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March 2009
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MARCH 29, 2009

A day means a lot in my younger day.
It is called Youth Day in old republic.
We use the day to pay respect to the founding fathers.
They died young to make our Republic possible.
And my grandpa on my mom side was one of them.
That makes it extra special to me.

But Taiwan is changing.
The land no longer exhibits the old style official ceremony.
The last administration did everything possible to erase that.
In their mind, Republic had nothing to do with Taiwan.
Now the party made the Republic is back in power.
But changes stay.

New age commercialization and demonstration make up the day.
Street venders and TV promotion are focus of public attention.
Even opposition party’s street demonstration on unemployment couldn’t stir reaction.
And Saturday’s election result was the least concern to the majority.
Theaters instead were full of movie fans.
I was one of them.

A hell of a movie it is.
The best Oscar foreign film is not giving the full credit due.
There was never a dull moment.
And tears of mine came naturally.
I could care less.
It was that good.

Tokyo musician lost job.
He went back to home mother left him in the country.
He got job as death care taker.
To make the death dignified with love finds him the meaning in life.
And he personally benefits the most with the final realization.
His life turned to full satisfaction as well as gratification.

We, the audience, did the same.
That is really international and universal in human enlightenment.
The masterful direction and script were direct and simple but missed nothing.
No wonder it is the best box office movie in town.
Even the Oscar one is falling behind.
It is the best.


Like Hilary’s seat in NY, Taipei needs to fill one too.
The difference here is a disgraced seat.
The lady MP quit due to her lying about her US citizenship.

My interest was due to one of the candidate.
He was reported as Green candidate.
An American by birth forfeited his US citizenship to qualify.

That would be a first in Taiwan.
But he is disqualified for reason I am still trying to find out.
The focus like everywhere else is two major parties.

Tonight, Friday, will be rally night.
The third independent is drawing good deal of attention.
I will go watching as non participating observer.


They will meet on April 2 in London.
World will watch how Obama fair off with China leader.
The latest currency offensive indicates the bargaining strategy.

British PM as host is in Brazil to line up support.
Decision must be made this time.
Clearly power shifting is reality and needs sharing.

Trade-off is inevitable.
Face saving skill must be at its best.
I can’t wait to see this life time high stake performing experience.


4797 China tourists to Taiwan in one day speak for itself.
And local readiness needs lot to be improved.
But intention is focused now and clear.

Coordination is the key.
Taiwan’s south city will host World Games in July.
The promotion starts now.

International Bakery Show is hot since Thursday.
Tourism Fair started Friday.
Both are the focus this weekend.
Another city puts up Bicycle & Bike Carnival.
It mixes well with Food Fair.
And it teaches public carbon reducing measure.

China advertises heavily on the Shanghai F1 in April.
Supporting groups in Taiwan are impressive.
The inter-action reflects incentives and opportunities.

Global Energy Resource Forum will be on next month.
It advertises in sizable pages.
Public can learn more if on line.

NT $37 can get you lobster rice-ball sandwich along with coffee.
That is provided by Seven Eleven.
The store brand CITY CAFE is only $10.

The breakfast war is on.
All are under $50.
The lowest will be only $28 by 7/11 stores.

Coffee market is hot in Taipei too.
Each is bragging about own special bean.
4 major ones are making this a coffee city.

Finally there is the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai.
That is expected to draw 70 million visitors.
It will be 100 times more in business opportunity than Beijing Olympic.


The Oscar winner helps.
Aside from dance, fashion is picking up interest too.
Both will have live performances in Taipei soon.
But topic is the NANO car.
All watch who will represent it in Taipei.
But one has to be the short cut to China market to win.


Time magazine prints interesting article.
And news says.
US military will visit too.
Combination makes the place hot.
Many ask my input.
My response is simple.
It is the world food shortage effect.
The place traditionally had long being the top rice production center.
With world serious about energy, food and water, Burma stands out.
My suggestion is.
Make the Shanghai Expo the best window.
That will display new Burma agriculture vision for new century.
And that will be the best bargaining leverage.
Taiwan stands the best to provide the total know-how.
People will touch base the end of month. 


Bus ride of 3 hours between two cities here now costs only NT$60.
That is roughly a little over Can. $2.
The game is market share to eat out the opposition..

My dinner last night was NT $914 for 4 dishes.
I paid in government spending encouraging voucher.
And I received another $500 discount card for next meal.

Black market interest rate is below 2%.
Yet credit card rate is still high with government protection.
Guess who gets the business.

Japanese whiskies are top now.
They are rated the best over Scottish brands by British magazine.
Isn’t the world turning up side down?

The World Baseball Classic is between Japan and Korea.
US are out.
Who would ever think this possible.


This week, China tourist coming to Taiwan is all time high at 17,000.
Big spenders made all front pages, even the anti-China ones.
The economical impact is real.
Vancouver ought to see the opportunity and push to make them our Olympic visitors.
And for this sheer number, a Canadian flavored hostel will be a good idea in Taipei.
The key to be unique will be using environment to respect each other’s individual dignity.
That will be a good goal for a new kind of Canadian business in Taipei.


I draw some attention on BC using undersea current as energy resource.
Now Taiwanese in Cambodia is interested.
They will come to BC to see and learn how it is done.


Yes, there is more coverage of NCAA in Taipei.
Sadly my UC Berkeley is out in the first round.
Even UCLA is out.

But Taipei is a town of basketball.
Locally, the high school tournament is rocking.
Rarely, they are in front page coverage.

Oh, yes, I see more NBA games too.
Local semi-pro is on too.
But they are taking the last place for support.

“Star Journey” was another event last night.
6,000 people enjoyed the night with sky event.
It certainly stirs up Taipei March Madness in a classy way.

Insurance in Taiwan now reveals.
They lost NT $144.3 billions last year.
Public anger strangely is rather quiet.

And US airlines are discounting down to 80%.
That is for first class and business class only.
Public joked them as March Madness as well.

But the real March Madness is religious.
That is for the most beloved Ma-zou.
100,000 believers will follow her trail for 8 days 7 nights.

Even President needs to show presence for the occasion.
This is one and only single issue having the support from all sides in Taiwan.
The question is why can’t it be all year long.