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October 2007
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OCTOBER 30, 2007

It is bad days for California.

After fires, now it is earthquake.

15 years in Bay Area, I have many friends down there.

I just finished checking with friends down LA.

Now it is Bay Area.


It is like college football.

Over the weekend, Cal, UCLA and South Cal teams all lost.

It certainly is not a good time down there.

And 10 days ago, people were suggesting re-union.

I guess it is off now.


Yes, I consider myself lucky to be where I am.

Shanghai is hot for opportunities and events.

But you have to hit 20 spots to file your car tank.

I am glad it is not so here.


Oh, NBA is officially on.

For basketball junkies, it is heaven again.

And all players and teams will be looking into next year’s Beijing Olympics.

The little things here and there will be vital along the way.

That will occupy good deal of our leisure time.


Falling leaves has being the fact of life for weeks here.

But the rain and wetness made it miserable.

Now sky clears up.

We start to enjoy the changing colors.

It is beautiful.


It is amazing the streets streaming with cars at 7 am.

That tells the state of our economy.

But the speed is too fast.

Yes, all are in a hurry.

Slow down a little will be nice.


I was surprised.

A construction worker was taking advantage of the local store.

Yes, Safe on Food is big.

But on principle, steal still is wrong.

The guy can afford the money.

But he took his time to go around store.

Unpaid, he seated at corner at in-house fast food chain to eat them away.

And he was generous with the napkins and catch-ups too.


To match him, this Korean guy as a regular always took his shoes off.

And we all were eating there.

But no one wanted to bother with him.

Well, on the good side, people no longer steal the paper any more.

The change is good.



Gold is up to US $800 now.

Oil is at new high.

And Canadian dollar is stepping up further.

At same time, India became a better spender than China.

They are hard making money.

Then they spend just as hard.

It is told.

In 5 years, they will be the biggest car market.

Potential will look at 2.8 millions sales.

The conclusion is.

Market polls the public the best.


Patience please, this is Canada.
Taser victim is still news.
Major paper editorial is finally asking serious questions.

The guy flied 15 hours to be in Van.
But he was in the airport extra 10 hours after clearing custom.
Why he got no help?

And we do have services with government fund to do just that.
Well, they seemed not in existence when the guy still alive.
Without help he lost patience, and death followed.
Accountability is a must here.
At least where is the work efficiency?

Ironically we have report telling us.
Growth in Canada will be driven by immigrants up to 2031.
With this guy’s tragic death, many quality ones will think twice.
We are not doing a good job to make us attractive.

To be honest, efficiency is the key.
System is not working the way it should.
And the will to be better is not there.
At least it is not in our daily life.

Maybe this tragedy can change that.
Van Sun editorial is a start.
Government needs shaking up.

There is another news story.
Woman paid hit man to kill son’s wife.
She apparently was looking for fast result.
But it is the wrong way for efficiency.

We put China down in many our public opinions.
But China is doing things with efficiency.
They are in the process starting a third cross continent railway.
That is from their coast to Amsterdam.
And we still get no where with our BC Gateway.

Anyone can tell.
It is the party line killing any possible progress.
The Van strike is a perfect example.
We better shape up if we want to be competitive.

We are done with our airport for 2010.
But we can’t compare to Thailand, Singapore and Korea.
And they are all about friendly.

Frequent travelers all know.
These airports really appreciate us being there.
Even HK with Communist China link is doing better.
In Beijing, you can grade the processing officer.
You just push buttons.
And they have to smile.

And let’s talk about airlines.
Singapore is the best in the world.
They did that 19 times out of last 20 years.
And Cathy of HK is the third.
They are truly friendly in the sky.

Briton is openly claiming.
NATO has lost in Afghanistan.
We must have same kind of information.
Then why Harper is still insisting our presence there?
Maybe our government needs better process efficiency.

And this group murder in Surrey is still at large.
We are sure law enforcement is doing all they can.
Maybe better efficiency will help here.


THE ANNUAL MEETING OF CHINESE BUSINESSMEN will take place December 15-16, 2007 in Beijing.
More Detailed information is on
This event is in the second year.
It is your chance to meet top 100 of small and medium businessmen in China.
Government officials will attend.
And it will be conducted in Chinese.
Tom Tao, Burnaby Mayor-candidate 2005, attended last year.
He can be reached at
MLA Richard Lee may attend.
Send to:

Vancouver Sun 
World Journal
Ming Pao Daily
Sing Tao  
24 Hours  


It is easy to demand rights in Canada.
But it is hard to hold anyone to responsibility.
And when ask about responsibility, people turn the other way.
That seems to be the norm.

