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April 2008
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This is the topic blazing hot in Beijing.
But to their credit, they humbly see the Olympic as a graduation process.
That is after their WTO experience.

They see it as the bench mark to catch up with the rest of world.
In other word, they are not thinking of leading the world yet.
This is where Canada can assert some influence.

We can cultivate where they will be leader soon.
And we will be first to be their friend and partner.
Human right in loud noise only turns people off.
Quiet transformation is better.

Reality is.
You can embarrass China all you want.
That is through Olympic protest or even boycott.
But China still will be strong and steadily moving ahead.

Both U.S. and USSR tried
That was politically directed boycott.
But we remember.
Life went on.

Athletes were hurt the worst.
We didn’t change the world.
And those made the loudest noise can care less of the athletes.

They are seeing only their own cause.
Olympic is only a stage and opportunity.
As a sport lover and saw the fall out in the past.
Olympics come first.

You can make China a better member in global village by being friend.
Confrontation will never work.
The reality is.
The world needs China today.

It is not the other way around.
And watch out.
India will be next.
Get alone and make them better to world standard is what we have to accept and practice.

China is spending 7 years for these 17 days.
They want to present a new face fit for the age.
It is the world has to think what to offer in return.
Near a million international visitors will be there.
Are we ready?


No one can afford not to take part.
All brands showed up.
Fact speaks for it self.
8 million cars sold in 2007.
And all are looking at 10 millions in 2008.
The most expensive car was sold the first day.
That is buying power.


One appointment shocks the whole island.
And it may damage the adjusted Strait relation.
Many interesting appointments lose focus.

It is a woman to take charge of the Sport.
And she is only 46.
That is a breakthrough in this land.

Clean is the top priority.
24 have doctor degrees.
6 are university presidents.
10 are females.
None are from parliament.

Since economy is top concern.
We see seasoned old hands in charge.
The others are innovative and challenging.
It is a lady to clean up the justice system.
That appointment will keep lot people sleepless. 


It was hectic.
And I missed my flight.
And I had every intention to be on time.
The word was.
All flights from Beijing to HK and then Taipei were full.
Missed one part would be disaster rest the way.
And I did just that.

The first problem was.
They took me to the wrong terminal.
That cost me at least one hour.
And I was not alone.
It was a huge confusion all over the airport.
And airport people couldn’t believe what they were facing.

They had a hard time to run the corrections.
And they told me.
They had over and over again to remind people.
But the fact is.
We the visitors are not there every day.
And many locals never had to go to airport.

I suggested.
It would be better if warned people arriving.
And more signs on the highway remind for the people leaving.
But the sign has to be large and visible.
Highway jammed makes perfect time to read.
I reached the airline desk at 12:55 pm.
That was 3 hours late.
The truth is.
More time will be needed for this Olympic city.
At least that was the condition I witnessed.

The airline desk lady embarrassed me.
She innocently asked.
Sir, do you realize this is the departure time not check in time.
Of course I knew.
But what could I do.

I had to brush that aside.
To get a seat on next possible flight was my priority.
I told her.
The airport is too big.
It takes times.
I looked every bit a fool with my 4 luggage.

Well, life goes on.
I charmed my way.
And I cut all corner.
My knowledge of the travel business helped.
I advised her to reverse the process to get HK part done first.
Even that was impossible.

Beijing side then accepted my luggage.
I squeezed in on 3 pm flight.
And I was fully aware.
My seat belonged to someone who was still on the freeway or wrong terminal.

And I had to run.
The flight terminal and gate was on the other side.
Time was pressing.
And I had to hurry.
I finally settled down on the flight.
And I was breathless.

I then started to plan the HK part.
There was no seat there either.
It was another big airport.
Run started once landed.
My God, there again were over hundred people on waiting list.

My luck was good.
VIP card helped.
And I made it.
It was a big 747 from Bangkok.
And I was up graded to business class.

