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August 2008
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4 million votes lost the last election.
They needed a chance to let the grief out.
And they feel bad long enough.
Finally here is a chance to let it all out.
Even it is at the worst of time
They gear up the crowd.
The group groans out loud.
Unfortunately it dooms the party for not facing the past wrong.

Perception says a good opportunity lost.
They could best to reflect the public sentiment.
Again power play by the struggling ex-President took over the spotlight.
It is crazy.
This island has too much energy.
The internal conflict is beyond repair.
There is no desire for common ground.
By far, I got ear full of negative cry.

Rationality has no place.
Blame others is the only game in town.
There is no cool head around.
Too much hate is clouding all minds.
No one is willing to see the future in solution with vision.
Get even gets the best of everyone.
And even that is a tall order.
The ruling party is its own worst enemy.

Yes, cabinet is decent but outdated.
Their past capable management team are old and retired.
The new generation is foreign to them.
Both sides lose touch with each other.
As the result, policy can’t carry out.
The worst is the new generation can’t be replaced.
And time is waiting.
It is a “lose-lose” situation.

In the study camp, my roommate was a “green”.
We managed to get along.
But there was a lot of uneasiness.
I am honor to have him saying I am different.
Yet that will change nothing.
Camp had few with credential as weighty speakers for “green” in the past.
They managed a respectable altitude toward me.
But I had to earn it with lot unselfish acts.

I don’t appreciate the courtesy.
I prefer we had ended thinking the same for the better of Taiwan.
My statement during the period luckily had been consistent through out.
I told all from the day one.
A Canadian I am but still have passion and heart for the place I grow up.
This Canadian bad ass is saying things without self interest.
That stopped them cold to call me names.
But is that what we are best at now?

It is disappointing.
This government is not in touch with its middle management force.
Politics divides all senses of fairness and loyalty.
Near all government personals demonstrate mindless incompetent in different ways.
The new government simply is not aware of this short coming.
No wonder, things are not working out well.
President Ma had to step in on his translator.
Now he is not on the front line to challenge the corruption.

Majority voted him to clean up the corruption.
All wanted a clean slot for justice and fair play right away.
And he was expected to stand up to show determination.
His present quiet and soft approach is not working.
Government personals have long learned to play wait and see if there is room to play dumb.
Public really expect a shot gun justice to make a difference now.
His position on second line is generating any energy for law and order. 
People start to think if ruling party having things to hide.
Now large protest is on.
On surface it targets Ma’s first 100 days.
But it can’t hide the supportive gesture to ex-President.
Ma chooses to stay on his schedule to ignore it.
It is at a time the ex-first family under investigation of international money laundering.
The protest parade was big and peaceful.
But they did pass by government’s investigate office and ex-President’s office.
All eyes are on what next.

Ma, some think, ought to face the crowd.
After all, they are citizens under his government.
Yes, his security is a serious concern.
Then wasn’t the home-stay a risk too?
Face-off could be one of the better choices.
But it is too late now.
This speaks of the reality of man in power.
Courage or drive to face people with opposite opinion is gone.

New First Lady in a way can be a last hope.
She was in banking business a long time and her public image clean.
She is perfect to head the special money laundering investigation team.
But we know Ma’s indecisive nature will not allow it.
And there is no one better on hand either.
It will be due process playing to the end.
That means no result for times to come.
By then, another public fury will be staged by people voted for him.


Life is looking forward.
Every day you appreciate what is on the table.
Your past become something to guide you to look ahead.
You live the fullest when you believe in TOMORROW.

To use the lessons I learned on this trip.
Candidate wins when he is ONLY.
The usual top of the list or number one will not last.
This will be my reason to run.

I am 65 with background and experience.
And my drive and vision show passion and energy.
I am happy to serve Burnaby with my China birth, UC Berkeley education and Taiwan-India experience.
As the only 3 in one candidate, I am a good window to Asia Pacific.

With our new local population mix, a new kind of statesmanship is needed.
Globality is a step ahead of globalization.
Cultures clash can be avoided with a soft and experienced old hand.
I can work with all sides makes me the only choice.

International “small and medium cities alliance” is Burnaby’s key to GLOBALITY.
I already pave the way.
China, India and Taiwan link with Burnaby is vital.
I am the only one so far to make it happen with my own expense.

Vision and outlook tell us.
China is market opportunity and Taiwan a great springboard.
India is the largest youth labor force and US the best in innovation.
I am the only one having base in all.

And my 15 years of residency in SF Bay Area helps too.
The North America link and consequences are in my gene.
UC Berkeley in 1965 to 69 and then 71 to 78 makes me a near-local there.
And my final choice in Burnaby speaks for itself. 


Also Taiwan’s version of “you think you can dance” is on.
The first show started last weekend.
Same group copied American Idol is doing the same.
The singing one is the top show here now.
Prospect of the new one is not bad.
And I am glad my last 2 years’ good words paying off.


Columnists in Van love to change history in Taiwan.
There is another one today.
It is so often now.
I start to wonder.
Am I getting my history wrong?
But if you know me, is that possible?


Oh, one Van young Chinese is hot in Taiwan.
He moves up rapidly on TV.
At the beginning, he was $100,000 NT a month.
But sudden popularity changes everything.
He is making NT $800,000 a month now.
Wonder if tax man in Canada spots him yet.


Japan reported underworld money moving into public market.
They are in control over 200 companies.
That helps them to legalize on hand assets.
The top gang family is in control of 60%.
With such press release, one has to wonder.
Where is the government?


At same time India had flood.
It is called calamity by government.
And Arctic ice drops to second lowest level.
Both were in the paper here.
But public could care less.
It makes one wonder what is the priority.


Yes, I was in one yesterday in Taiwan.
The feeling was odd.
I saw no reason for the practice.
But it went on anyway.
That says it all.
The Strait is still in danger of military activity.


Listeriosis is breaking out from Toronto to Vancouver.
Anyone watched CNN had learned weeks ago about the hotdog issue.
They even asked to eat no more than one hotdog per week.

I have using it along with bottled water and cell phone to warn people since I got to Taiwan.
That is why I am really shocked.
Canada is so close for not aware of the situation.


It is not Olympic gold.
But without right equipment, even top athletes couldn’t get any.
Right tool can be the edge in tight competition.

Taiwan Spalding sells 10 million basketballs.
That is NT $6 billions a year.
Taiwan baseball glove is MLB branded.
Soccer and valley ball is made by Top Ball here.
They are cocky because their machine made is just like hand made.
Same is with tennis racket.
The material is space bounded.
And there are sport protecting gears.
Canada track and field is wearing Taiwan made uniform.
Shoes and bicycle both are long established goods here. 
The only regret is.
Athletes in Taiwan didn’t match up.