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February 2009
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Everyone is getting angry.
All complains are on new comers.
Simply put, they just don’t follow rules.

It irritates badly on those obeying.
But the worst is.
Ones in charge never wanted to step in to manage or regulate.

That is to do what they get paid for.
The response many times goes to the language.
They feel helpless feeling like talking to a wall.
Being here and not speaking the language becomes a norm.
Many start thinking it a right since they were not born here.
And there is no shame or discomfort to them what so ever.

Those rightfully reacted then ironically seeing as bad guy.
Some even suggested.
Anger management classes were in order.

It is a losing case with the kind of tolerance.
Right is wrong and they can get away with anything.
Finally silent is golden with no one caring to make a difference.


Canada always prides its record and value in human right.
But now we have to wonder.
Is it judgment?
Cops took life and claiming wouldn’t have done differently.

Picture in Province on Feb. 25, 2009 in page A9 is disturbing.
The officer is so well armed.
And how can that be in fear of safety?
If so, what a average citizen ought to feel when walking the street?

We can not help but to think.
Can this be Robot cop wrongly programmed?
That resulted innocent life lost.
And over a year now, no one is responsible yet.

This happened at our international airport.
Place was well lighted.
The man was not armed.
Yet cop claimed SCARED.

There is no doubt about a death.
Yet only inquiry is in progress.
There was slow boat to China.
Now it is slow justice or no justice in Canada.

Province editorial called hearts of stone.
Van Sun voiced near the same.
Columnist calls it ugly attitude and thinking apology in order.
All we hear is officer had no time.


He is the best speaker in recent US history.
It was not the State of Union.
He spoke to the full US Congress.
The whole world listened in.
He was head on to all the current problems.
People felt he was talking personally to each of them.

Message is loud and clear.
Direction and will power are in place.
American dream is alive and strong again.
Hope is with us willing all to get started.
And Republic response was the best ever
Youth and energy in good will competition will dawn us a new age.


That is the cost of one unit in our Olympic social housing.
With hand out like that, who needs to work any more?
Canada needs to be up speed to the challenge.
Each of us will be responsible to make future great.
Let’s not make tax payer and future generation the suckers in decades..


The new host was a surprise.
But we knew his talent in Oklahoma at Carnegie.
Now we fully appreciate his all around showmanship.

The real impact was the presentation of 5 on 5.
That best speaks for the honor of the night.
This is change we all can appreciate.


He lives up to the billing as Rock Star President.
Not much was with CNN or US Today.
But our TV was in full force.
And Obama generation lives strong in Canada too.
Imaging even the editorial is saying this.
That is “counting on Obama to put the Canadian economy back on track”.
One starts to wonder.
Where is our government who enjoys the full benefit of our tax dollars?
And the contrast is.
LA Times editorial also stated.
Obama should stop using forked tongue on trade.
Well, time will tell.


A local Chinese columnist blessed us a very interesting article.
He focused on the news paper deliveryman got beating up by 3 off duty cops.
He is peering off the artful job by police slowing down the impact of the situation.

The beating and the injury were real.
And everyone can sense the racial hate.
The game plan worked accordingly.

There is no racial crime charged.
The reason is the victim couldn’t tell who said the words.
That was stating dislike the dark skin.

The truth is.
The guy’s head was covered.
How could he see who made the statement?

And one was excused as trying to break up the beating.
Conventional wisdom says victim always remembering such kindness.
Or should we ask why no arrest was made by the peace and righteous one.

And the last is the document missing in council’s desk.
Police promised will get to the bottom of it.
Where is the action now?


British and France nuclear submarines collided.
That is $50 million pounds lost financially.
And the world wonders of the 32 missiles.
Where is the safety measure?

U.S. and Russian satellites collided too.
The space junk is a major concern.
It is crowded up there.
Next accident can be any time.

US faced another air tragedy.
And it is a Bombardier plane.
It shouldn’t go auto-pilot in such icy condition.
50 lives lost for the mistake.

And Great Van street shooting added another new chapter.
A mother was killed with 20 some shots and a baby on board the car.
Rage and fury no longer matter.
What action can we expect from our well-paid government people?

Don’t tell us only the gangs killing.
How about 13 years old slashed people with knife?
And there was hit and run.
Our tolerance as a value is a joke.