I was watching BC MLA debate yesterday.
Minister played hard ball.
And no doubt he was good.
You can see.
That was a seasoned politician at top of his game.

But come to think of it, one then realize.
That was a display of hiding behind the rules.
And more, it was using the right not to answer the responsibility.

Was it really hard to clarify the principle and position of the Ministry?
Does he really have to wait until report on his desk to respond?
Logically I don’t think so.

Frankly, that is power of arrogance.
That is not transparency and accountability.
He was serving his party’s interest.
His responsibility is only for some of the people not all the people.

Kid’s seat is another unthinkable example by different Ministry.
The seats went to only one party’s riding.
That opens the door for question.
We all pay tax, right?
Then benefit has to be for all.

Since it is not, then we must ask.
Does that means some of us may not need to pay tax.
That is if the practice is legit.

And big ad in the paper says.
Act Now BC.
Unfortunately it is not addressing the crime wave stated in Province’s editorial.

And paper says.
Police is urging.
They do not deserve your protection.

Hey, what is going on here?
To me it sounds like.
Police is asking help to underworld.

That clearly indicates.
The law is getting nowhere with the 6 murders last Friday.
And to think, our safety is their responsibility.

Back to Province editorial, it says “surging BC crime wave”.
That is taking position on Friday’s crime.
But we do have more to worry about.

I know for fact.
BMO Burnaby Kingsway branch was robbed Monday.
And it didn’t make the news.

But it is time for us to say.
Act Now BC.
Let it be War on Crime.

Pool changes policy.
Now it is with wristband to get in.
Good, this stops some past cheating.

But it has short coming.
The sign “wristband drop slot” creates another problem.
It would work better if “after your work-out” gets added.

Many just drop the band in the slot on the way in.
And the guards didn’t see that and went after them.
I have to appreciate that they are taking their job seriously now.

They argue about wristband.
Both insisted to be right.
And they were.

I asked today.
Why can’t add words to perfect the understanding?
Yes, they think so too.
And they realized that the first day.

But it is the front desk’s job.
They informed them the same day.
That was good.

But nothing is done so far.
We regulars talked among ourselves.
Many laughed and called it the Canadian way.

I can’t accept that.
People brag about Canada sophistication and complexity.
The fact is no one wants to take responsibility.

That makes the whole thing stupid.
It is the same on aggressive driving and using cells.
And pan handler migrates from Vancouver to Burnaby.

Paper talked about the first.
But no one is addressing the second.
Really, they are the reason I don’t go to Van anymore.
And now they come to Burnaby.

And there is homeless.
They are young and aggressive.
And they seem organized.
It is not good.

Someone said today.
City hall and police are responsible.
I said good..
But when will they take action?
In her words, long time is likely.

Seriously I told myself.
It is time to use city resources to take care of them now.
Or let’s get them out of Burnaby.

To waiting any longer, it will result in big trouble.
Common sense can tell.
That definitely is coming.


Yes, I am a fan for 2 seasons now.
I was totally in it last year.
But I missed most of this season due to the traveling.
Glad there is re-run.
Now I want to say.
It truly is better.
The lesson we can learn from is.
You can be the best.
But you want to be better.
You have to improvise along the way.
It is from single dimension brilliant to metropolitan polished without losing original uniqueness.
That is the way.
Isn’t it the same on all success?    


Walrus has two articles to my liking.
First is “corporate Canada go global or go bust”.
The other is “China is marching deserts”.
How true it is.
I personally saw Manual Life is part of Beijing Olympic with China branch.
The sign at Beijing’s street can’t lie.
And with my young friend from Taipei working in Beijing, he flies to those desert area 5 days a week.
Glad to see our best media is eying correctly on world events.

Fast Money gave us “masters of design”.
“Top gum” is interesting, but my teeth are old and not helping.
But the “a-z” is nice.
It is already on my wall.
The jewel of the issue is the “around digital world in 19 days”.
Oh, I will re-read the money game some other time.
Event things are still in my blood.

Esquire gave us the sexy lady in Charlize.
I can’t agree more.
And it also gave us the memory lane of “women we love”.
Kobe story didn’t live up to expectation.
But I can’t say enough on “new restaurants 2007” and “what White House doesn’t want us to know”.
I love both.

