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September 2007
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First I have to say.
The weather is cooling fast.
Logically it gets hard on the homeless.

Again, I have to wonder.
They are whose responsibility?
Is it the city, police or both?
Someone has to stand up on this.

But my focus at this moment is not them.
It is we the people.
We lose something valuable.
That is to stand up for the right and wrong.

Yesterday morning, before 8 am, I witnessed something rather unfortunate.
That reflected largely on all us as people of community.
The perception is bad.
And I have to wonder.
Why no one helped?

It was a simple confrontation.
It was between a homeless and sales girl of Mac.
He accused her to ignore him.
He claimed to be a regular but not giving re-file.
He loudly demanded apology.

I recognized the guy.
He strikes me as a leader of the pack among homeless.
And he did not buy anything that morning.
That means his re-file request was not valid.

But he was aggressive.
And there was line of 5 people behind him.
There were 8 people seating including me.
None stood up for the occasion.

I had my back on them with my ritual morning news paper reading.
But with the loud confrontation, I turned around to stare directly at them both.
Girl was calling her co-worker to come out to help.
The male cook still stayed in the back.
I could tell.
He was calling Save on Food people or security.

Security did show up.
But he was only a brief silent spectator.
That did nothing.
And demand of apology was louder.

Well, this girl never was a favor of mine.
I could tell by her usual altitude.
She definitely could hurt his feeling.
But it couldn’t be such big deal.

I then realize.
It is the season.
And temperature is changing.
Cold body needs hot coffee.
And he really didn’t have the money.

He left.
And timely the Save on Food male personal showed up.
That was the same guy smile and said hi to me the day before.
Now he stared with stone eyes.
I felt strange.
What I got to do with this?

The situation is.
No one was willing to help her out.
None was self righteous for the moment.
And all had that see no evil look.

Yes, I was ready to jump in.
But I also wanted to see if Mac and Save on Food had plan for the situation.
After all this is their territory.
And they have paid security on hand if not counting over dozens workers there.

When male staff showed up, lady told him she was shaking.
He acknowledged and said nothing.
I know.
He will go up stairs to check the tape and then make report.
That concludes the whole public see no evil scenario.


That is not a Canadian way we want the world to see.
And we certainly will not feel proud of.
But now it is a statement done by an Olympic member representing Canada.
That we will not accept.

Larry Campbell can defend his friend.
And the man may not be a racist.
But his statement is.

He has the right to express his view.
That is the freedom of the press.
His job with radio is not our concern.
It is secured if ok with advertisers.
We feel indifferent.

But as a member of Olympic organization, he is making serious mistake.
By his standard, many countries are not allowed to attend.
It is a shame for Canada.
Even China had to let go of Canadians demonstrated at Great Wall.

Chinese Canadians are numbered at 300,000 in BC.
Indian Canadians just past 200,000.
This half million people can hit the road by his statement.
That much is not a good example for tolerance.

Yes, many new comers are not “fit in” well.
I certainly don’t like what I see.
But system is not helping.
Where is the government management process with new comers?

None was for me in last 10 years. 
Well, I adjust.
But I can’t say the same for many less fortunate.

And there are laws.
New comers are not breaking any.
Then the statement of “go home” is wrong.
That is a cheap shot by any mainstream personality.

I am proud that I am adjusting well to the new country.
But I wonder is the mainstream mentality is adjusting to the new changes.
Apparently some are not.
Province had editorial yesterday.
It was commenting on court less concerning with victims.
Union’s harsh comment on volunteers cleaning up the beach in firework comes to mind.
That is mob talking.
It is my way or no way.
GM strike is smart to resolve fast.
Some of us can learn something here.


Football player Vicks can be sentenced for 40 years
It makes one wonder.
How many years will that be?
That is if we are serious about leaders sending youth to the unnecessary wars to die.


He needs it.
He was invisible in recent APEC meeting.
And counting back, he just is not carrying any weight outside of Canada.

The logic is.
Nothing is perfect.
Since he has nothing outside, domestically he will.
And election is the best on hand.
So, be it.


It is shocking.
Homicide was next door last week.
My building management doesn’t know.
And my family too is not aware of it until now.
Need to know is played to the full.
Bad guys have all the room to go free.
The irony is.
I know even I was so far away in Asia.
Crime prevention is a joke.


This is a homicide case in Taipei.
A local lady was killed.
And an American man and his Philippines girl friend are involved.

