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November 2008
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What happened in India will repeat here in Olympics.
We have local gang wars to demonstrate our weakness.
We are stuck with 2010.
And terrorist will attack us namely with our Afghan involvement 

If things are going as they are, I will be out of town then.
And most people I know not in this country will not come either.
There is nothing personal.
It is just the human nature.

We might as well kiss the Olympic economy good bye.
The investment now will be liability.
That means.
We in BC will have debt to pay for long time to come.
Personally I don’t see how we will fend off terrorist’s attempt
Great Van is an open space.
And our international intelligence network is not offering any confidence.
Counting on US will not do either.

With such paramount issue on hand, Van Pivot is thinking politics.
That is to oust the private security.
I have no idea how professional they are.
But I prefer the best to serve the city at the time in need.


Yes, it is unthinkable.
Harper needs all the helps he can get to move national economy.
Yet, he starts a blink war.
He is the one making a move on Oppositions.
That gives them the start.

Now they are teaming up to plot the changing of government.
His thinking or logic is simply unbelievable.
Maybe he is reaching his limit.
That is to think clearly in priority.
Then to let him go will be a choice.


Many fail to see the seriousness of the going event.
Thailand has been a religious and peaceful country.
They were the only one stayed out blood and fighting in Second World War.
Many their older told me that was their pride long time ago.
But time changes everything.

Even the almighty King is helpless this time.
Analysis says.
It is a merchant revolt against peasants prospering.
Again, it is economy.
The change is short on balance.


The Xmas shopping is on.
Malls are loaded with people.
Bags of goods indicate sales strong.
But I am not one of them.
Yes, bargain is filing the shops.
Still cash in the pocket will go a long way.

Analysts paint an ugly picture of soaring job losses.
And Opposition vows to overthrow Tories.
Government is refusing to send a rescue plane for Bangkok’s 82 Canadians.
Money must be super tight.
And mall big spenders can’t be all using cash.
There will be no bailout when bills showing up after New Year.


First, thanks people voted for me.
I will always treasure the memory of your support.
Then there is 1960s.

Peter, the older, taught me the basic of restaurant business.
And the SF China town group allowed me social life and sport.
All had helped my survival and independence.

1965 was UC Berkeley.
Dom life and house mother settled me.
And the spirit of Berkeley remains with me.

70s was expansion time.
Did import and connected with Safeway, Macy’s and boutique shops.
Saw the start of Gap and made my contribution.

Friendships with Frank, David and their family were golden.
Little Peter then was an education.
Chinese Charity Ball and Rose Queen had roots.

Life started anew in Taiwan from 1978.
Gradually I learned the India difference and relation.
International relation and basketball tournament made me unique.

Life served me well.
11 years in Canada I grow even more.
Failures became my best teacher.

I realize my purpose in this life.
Courage to move with time benefits me.
I take my root here yet still able to care where I came from.

To give back is my pride.
That gives me all the reason to move forward.
This is the best for my personal thanksgiving.


Harper finally comes clean.
It is recession time and deficit a reality.
But like the good old Canadian ways, details will have to wait.

That will be in next budget.
The reason is simple.
They need to know how US will proceed.

US are in political vacuum.
But our urgency is real.
The inaction will cost us dearly.

BC economy is stated from sunshine to stormy.
And $1 billion surplus statement in September is valid no more.
One has to wonder how cities will tell their part.

US Today talks about surviving the pink slip season.
And Global Mail has pink slip survivor’s syndrome.
Lot jobs will be lost.

Many in Asia will ask what is pink slip.
That is the official notice of your job stopped.
It means income lost.

Here comes the needing a hand or waiting for hand out choice.
And the ones got the pink slips need a hand.
Hand out can be a forever liability.


Yes, Flaherty calls future bleak.
We are caught in between changing and unchanged.
Obama is making history but race hate crime up too.
All things are taking shape with tactic and strategy.

Harper committed to G20 with 2% of GDP in stimulus.
That is $32 billion dollars.
Layton is fast to blow the horn.
But no one shows direction and leadership.

Deflation spooks world leaders.
That is in fear of major incentive lost.
With out profit, business decreases or even ceases to exist.
We have to ponder what next.

OECD confirms Canada’s recession.
And job lost in 2010 will be 7.5%.
Economy squeezes budget.
It is a very volatile time ahead.

US Thanksgiving is facing the test of life time.
Consumers are nervous.
Union workers faced more pain.
Senior care is drastically short in fund.

Stars are not helping.
It is Pluto’s 15-year visit to Capricorn.
It will realign the monetary and political landscape across globe.
The total transformation will take place with breaking down and rebuilding.

That is confrontation of life, death and rebirth.
You can see that with current India terrorist attack.
And Bangkok’s two airports is another case.
We have to fear our 2010.
But crisis means opportunity.
It is time Canada rethink our strategy and tactic.
We have the upper hand in water and food supply.
Green economy will make us uniquely secure and strong.

We are not military power.
With what we have, we need to be threat ready.
Balance of international power is important to our survival.
Any one sided reliance will not help.

Our northern fortune at artic will be a bomb in waiting.
A counter measure preparation must in place now.
We need right kind of player involvement to secure our interest.
Military action is the last thing we want.

New chapter with new direction is in waiting.
Canada needs a united front for our national interest.
Party line has no place here.
It is time history to be made.
At the eve before US Thanksgiving, a changing world is taking shape.
China presence is real with necessary importance.
Yet Canada is slow in meeting up the challenge.
Maybe Bush’s strategic partnership is a good direction.

Yes, we like to see a free and open China.
But like they say, Rome is not build in one day.
Exchange and communication in good will serve our interest.
Why not give it a good try.


“Sorry, I am taking cash.”
That is the words from TD boss on bonus.
He is telling the truth.
Hold on to the cash is the best policy.
After all, TD lost $350 million and down 12.74%.

Canada will face $13 billion deficit.
That can go up to 50.6 billion in 4 years.
That came with stock down 765.80 and dollar at 77.31.
We face the worst since 1987.
Pete McMartin’s “everything you know is wrong” best describes the situation.


With US influence declining, world will face crisis in many fronts.
National Intelligence Council USA released a 121 pages report telling us just that.
Shortage in food and water top the list.

And Canada happens to be strong on both.
With military buildup everywhere, that is not an advantage.
It is too late for Canada to be strong to defend.

And the report pointed out crime organization taking over nation state.
The nuclear threat will be worse.
War may be a reality then.

Unemployment in US is over 4 million.
Bailout or not with big three is not clear.
Valuable time lost.

G20 meeting produced nothing.
There is no effective action and re-organization.
And rules badly need adjusting and trade stimulating.


China fast came up with $4 trillion to make a difference.
But their local governments think not enough.
Another $10 trillion is on the table by local alone.
Will that work? 
We will learn soon enough in coming February.
That is the time experts predicting crisis.