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May 2008
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Media is a disappointment.
And government officials are flawed.
Globalization is in word only.
Civil society needs help.

President was criticized by all due to cutting into translation.
All think him a show off.
None realized that was a nation to nation situation.
Mistake could not be tolerated.

The translator has to be the best from Foreign Affairs Ministry.
That shows the danger.
President didn’t have to jump in if she was good.
It is a horror just to think of mistakes with the last President.

And none seems to realize this.
Media failed miserably.
Globalization needs good language as the minimum.
Why I am the only one see that and voice it?

Remember the tea party for oversea Chinese with Ma attending?
The process of pass and on site security was a joke.
Does this reflect the whole government middle level?
Chill is on my back.

Yesterday I attended old friend’s International Boxing event in Taipei.
He makes me proud.
To be the head of the International Boxing Federation is not an easy achievement.
He certainly is first among equal.

But he needs better staffs.
The English in official booklet was a disaster.
Director with P head is the least of the situation.
With language ability as such, globalization is a far away dream.

And Taiwan has been complaining all those years.
Reaching out internationally is a national goal.
Now we have an event with 37 nations and 156 athletes.
But audience section is empty.
Short of press interest is the main reason.
There is no real good story offered.
Public of course didn’t know what is going on.
A great pre-Olympic event wasted.


China’s earthquake is a sad and tragic disaster.
We get enough on sight horror on TV.
They bomb us daily.
It is time to think what if.

BC authority ought to be serious about our own fate.
Experts said enough about our own finality of the coming quake.
Are we better educated and prepared?
And what measures have we implemented?

How to react to the moment will be the first test.
And follow the moment after is even a bigger challenge.
Do we have all the necessary help in place?
Is our government on top of all things?

Global magnetic change is a new revelation.
That is discussed at national security level in Taipei.
As 2010 Olympic city, we need to prepare ourselves in full.
Regret later will not be acceptable.


China and Taiwan are getting the full attention.
History was made.
Chairman of Ruling Party on both sides met in person yesterday.
That marked a new beginning.

Taipei now is a new and better choice as passage to China.
System and space are more desirable for international operatives.
Taiwan compliments China well.
Confidence is building.

A picture is better than thousand words.
The moment is a breakthrough and set the tone.
BC ought to get involved now.
It is the best for our Gateway opportunity.


With make-up, woman turns heads.
Without, thanks for watching.

Lovers quarrel, too much love.
Married and fight, never enough money.

Ask all necessary questions before marriage.
Shut up once done.

The best of woman, ask single man.
The worst of man, ask married woman.

Single man is all curious.
Single woman is all imagination.

Man never knows what is in a woman’s mind.
Woman never knows what a man is doing.

Shifty body tells one is lying.
Honesty only looks stupid.

You need time to trust someone.
But it takes courage to marry someone.


First, allow me to congratulate you for your appointment.
Taiwan’s people have the right man on the job.
And country is better off with your presence.

You must wonder who I am and what I am after.
Well, you would recognize me if in person.
But definitely you will not by name.

To cut it short, you knew me in your tourism post.
But I am approaching you now as the on duty Chair of International Leisure Industry Association.
And I am on behalf of some travel agents with concern of coming Mainland Chinese visitors.

I just attended the Beijing Forum done by China Chapter.
And I am on my way via Taipei back to Vancouver.
I feel it my duty to express my thought to your office.

This new government carries over 7 million plus votes for a clean and just government.
And the best reward to voter is government policy transparent and accountable.
That is precisely why I am writing this letter.

Many local agents are very unhappy about the tourism authority.
They constantly outsource government power to private sector.
Yet those organizations are not accountable or transparent.

Private interests and greed erode all fairness.
And, again, they are timely targeting the July direct flight fortune.
You are the only and last hope for any justice and fair play.

The current corruption in Tourism is beyond repair.
A total make over is a must.
The concern is if you can hear from all sides to see that.

It is my observation that you can have a public or private hearing on the matter.
With your past integrity and reputation, you will serve people well once well informed.
That is if you are not already surrounded by interest groups and poisoned by their misinformation.

Look forward to hear from you.
After all, I did come back to vote for the new government.
Transparency and accountability will do.
Truly yours,
Tom S H Tao


That stands for meeting, incentives, conventions and exhibitions.
Vancouver needs more for 2010 and later.
And we have to be more competitive with the rest of world.
Burnaby can play a role too.
That is to pick up lot of mini-size ones.
To learn more, please check

IBM Forum 2008

Taiwan’s biggest Computer Show will be on June 3.
IBM timely makes the master move. 
That is the IBM Forum 2008.
And headline speaker Ram Charan is gold.

Timing is perfect.
Economy is new government’s top priority.
One can sense a brilliant corporate move.
The possible brain storming is exciting.

There was no visible government official in the audience.
But Vice President attended the dinner night before.
Dr. Charan is the best calling card.
He is capable to open any door.

Dr. Charan departed right after his speech.
Audience didn’t get to ask any question.
That was odd.
The rush off indicated the importance of his next meeting.

The IBM top man started the show.
He created many interesting moments.
His son’s higher priced sneaker situation was the best.
Nigel J. Knight revealed added value in personal service.

He cleverly pointed out the future of his company.
China is the center.
And IBM focus is changing.
They are 55% in service, 20% in hardware and 25% in software.

Dr. Charan started his speech with ambition.
It is the basic for anyone driving for success.
Be ready to changes and happy about them is a must.
And we learn to be innovative beyond customer’s imagination.

Disruptive is good.
It creates new opportunity.
That will be the key to new you.
And it can be a chance to be unique.

A daily exercise was introduced.
Think revenue and set margin.
Advance with velocity and win customer satisfaction.
Then brand it.

The Taiwan Yahoo lady was another bright spot.
She matched every point with Yahoo Taiwan.
That is a good head in control of the on spot situation.
She made the best example of a case study.


It is the only thing in my mind right now.
Everybody knows about Hawaiian shirt.
Why can’t we have something like that to represent Taipei or Vancouver?
It is a direction.
And let us see who will first make it a reality.
We have pocket size paper napkin.
Why can’t we have free one application hair smoother too?
I may use it this November. 


To be creative is the key.
Both trips to Taipei or Vancouver need new direction.
But we are not seeing any.

In Taipei, I like to focus on eating.
We really need small tour bus.
That is the only way to get around to all those lovely street side eatery.

And Vancouver wise, can you believe Tofino is not known in Taipei at all?
This is the best hide away place in the world by experts.
Now I like to see it a known name in Taipei.


The “Enterprise of The Future” will be in Taipei on May 27.
This 2008 Forum is sponsored by IBM.
And main speaker is Dr. Ram Charan.
He is the hottest business consultant in the world now.
How can I not be his audience?
You can check with
And I will pass the Singapore’s REAL ESTATE investment world Asia 2008.
That will be on June 23.
Vietnam is next on 26.
Again you can check with
EXPAT SHOW in Shanghai will be in September 19.
That I am still thinking.
Again you can check.