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December 2008
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5 minutes to 7 am, I was on Willingdon.
I made a left turn toward hospital.
Car went side way on icy road.

Then turned right half way at 2 to 7 am, I saw two cars colliding.
I hit hard on the brake but car sliding forward fast.
A sharp left into snow pile was the choice.

Stuck there was tough.
Luckily construction site was at side.
With tool and one hour I got my car out.

Two intersections on both side of library was next challenge.
Both hit me with red light.
On green, I had to push car to get moving.

1:10 pm I was at pool parking lot.
City truck was at work to spread salt.
How I wish that was done last night or earlier before 7 am.


That was at pool yesterday.
A big size white guy ate pool side about 10 am.
No staff bothered to go over to enforce the no eating pool side rule.

9 minutes before 1 in the pm, one 68 years old Chinese was working out at fast lane.
Two white senior ladies jumped in before their class time which starting at 1pm.
No life guard went over to point out the violation.

Instead, the instructor in preparation signaled life guard to tell the guy changing lane.
I saw the injustice and decided to go to office to report the situation at 5 to 1.
My perception told me racial and preferred treatment.

Top guy in the office told me that couldn’t be.
75% staffs none white policy is just for that.
I appreciate that but fact speaking for itself.

I knew the 68 years old guy.
He is a retired professor.
Gentleman did no wrong.

He later really tried to reason with life guard on duty.
But he failed to see it was the instructor also the supervisor.
Life guard had to follow order.

Respect of rule was not honored here.
Special consideration was at play.
The first right in the fast lane was totally ignored.


Reality of the situation is nothing but power.
No matter how to cover it up, control of power is the finality.
Kennedy is losing Ted soon.
A new family head to succeed is a must.

Clinton’s New York seat is ideal.
For her in the Senate now will smooth the way in power line.
The irony is.
They made such effort to block out the Clinton President candidacy.

It was elegantly said.
American needs no dynasty.
Simply put, power is one and only.
They don’t want anyone to challenge the Camelot one.

Caroline never expressed any desire for politics.
It was that obvious in her brother’s living days.
But with Ted fading, she has no choice.
How ironic it is especially in the name of democratic system.

The beautification job can’t cover the tyrant and dictator power nature.
That will be the negative in the waking of Obama generation.
Mark my word.
It is Obama Generation globally now.


We all enjoy the peace on earth with Xmas.
But does anyone remember our UN Ambassador?
He is in the rank of Minister.
His missing is a huge incompetence of our government.
And as a private citizen, I am raged because no response from public to her family.

Yes, government is doing whatever possible.
And low profile may be important.
But public has to reach out with humanity we brag about.
Sadly there is only a brief follow-up in Province today.
It is a shame especially at this Xmas and New Year interval.  


Yes, it is the worst weather in Vancouver for a long time.
But to have someone froze to death on the street is not acceptable.
Anyone on the related government agency payroll ought to be ashamed.
It happened on your watch.
And don’t tell me she was not cooperating.
You are the one as paying professional.
Humanity is a dirty word with us for long time to come.
One of you ought to be out there when weather turned for the worst.

XMAS 2008

It is a year of change.
But the trust is the worry and an issue losing ground further
US as the only super power of the world made top the list.
That is done by Chicago politics and Obama.
The simple fact of transparency and clarity missing is casting doubt.

After all it is Obama’s seat.
And he is the President-elected.
He has to take notice.
If not, then his ability is in question.
Or we will have a trust issue on hand.

Politics can be the best of con artist.
People can be fooled most of time.
But it is never all the time.
This makes him damaged goods now.
Let’s see how long the charade will play out.

Harper may be Man of the Year in Canada.
But his political reality wipes out any claim of decency.
Senate seat is a party politics correct issue.
But the spirit of democratic process ruined.
What an educational example it is just before Xmas.

Economy situation makes perfect cover.
Check and balance is hard to carry out.
US bank bailout is a perfect example.
Harper’s “institution strong” in election time is forgotten.
Only history will indicate it happened on whose watch.

The Golden Obama team didn’t see the crisis coming.
We can only hope for the best.
That tells the outcome future.
World economic recovery needs to look somewhere else.
It is opportunity time for thinking ahead.


On financial security, the bad time will last until 2012.
That is the prediction by Scotia Bank.
Recession and deficit at $20-30 billions will be real by government.

And many see the advantage to buy from China again.
Low cost is the key for affordability.
Canada Bank head admits next year tough.

Van airport is mob infiltrated by perception now.
Can’t imagine how that will lead to terrorist involvement.
The safety is in doubt.

It is funny how gondola broke-down.
That is damaging for our Olympic readiness.
It is time to have a total check up on quality of all facilities.

And our UN envoy is missing.
Like Bush’s shoes attack, we will have to protect all dignitaries in Olympic.
May be a better team will be needed.

It is capacity of mind of total control of situations on hand.
And any variation as surprise will not be accepted.
We need help in the worst way.

Bird flu is big again in Asia.
Both China and HK have daily flights.
We don’t seem to be in alert yet.

Can. $191 billions lost.
That is 3.2% in one season.
Now Harper admits worrying the economy.

Job security is in doubt too.
The auto industry melt down will mean 520,000 jobs.
Cross board, we already see 10% cut all over, media included.


US are ready with $8.7 trillions in stimulus.
Obama will up it if necessary.
But the truth is no one sure will it work.

Dr. Doomsday predicted the downfall of real estate and stock market.
And he looks down on US bond and dollars.
Gold is his suggestion.


China is the focus.
The $4 trillions economic stimulus is catching all eyes.
And local governments surprise all and step up further.

24 provinces come up with $18 trillions.
They will spend on infrastructures.
The world all wonder where money from?

All forgot China done it before.
Local called it BOT Chinese style.
B is “build”, O for “operation” and T for “transfer”.

Local government deals with private sectors.
Private money builds and operates.
Then it transfers to government.

China is the only country today expecting respectable growth.
No one dares to miss the opportunity.
Money is never the question.
Taiwan spots the opportunity.
And the direct flight is taking over HK advantages.
The 60 years’ separation pays off big time.

India would be just as good.
But the current terrorist situation and the tense relation with Pak hurt.
The hot head with war mentality kills business interest.


It is “shoes, 50 billions and Kennedy”.
Bush was agile at ducking shoes.
But superpower’s dignity was done.

The security of a lame duck President sucks.
The perception is incompetence.
The worst is no sympathy for Bush.

50 billions targeted the best and brightest of this generation.
Yet no one was suspicious.
That wipes out trust and respectability of financial system.

Ship of fool best describes the situation.
It seems fitting.
Victims are the smartest turning the dumbest.

Kennedy wants Clinton’s Senate seat.
She was a major reason Hillary lost the dream toward Presidency.
What decency is this for a Camelot generation?

Obama is facing the challenge of life time.
It may rank the hardest in history.
He needs all kind of help in the world.

But Chicago politics damps public perception.
It is a party pooper.
World leaders will look him differently now.