Oh, I got the same flight attendant from Beijing to HK
He was on Van to Beijing.
And HK to Taipei part, I got a friend too.
Call it fate or luck, I was fully blessed.

And at HK airport, I had only a minute.
I barely typed the flight number and time without the airline name.
Hey, hotel people got it.
I got picked up.
Nothing more couldn’t be asked.
Thank God.















Participation was impressive.
300 some came from cities all over China.
And those award receivers were eager to learn.
They came for knowledge and information not vacationing.
That is a rare change.
It indicates a new trend and mentality.

And they came with local government heads and private sector leaders.
Organizer did a good job.
Format is precise and responded to their hunger.
Reaching out to connect with out side world pin points the priority.
It is a success.
And I am glad to play a major part in it.

First, it was staged at top government hall.
It symbolized the standing of the forum.
The tight security made everyone aware the special occasion.
And it was attended by top political leader.
That is important in that part of world.
But organizer controlled the time to stay in focus.
Good following speakers enriched the occasion.

As acting chair, I allowed the local interest to shine.
But I firmly made conclusive remark at end of the day.
City Mayors and tourism department heads responded and voiced appreciation.
They participated but never anticipated it would be such satisfaction.
They embraced the opportunity for globalization, collaboration, communication, and social networking.
We ended with goal to sell not to tell.
With innovation, we will share knowledge and to develop unique individualism.
A platform created to serve all participated.
There is a greater expectation for forum next year.
They are waiting.
And they fail to see it has to start and act now.
Let others to start and then follow is their way of doing things.
It is passive.
That indirectly outlines the short coming of current China.
The forum managed to get across our point.
That is the act now mentality.

But some sharp ones really got it.
And they are all in the private sector.
You examine their work.
The imagination and break through are real.
They strongly expressed desire to work close with me in near future.
Yes, that means.
I will be busy.


It is big, new and certainly sharp.
Compares to Vancouver, it is huge.
But software and lines are still adjusting.
People factor still is the problem.

Yes, immigration people are young and good looking.
They smile readily.
But supervisors were not.
Especially the one worked at Olympic special lane.
He was incredibly rude.

The waiting for baggage was too long.
It was not the 5 minutes as advertised.
I was 40 minutes.
And no one was there to monitor the situation.

What was strange to me was.
A guy was hiding at baggage area dressing room.
The person was taking pictures from floor up.
The changing room was a pleasant surprise.
But no one to check the guy’s action was strange.

That supposed to be a secured area.
I mentioned it to official.
But she had one look and walked away.
How convenient that will be for terrorist.

Then the money exchanges are no longer handled by real bank.
Now it is exchange booth.
I saw less desirable rate and a new $50 service change.
They must spend a mind to block out all banks.


Indeed I am.
Air China from Van to Beijing was impressive this time.
I had a pleasant journey to prove it.
No delay this time is one.
And service is personable and passionate.
Space of the plane is good.
It is better then China Airlines.
I got no cramp this trip.
And movies were on with flight magazine better printed.
And they looked very attractive.
Staffs finally learn to look after people.
Maybe food needs a bit adjustment.
And the flight ought to have more international magazines.
On this part, China Airlines is at advantage.


Hey, Canada Post.
Is a little service with heart that hard?
It certainly is not your priority.
The self protecting mechanism was quick and obvious.
And I was a victim of the situation as result.

I can understand.
Your seasoned and experienced staff was doing his job.
But manager or supervisor took the same altitude.
That was hard to swallow.
They might as well be machine.

Yes, I am being personal.
I have reason to be.
They did what they did.
And I felt insulted.
It is because I am a human being.

My ID clearly told them of me as part of that address.
And it is your practice to regularly dump all mails into our mail box.
Your people did that without checking who is who.
Why suddenly box is more trustworthy than real person?
Isn’t me being there in person not more reliable?