The dead lady was broker for foreigner teaching English in Taipei.
The man made $1,500 an hour.
The lady collected $50 per hour as commission.
The man has a reputation as being late or drunk.
It is believed she had questioned his work ethic.

The girl friend is an illegally over-stayed home care worker.
Video showed she was directly involved.
AIT, American Institute in Taipei, were fast at scene.
They are real America officials with none political cover.
Female admitted the kill.
Man was released.

Public are in doubt.
Common sense says.
Physically the female couldn’t carry out the work alone.
Family firmly believes the man was part of it.

Press pointed out.
AIT, in the name of human right, always interferes with privacy claim.
Local never can enjoy such privilege.

They firmly insist.
No personal information allowed to public.  
To local today, that is an outrage.

This case is coming at the worst of time.
Local government is playing on anti-American mood.
This is a perfect spark.

And it goes both ways
If all end quiet, then people can tell.
US dominance carries.

It is public knowledge.
AIT did this routinely.
But this time they overlooked the political sensitiveness.

They moved in too fast and open.
Timing is terrible.  
To the public in Taiwan, ugly American lives.



It was an action packed weekend.
Two major parties went to street for super hot UN issue.
Each claimed 100,000 to 500,000 people accordingly.
Typhoon quieted the issue as well as the street by yesterday.

Really, it is the best of time and the worst of time.
All ideas are in the open.
You can agree or disagree.
So many actions came at you from all directions.
You need to be 3 or 4 persons and more to handle them.

But truth is.
This is a city with extreme split-personality.
There is no middle ground any more.

Numbers of small groups are trying to make a play.
That includes last year’s hot Red Shirts.
But reality is.
From 1 million to only 7,000 said it all.

They still dream on.
But the truth is.
Take away votes from Opposition will be end result.
That is not the goal for them to ask President to step down.

It is crazy.
But you can’t deny it was eye dazzling.
It is so divided.
You have to take side to survive.

Two sides in two cities made their statements.
Each collected enough people to fill the TV screen.
But ruling party utilized the government resources.
New York’s 3,000 with Chinese Goddess in front of UN concluded the full play.

Goddess founded by government to go oversea to carry the impact is a first.
It is news making.
Taiwan excluded in UN made top news.

In cold observation, Taipei is too much passion without any rational.
The air raid exercise in Shanghai is totally ignored by Taipei public.
And government is too deep in corruption to think of future.
The cost of rally and UN trip is questionable.
That is $200,000,000 by estimate.
You can tell they don’t care anymore.

To this Canadian with Chinese culture background and Taipei roots, it is sad.
Even I dared in Beijing to say they are unable to start a war.
My reason is the new rich are softening all war effort.
But with passion goes wild in Taipei, the limit is there.
War is not only possible but real now.

The real sad part is.
Many in Taipei can’t wait for war.
One side is so fed up.
They can’t wait to see Ruling Party gets the beating.
That includes them as victims of war.

And the other side thinks the world will see what Beijing is made of.
They believe US will come to help.
In their mind, U. S. and Japan can’t afford to let Taiwan go.
What more can I say. 


I was mad like hell when I first read the columnist’s article.
That is because of my love and care for Canada.
And I do pride my local news paper and what it represents.

But to rush to argue would not be healthy.
I decided to think it over before speaking up.
Now I am.

Western world often tells us.
Speak with evidence is objective, logical and civilized.
But often smart ones can hide behind authority to by pass the evidence and objective part.

Jonathan Manthorpe did it with his “China pressures Bush in its machination of Taiwan” piece.
He made it a fact that Bush did the dirty work for China.
That is amazing.

Can that be the Bush we know?
He didn’t bent with US public opinions.
Why now?

The so called US policy stated by US officials is to China’s interest and will.
How come we don’t see that in US and Canadian relations?
Is China really that powerful in Mr. M’s eyes?

After all, Bush is mighty strong with Congress?
And he is still head-strong with his Iraq policy.
Reality is.
China is so happy with the new found wealth.
War really is the last thing in their mind.

Tradition can be a curse.
By tradition and history, no Chinese dare to say let go of Taiwan.
That is a reality.
But Mr. M called it a groundless claim.

It is strange coming from him.
Canada is thorn with the Q independent issue.
Isn’t it a double standard here?

Taiwan is the same and more.
I fought for Taiwan’s freedom for 20 years but never independence.
The culture is thicker than blood here.
But I am not for China until it open and free one.

