is missing in China.
And accepting outsiders’ comment is another.

Many took comment the wrong way.
I do consider myself luck.
The good feel in cultural differences helped.


Swine Flu is a major world concern.
All ports and airports are alerted.
But I do see Taipei taking it more seriously.
SARS has its never ending impact.

Taipei is covered by sand storm from China.
This will last until Monday.
And stay in door is the fate.
The rainless and wind are doing us a disfavor.

China tourist got killed in Taipei.
It is near 101 again.
Falling object smashed bus.
Tragedy came at the worst of time before the big 5/1 China traveling day.

And the cheap deal to China tourists got local tour bus not showing up at airport.
Low fare competition gets what it deserves.
Shame seems not a consideration.
Government can do nothing either.

Palace Museum packages NT $220,000 per night party deal.
100 people are the limit.
Ideas are plenty in Taipei.
But we need better long range view to carry them through.

But all eyes are on the “strait talk”.
The outcome will seriously determine Taiwan’s economic future.
It feels and is a hand out.
But Taiwan can’t afford not to take it.

I am seeing it first hand.
Strait flights are full and need more.
But that will not happen.
HK and the other city can’t afford the economical loss.


This was the day for International Leisure Industry Association.
Main event was the forum.
It was conducted at the newest super star tour spot.
Let’s call it a lake side new culture palace.

It is in the grandest temple form.
The place has all the religious elegance.
But serious religious formality was disregarded.
To some people, that is disrespect.

There is no doubt of its craft in art.
And the quality of materials popped all eyes.
Anyone with enough money will love to posses any piece there.
It is the new tech making the place a new gem in the world.

But it is short in spiritual substance.
And respect to religion was not regarded.
Well, time is on their side.
Change will come eventually.

It is the rule of market.
And they are in their commercial way.
But real danger is.
Serious religious people may react negatively or even violently.

Two government-ranking Ministers made the opening speeches.
Both carried the easy confidence of new China.
One pointed out China having 180 million over 60 seniors.
The other showed serious relaxed mood with younger energy.
I honored the hosting city with my point blank thought.
I suggested my “focus” mentality.
It is how best to identify the city to the world.
Wuxi ought to call self the new greenest city in new China.

The world is in age of green environment.
April 22 was Earth Day.
Focus on green is everywhere.
And here we have a city being that naturally without trying.

In Burnaby Canada, we work hard on being green.
This place is already green everywhere.
It is the envy of world environment people.
And this city has to correctly ID self.

People today have no patience for long winded expression.
China needs to learn and practice that today.
I suggested.
Wuxi is the new green city in display.

This is “founder the keeper” practice.
The world loves single punch line.
It is like the “dictator” label.
It stays on.

And the lake side advantage is real.
The historical canal is another marvel.
Professor Peter Morton made the best example.
He couldn’t wait and went out on his own in taxi near right away.

And the distance issue in EXPO Shanghai bothers them.
That is comparing to other Shanghai surrounding cities.
That is where choppers coming in.
It will be “first among equal” who move fast time again.  

My regret is the hotel.
I didn’t have time to appreciate the villa resort room.
But management needs help.
There are so many things needing improving.

Afternoon, we travel to another city.
The traffic and “prosperity” sight made the worst impression.
Yet here the whole province celebrated.
It was Suzhou, the Singapore strategic focus city in China.

Now I no longer belonged at head table.
Taipei, as a city, had a department director was.
Even the powerful TV and media people from Taiwan were at table 26-28.
Table 2 was an honor and not deserving.

Rain didn’t stop the party mood.
Good Chinese wine and hard stuff took over.
And canal float show with fire work finished the night.
Packing at midnight and leaving next morning at 5:30 am depressed me.