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January 2008
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Archive for January 15th, 2008


This will be the worry in 2008.
Productivity provides jobs.
That is important to the stability of any society.
But where will be the market?
That is the real issue.

US are looking at recession.
And China is braking hard on inflation.
Both are slowing down with different reason.
The world economy is definitely affected.

Canada goods will get less market in US.
And our effort in China market is highly counter-balanced by politics.
Our leader pointedly demands human right.
At same time, our Minister is airing of WTO solution.
That is because we badly want the tourist destination statue.

Canada needs to re-think our priority.
It is time for fresh thinking.
Selling natural resources can’t be the best or the only way.

We need to be competitive.
To do that, we first have to deal with our short coming.
That is to catch up with the rest of world.


That is the front page of 24, the newspaper, yesterday.
It is the responsibility and dollar worth of the new Trans Link.
And the real control is not in public hand.
It is in the hand of few.
They are selected by provincial government.
Mayors cry wolf as being rubber stamped.
They do have figure head honor.
But meeting dates are limited.
It does look short on check and balance.
And one has to wonder about transparency and accountability.

“Why” is the first thing coming to mind?
Is there thing or things need to hide?
And there are some revolving door concerns.
Tax payers have right to know.

But it is a done deal.
That much is ironic for true spirit of democratic process.
The provincial government will pay dearly for this.