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March 2008
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A Big Bang machine it is.
But will there be consequences?
This is a serious situation.
The earthly safety is at stake.
We need to know more.


Economy is the top.
But world situation is not helping.
All planned projects before election now all need up date.
Focused priority and well thought out details are a must.

Good editorial pointed out.
China tourist fits the role.
And it is urgent and presently workable.
It must plan well.

Yet reality says other wise.
It was in the same paper with a full page.
It pointed out.
Both hardware and software are not in place.

To meet the million visitors will be a disaster.
From plane, bus and hotel, all need detailed and well thought out plan.
But where are they?
And who will monitor and watch over loop holes?

The powerful Tour Alliance is not a government agency.
Yet they have the full control.
And that allows them with great profit.

It is a wrongly controlled and not open at all market.
No wonder, some are asking.
The honeymoon period of Ma better stops now.
And still in charge government is being paid.
They better shape up to the last minute.


Media did its job but public failed.
Another case of right thing to do is word only.
In fact, the city light was brighter than ever last night.

Yes, public still cheers the election result.
But the island is natural resources scarce.
The newly elected leader fails in his alertness.
He could use the opportunity to educate and remind public.

It is time to get real even power not transferring.
The long fuel lines ought to be a warning.
“To save” mentality ought to start from top.
New team is not doing a good job.


Aside of the short coming of current Taipei, there is still fun side.
Yes, I went to Computer Show yesterday.
And it was a sight.
So many good things are there but same as market price.
The benefit is gift.
It serves the purpose to see and compare all products in one place and one time.

But discount or whole sale price is not.
I have my eye on three items.
They are Apple computer, digital picture frame and voice writing.
That means $46,000 (less version $39,000), $6,500 and $3,400.
Exchange rate is about 30 to 1.
And local currency will go up more.

Frame is my idea for my son’s birthday.
And I remember it was at $3,000 last trip.
They told me this one is with music play.
And other features are included.
But I will make up my mind on Monday.

Today is for another Tour Show.
Wish me fun and luck.
The top price is round trip tickets for two to New York.
And second one is to Beijing Olympics.


In larger extent, the city is with loose screw after election.
Confidence is obvious.
Good time brings crowd back on street.
And business is great but mood loose.
Law and order will not be able to face any challenge.

Reason is simple.
The acting care taking government is busy.
But they intend to cover up messes or plug up holes.
Life after hand over power is their top concern.
New oversea postings are in play.

In truth, no one is minding the shop.
And bad elements are keeping quiet.
It worries me.
Mainly, decency is not a concern in public visibility.

I am not accusing anyone with intent for trouble.
But circumstance is asking for it.
It is like inviting bad things to happen.
Public service was delayed near 30 minutes.
Nobody was making any effort.
Even ones in charge gave me the impression it not their business.

New President-in-waiting and his team are busy too.
Over 5,000 posts need replacing.
Another round of calculation is in play.
Each ambitious mind is trying to get the edge.

None is taking time to see the possible danger.
That goes with media too.
They care only the behind the door maneuvers.
They are selling paper or get higher rating.
Decency is no one’s concern.
Even the score among the politicians is the focus.
God bless.


With China’s 1.3 billion in population, hotel people expect 1.38 billion in people mobility. Some are making plans in 80 cities with at least 400 branches. And others aim at 120 or up to 140 cities with 1,000 branches.

Over sea investors are conservative, but they also see it in 20% of population. If each spends at $ 2,000 per year, that is over $ 600 billion dollars business. No wonder all are using Beijing Olympic to test the potential China market.

MacDonald and Starbuck both made successful in road to China, but they are working hard on expanding.
To new comers, sky is the limit. With US in recession, China is a must. People say. Asia century is here to stay. Either you are in or out for good.

Hollywood Theme Park is investing US $2.5 billion dollars to construct a two lakes and one mountain multi-function recreation play land in this city. That covers 12,000 acres. The scope and imagination will be a new high.

Macau takes fully advantage of Vegas know-how. The result is already a world record. Like West often say, people spending is real. And China growth will make it even better. Hong Kong takes full advantage of China prosperity. It is like Xmas to them all year.

