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June 2008
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The over 90 guy is robbed again the 4th times.
Law and order is a joke.
And where is the common decency.
There is no public cry over it.

Where are the political party people?
Isn’t elected officials ought to pay a visit to the poor guy?
And where are the active union people?
Do we have to set up victim union to collect dues to get them involved?

Con artists sell homes without owners knowing.
All we hear is how to avoid the same fate by the experts.
Not one accountable agency stands up to take the responsibility.
How decent that is for our public paid staffs and elected officials.
And there is the third world condition with our immigrant farm workers.
Yes, they go by loopholes of the law.
But that is not the order of our society.
And decency is a total loss.

God, they work 10 to 12 hours a day and 7 days a week.
Safety measure is at minimum.
The wage is low.
And all is protected by special exempt of employment-standard’s legislation.

Police point figure at court to let loose of repeated criminals.
Editorial snaps on cop for changing the subject on gangs.
We the people really want action.
Let’s make sure there is real law and order in our society with passionate public decency.


It started in first oil crisis.
American couldn’t believe it was happening.
Arab was first on top of the world with black gold.
And it was in my glorious Berkeley days.

That was a major encounter to American creative thinking.
It was one late night.
A fellow student asked me to help out.
I was asked of my car and myself.

We were 7 guys and 7 cars.
We went around city of Berkeley to collect empty bottles.
That was 7 cars loaded in trunks and seats.
He then washed them in the bath tub.

Then he filled them up.
Yes, water was drinkable from sink.
He just put a sticker over and capped it.
Next day he shipped them to Saudi Arabia.

He told me much later.
In desert world, water is gold.
Arab was rich with black gold.
They would love to show off with water rich.

And cost was never a concern.
His pure profit was US one dollar per bottle then.
And his bank account was US $50,000 richer.
His contact was a guy we both knew in first year dormitory days.

The second guy was a fellow Chinese.
He made it rich with Water Gate poster.
The last diner of the Christ was the topic.
John Dean whose mouth assured the downfall of Nixon was Judas.

The third guy was in SF Chinatown.
He went to toothpaste people to suggest round shape outlet.
That changed the quantity of usage
A check of US $65,000 was written on the spot.


It contains substance causing cancer.
And manufactures hide the fact for 10 years.
Yet nothing official is in the process.
You can call it the slowness or carefulness of the law.

People can die during the period.
We have to face up the fact and timely to make a difference.
Yes, they are talking about banning it in high school in the paper.
I am all for it.

The reason is simple.
Bottle is plastic.
And that is an environmental concern.
But we avoid it for its convenience.

And there is the water.
I know how it got started.
And it was a great business idea then and worked.
The guy made lot money right away.

But how safe is it today?
Is our government agencies really done their job?
We had hoped.
Now we know it is not.


Vancouver top cop pleads to the court.
He asks for tougher sentencing to the repeated criminals.
Sadly he had to go to public to play with media.

Taser report came out.
Future use is suggested.
It is only for more seasoned police officers.

132,000 BC residences can’t find regular doctor.
I am one of them.
My good health in last 10 years saved government money.
But it turns curse for my own well being.

Some Asia countries are seriously looking at nuclear power.
But it is not in Canada.
I am not for it.
But I deserve to know why definitely no here.

We in Great Van are paying gas at $1.48 per liter.
But many don’t realize.
We are paying water at $2.12.
And we are having plenty of both.

Senses and perceptions are all taking to change.
Survive is for the fittest.
Are you?


Some US gas stations are denying credit card to cut down cost.
This is unthinkable in the 60’s.
Now 58% US people are cutting down driving.
39% are not thinking vacation.
31% are not eating out anymore.
3 wheels car is on the street for its gas saving.
If speeded, you will pay the police car gas cost.
And if you pay cash at pump, discount is 10 cents off a gallon.

