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September 2008
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Harper had to call this election before US.
Now, he has to suffer the consequence.
The change in US was unmistakable.
Harper needed to control his own fortune.
But fate is cruel.
The bailout rejection was not in his card.

Now economy is everyone’s top concern.
What happened in US is no comfort to us.
The result in US House is a warning.
That can be a reflection mirror of Canada next.
Nothing that scope can just happen over night.
It took years looking other way.

$2,587,427,300,000 is big number.
But one day down 777.68 is scary.
It is one trillions plus gone market wise.
And $9,536,317,678,235 was on National Debt Clock in New York.
The number can go up to $11 trillions even with bailout.
Canada must demand clarity on economy now.

We depend on US too long.
There is no way we are safe as Harper puts it.
We need to hear damage control now.
That has to be clear on Federal level.
Bush was saying the same.
Economy is strong.

Water is a resource ace for Canada.
We need to have a policy.
And we need to think of necessary protection.
We can think in partnership.
Arab has good cash flow on hand now.
That is at US $8,000 billions level.

They will love to be part of our water interest.
With their cash infusion, US will review its own strategy.
Canada will have better breathing room then.
And it is better than raising taxes.
NDP will love the possibility.
And Liberal will have extra green cash.

Artic borders are troublesome.
90 billion barrels of oil reserve will be incentive enough.
Russian interest is a top threat.
They are exercising in US backyard now.
Canada is a push over in their eyes.
And with US having troubles all over the world, Canada will be all alone.

Does Canada have reasonable military power to deal with it?
Many would think not.
Then, what will we do?
With power balance in mind, what about China card?
That definitely will call on US full attention.
It can be a last result plan.

Our Afghanistan situation will be worse.
It will cost more with current world economic situation.
Can we afford it?
And don’t overlook the afterward mess in veterans liability.
That will be a life time commitment to each.
Is that in our government’s calculation?


Both are no longer the realistic measure in today’s society.
We are ending up to struggle to uphold them or looking for new measure.
At same time, they are still carrying the facial value.
Then let’s stick to it until its eventuality.
This economical crisis will be the measure on changes or not.

One can’t help but to think.
Press is getting personal with MaCain.
His not showing up at Letterman became an issue.
To show up or not at debate made him an inconvenience to press.
And his VP performance is not helping.

The “benefit of doubt” as American virtue or value is not visible here.
His entitlement as a human being, citizen and candidate is not a consideration.
He was pre-judged even before the debate.
Democratic Congress leaders declared “territory” war on him.
They called him politically motivated with Presidential power like intervention.

The fact is.
We, the public, do care to see if candidates capable to manage the crisis.
In the name of all inclusive as front, Democratic Congress are angry.
They assumed Bush had the total backing of all Republicans.
And Republic House is reacting according to their voters.
They can’t afford to be pushed to a deal with their own election coming up.

We can’t help but to feel.
Are they playing a hostage situation?
Was MaCain coming to rescue his fellow House Republicans?
Where is the due process everybody is talking about now?
Guilty by press is where things stand.
Press is strong with self interest.
And it creates own “trust” and “fair” issues.
Where is the liability of Democratic Congress Majority?
Lame duck Bush is a historical reality.
Why all assumed he had the full backing of Party?

Obama is an inspiration but not to all the people.
But the hype is played to the full.
The same disadvantage on Hilary before now is on MaCain.
It is not very American to beat up woman and old man.
That is a part of public perception.

Oprah had her right to promote her Man.
But Letterman’s bashing is personal.
And he is hiding behind the power of TV.
Since when did TV show host dictate the schedule of a President candidate?
That is elite power of arrogance to the bone.

CNN played to the best of public perception.
But it failed to show.
Where is the public’s capacity in knowledge and experience?
Yes, each person will vote in his or her own right.
But a learned well student still is not a teacher.

Decision maker has to know what his staff is talking about.
Knowledge can’t be accumulated over night.
And experience is vital.
The best is always with the least briefing time.
Conventional wisdom still is the measure majority of the time.

The sad part is.
This is like a Hollywood movie.
Tested and experienced is totally lost here.
American will have to suffer Obama’s learning period.
And we all know what a rookie will face in a new play ground.

Likable is not respect or trust.
One can be an instant but the other taking time.
Obama did have 200,000 fans in German.
But how many in the crowd were policy decision makers?
That is the difference between leader and star.

