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October 2008
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From Tom Tao
A Burnaby City Council Candidate
Council pay cut.

Current economic situation will end with Federal and Provincial fund cut.
Councils, as in part time, must show example in hard time.
There seems no restriction on council’s current business or profession practice.
Council ought to delay the raise in process or even cut pay to show the seriousness.
This release is to ask all council candidates to response.

Thank you.


He is a phenomenon and likely the next US President.
But there are things totally against my thinking.
First is his denial of Hilary Clinton.
That is a historical win-win situation lost.
What a break through that would be.
First black and first woman as running mate in our life time vanished.
That is a huge why and why not in question.

Now with economy bad, he spends money at a never high.
That 30 minutes big time TV buy-outs make me nervous.
Yes, Hollywood is at its best.
And money can buy anything.
But isn’t that an over kill and waste?
Many struggling poor can use the money he spent.
That is parallel to Bush’s Iraq to me.


Hi, my name is Tom Tao.
I am running for city council in Burnaby.
Decency, cooperation and compassion I saw in 1998 no longer exist.
We need to bring them back for generations to come.
It is our responsibility.
And hard time is coming with current world economical crisis and possible recession.
But I see most people worry free.
I make Burnaby my final home.
Stock market down, exchange weak and jobs lost indicate troubles ahead.
I take it my duty to find ways to keep Burnaby safe.

At my age, experience and accumulated network will help.
My time table is 470 days before Olympic.
Burnaby in prepared good social order and community peace has to be done in 90 days.
We have to work with much less to get all things under control.
Federal and Province will all be short of fund with cities fighting.

We have to be attractive to get business coming.
That is another 90 days.
That will bring jobs and prosperity.
Then we must have events.
Exhibitions with top world products will be in order.

I do have air-powered motorbike and space age bicycles exhibition in mind.
China Small and Medium Business Association’s annual meeting can be arranged.
Conferences will follow with reputation established.
And I am chairman of International leisure Industry Association.
I can arrange to put North American office here

All will be done before Olympics.
Burnaby will be a fun business city.
That is what I call BEST.
Business, education, safety and trust will be my goal.


Taiwan as Republic of China had National Day in 10/10.
My grandpa died for the birth of the country way back.
I need to remember as well as to preserve it as long as I live.

And there is India’s Diwali.
It is like Chinese in New Year.
Let’s wish the best for all India friends.  


You can sum up.
Last night’s council meeting in Burnaby was counting their votes.
That is if you watched.

Incumbents got a face on TV.
And they had grants or bills passed.
The “no face” one was the opposition.

That was the power center of Burnaby.
Total base is 34,000 votes.
And official account of eligible voter by city hall is 139,000.

Yes, those not voted can be seeing as silent but happy.
But it also can be the ignorance as one columnist recent had described.
Let us each keep his or her own opinion.

Frankly I knew I was hoping too much.
I was hoping the city hall machine to display readiness for hard time.
Unfortunately “things as usual” was displayed just like Harper’s institutions sound.

Each couldn’t wait to get self related fund or bill passed.
Mayor’s face perfectly reflected his mocking on such person or event.
That arrogance was so deadly attractive and telling of the person.

But the 5 minutes recess was bad.
The “trouble maker” was handled off screen.
That left much imagination rooms for speculation.
And there was the Mayor’s “handling” to citizen’s “process” petition.
The logic of fair play wasn’t there.
It ended like a city hall cover up.

Clearly the man had a point of process not fair.
Yet Mayor was telling the guy the other side had points too.
That wrong-wrong cancellation format is scaring.

That is “my way” or “no way”.
Instinct says.
It is dictatorship in the name of democratic exercise.

That is great example of city ruling by a person with less than 18,000 votes.
With that kind of power, 70,000 votes will be better.
We can make a choice in this election.

I like to see a service-minded government.
It can respond to the “right or wrong” and “fair or not” right away.
In that case, “to change” in this election is a must.

US are so worried on “check and balance” now.
Total Democratic line-up in White House and Congress is scaring.
They have to decide between “voter anger” and “best interest”.

And we never have “check and balance” in our city council.
This election can be tested as how we want it.
Hard time can be focused by a new line-up.

Strategic voting is complicated.
But a 2-2-2-1-1 split is the best.
Cooperation then will be a must with decency and compassion returning.

Signs are right in front of our eyes.
Stock market and exchange rate are telling tales.
And watch out the bankruptcies rising. 


