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January 2008
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US Democratic Presidential candidates debate was a lost opportunity.
They were not Presidential.
They could each give their personal “State of Union” before Bush.

But they bickered.
And it got to down side of conventional divide.
That focused on woman and minority.

That distinctly outlined the truth.
It is nothing but power struggle.
That is the change in reality.

This is a sign of party divided.
I can’t help but to think.
A third party candidate may be needed.  


Security matters.
We need financial security to live at ease.
Then there is physical safety.
Both are basic elements for a good life.

With US recession, we can be sure ours is in question too.
Every time economy is down.
Community safety will be in doubt.
We need to pay attention to both now.

First, our economy needs new outlook.
Second is our safety on street and home needs help.
And terrorist threat in Olympic is real.
We badly need total security from now to 2010.

We have right to feel tight.
There is enough bad news in the paper.
Shooting and death on street will definitely stop people coming.
Who will have confidence when mob is not under control?
Let’s not forget terrorist will be worse.
No one normal will risk personal safety for fun.

To do the job, we have to control and manage better.
Safety in control at all time and place is the first priority.
We need to manage that from city level.

Yes, our police man power is under funded.
But our private sector is strong.
BC seems flourishing with private sector security force.
Why can’t we get our local companies to be more involved?

Plenty of criticisms are out on the $14 billion ambition by Campbell.
Yes, the plan does look like in favor of few and left out many.
So, why can’t we have a more ambitious one to cover all?
Province editorial thinks so.

A totally connected Great Vancouver is worth the investment.
If Federal government not interested, many foreign funds will.
You can look at Dubai.
How the place is built will get everyone to get the idea.

Again, security is first on the agenda.
And city has to take on the responsibility.
Law and order it will be.
Let’s see who can get job done.
I for one promise that for Burnaby.


US are 1.4 trillion US dollars in debt with China.
No wonder World Bank is appointing a China economist to be bank’s top adviser.
That indicates the direction and trend in 2008.

The interesting thing is.
Mr. Lin was born in Taiwan.
He did his military service too.

But then he defected to China.
Later he went to University of Chicago.
That builds his prestige.
Now he is first Asian in this post.


We are placing 23 of 30.
The weakest is in our patient service.
The waiting time hurts.
And we still do nothing.

To think of countries we are behind of, anger rises.
Let us make sure.
Our tax dollars will be better used.
The report did say we spent more and get less back.
That is not acceptable.


Seriously, Canada is not best equipped in combat war.
The mentality and spirit are both outdated.
The Second World War mentality and spirit don’t fit in today.

Frankly we badly need them home to be more useful.
Canada is at its best when in humanity effort.
In combat, we don’t get respect.

We simply never put enough money on our training or equipment.
Our present military toughness is not really tested.
Practices make it perfect.

And we are not comfortable of our young men being killing machine.
So, let us get back to what we are best at.
That is peace effort.

I really hate to see our boys back a junkies like many US in Vietnam.
Our leader ought to see that.
Canada never will be good at killing.

Canada interest ought to be real and practical.
Vague words will not do. 
If election the only way to get our boys out of war, then let us have one.


It is real and serious.
Saskatchewan will take in 5,000 from Manila this year.
Others will follow.

62,960 from Philippines are already living in Metro Vancouver.
That makes them the third largest and counting.
The mix will have its plus and minus.

We badly need a process to fit all.
Personally I had some really tough experience with caretaker from Philippines in Taiwan.
That was for my mom after her stroke.
She ran away, and I was fined by government.
It was a mess.

I wish government will have a total package on the deal.
Canada is too big and too easy to disappear.
And middleman’s promise or even legal terms means nothing.
Go figure.


It is headlined as DEADLY AMBUSH.
Two lives are lost on way to one’s engagement party.
The gunned down drug trafficker was just released from jail.
Police viewed it relating to series of murders last fall.

It doesn’t make sense.
Isn’t gang supposing to be alert of personal danger?
And why can’t police foresee the situation when learning the guy’s release?
I think I read enough best sellers to see it coming.
They all are professionals.