Fortune gave us the top 50 powerful women.
But my eyes were on Mark Cuban story.
And I like to be the one to bring “private aviation” to China.
The piece of portfolio on Black Stone is good.
I learn better along the line.
And the “$50,000’s expense account” concludes a man’s wish.
Only I wish mine bigger.

Inc. gave me what I need.
Global business on “hot spots” offers me info on city Chengdu of China.
I will be there next April for leisure industry forum.
The bike on page 92 will be one of the things I will introduce.

On US News & World Report, I am glad to see my old city SF is on the best retire place.
15 years in the Bay Area had plenty good memory.

In BC Business, I find my liking in “R-e-s-p-e-c-t”.
The “civility and good manner” is just the thing I have being talking about.
The picture of Buddhist temple hits the spot.
But the “meeting get-away and resorts” ads are perfect for my BC promotion in Chengdu.

And Forbes gave us 400 big richest people in US.
I use it to teach my son to see how people reach to the top and how to stay there.
The variety is good for life choice.

Finally, to go back to September Fortune, I like the piece “is Canada for sale?”.
Frankly that is precisely the perception I am getting as small potato average Canadian.    


National Post’s George Jonas wrote.
Be patient, you are Canadian.
He can joke about it, but at 64, I can not.
When you are sick at my age, you are racing with time.
Wait is the last thing I need.
So it is a joke when government keeps talking about surplus.
Please put money where the mouth is.

Paper also commented on voters over the fear of Harper.
Well, I thought people had doubt about his hidden agenda.
But fear of him is unimaginable.
At worst he is square and not big hearted.
And people will keep eyes on him all the time.
His press relation dooms him to be any kind of dictator.
So, have no fear please.

Same can be said with paper’s “right of centre is new centre” statement.
It simply is a middle of the road safe bet.


We are not having it too good this week.
First is the child sex teacher.
He is crying help in Thai jail.
He is counting on the mighty human right Canada to get him out.
You can bet his time in there can be as unpleasant as can be.

Then there is the plane crashed into building in Richmond.
No death but it did scare a lot people and made the international news.
And the guy is 85.
In California, if over certain age, you are not allow to drive least to fly.

But what alarms me the most is how private security is hiring big time here.
I can see how with Olympic coming.
This will be a tough situation.
We do want the best.
But at same time Black Water is coming to mind.
We will need the best with our Olympic, but I like to see control measure by official first. 
The TV is full of this BW CEO’s coverage.
I can see how Harper will love that.
And I saw my younger day mentality too.
It was political correct then.
But now it is fear to me to see it developing.

The worst is guy beating up by 6 people outside of his work place.
And it followed with his parents house on fire same night.
One has to fear the mentality of the situation.
What can the ordinary people like us do?

And to top it all, there is murder of 6 in Surrey.
Police can only tell us to lock the door.

Well, let’s have some good news.
Yes, a top scientific Canada-Taiwan Symposium was in town.
It involved biotech, info tech and energy tech.
It is not my field, but I was asked to attend.
My thought is.
Why can’t we get them in Burnaby?
After all, we do have SFU and BCIT in the neighborhood.
City hall may feel it is not their business.
But seriously, if you look around the world, you can tell the other city halls can’t wait to get more of them. Nice to know Mayor’s wife, as school board, or even Mayor himself, will consider running for MLA.
And that put Gabriel on hot spot.
Maybe the power couple ought to consider a legacy in city hall first. 


I watched Trump on TV last night in roomful of his admirers.
I then realize why the whole world is going so aggressive.
His “crash the others” and “never back down” mentality is taking hold.
So, without doubt, you can see how Bush is cashing in on that power in success.
No wonder we are facing that “out of my way” or “take the consequences” reality daily.
If we worry kids getting violence from TV, then this adult world is not doing any better.
At end, it is a world of confrontation.
May it be culture, politics, business or any personal ambition, peace is the least in mind.
Sadly to say, respect to other is a joke here.


Yes, it is not a joke.
It is real Afghan officer training in Canada.
To be chosen must be the best recognized by both sides.
To ask for refugee status once in Canada is shit on face to all.
This showcases badly of our mission in Afghan.

Frankly there is no success after WW II with Japan and Germany.
Vietnam and current Iraq are best examples.
So why waste effort and resource?