MICE are making presence here in this great gathering. But at same time we also realize. It needs better globalization. To be honest, the hosting city as capital of leisure is only a domestic knowledge. It needs more effort to make it to world stage.

New study shows, China’s city population reached 0.572 billion in 2005. And it expects to grow to one billion in 2030. In 2025, there will be 221 cities with over one million people. And 8 or more super cities will have 10 million people. Some will generate average income of US $20,000 to 25,000 dollars.

This will make planning of leisure in China very interesting and challenging. And it has to start now.

Global warming comes to mind. That will be a priority. Environmental consideration is a must. And that needs total re-education in public.

Luckily we are honored to have UN related international organization within our team. They will be instrumental in all cities planning in the future.

Finally there are some valuable tips from Canada. They are
Eat local and organic.
Turn off your car.
Eliminate plastic bags and bring your own.
Use green cleaners.
Turn off the lights.
Turn off the taps.
Reduce, reuse and recycle.
Teach your children well.

Thank you.


First there will be 2008 STF.
That is Taipei Spring Travel Fair.
It will be on from March 28 to 31.
And top door prize will be.
They are Beijing Olympic and round trip air ticket to New York.

And there will be Taipei Spring Computer Show.
That will be March 27 to 31.
And it will be free.

There will be The 4th International Vegetarian & Organic Festival 2008.
It will be in May.8 to 11.
By Chinese, it ought to be an Expo.

That shows there are rooms for improvement.
And that makes some forums very important.
I will attend at least two in next few days.


Yes, I am, and it means I am getting old.
I miss my family and TV.
Taiwan is exciting but short on real world vision.
Plenty and heavy dose of local interests exhaust one’s energy.
And there is no room for real and in depth worldly study.
Limited information makes me home sick even more.
At same time, it is the same in Canada if looking for detailed Asia information.
So, to fully satisfy my craving for knowledge and information, travel will go on.








It is vital for think of the other 5 million voters.
They are real and do exist.
So we have to look at “Taiwan Interest” to all.

Unfortunately, factual reality never registers well with some.
The small island is a true political entity.
But it never learns the flexibility on survival of the small.
Recognition is earned never free.

Money can’t buy only the good hard work can.
Current ruling party had it too easy to realize that.
Economical prosperity and healthy democracy are keys.
With both in good standing, no one will doubt the part of self governing.
We don’t need to call to attention to that all the time.

That is why it is sad.
Green still makes it a first priority after losing.
System working is not registered with them.
Election result speaks loud and clear.
We are free and democratic.
Corruption and social justice are the reasons for the change.

To hear the people and feel the pain will be a must.
This one of 12% becomes new leader.
That says he is and he will.
And he will be fool to forget.

So, the unity of 7 million and 5 million is top.
Peace among us will make us the strongest.
And that will make others respect us.
China will feel the most.

Finance is debt deep.
There is no time to lose to get new start.
To get confidence of international as well as local investment is now.
And it is a new Asia century.

New team will be integrity before skill.
Not my cup of tea, but it is a turning point.
I accept that.
But all around vision is a must.
Global positioning and sight of breaking points are important.
Aged will not be the best choice.

China is in the hot seat now.
There is no independence threat any more.
How best to win the heart and soul is a priority.
Can they see that?

The ad today is great.
People are bigger by all mean.
That thought is good.
At least they are aware of it.

New triangle is on.
That is President Office, Parliament and Party.
The biggest worry comes from Parliament.
That makes public opinion vital.
And we will get the first report card with the new cabinet team list.

It is exiting to read $ 300 billion dollar is pouring in.
And yesterday, we already saw people were out spending.
Rumor says $ 6200 billion will look for way to come back from China.
Airlines, banking and real estate stocks benefit right away.

And there is new First Lady.
Can she stay on her current job?
49% says why not.
Only the diplomatic corps voice strong no.
But Blair of British did so.
And who says British are stiff.

Yes, like the ad said.
We are ready.
A new Taiwan is taking root.
There will be no more outsiders.
We are as one and the world.