In the name of privacy law, I was denied my family’s mail.
Yes, I obey the law.
But I have my objection too.
Why can’t we exercise some human decency with personal touch?
I really could use some then.

Apparently your staffs preferred to be cold or even could care less.
They were passing the buck.
That was done by hiding behind the law.
Service was not a consideration.
Decency was lost with their action.

My apartment building is re-modeling the front office.
Mails have been stopped more than a week.
Your insurance policy and union consideration was not in our favor.
We thought it short term inconvenience.
Management told us.
Mail would be back in 2 days.

But days added to a week.
And we are told 2 more weeks at least.
Canada Post’s safety regulation got quoted again.
You firmly will not deliver any mail.
But we do have bills to pay.
Responsible citizens do worry.

But of course that can’t be your concern.
Luckily we are told.
Our mails can be picked up at Post Office in person.
That was good and timely.
I learned your office closed Saturday and Sunday.
And I did on Monday morning of April 21, 2008.

Yes, I got my mail but not my family’s.
 I felt strange.
How can be real person less than the box?
And I was physically there with 3 IDs.
That accounted for nothing.

The denial from the manager hurt the most.
I had a flight to catch.
Time was pressing.
And I am a husband and father.
I wanted all bills paid before taking off to Asia.

And certainly I am not a criminal.
But I certainly felt like one.
That is an issue.
And it needs addressed.

What is Canada Post?
Are you a government agency or just private enterprise?
We did have a bad experience before.
That was when I first got here 10 years ago.

I had to send a registered speed mail over sea.
It was my legal authorization to my wife.
And it was an emergency.
Delay would cost me Can $50,000 in fine.
I had no reason not to trust your organization.
And top dollars was paid for your service then.

You totally lost my mail.
It did cost me the Can $50,000 fine.
The mail was lost for good.
And your people had no idea where it went.
That was traced over a month.
The loss was final.

But no one claims responsibility.
And you just mailed a refund.
I felt sick.
How you compare less than $100 refund to $50,000 fine?
I learned my license.
And I decided never to trust again.
But you get to me again.
It feels like you are accountable to no one.


Our banks are not safe.
They got hold-up a lot.
Van police publicly acknowledged that.
And we are the worst in North America.
Serious measures were announced.
But public is not responding kindly.
Reason is simple.
We hear the PR and ad words.
But we see no action with result.
And records were not helping.
Yes, car theft measure is looking good.
But some pointed out.
There is gangs’ situation.
It is quiet in that front.
No wonder few commented.
That is PR set-up.
That is not helping in public trust.

The reality is.
Decency is lost in our community.
And that is in everything and everywhere.

Hold-up a bank is easy.
Bank policy says no to any resistant.
We can’t help but to wonder.
Why bother with security guard.
No wonder they are most old and retired.
And penalty is not feared.
Ready cash is really at arm’s length.
There is no shame.
Decency is for the fool.

ICBC is under investigation.
They took advantage of write-off vehicles.
It was a choice between decency and greed.
And it kills our trust in government related organizations.

TELUS profits on long distance service charge even no call made.
The monopoly is a convenience to the practice.
They are now ordered to provide rebates.
But how many are still out there doing the same?

Trans Link will let ride cheaters to face TASER.
But they are not providing measures to prevent any subjective wrong doing.
How ironic it is.
We are the nation constantly bragging about human right.
The stand is serious.
And our public is fast on calling others police brutality.

Public safety fails both in system and practice.
And community decency is lost for good.
And Native leaders jump in too.
They warn of 2010 protests.

What timing.
Tibet Independent is publicly making suicide attack threat.
That was with Italian press.
And they used Shanghai transit broadcasting system.
They threatened with bombs.
The worst is.
They rumored to be financed by US organization.
No wonder people compare to old day Ben-laden.
US are pretty good at training future deadliest enemy.

We the people are real.
And we want a safe and decent world.
We have no choice but to insist.
Let us start with decency.
And eventually we demand safety in peace.
The force will be with us.