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February 2008
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One can not help but to sigh over recent US maneuver.
Where is the high spirit of US moral standard?
That is if to compare recent dealing with some countries.

On one hand, you observe the gentleness with Cuba.
That can be reasoned as the good will to change.
But then, you also witnessed the dirt-like treatment to other.
That is the allied leader in Pak.

The irony is.
One is democratic in progress.
But the other is still pure dictator.
It is like a choice of enemy over friend.

The contrast may be considered as political reality.
But it also reflected the ugly American image again.
It is so fitting like the commercial.
Use it and throw away.

And then look at the CNN North Korea exclusive special.
Kissing ass is what it appears to be.
At least that is how US street people would call it.
It makes a sad comparison.
The gigolo charm Pak leader is definitely a thing of past.
It is a lesson to many.

Asian countries learned that long ago.
They sadly see what is being overlooked.
The focus is also a movement and real change in Asia.
That was caused by new President in South Korea.
He deserves more coverage and attention from US.

I never like Korea much.
Their deliberated and pirate-like invasion of traditional Chinese heritages angers me.
But their dare for real change impress me.
And they do follow with action.
That is truly remarkable.

That just do it mentality is sharp and powerful.
It fully reflects on many of their world famous products.
And they still feel.
That is not enough.

North America ought to take note.
Candidates in election ought to take a good look and to ponder over.
USA Today addressed ready in day one issue.
That is good.
It can be a wake up call.

American youth are decent but naïve.
Experience is substance in fact.
If not, then why bother with teachers and professors?
That is the principle in education.
And when look for a job, experience is vital.
That is reality in real world.
It is our job to make sure youth knows that.


It is major in my life.
In my Berkeley days, people came to me to ask how and why.
I never missed a single movie before the event then.

Yet, this is the first time in my life.
I haven’t seen any.
Age is catching up.

But to watch the presentation is still a must.
Even that caused the silent complain from other family members.
And I enjoyed it totally.

You can call it a Europe invasion.
They got all best acting awards.
And my eye was totally on two tops.

She was so lovely.
That is so different from her role.
He was another contrast.
Her beauty and French charm got my full attention.
And his stage gentleness opposed his violence in the film was a delight.

Oscar certainly belongs to the world.
It was proved again this year.
And it was cool.
There was no political statement.

But many performances were weak.
Maybe the strike did have an impact.
The time for practice was limited.
Still, Oscar has to be the best but not this year.

And the trend changes  
There is no Asia emphasis.
Euro-flavor is back again.
Wonder how this will reflect at Beijing Olympics.


Kosovo is going independent.
Pakistan election rocks the ruling party.
And Cuba faces the Castro’s step down.
They are changes in major way.

Kosovo is a UN issue now.
It was strange to see US flags in the rally.
Then it clearly showed who was behind the movement.
No wonder Russia is furious.
Threat of missiles declared.
Here risk move up to dangerous.

Pakistan gets a political make over.
On appearance, a democratic voting process was done.
But the key is the military.
So far, whose word counts is not in the open yet.

The risk is the control of nuke.
US are so close with India in military development.
You can bet Pakistan is not happy about it.
They really don’t get along with each other well.
Gigolo charm was how India had described the Pak PM.
And “time up” is the headline in India press.
There is other concern too.
We have to remember China and Pak went way back.

Yet the step down of Castro is the top.
Others will not let US having an easy time in her back yard.
Especially now US is busy with election.
It will be show time in the name of change.
Risk will be at all time high.
Russian leader’s statement on Feb. 14 gave the best hint. 


First, let us thank the Province newspaper.
Last week, they put out a series of report.
It is the disasters we have to deal with.
They were great.

But as resident, I like to ask.
What have our government done?
The impression is not much.
The contrast is not good.

The tax payers have right.
We like to know our government is working.
People need to hear preventative measures.
And all after fact information will be necessary.

Volcano, spill, flu pandemic, crash, major earthquake and campus shooting were covered.
But we still have other things to worry about.
La Nina event is one.
The global warming effect is serious.
We need to know what to expect in our region and what to do.

And there are man-made disasters.
The modernization of mob is one.
Gangs start to have many different faces.
Gun play is all too common.
Street safety is a concern.

Theft and robbing bank are making headlines too.
Deadly fungus kills.
Broadway explosion followed with lady’s suicide is catch 22.
But what turned the people off the most is.
It was the 15 years old killed.
A group of 30 fighting started the whole thing.

What is wrong with our education system?
And wasn’t anyone felt the need to call police?
Where was the regular police patrol?
Too many people need to address the responsibility in this case.

Yet, there is more.
USA Today had an article in May 31, 2007.
It was TB-infected traveler on flight.
They called it a lesson in security.
And they asked.
Who is to blame?

And we in Burnaby had report on youth TB case.
He had traveled to Asia and back.
Wasn’t our security a concern too?
We were slow to react to SARS before
Now we don’t seem to get any better.

With global changes in all area, surprises will be on the way.
And we have not yet to address the terrorist act yet.
Our involvement in Afghanistan will assure such result.
The fact is.
We are not ready.








Why and why not be there are not fully explained to the public.
Calling on patriotism is a cope out.
And NATO responsibility is holed.
Why can’t have a accountable and transparent explanation is beyond me.
It will be nice to know.
What is the real Canadian interest?
If it is truly national interest, no way Canadian people will not support it.
Bush’s Iraq war is our best example on hand.
Our soldiers can be patriot and professional.
But their life and blood are real too.


No roses.
That much is said for women’s place there.
But with oil, who in Western world will blow the whistle.
Reality does rule.


$1 billion investment is in with 6000 bicycle for hire and rack every 300 meters.
They are just try to get ready for 2012.
To protect the Game, they even went far to ask athletes to sign silent clause in Beijing.
It is dropped now.
But that shows how they care for their own Game.
Vancouver can and must do better too and soon.