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January 2009
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It will be the ego and pride between Obama and China leader.
The clash will be of civilization and self interest.
The disaster of 2008 was a total America financial con man ship but will turn political in 2009.
One side banks on Beijing Olympic and the other Obama Inauguration.

US are debt ridden yet still claiming superiority.
The high and mighty is only a status quo in vanity.
Put money where mouth no longer the American advantage.
And it is on China side now.

Obama’s hardball international policy will not help.
The rest of world is caught right in between.
World Economic Forum currently in Europe is perfect in fact example.
American presence is show-up only.
How to survive is the challenge.
All will be forced to choose side.
It will be a crisis.
But there will be opportunity.


Harper’s big bailout is not a problem.
But responsibility measure is.
We demand the check and balance process first.
Accountability and transparency must be in place before any action.

VANOC is a perfect example.
Cost over run and hidden deals already make us another Montreal.
The $34 billions now in 2009 and $85 billions in 5 years dazzle all eyes.
The magic will not change our focus.

How a few weeks changed the government stand!
The dishonesty is a shame.
There is crime yet no punishment.
It is not political wisdom or reality but a con job.

Numbers tell the truth.
Harper is ready to be $64 billions next 2 years.
What a jump it is from weeks ago.
Budget this big can cover all parties’ needs.


Human right is cream of civilization.
But there must be priority.
Right at birth or need to be earned.
Free hand out is the worst example.


Teacher stands for values of civilization.
They are the ones to pass values to next generation.
Yet union is political strong with near mob mentality.
It is a sin to misuse the public respect and trust in greed.


Why trees in Western Canada are dying at fast rate?
Is there thing worst than global warming going on under our nose?
Border agent tears up during Taser inquiry.
But she will change nothing if ever again has me chill to the bone.

Look around.
Chinese female student beheaded by Chinese grad-student.
Toronto Metro had bullets flying.
The tragedy is we are losing heart to care.


Air India is still in court.
That is 20 years and more.
Taser at Van Airport was in Oct. 2007.
Now still only limited truth is in the public.
The ferry lawyer’s open letter shocks us all.
The system beats us dead and cold.
Where is our Obama to lead the fight?
That will be the test of what Canada is and will be.


Bidden’s wife blew it big time.
People can pretend nothing going on.
But statement on Oprah show damages the Obama team totally.

Her story may be true but never ought to be in public.
Hillary carried major support over her husband deserving the decency consideration.
For Bidden present and silent to the comment showed the man’s limit.

Bidden could jump in to say it was his personal wish.
But he didn’t.
Political reality will make Obama pay at much later time.

The irony is.
Obama got major recognition in Oprah’s show.
Now it is her show casting the first stone.

You can call Bidden’s wife open and transparent.
But she forgot that is not the best for Obama’s interest.
Loose lip does sink ships and Bidden no serious responsibility on hand.


In legal world, we often hear this.
That is “repeats after me”.
Obama may be the President.
And he is a constitutional lawyer.
However Chief Justice is the highest legal authority in the land.

He did change the order of words in Presidential oath.
Obama had no choice but had to repeat after him.
Obey the law is essential even the President.
Media made fun of Chief Justice.
But the repeat of oath today tells us otherwise.

Simply put.
Chief Justice by reputation should be in no way making such mistake.
Can it be a test?
That is to see if the President would obey the law.
Or he is too confident to thinks himself above the law.


A Chinese columnist wrote 3 articles when Bush first invaded Iraq.
His writing was coming from old Chinese philosophy logic play.
The man is a non-believer.
He was in a playing mood to try it out.

Invasion was good.
Once dictator down, Bush ought to pull out.
To stay on to occupy the land for greed would invite disaster.
Now to look back, intention was the difference.


Multi-culture is giving many excuses not localizing seriously.
Even they are in Canada, their bodies and souls are not.
I had my 15 years in SF.
Chinatown there had people 30 years without a word of English.
Now the new generation from today’s China re-live the nightmare.
Watching them in last few years, I have to say.
It is forever Chinatown.