And fake currency trader raked in millions.
Where are our elected officials on this matter?
Don’t tell me this is not their job to protect the citizens and tax payers?
Or do they care?

And worse, we see front page says.
Cyber attack hits bank websites.
Sophisticated virus can clean out our accounts without our suspecting.
They simply intercept all bank information.
Banks with that much money on hand are powerless
And again where is government?
Looks like, we seriously need good crime busters.


With hard time near, we need law and order more than ever.
And please don’t quote that 3 level government situation.
We all live here.
And it is our community.
None of us can exclude ourselves.
Any immediate danger will target us all.
Passing the buck simply will not do.

Yes, new comer is a problem.
Often they brought old habits with them.
With bad ones, they are creating many unnecessary mistakes.

But we have to ask.
Did we exercise proper process to ready them for our world?
The truth is.
We didn’t.

All we can be certain is.
We have been irresponsible.
We fail both in managing and regulating.
That goes with all government departments and people.

But the real cancer is not them.
Sadly it is the already here and long staying ones.
They simply are bad example of not following the rules.
They know we can do nothing.
That encourages the new comer.
No wonder they all act on whatever they wish to do.

One thing is loud and clear.
Law is not to be respected and feared.
Playing with the law is the way.
That ego plays out as their proud seniorities here.

The youth picks up and matching the mentality fast.
Under world sees the opening.
They recruit.

Press did their job.
They already points out.
Our high schools turn mob heaven.

Terrorist recruits the young too.
Bhutto suspect is only 14.
And CNN’s UK Muslim youth film is scary.
Law and order is a must now.
Total effort from all of us is the key.
We need to stand up and speak up.
We have to make up where the law is weak.

Law is not perfect.
Let us face the fact and make adjustment.
After all, law is made to be broken for the better.
We hold up the spirit of the law.
Moral and decency plug up the holes.
To keep order in hard time is the number one priority.


We need to be prepared.
Life is too good for many right now.
They are in comfort zone.
But sign of hard time is already upon us.

US are fast accepting the reality.
Bush and Congress are both taking action.
But the $800 still has to wait until June or later.
So, nothing is fast enough for trouble on hand.

Canada is heavily relying on US.
Our products will soon face smaller share of US market.
Are we ready for possible jobs lost soon?
And is our government doing anything right now?

Housing market is showing signs of trouble in East Coast.
And BC will follow soon.
Reason is simple.
China buyer is not a long term solution.
And price now reflects no future value.

And the worst is not surfacing yet.
We have to ask.
Will we have our own sub-prime disaster soon?
And what will be there for BC after 2010?

Banks’ performances in the paper are quite negative.
Yes, they are victims of US sub-prime disaster.
But the worst is.
They have no solution.

And manufactured goods will face the market reality too.
Canada domestically is a small market.
What if we have no place to export?
Sure, we have natural resources as final back bone.
But is that the best we can do?

Our problem is.
The alert is not there.
We must wake up to the fact.
With US in recession and China braking, hard time is real.

I can’t help but to think.
Why Taylor will not run?
In her position, she definitely knew things we don’t.
Now the $14 billion dollars plan is in the open.
Her leaving confirms the hard time.
It will not be to her interest.


This will be the worry in 2008.
Productivity provides jobs.
That is important to the stability of any society.
But where will be the market?
That is the real issue.

US are looking at recession.
And China is braking hard on inflation.
Both are slowing down with different reason.
The world economy is definitely affected.

Canada goods will get less market in US.
And our effort in China market is highly counter-balanced by politics.
Our leader pointedly demands human right.
At same time, our Minister is airing of WTO solution.
That is because we badly want the tourist destination statue.

Canada needs to re-think our priority.
It is time for fresh thinking.
Selling natural resources can’t be the best or the only way.

We need to be competitive.
To do that, we first have to deal with our short coming.
That is to catch up with the rest of world.