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December 2007
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Hallo, farewell, 2007.
We have it pretty good.
But it is time to say good bye.
And it was nice been together.

We can’t wait for 2008.
So many things started in 2007.
And finality has to be realized in 2008.

2007 certainly was a year of change.
Election tops the list.
That is and will be in many countries.
And nearly all are focus change as top issue.

That seems to be the conventional.
US have both parties bussing with it.
And the potential third party definitely is rising because of it.
Republican wants to show change from Bush.
Democrat is loud and clear about it.
They not only want change from Bush Presidency.
And also, in side the party, they want change with party old guards.
My beloved past home is in the change streamline too.
Republic of China in Taiwan waits for election and new President.
That will be in coming March.
That change will be major for whole North-East Asia.
And future of China can be at stake.
That is if independence wins.
And will China sacrifice the Olympic to take action against the island.

Pakistan is destined to change on January 8 if no delay.
Kenya is fighting for result now.
But US have the eyes of the world.
And who knows if Canada will jump in too.

Then there is weather.
Global warming is in everybody’s mind.
Drastic weather is everywhere.
They all suffer badly.
We in Greater Van luckily is enjoying a once in 10 years white Xmas.

War was major in 2007.
US took serious loss in Iraq.
And we Canadian got sucked into Afghanistan.
At year end, both proves to be major mistake.
War on terror is not working.
And religious culture war is getting worse.
CNN’s Pakistan terror centre piece said it the best.
The end is no way near.

China rising thundered all 2007.
That sleeping lion is awakening.
And it unnerves many in the West.

CNN host stood out in his program.
One will wonder.
Where was he when US corporate dictated the world?
Isn’t China doing what US have been preaching all over the world for years?

That is enterprising.
Sweat shops in NY speaks loud and clear of the real situation.
And look at the credit victims in US.
The poor and unaffordable are often definite losers.

And there is immigration.
Yes, we need to obey the law.
But don’t forget who were there to help to create the situation.
That is the local business interest and local government.
And who is making effort to make them accountable?
In all fairness, compromise is final and realistic.
But look who is attacking that thought?

In my youth, I learned to be street smart.
Rule and law are to be played with.
But as age grew, I stepped into the establishment.
I made believer out myself.
Now I can only say.
It is not working.
Jungle it really is.

I have no intent to break any law.
But I can’t help but to think.
Having faith can be a fatal mistake.
To re-arm myself with street jungle smart is the best choice now.
Again the rule is.
Survive is for the fittest.

The best minds said it on CNN.
All good things are designed to screw the bottom pile at end.
The best and only way is.
Make sure you never end up there.
You can’t afford to be one.
Law is not helping.
That is reality in 2007.

Japanese classify 2007 as year of “Fake”.
People forged near everything.
This society has the courage.
At least it honestly faced self and came up with the conclusion.

China also sums up the year in one word too.
That is “Up”.
They are stock market, real state and over all wealth.
No one is complaining.

Taiwan is rather unfortunate.
The Taiwan Miracle is fading.
And bickering among politicians earned one word.
That is “Slur”.

Some view US as short in “Integrity”.
That very likely will be the legacy for Bush.
What a waste it was.

Clinton years accumulated such wealthy.
Now it is all gone.
I ought to know.

I remember clearly how Ike was so determined.
He saw the snowballed red ink.
He wished the thinking tank in Ivy League could make a difference.

But Presidents after him all failed.
That is until Clinton.
We never thought him to be the one either.
That is why it was so precious.
It now simply wiped out with a one man’s war.

And the check and balance failed too.
That gives legs to Obama rising.
But his short coming also is in the open.
It was his handling with Bhutto death.

The way he presented himself revived bad memories.
The manner to command to present Pak government was arrogance.
It is that all mighty but truly ugly American again.
As a black, he ought to know better.
At age of culture confrontation, people like to see a gentle and humble leader.
He didn’t file the bill.
That is where hate starts.
ID theft is world disaster.
But there is no sight of serious government intervention.
And it will get worse.

Banks get highest return with such blood sucking interest rate.
They can care less of few to declare bankruptcy.
They will do nothing.
And government with focus on election is worse.
So, jungle it was.


She is more powerful dead than alive.
That is my guts feeling.
And everyone related to the affair is having a huge headache.

Her death erases all negatives of her past.
Like some suggested.
She is fulfilling her religious martyrdom.
The family name is ultimately on top again.

