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January 2008
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This is how Kennedy commented on Clinton.
At least that is said by media.
One has to wonder.
Old Kennedy crossed the line time after time.
That got his son to be the President.
That was called America success story.
One had to be conning to be a winner.
At least that was how I was told in my young Berkeley days.

Now they are regal and dignified.
How a generation can change a mentality.
One can not help but to think.
Old daddy was ruthless and to win at all costs.
So is Clinton.

It is sad to hear such comment.
After all, someone did left his secretary to drown.
Yes, we do remember.


Debit card trap is real.
And law is not helping.
Banks are worse.
Cash is the only way to be safe.
But our account still is not safe.


Is it good time to buy your own place?
24, the paper, are pushing.
It has been for 2 days.
Detailed information is there.
But I still think.
I will wait after 2010.


No gun count is the news.
But billion dollars were spent.
That was for national gun registry.
What a joke it is for accountability.


Change is the call.
And we badly need fresh faces with ideas.
We like them to step in to lead us to future.


What is real work in term of serving the public?
Is sitting in the office be it?
Or we have to get out there to check the field to see what is needed.

Unfortunately, often we see them sitting in the office waiting.
If you don’t go to them, they would think everything is alright.
This is the way it is to them.
But is that really serving the public?

Burnaby finally is talking about homeless.
And they acknowledge it is cold for them to sleep out side of our library.
They really have being there for a long time.
They did even in the summer.

And this winter is hitting them harder than ever.
I do see them first hand every day.
They are in Station Square’s Save on Food every morning before 8 am.
A hot coffee was heaven to them.

Lately I notice some Asian faces.
I can’t help but to think.
Where is SUCCESS?
Looks like no one want to get out of office to seek out where public service is needed.


Student made the loan but passed away.
In behalf of the bank, government hassles hard on family.
How it contradicts the humanity spirit we Canadians love to brag about.

Banks constantly write off loss.
Government considers it legit business practice.
Big business gets big protection.

Student needed loan for education.
That means family couldn’t afford it.
They expect student’s education for better job.
And kid would pay back the loan.

Isn’t that the logic?
But, what you know.
Now with kid dead, government and bank tag up to go after family.
What humanity?


A fifteen years old kid is dead.
His mom had high hope for his education here.
But that is a dream of past now.

It was a group fight.
30 kids were involved.
How could this happen in our community?
Is violence really taking over?

Where was the law enforcement?
Where were the school personals?
And where were our school board members?

They are paid to look after our youth.
Didn’t they see it coming?
Or was it too dangerous for them to get involved?
I hate to say this.
The blood is in their hands.
15 years old got killed on their watch.

Our education is not working.
And our safety measure is not acceptable.
Coming election time, this will be a priority issue.



It is here.
The cake used to be $9.99.
It is $10.99 now.
Bathing items used to be $1.99 to $2.99 when discounted.
Now it is $3.99 and up.
It proves one thing.
Cost is up.
Just people are not paying attention.