Both U.S. and China are facing flood.
But US face the worst in 500 years.
Agriculture takes a deadly blow.
World food shortage is getting worse.
1/3 New Yorkers are claiming not getting enough to eat.
No wonder both countries displayed great harmony in recent meeting.
Chinese delegation shopped big time playing summer Santa for US.

For energy shortage, China makes deal with Japan.
They announce the join venture on off-share oil drill.
That is a serious change of direction.
There are significant political and historical implications.

China “threat” theory is toning down.
Hardliners are finally taking a break.
It is the economy.
Chinese tourists are on US soil now.
Shopping US means hard cash.
Taiwan is waiting for its turn on 7/4.
There will be first ever direct flight.
And Canada is complaining of left out.

China raises domestic oil price.
Immediate result follows.
World oil price gets breathing room.
For better or worse, change is real.


The man passed away at 58.
And I am 65.
A good mind is lost to be informative to the world.
The void is there to stay.
At same time I need to treasure the time I got left.
To max it is all I want to be.


Two Chinese news papers are reporting positively.
The Pavilion is welcomed there.
And business deals are made.
Both are quoting from returned BC personals.
Beijing has 1,000 new cars hitting the street daily.
And there are plenty motor bikes.
New transit is impressive.
That is a city with 16 million people.
Vancouver can learn things for our coming 2010.

He also expressed.
The city is still building.
50% of world cements are spent there along with 35 to 40% of steel.
That kind of growth is to be reckoned with.
And our business delegates signed deals.

But The Globe and Mail is saying otherwise.
Geoffrey York reported.
The Pavilion fails to draw crowd.
Present daily visitors are in 100 to 200.
By that rate, 400,000 will be a tough target.

Location is good but wrong time and wrong place.
2006 was free but not now.
Area security is too tight.
That definitely is not helping.
And it is away from any competition venues.

Two sides of report came from same event.
Something is not right for sure.
And at least $6-million Canadian dollars spent.
The full cost of construction and operation will be $14.7-million.

We can tell now.
Our research was not from the best.
The marketing has no effective network to reach out.
It was totally overlooked how it would appear to people there.
The money spent failed to touch Beijing 16 million.
You can be sure that goes with the 1.3 billions.

Luckily it is only in June.
There are still 50 days left before Olympic.
The Globe is doing us a favor.
Government agencies fail.
It is up to the private sector to jump in.
I am excited.
Opportunity is from one who thinks ahead and acts quickly.

Whistler Brewing Co signs on for major shipments.
Six of new Canadian trade promotion offices will open in China. 
Canadian corporate groups are there now.
It is time to allow small business to leg in.
We have to be creative to make a difference.
Let’s just do it. 


Speaking of sweat shop and cheap labors, they are in farming too.
News paper Province proves it with pictures today.
And a good one truly is worth a thousand words.
Now we like to see the action from government.
Or will we hear only that is not my department.
India community is on the spot.
Or can it be in deaf ear again. 


Homeless are not getting any sympathy.
They did that to themselves.
The daily routine they did at Save on Food is an eye sole.
They are younger with more physical power.
And it is team effort and organized maneuver now.

But the respectable middle class is worse.
They use the status to cover their near crime.
Common decency means nothing to them.
To get away and gain advantage is the game.
And sadly public benefited them with double standard.

Here is a man in suit with dignity.
He bought a small coffee.
Then he took any and many papers to read there.
Usually he discarded the paper or papers right on the table and walked away.
Yes, there were days he took with him.

Store personals always went after homeless.
And their faces looked disgust.
But they smiled to the white collars.
And they know precisely the free ride with news paper.
Yet the lack of common decency was treated with real RESPECT.


I can’t believe it.
In public pool, you see a person with rashes all over.
No one liked the sight.
But all decided to see no evil.

Finally a guy had it.
But he also knows.
You can’t offend the guy.
He went to the pool personals.

They passed the buck on him.
He had to go through the channel.
At end, he was stone-walled.
If they do nothing, what can we do?