Kennedy family can jump on Obama star power for mass party new blood.
Democratic Congress’ power arrogance clearly indicates Obama reality.
He is in control but not Hillary.
Obama is not needed in DC policy machine.
Big Party boys will take of care things there.

One can not help but to think of movie Godfather.
It is funny how Americans like to talk about organized crime.
They call it family.
And too often we fail to distinguish them in reality.
The bailout without House Republic was trying to tell us something.

Paul Newman is passing away at 83.
His life time on screen often was a fight of entitlement and fair play.
But that no longer is valued with new generation.
A new re-shuffle is inevitable.
One has to wonder about the new rules and values.
US could be better off with Gore following Clinton’s economical foundation.
But constantly looking for change in Americans’ nature got them Bush’s 8 years. 
Taiwan had changes to get also 8 rotten years.
New change there is not doing any better.
Will US ever learn the lessons in the past and present?

Will ever US be strong again in system and value?
Is capitalism system running out its time?
And is cynical taking over all values?
Can it be the repairing time or total change necessary?
The preservation of entitlement and fair play will tell.


Republic House has recent history of Iraq in mind.
They are calling on Bush’s bluff.
The Presidential national TV press special didn’t work.
Lame duck Bush lost his own party’s support.

Signs of possible smart profit maneuver are detected.
Tax payer don’t see it right to be the loser when playing by the rules.
Wall Street has to clean up own mess.
Punishment has to follow.

This is lesson learned in US.
Deal is not going through.
Language on the Hill is strong.
Show down is on the way.

At the center of all things, trust is the issue.
It is lost along with public confidence on all involved.
Common folks no longer believe in suits for their backroom interest re-shuffle.
Clarity and punishment are demanded.

At same time, decision making challenges all politicians.
And crisis management ability is tested.
Election is coming at the best of time.
They hear loud and clear what voters want.

Bottom line is.
Does private sector has the cash and will power to step in?
One’s $5 billions can be a perfect example.
And he is eying the AIG too.

What it shows is.
There is still room for system to work there.
Maybe it is time to cut off all bad roots.
Bailout is leaving us to think as another power brokering in profit arrangement.

One Japanese expert calls this a US $5 trillions mess.
If that is true, then the US $700 billions will not work.
No wonder hundred US academics are taking the “no” stand.
Bad guys are so creative to be benefited in public crisis.


The whole world is tough on China.
Food safety is the focus.
So many negatives are flying.
But all fail to see the obvious.

In crisis, there is opportunity.
Canada organic products can be appreciated in China market.
Public will demand and welcome it.
There will be great profit with global human decency in check.

An international small and medium cities alliance can be the channel.
That will be perfect for city like Burnaby.
And Greater Van cities can work together to get Canada organics in.
To think about it is a first step.

China is reaching out too.
After Beijing Olympics, they will host the first World Mind Sports Games.
3,000 participated from 150 countries will be in Beijing from Oct. 3 to 18.
Chess, bridge, checkers, go and Chinese chess will be the game.

I am hurting by a recent revelation.
A local mainland Chinese had my trust.
But he voiced support but went the other way.
After 24 hours reality check, I need to thank him for teaching me to trust them no more.


Only one is telling the truth.
Harper claims fearless in economy.
But Flaherty declared.
Bailout in US must not fail.

Merrill Lynch Canada says.
We are not safe.
CBO, USA, director says.
Government rescue plan could worsen economic crisis.

And Washington Mutual is down.
J P Morgan is taking over.
Warren B makes better bargain then US government on his US $5 billions.
That is no loss but a sure 10% return.

Ok, let conventional wisdom shines.
Don’t take any chance.
Cash is king.
And hold on tight.




留下來的,不想也可知,Long stay成了昨日黄花,身周全是yes的人,











I was told when still in Asia.
NDP is ahead in BC both Federal and Provincial.
And yesterday’s paper says.
Layton hinted alliance.
And today I went to Burnaby Trade Board breakfast for Dion.
NDP MP Juilian’s name was announced but absent in person.
Later, he was out side to chat with press.

May it be courtesy or strategy?
Implication is valid.
Papers do have Conservative 16 points ahead.
That is possible for majority.
Then why not go for alliance.
Politics has no forever friends or enemies.
Now maybe a new example is in the making.

But public does have a problem.
That is the one country but 3 realities created by party line.
Many have hard time to see which is true to their heart.
Dion’s infrastructure plan says future.
We see first hand how US outdated structure failed.
And Beijing Olympic just displayed the importance of new ones.
It is choice of priority to Canadians.