全球化改變了空间與時 间,現有的傳統模式,已不足應付当前全球金融危机的災害,




有大温代表性的Vancouver Sun全侯選人介紹,居然有執政黨全面缺席,以常情來說,












We are facing a “never before” situation.
Globalization changes all things big time even crisis.
All old standards no longer work.

It is “trouble for all” and “all for one”.
Time, boundary and space all define in new frame.
The future is tough and facing reality check.

“Asia and Europe Meeting” was in Beijing yesterday.
It was the best in example.
New world order is in the making.

They have to consolidate the difference.
Cooperation is bigger than anyone.
Decency and compassion have to be restored.

That is before Bush’s turn in US.
Lame duck or not, he has to act.
Time is waiting for no one.

Canada is losing ground in our national interest in slowness.
Keeping up the appearance is in the way.
“Need to know” practices create more lies to the public.

VANOC admits the economical impact.
Still, related cities and people claim outlook sound in public.
We tax payers will inherit the debt for sure.

Many social and political structures are outdated.
Transparency and accountability must be in place this time.
And it has to be activated with election.

Van Sun is doing us a favor.
They published the all candidate information yesterday.
But some did leave the space blank.

It is voter’s chance to read and learn.
The blank makes one wonder.

Truth is right between the lines even in blanks.
I for one have my own answer.
The courtesy for public to know is missing.

I am not criticizing.
They just missed a chance for me to vote them.
After all, as independent, I do need to vote for a Mayor and other 7 councils.

Let me come clean first.
I stand for future even my age makes it odd.
I truly am excited about the fun and business for Burnaby in my plan.

I am thrilled at the break in media so far.
But like one lady reporter said.
Public really don’t know me and my plan.

People showed up at my meeting were few.
Those there were excited of the future and reality I presented.
From 20 attended to 14,000 voting for me has long way to go.

But I like to thank the METRO.
Cartoon of central bank shouting at the homeless inspires me.
I feel stronger than ever because Canada needs me.

I am direct and talk straight.
Statesmanship, cultures and Asia Pacific links qualify me.
Vote me will put a right guy to deal with this “never before” situation.

XMAS 2008

The headline in Province said.
That is “down day all around the world”.
We were at 94 cents in September 12, 2008 in exchange with USD.
Now it is 79.70.
Oil was $120.89 but now 66.90.
No wonder business is high on everyone’s agenda.
Public confidence is burn out and needs assurance.

But voters have to be sharp in this municipal election.
Store got break-in and lost 80 guns.
Guess where will they turn up?
We all know it will not be a tool of peace.
Stores all claim not to increase personals.
Retails in fear loudly announce no price increase.
Gun will show up where cash is.

Stock market is down another 558.
Global CDO market value evaporated 90%.
G20 will meet in US on December 15.
This will be a black Xmas no one will forget.
Countries are in bankruptcy.
Desperation took over.
Private sector money confiscated. 

Can war be next?
Historically that was a solution.
But will it be still valid in today civility?
Don’t forget how US went to Iraq.
Russian as the second military power is shaky in economy too.
It is a question of where spark out of control.
To be mentally ready is better to ask why when all too late.

We in Canada are in comfort zone too long.
Campbell at least is putting up possible solution.
Even critic like Vaughn Palmer is saying “sensible package after silly build up”.
But NDP still is on the negative.
Then please offer us some constructive and workable solutions.
Party line is giving public a mob like union interest.
When they say people, we the average Joe don’t feel included.

With black Xmas already is a reality in the making.
Why can’t we be positive and united as a one?
Yes, I don’t trust Campbell with big business either.
But new world order does restart with banks.
And they are the biggest business there is.
Unfortunately we have to start somewhere.
Let decency, cooperation and compassion be our guide please.


Canada places 10th in Global Competitiveness in new world order.
BC will be essential as gateway to Asia Pacific.
Singapore is the best in Asia at 5th.
Japan at 9 follows by HK at11, S. Korea the 13 and Taiwan 17.
US is still on top.
All will be our contacts as BC interest to compete globally.


To many, I am a political misfit and was an event creative operative.
I came from strong old Chinese political family.
Yet I was totally washed by UC Berkeley’s free spirit in the 60s.
Taiwan’s state form capitalism, way before China, thrilled me in late 70s.
And dealing with India as family obligation in the 80’ taught me the third world view.
World Anti-Communism League allowed me to touch base with world opposition leaders in 125 countries.
My love for basketball seasoned me to be the top operator in world class tournament..
10 years in Canada absorbs me with the slowness of Canada.    
I called myself Burnaby independent voice in 2002.
My instinct under pressure has been my best asset.
This independent will win with decency, cooperation and compassion.