New information from Taser case sickens us further.
On site witness’ videoing was blocked in the name of privacy.
A life was at stake was totally ignored.
That makes Canadian human right a joke.

Military is worrying.
Afghanistan involvement is draining on our troops.
And it will take at least a year to rebuild.
Troops’ lives are in danger even more.

And here comes the provincial budget.
Focus is to create jobs and stabilize economy.
We are told to prepare for recession and brace for hard time.
There is no word on immediate action to all week long front page violence.

And Burnaby will have a jail facility.
It is located at a prime location.
BCIT and many local business offices will have a new neighbor.
The punishment of party politics to Burnaby is going too far.


There are only 365 days left.
With all costs over-run, we need to be more creative than ever to be less in debt.
It is time to let go of party line.

NDP has City of Vancouver as a host.
And Liberal needs to wait for election in May.
They must show us why to support them.

This will be the ultimate test.
That is to see who will be more capable to manage.
Security is a major concern.

We have to clean up the streets.
It is important to make it safe.
Law enforcement must meet the responsibility with total package.

To say the victims’ family not talking will not do.
That doesn’t help public confidence.
72% of people are expressing concern.

It is important for us to realize this.
We all are in it.
“Change” and “can do” altitude will be front and center from now.

All inclusive will be the key.
The public as silent majority is not in it with heart yet.
I for one feel excluded.

No one is seriously making talents in the best usage.
Public perception is.
It is exclusive membership only.

Personally I see only this.
You have to kiss ass to be a part.
The count down proves this fully.

Transparency and accountability are missing.
And the need to know policy makes us outsiders.
That makes us wanting to help but can’t.

Like airport Taser death, how can it still be the front page news?
The slowness of Canadian justice is the only thing in public’s mind.
And we firmly believe there will be no clear answer in near future.

By that we can see what a loose package we really are.
And if we don’t change from heart, nothing will work.
We have no choice but to make up our mind now.

How to make the airlines and landing a good story telling opportunity is a challenge.
Our greatest fault is we limited ourselves in job description.
Everything needs to wait for the right and authorized department.

Human ingenuity is totally at loss.
We need bigger and better public expression channel.
Positive input must be our mentality.

Press can start with creative and workable suggestion.
Academic ought to take part.
Youth must be the essential and center core.

Old ones like me can contribute whatever left in us.
How best to use our experience and wisdom will be key.
That total usage of what we have will be the thing for us to be proud for generations to come.

Miro Cernetig has mighty pen in Van Sun front page.
To write “needing body armor” was a waste.
To fear the gang and their violence is negative.

If can’t break them, how about using pride to include them in.
They can be the best to help to fence off the terrorist.
Make use of every possible elements in our community is the key.

US are hurting in the pocket.
Buy USA will not be the problem.
How to involve US interest is what we need to target.

Our dependency with US is crippling us.
We need to think outside the box with new beginning and direction.
How to use this Olympic to up grade our total globalization is now.

We have to think and believe we can do it.
One of the editorials said it the best.
It is a once in life time opportunity.   


Dick Chaney’s latest statement reminds us one thing.
That is terrorist will hurt US at any cost.
Our Olympic is the ideal target for such goal.

And we are not ready for the task.
Our recent news is proof enough.
Three slayings within 24 hours occurred over weekends.

UBC has confrontation between Israel and Palestine student groups.
And 13 years old slashed out on Sky Train.
Police openly admitted gang shooting is out of control.

Domestic security and safety are like that.
How much worse will it be when international elements coming in?
Like the counterfeit, we hear enough in China.

Then there came the US $50 bills.
Now our local bank machine is passing out the fakes too.
That is criminal globalization.

Profit or greed burns like wild fire.
Olympic makes all things circulating much faster.
Our security force is not doing a good job to offer confidence.

It is reported.
Our Olympic safety focus is the Sea and Sky Highway.
This puts chills on my back.

Long ago, I had voiced air, water and land transportation.
I suggested international air fleets coming to town.
And cruise with speed boat can best service the water route.

Now it looks like we have only the land route open for transportation.
That is invitation for human and car bombs.
They will cut the highway to pieces.

And American mass presence will be targeted.
For any mature and rational thinking person, concern is serious..
And blind faith will not do.

You can bet the protest against China will be there.
And remember how many time we rejected the New Year celebration.
The authority openly stated fears in crowd control.