Pak government failed to give her adequate protection.
That was a fatal mistake.
Or you can read as.
If not, things can be worse.
That is a choice of less of two evils.

US government was the one behind her going back.
Their handling also re-enforced the myth.
That is.
Those believed in US.
They most likely ended up dead.

She certainly could use some Black Water protection.
Or that would not be the best to her interest.
One has to wonder on such amateurism on her security.
The spirit to take the bullet for her was not there.

Election has reason to go on now.
Her followers will be out in full.
Even it is her 19 years old son as party leader.
And this is better than riot in the street.

Sonia had done it in India for Gandhi family.
She led party to victory.
And then she let the best and brightest to lead the government.
Bhutto death is creating this legitimate unstoppable power too.

Yes, experience says.
The general and army will rule.
But changes are in the air.
Who knows?
We will see.


Hey, I was wrong.
I am back in one piece.
So, Taipei is not as dangerous as I had feared.
Or, they were too busy domestically.
And I get lucky.
We will never know.

It will be painful if never to return to Taipei again.
And we will know that in days.
The first election on January 12 will tell.

The reality is.
There is no reason for us to be positive.
The dark side of human nature is in full force there.
Things as now are heading toward disaster.

I hate to say.
Taipei today will be a thing of past in memory.
That is not acceptable.

I love current Taipei life style.
It is the best.
The over all software is unique.
Never before, Chinese can enjoy so much in its own way.
That is in relative term with Chinese history.

Yet, the leader has only 147 days left in office.
He thinks other wise.
He is denying that Chinese origin.

All is for the continuity of his power.
He fears the consequences of family corruption charges.
It is the one and only in his heart.

The fight he started is to split people in hate.
Divide and conquer is playing to the full.
Confrontation is blazing the whole island.
Rational is no longer a choice.

The irony is.
Only aboriginal can claim to be non-Chinese.
All else have Chinese roots.
Each is an extension of Chinese civilization.

But hate is in full play.
You can’t state such fact.
They will gang up on you.
Like wolfs, they will rip you to pieces.
All is to make sure.
The threat of your punishment is real.

No matter what, fear is reality.
Free spirit is not allowed.
And in fact, the idea is denied.
They make sure you will feel as if in jail.
I, for one, really couldn’t wait to get out.

Yes, Taipei is not perfect.
Values seem lost with present generation.
Consideration of others is a thing of past.
And they are in full display in daily life.

Mother with child on public transportation is one.
Many ignore the priority rule.
That is seats only for old, handicapped and with young child.
Others shouldn’t take the marked priority seat.
Or at least to stand up in time would be good.
But that happens rarely.

And the worst is the mother and child take two seats.
Spoil of the young without moral self examination is norm.
They take the whole thing as their right.
But the rule clearly says child on the lap.

Student or fashionable seats still when older in sight.
It is see “no evil” mentality.
What angers me more is no one speaks up.
I did few times.
But the people around then all looked at me strangely.

Still, it is a great place to be.
MRT is among the best as transportation.
City is constantly live with activities.
Vancouver can use many of them.
Especially Olympic is coming.

Like now, I miss the New Year Eve.
That is pack of top stars in concert.
They will be all over the island.
And they are free to the public.
That part is totally missed in Van.

In Taipei alone, you can expect two such mega-concerts.
One is at city hall.
That symbols Opposition.
The area will claim at least 250,000 people.
I was there last year.
And President will host another.
You can be sure at least 50,000 to 100,000 will be there.

Taipei really knows how to party.
And the convenient of public transportation helps.
The sight and sound of people are unique in its own way.
You have to love it.

But the clean up afterward shows the short coming.
Public decency needs re-education.
With that many religious leaders there, it is a huge disappointment.
People are too smart for their own good.
It is “let other do it first” mentality.
I hate that.

And now politics bring out the worst.
I love Taipei but hate what it is becoming.
I like to be helpful.
But the increasing sense of danger is not helping.
Still, I will try my best to go back to vote in March.   


It is high handed.
And it is not fair.
Especially it is to consumers.
That is the billing we are facing every day.

But no one is doing anything about it.
It is a small matter to the majority.
And it may be legal in Canada.
But the absence of fair play is real.

I get my TELUS phone bill.
It states I didn’t pay my last bill.
So, I am billed a 43 cents late charge.
Sounds legal and right, isn’t it?

I do pay bills the day I receive them.
But that will be hard if they didn’t send them.
How can I determine the amount?

Yes, they say we can call.
But we all know.
We have to wait a long time.
And it is up to the machine to reply.

