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July 2008
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Press is focus on uniforms now.
They call China’s as mix of scrambled egg with tomato.
Greek is all white as if they used all the blue up in last Olympics.
US are all college look with youth and energy.
Japan is all short especially skirts.
Canada is mocked as if in pajamas.


Can’t figure out why Korea is doing this.
Speaking of piracy, they are gradually stealing many Chinese heritages to Korea origin.
Imagine that includes Confucius as well as the Founding Father of Republic of China.
And they declare on traditional holidays too.

World powers had rooted many Chinese art treasures from Palace.
Japanese took plenty Chinese lives in Second World War.
Now here comes the Korean.
Is Korea trying to test the reserves of today’s Chinese people?
They can expect big backlash coming.


I am crazy about You Think You Can Dance.
Taipei is having a Toyota sponsored hip-hop contest.
An old friend is the organizer.
You bet I will be there at least in Taipei.
Total contest price will be $800,000 NT.

Taipei will have Firework play this Saturday.
There will be 20,000 shots with 800 feet fall.
More can be read at
Believe it or not, sunny is forecasted.
There will be ghost festival with international performances.
And there also is a 10,000 people swim meet at a lake.
Forest Love Song’s Night will be staged at a resort.
Two beach music festivals will compete for audience.

However, high speed rail will be my thing.
Oh, yes, Computer Show will get most young crowd tomorrow.
I am looking at few things with the utmost urge to buy.
In order to see them at ease, I intend to be first at gate.

Taipei is a motorcycle city.
That makes 7 major manufactures here to display and compete.
With Gas price like now, how I wish the choice is in Greater Van.
And Taiwan bicycle giants like MERIDA and GIANT display big sales.
That is $4.436 billions and $6.931 billions. 


It is not this often you are willing to see any movie is on.
And that is precisely the situation in Taipei.
Wanted is still blazing hot.
Dark Knight is not that catching like in North America.
Wall-E is popular but not so with Hancock.
Clearly a culture divide is the reason.
Center of Earth is hot and Sex & City still on.
And there are Chinese and Japanese choices.
All look very good.

X-file will be on next week.
Mummy will be the week after.
I managed to go to the big Chinese historic epic Red Cliff.
John Wu created many interesting moments.
Again he made characters alive in today’s term.
Sadly being Hollywood, he sucks us with a sequel.
Well, that is business.


This is an old Chinese tradition.
We pay respect to our ancestor.
And we make peace with ghost world.

It is not a fun and commercial event like Halloween.
Chinese think it a freedom month out of hell for the dead.
We, the living, with courtesy in mind, pamper them with religious activities.

I went to Buddhist temple to sign up for the festivity.
That is to give blessing to my parents and ancestor.
Ghost month starts August 1 this year and religious special from August 9 to 15.

Tradition always follows with restriction.
You don’t go to beach, blow whistle and moving.
For protection you can wear crystal items and stay in bright place.


Our Vancouver airport can use some smiling faces.
The security last night at departing area was depression.
One would think it prison like.

Looking alive and smiling warm will win heart for Vancouver.
Last night, as local, I saw Taser ready faces.
Departing at 1:55 am was not good.

Those faces could chill anyone’s bone.
Canadian value was missing.
That was not in anyone’s body language.

We will be hosting Olympic soon.
Canada image can use better representation.
Humanly pleasant is the least we ask.

And nothing looked right last night.
Yes, we understand.
Tight security is aiming at terrorism and a must today.

But something was odd.
Guards worked last night all had Middle East physical look.
That is except one lady.

Public perception was confusing.
Many thought.
They looked more like terrorist in some passengers’ eyes.

It was ironic.
How I wish I had a picture.
It will speak better than thousand words.


I found no one for a simple yes or no answer.
That was from Friday 10:30 pm to Saturday night.
I just wanted to know if my flight would take off.

Airline must have a person ready to be reached by customer at all time.
Passenger has the right to be able to contact airline with real people any time and any place.
That is accountability.