But the man simply is not an inspiring one.
That is good enough for Layton to think big. 
And Chinese economy may matter more to BC than to the rest of Canada.
This is the view of SFU professor, Nicolas Schmitt.
And Campbell is happy with low visibility but business deals sealed at Games pavilion.
There will be more if better timed with greater effort.
Will this China interest be a major issue in the election?

On the same note, we need to look at the fact.
Chinese immigrants went down 40% in last two years.
At same time, Europe and US numbers went up.
Can it be a Harper policy?
That is a shadow in our back mind.
And it is first time in Canada government not issuing the numbers of where coming from.

No one is talking about Harper’s absence in UN.
Only our reporter Steve Edwards pointed out the damage of Canada interest.
After all, Harper is still paid to run the country not the election.

And no one is paying attention to the decline of civility.
Thanks to a filmmaker to remind us of such fatal deficiency in our society.
The least we can do is to watch it this Saturday night.
Again, I will be one of many few.

Economy must be the top concern.
Unfortunately Harper worries us with possible bailout mentality.
The Bush link can not be erased.
Dion called him not in “role of government”.
Harper has to show us solid facts to gain trust and confidence now.

Layton is being labored as failing in market economy.
Where the money come from does need clarification.
But Dion is not clear on his either.
The promise of Green Wealth is attractive.
The seed money is our question.

No one is mentioning what if.
Bush talked strong in economy and institution for 9 months.
Look what is now.
What will be our back-up plan if things not working out?
No one dares to touch this one.
It is a political death wish list.
But there is no way to escape either.


Leman affair is doing us a favor.
It is reshuffle time.
Barclay now is back on the table.
Now they pick only the prime meat.
B of A is taking over Merrill Lynch.
50 billions indicates the depth and reality of big ones.
Japan leads the pack to take over the oversea cream.
Other top icons follow suit as well.

Yes, world stock market took a beating.
And it is not the end yet.
US government took a back step.
Somehow it reflects the policy next.
A lesser international role is possible.
Being domestic, AIG gets US $85 billions.
Now we see the US $700 billions bailout.
But one observer in Japan sees it as a US $5 trillions mess.
Three elements surfacing indicate what next.
China’s domestic market is one.
Arab’s world financial center is speeding up the momentum.
And US new scientific development will shine eventually.
Cash, new invention and market of tomorrow are all in place.
That will be the power center of economy next.
Now it is time to test out public trust and confidence.
In Canada, just saying our institution strong is not enough.

China is heading Central and South America.
Europe link established and strengthens with Airbus trade.
Africa was good in digging up natural resources.
Now the combination goes to US backyard.
It will be super sensitive.
But it can work out in 3-win-situation.
Harper not in UN Week now indicates Canada interest weakening.
His promise to China seems one side wishful thinking.

Dubai is aiming to replace London.
The goal is to take over as world financial center.
And it is attracting all kind of top talents.
But it needs time to build the thinking culture part.
At the moment, Arab culture lacks the appeal of being international.
An accepted new civilized modern culture needs time to build.
ManuLife is eying the AIG interest.
Why not team up with some Dubai cash?
Finally you can never under-estimate the power of invention.
On record, US are still the best.
Olympic total medals count indirectly reflects that.
Gold may not be the usual top.
But each one reflects the power behind.
The spirit and creative energy are still on their side.
Economical crisis may bring out their best explosive side.
Canada has to be ready for the following benefit.
GLOBALITY means ability to be global.
Surviving the current economy is the priority now.
Canada or Taiwan has to be with Arab cash flow.
And China’s domestic market will be where the action is.
But US new breakthrough must be monitored.
We need to double check our own institutions for world to believe.
Solid public trust and confidence will be the one and only policy.
Let’s get on with it with election on.










Now it is bubbles in Japan real estate.
Best of top can’t meet the challenge.
They are folding with debts at US $3 billions.

US are working on banks now.
The latest move is China’s foreign reserve for failing bank.
It makes one wonder.
Will Canada do the same soon?

Taipei is boiling with China poisoned milk powders scandal.
Like the rest of world, all point fingers to China.
None even try to examine own importer’s responsibility.
And where is the government as national gatekeeper?
The two are the keys to our final defense.
We can ignore it no more.
They are the real cancer of the system.