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September 2008
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Archive for September 4th, 2008


This is a new promotional slogan for gifts of a very traditional Chinese holiday on hand.
The act is popping the western goods especially hard drinks to the top of list.
I can’t help but to think.
What is there for us in Burnaby to pop and top.

With the world rapid changing, we better see what is and are coming.
It is obvious from our daily news.
The whole world is changing with nothing old seems working.
We need to assure our outlook practical never cliché.

After Olympic and Democratic Convention, now Republican arrested 300 people.
And Bangkok confrontation so far result one death and 44 injuries.
We do have 2010 coming.
Are we ready for people obsess only their own conviction?

Asia economy decline sharply indicates disaster ahead.
India cheapest car NANO is indefinitely stopping production.
Taiwan business profit is looking at 18% down with exchange hurting the stock market.
There is no safe place world wide.

How will that affect Burnaby?
And do we have people in city hall ready for the risk and change?
Are we going to just compliment how good our cop is never their weak side?
Will they really capable to handle the unexpected as the world is showing?

Do we have people ready to see and looking into the other side for answer or solution?
Taiwan is declaring to find the key to diseases passage in hospital.
And national institution succeeds in bird flu’s new solution.
One university announces a creation of an air powered bike.

We may not be the first but still can be the first in line to benefit if linkage establishing.
Steven Spielberg and India’s Reliance Communication are teaming up.
How will that hurt our Burnaby trade and how best can we help?
And will the success of how Middle East bank courting their female rich inspires us to make changes too?

Those are things we can make a difference if we care and change.
And city councils so far are not in our better interest as people’s watch dog.
The political machine is outdated.
New blood and new concept are not in supply.

The city prides to be the best financially in the region.
But will they in next 3 years?
Voters ought to think hard on that.
Is the cast today ready for tomorrow?

Their handling of oil leaks is not a good sign.
And the public time on TV most Monday didn’t help.
They are not popping or top.
Line-up needs a big change.       


In the age of sight and sound, US are again showing the world how they excel.
They demonstrate how capable they are to move the people, themselves included.
The Opening of the third day in Republic Convention certainly shined with patriotism.
They displayed their love for their country in such pure form.
We simply can’t doubt the strength of such nation.
In comparison, Taiwan in the name of Republic of China is totally doomed.
God bless Canada for the need of such unifying fiber.

And the VP choice is dazzling.
The political presentation is a knock out in skill and orchestration.
It is a master stroke to counter what Obama has been so far.
At end, before her major speech, expectation is already high and positive.
And that is the beauty and charm of politics.
She certainly is making MaCain more election ready.
And a white First Family with a black daughter definitely tramps the imagination.

Elegant speech with spirit and substance is the key.
We see how the whole political scene degenerated with all public speeches in Taiwan.
The hate and dividing evil finally sink the whole society.
Educated people refuse to read or watch news on TV.
All are in hiding.
That reminds me of the 1970s in US after Vietnam.
Yes, it did happen before and in US.  

The greatness of human nature is.
We do learn.
Some do take more time than others.
That is where hope comes in and why important.
Canada will be the first in line for a possible October Federal election.
US will decide its Presidency in early November.
And I have to find ways to get heard for November 15 municipal’s election.