In Taiwan, 6 million voters voted in this manner.
We reject communist system.
But we never abandon the culture tie.
So, what is making the area dangerous in 2007 and 2008 is the lame duck President.

He is the best con artist in politics.
This danger play is the only ticket left for him to trump his corruption charges.
And he is holding the world hostage for his own purpose.
It is he to use it to black mail the world as his last chance to go free.

As a UC Berkeley man with 15 years there, I lived through Free Speech, People’s Park and Vietnam War.
I was there and played my part.
That made me a hard ball for democracy when back to Taiwan.

I alienated many in old generation including my parents.
You can’t tell me.
My life was a lie.

Mr. M’s so call factual inaccuracies makes him a propaganda machine of Taiwan’s ruling party.
His “forced to accept democracy” statement is an insult.
The truth is.
Many had worked on that as gradual process.

His version of opposition Presidential candidate is truly a ruling party’s wishful image.
That is as biased as it can be.
I am no fan of Mr. Ma.
And my criticism of him never stops me to see him as honorable.
His failure is too nice in public’s eyes.

This shows Mr. M is meeting no more than half of Taiwan’s population.
And Mr. Ma can win the coming election.
But, again, in true Canadian spirit, Mr. M is entitled to his opinion. 
It is sad if that is what the best of Canada can be.


Leisure is something we take for granted in the West.
But in China with today’s wealth, it is a new beginning.
This China Leisure Forum is in perfect timing.
No wonder response was unbelievable.

Not only next Forum is already competed and won by city of Chendo.
And they can’t wait.
It is already scheduled for next April.

Many are anxious to compete for the one after.
And I was amazed at how many “key” persons showed up to make their interests public.
In old days, this is below them.

They were not shy to voice their dreams.
To a closed society, hungry for more information is obvious.
I am luck to be in the right place at right time.
Invitations and interests are all over.

Frankly, many are beyond my capability.
But it is nice to be hot with such focus.
This will make me very busy next year.

Basically I suggest 3 directions for their consideration.
First, it is originality.
It is important to have traditional values in tact.
And it has to match with time difference with modern application.
It has to be a base culture with on going values.

Second, it has to be delicate and refined in presentation.
Culture continuity must be obvious and defined with global appreciation.
Japan is a perfect example as a great reference.

Finally, it is the awareness of civil conduct with discipline and self control.
My 3 days’ early arrival paid off.
I walked the street to get the feel of the city.
That allowed my comments in my speech alive with good focus.

I observed correctly.
Their thunderous responses proved that.
And I warned them.

Yes, I am confident they will have a great Olympic.
Political power will assure them the best social order for world to see.
But a chance to face up some serious social situations will be missed.
That will be a life time opportunity.
It will be a chance to solve many once for all.
This can be a missed opportunity to be regretted for generations to come.


My last trip from Van to Beijing was delayed at airport for a long time.
Luckily it allowed me to enjoy the new full service restaurant in the restricted area.
And it was delightful.
So the time delayed was better served.

On this trip it was on time.
I was told by another airline that I got lucky.
For days, the delays, by his observation, were at 8 hours.

He told me why.
Air China simply doesn’t have enough planes.
Anyone in trouble, the rest scrambles.
They simply don’t have enough jets to go around.
Delay is definite.

Now I am told another version in Beijing.
They get to the root of it.
Runway jam is the case.

Yes, the new airport is elegant and impressive looking from outside.
And we are told.
It is all computerized.
Maybe this is why we are not seeing much improvement on human side.

Immigration lines and customer lines are really good now.
So I have to think it is the airline side not improving.
But I will find it out soon on my way departing.

It is reported.
At times, 30 jets are in waiting at runway for take off.
And the formation of runway is long and curved.
Surface is faulted in bad weather with most complains.

Pilots consider it one of the hardest for take off and landing.
Well, my landing this time was jumpy.
I joked as “fighter pilot landing” at the time.

Beijing is a city with 17 million people.
And it will have near 1,500 in and out flights daily by Olympic.
Human element has to be dealt with now.

Oh, Canada flag was beautiful on TV here yesterday.
It was officially announced of Olympic flame passing through.
And China will pick up traveling cost for all Olympic handicap athletes.

And government announced.
70% of Beijing’s remaining residential land will be for middle and low income housing only.
And by Olympic time, Beijing will be covered by 40 million pots of flowers.