Internet news told the bad news.
Taipei would be stormy both July 27 and 28.
Past experience said flight most likely would be canceled.

That is why I tried the hardest to contact airline.
A real person with simple yes or no would do.
That was all I wanted.

But no one could be reached.
My travel agent tried hard with her special airline cell numbers.
Still no one picked up.

Friends in Taipei insisted to delay the trip.
I told them.
With plane’s worth, airline would decide better.

At airport, after check in, I casually conveyed my story.
But the response shocked me.
It was a hard line denying no one could be reached.

The body language was strong and negative.
It implied me lying.
That made me mad.

The ground crew was cold.
She showed no compassion on things after plane taking off.
And that was arrogance can get people killed.


It is decency no more.
Civility is lost.
Social order needs regroup.

It is always an eye sole.
People buy a cup of coffee at Mac or Tim Horton.
Then they pick up a news paper from Save on Food rack to read free.

Some can be arrogant to take paper with them.
That is stealing.
But smart one tears the page they want.

A guy in suit asked “where is the line”.
Actually he lined from the top at Tim Horton.
Intent was clear but worked.

Old lady got coffee from Mac.
That is free Province there.
Then she came over to seat at T H section.

Starbuck customers love to seat at T H.
Some just seated there didn’t bother to buy anything.
They all acted as if they own the place.

The point is.
Conduct as such is nothing.
They can get away with it.

What makes it unbearable is.
They always point their moral fingers mightily.
Never once they look themselves over.

But buck has to stop somewhere.
Social order needs serious turn over.
It is up to each of us.

Japan just had an earth quake of 6.8.
China again doomed with a 5.6 one.
We need to establish better social order before a fatal one.


Province front-paged it as a Muslim’s nightmare in BC.
$11,000 was rewarded as the ruling to erase the past unjust.
Owner calls it a money opportunity or strike back.
Decision says competent and respected worker turned to be suspicious over night.
Yes, it was 911.
We were all guilty to a degree at the time.
Where you are and who you are mattered.

Columnist wrote.
China is still a regime.
Ok, Canada is a free country.
Columnist entitles to the opinion.
But between the lines, the “me right” and “you never” stood out.
One can not help but to sense dictatorship in democratic name.
It is like no break for lady of the night in reform, period.

Oil price comes down now.
Market reacts with dumping.
Clearly some did stock up expecting huge profit.
It is legitimate piracy like hot money.
Public always is the one turning victim.
And developing countries pick up the tab but can’t call it unfair.

Credit card companies generate interest over 20 percent.
Pawn shop mentality is the practice.
And it is legally well protected.
No law seems controlling or monitoring.
They profit like vampires sucking blood.
Now they are crying wolf.
A major blow to the public is definitely on the way.

Business Week focuses “retirement strategies at tough time”.
Fortune cover speaks of “retire rich”.
Can Business sells “retire happy”.
The mind set all focus on retirement.
That will be the market and direction.
Experienced labor force will be in short supply.
Quality medical care will be the star.

My son went to first aid test.
He did good in written part but failed the practice part.
It was a 5 days course sponsored by the company he works for.
His hard work didn’t pay off.
He considers his failure unfair.
2 female passed as white ladies and 2 males and one Asian lady failed.
The standard is questionable.

At pool, a handicap white lady freely did lapse in the class area.
Same was tries by an old white haired Asian lady hard at steps 2 days before.
Instructor of the class was the same one on life guard duty to forcefully chasing away the old lady.
Both are the less fortunate in the society.
And the old one needed help the most.
But everyone there played seeing no evil and hearing no evil.
Racial was real but many old lady’s friends were silent.

Thieves hit catalytic converters.
Yes, metal is pricy now.
Piling up and selling over sea is big business.
Those things are going through channels.
Law can just check warehouses and shipping pier.
Canada is not that big.
Link can be cut off unless no one is doing their job.


Why police didn’t use Taser.
The shot was aimed to kill.
The mental frame needs explanation.