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November 2007
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After seeing CBC “Your Turn” last night, I see the problem.
Yes, it is a good program.
It looks back on Van airport Taser case.
The sad part is.
We don’t get to see the whole thing from new comer’s point.

Just like going into a new store, you don’t know where all things are.
The sign, language and items all are a challenge.
Only smart service can match with solution.
And many other airports did it.

The key is to see and think in other’s shoes.
And constantly people take for granted that others ought to know.
The fact is.
They don’t.

Our airport assumes all comers know English or French.
But do we all know Chinese when visiting China?
And we will be the host for Olympic soon.
We need serious make over in mentality.
Let’s start to learn true meaning of service.


Best seller costs US $7.99 and is Can $11.99.
Considering the exchange rate before, that was acceptable.
And we do have to pay for the knowledge we want.

But situation changes now.
Yet we are still paying the same.
Complains get louder and gain support.
So there is story of fair play.
That is to pay the US amount in Can.

But today I got a closer look.
The US amount is no longer on.
Only the Can price $11.99 is.
What an honorable business practice that is.
Not to buy is my response.


My basic instinct tells me.
This is not acceptable.
Government agencies goof big time.
And there must be accountability.

There was no transparency.
This is how best to describe the airport Taser case.
Everyone looked for cover on their basic instincts.
So no one was at fault.
That was the conclusion of CBSA press conference yesterday.

Timely, it fits the Shaw cable TV commercial.
Yes, they like it slow and never fast.
That explained the six weeks silence.

And none of agents require punishment.
The top guy said.
There is no action in his view that requires discipline.

But he forgot.
A man died on their watch.
And this is Canada.

Human right and tolerance are what we teach the young.
Those values were crushed in this incident.
No decent person dares to quote them now.

CBSA stands for Canada Border Services Agency.
Funny Van Sun columnist Shelley Fralic writes today.
It headlined.
If you receive bad service, complain about it.
And she added.
If we do nothing and let service crumble, we deserve to be treated like pond scum.

We are, and we do.
But like magic, they gave themselves a clean bill.
Press is giving them hell today.
But what is next?
MP wrote in his Chinese column.
It is wordy and sympathetic.
But is that all he can do?
And he also is 6 weeks late.

Van Sun said it best.
Airport death falls into an action gap.
How right that Nike’s slogan is.
We badly need “Just do it”.

Big shot said.
System failed the situation.
Well, then let us talk about who set up the system and approved it.
Please don’t make it worse to pass the buck.
Van Sun editorial pointed out.
It is the altitude of human indifference.
What a shame it is.

Yes, they are talking about changes now.
But without the accountability, it will be a catch 22.
That is not a solution.
Harper, where are you?


This is the year I really appreciate the day.
Thank God for my rich and colorful life.
And family is peaceful together.
The good air and plenty space in Canada are golden.

I learned the day when I went to US in 1963.
But not until 1967 then I learned the joy of Americans.
Before that, I had to endure the loneliness in the big city.
Only in 67, I got invited to American family to live through a real one.
The bitter to sweet process enriched my life to allow me to see from both sides.
After that, it was I who entertained the later comers.
That was a beginning of fun holiday seasons in the years to come.
Back to Taiwan, the ritual stayed.
Many fun “East met the West” days started here.

On this day, I remember my first Thanksgiving gift.
How I wish I can thank that family again.
Yet, shamefully I don’t even remember their name.
Yes, it is sign of old age on me.
But I don’t regret any.
A full life is already rewarded. 
Now it is what I can do for others to come.

No Xmas shopping is necessary.
24 days to Xmas will be wisely used on good deeds.
God blesses all.


We know.
It is a jungle out there.
How to survive the day is essential.

Certain procedures are necessary.
But it is importance where to draw the line.
Law enforcement to break the law is not acceptable.

To be a 24 hours’ cop has down side.
Off duty time can measure the man.
Try not to think like a cop sometime will be a good balance.

Burnaby Library has homeless sleep there outside at night.
And a police station is across street.
It will be nice to give homeless something hot to drink at day break.

Let’s humanity do live and can be felt in our society.
Starting from law enforcement can be golden.
You can do it with city hall’s money.


Taser case said it all.
We can see how fast they change their tones.
But it was a power display.
Lord of party spoke.
But it was near month after people’s open cry.
We need a better and immediate way to get them to respond next time.


Big one was predicted at 8.5 in Indonesia in January.
People are taking it serious there.
Now it is 6.6.
All preparations were not good enough.
We better get serious on our own here.
To be prepared can never be early.


US is up 8%.
That is not good.
And we are too close to US to ignore the trend.


That is our infrastructure on national level.
And it needs $123 billion dollars to up date.
We actually live on our best 50’s mentality.

The surrounding is like a lady over 40.
We still look good but long passed our prime.
But if we don’t travel around the world, we can’t feel it.

We are a fully developed country in statues.
We need to live up to it.
Great Van must use 2010 to get it done.


Life is a cycle.
Vietnam War was a bloody lesson.
Yet here is Iraq.

We never learn.
So Canada is in Afghanistan.
With our military death, the poppy production is up 20%.

The local lords get richer.
And we call it contracting it out.
And life can be vicious.

Past mistakes never register with the young.
That allows bad things repeat constantly.
Now it is a matter of time.

US returned vets brought back dopes.
My generation saw it first hand.
Let’s hope there will be no re-run in Canada.

And ignorance lives on.
What a waste is the system of check and balance.
We don’t like what we saw in airport Taser case.

But what can we do?
Clearly there is no place we can turn to for immediate action.
All there is are smoke and hot air.
Check and balance is a joke.

And there is due process.
But politicians already made it an art to delay and cover.
Public are still in the dark of what is next.

Yes, police needs protection too.
Using Taser is not the issue.
It is when and how.

All things circle back to where it started.
There is no quick and responsible solution.
That is sad.