I have no way to know the amount to pay.
Without the bill, bank won’t know what to do.
They told me so.
Am I at fault?

Same is with credit card.
You pay them in full in hundreds or thousands.
Yet, in next bill, you still have some thing.
They call it compounded interest.
It is tiny but very annoying.
That makes payment in full a joke.

We elect officials to serve us.
But none is looking into this unfair little practice.
The moral of the exercise can’t be right.
And system needs fixing.
Let’s see who will be the first politician to fight the big business for the little guy.
Let me wish you all a Merry Xmas.


It is big time election.
Fundamental change is highly expected.
But will they proceed unobstructed?
That is the question in everyone’s mind.
Parliament is in January.
And Presidential one will be in March.
All experts are focusing on one thing.
That is.
Will the lame duck President leave them alone?

Most observers are pretty sure.
He will not.
And they zero-in on 3 vital periods.

First is days before the Parliament one in January.
And the second is the March Presidential one.
The third will be the transfer of power in May.

“State of emergency” will be played.
And “ncontrollable force” will be declared.
It will be in place for what ever fit the President.

President will do whatever the best to his interest.
Control of power is a must.
It will be life or death to him.

Game plan is simple.
That is to cut down the voting percentage.
And even with all votes in, delay or invalid will be next.

He wants full control of the voting management team.
Next is the police or military.
That will finalize his measure of self preservation.

One columnist wrote.
The President is playing the “wolfs are coming”.
He does it to perfection.
At end, wolfs will come when people least expected.

Yes, many here believe US will step in.
And paper reports Rice or even Bush’s intervention.
But wise ones just say “paper tiger”.

US can threat.
But they have no means to carry them out now.
That will be the hardest for another lame duck President.

Result of Korea election impacts hugely.
That is the inspiration to people here.
But in political reality, it will be the last great hope.
Vote manipulation is on the level of high art by this President.
And people are just too nice.
They don’t mind to be fooled all over again.

The point is.
System is not in “check and balance”.
And people are so tame.

Yes, they are smart but selfish.
They all wait for others to make the move.
No one wants to be the fool.
Even it is for the cause.

That allows the manipulators to do the magic.
He is a perfect example of Nike ad.
Just do it is his way.
The moral compass is lost with him.

At the moment, people just enjoy the year end activities.
Xmas is all over town.
So will be the traditional “winter feast”.
That will be on 22.

Eating is heaven in Taipei.
My weight tells it all.
And number is climbing.

Like now, TV is showing the best deal in town.
It teaches how to get the best in weak economy.
A normal feast for 10 costs $12,000.
Now you can have it at $3,000.

Many people are laid off.
That includes all trades.
Vacancy signs line up in street.
Economy is in two extremes.
God bless.


Over 190,000 people attended.
Door price was $200.
It is up 12.59%.

Products under $15,000 were totally sold out.
HK with 8 travel agencies handed out $5566 package.
That sold 1,500 sets with another 3,600 mixed sets.
Sale is $30 millions.

Macau’s casino deal sold 650 sets.
Many want more.
Travel agencies extend the deal into next week.
Merry Xmas.


We know how much contribution Hilary and Obama get from US business world.
But in Taiwan, to buy vote works better.
It is big time operation.

It is $500 to $3,000 per vote depending on location.
And there are whole sale too.
That is from $50,000 to half a million.
The newest is involving in development investment.
Great Van with 2010 Olympic constructions, they are the envy of many here.


It is estimated.
There are 7% school kids in the gang and 6% tried dope.
“We are the world” indicated the shorter distance between traditional one.
What happens in Taipei now can be next in Van very fast.
Or, it is the other way around.

In Taiwan, 20,000 youth are in gang.
It is deadly serious.
You can see that with a recent good bye ceremony of underworld.
Youth stood out at the occasion.

Do we have that awareness in BC?
Or, again, police decides.
Public don’t need to know.


Top Taipei salary increase in last 10 years is tobacco industry.
They are up 32% with average at $86,825.
Second is hydro up 23% at $95,664.
Oil and energy is 18% and $93,079.
Computer is 38% and $50,000.
Metal is 33% and $55,393.
Lowest 5 are making $30,596 to $38,213.
Labor is the biggest loser.


Here, it is called MRT.
The by products are making a splash.
And from gift pen to T-shirts, they are attractive.

New Trans Link board is business oriented.
How soon will they come up with our own by-products?
I have expectation.
Selling BC and Great Van can be very exciting.